On Psychological & Influence Ops in the Info Age: Q in the Crosshairs

On Psychological & Influence Ops in the Info Age: Q in the Crosshairs

March 23, 2021 – There have been a lot of discussions recently surrounding “Q” or “Qanon” and the possible identity of Q, especially since the recent HBO documentary by Cullen Hoback, “Q: Into The Storm.” One of the things I find fascinating while mystifying is the lack of research and/or consideration of a very real possibility which reviewers, critics, researchers and mainstream media (MSM) journalists somehow miss. Supposedly for three years the MSM has spent thousands of hours of time and invested massive resources to investigate the phenomena, and in all this time, no one has considered the possibility of a psyop? It almost seems as though they are actually avoiding this topic like the plague. Could there be a reason for the media to be intent on covering up certain connections between the world of intelligence and information warfare and the Q phenomena?

After spending three years as a dedicated Q researcher since the very early days of the Q posts, I believe this is an important line of inquiry that can and must be investigated. Considering that we live in the information age, where our data is syphoned and sold, and we know constant manipulation, nudging and micro-targeting will follow, this topic must be explored fully.

So, to begin … what is a Psychological Operation?

Our military employs psychological operations to support field operations and strategic goals. Psyops are no longer limited to foreign audiences, and the paper MindWar, by Gen. Paul E. Vallely and Col. Michael Aquino (the Satanist) make this very clear.


One of the things that is discussed in this paper is how the Vietnam War was lost in the hearts and minds of the American people at home. The logo at the top says “support by truth” and indeed the MindWar paper discusses using truth to gain the trust of the target audience and to develop a perception as being trustworthy.

Aquino explains that before the Vietnam war, the use of psychological operations were limited and almost disinterested. He believed that by adopting MindWar, a battle could be won without any bullets ever being fired. This new battlefield would be within the minds of men.

Aquino here states that after the first publication of the MindWar doctrine, he began to see it being increasingly employed and adopted by the U.S. Military. He rationalizes this as being better than kinetic war, because it is “non lethal.” However I believe he minimized the profound impact it has on the minds of its victims. He wrote that MindWar was utilized on U.S. journalists by embedding them with military units, thus changing their perceptions and perspectives. Those journalists would then influence the minds of the American public with their reporting from the “field” and effect a slow adoption of the military mindset. Aquino claimed that MindWar must be using truth; it must “deliver the goods” as he states, in order to be well received by the target audience. Pay close attention to what he says about the powerful and intense emotions and commitment that MindWar evokes in the minds of the target audience, and that the affects of a failed MindWar campaign could be devastating because of this. He says it could be “socially shattering” and I find it interesting that his co-author of this paper, Gen. Vallely has spoken about ‘Q’ and claimed that Q was in fact a group from the ‘army of northern Virginia.’

How is it then that the media and the researchers who claim to have spent so much time looking into the Q phenomena missed this big red flag? The co-author of the MindWar doctrine confirms that Q is military, and said this on a Canadian Radio program and not one of these MSM journalists thought it was worthy of even a mention? This is important because if Q is part of a MindWar campaign, then they would be using the truth in their operation. When I talk to people who follow Q, one of the main reasons they support it so much is because it tells the truth. But if Q is a MindWar campaign evoking intense emotions and commitments in its target audience, a characteristic I definitely see in the Q movement, then the effects of a failed MindWar campaign could be truly bad. If you have primed people to expect total victory for Trump, for example and he doesn’t win in the end, then the people who pinned all their hopes onto that are going to be heartbroken, angry, confused and devastated.

This part of the paper described a “deliberate and aggressive convincing of the participants that we will win this war.” Substitute the word war for ‘election’ and things become quite disturbing.

The paper states that MindWar always speaks the truth and that its greatest effectiveness is its skillful use of communications media, an obviously expert talent of Q. They were able to amplify tweets by “Qing” people, having all the followers then boost the tweet by widely sharing it, and then comment that “Q sent me”, etc.

Aquino stated, unlike PSYOP, MindWar does not utilize deception or “selected” and/or “misleading” truth, it uses the WHOLE truth and the MindWar operative must be personally committed to it.

Now, to be clear, I am not stating for a fact that Q is a MindWar operation. I am saying that it is certainly a possibility and one we should be considering when we research the information. It appears very strange that the mainstream media totally ignores this, and explains away Q with their favorite “dude in his parents’ basement” canard. The truth of the matter is that Q clearly is well versed in military terminology, appears to be close to the Trump administration and has an obvious understanding of information warfare. All this lends credence to the idea that this is or could be a real military information operation, which does not make it automatically “good” or “bad.”

It seems apparent that Q knows how to utilize anons as a “force multiplier” amplifying certain information and researching certain topics. It would appear that Q was using parallel deconstruction of the SpyGate scandal, and detailing how this was run by the FBI against the Trump camp, in coordination with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Q seems tied to the SpyGate saga. Look at the first post Q made — it was October 28, 2017 just one day after Rick Gates and Paul Manafort were indicted. Again, this is ignored by the mainstream media who seem intent on obfuscating these sorts of connections.

One Theory Emerges

I have come up with a theory for IF ‘Q’ was some sort of psychological operation, what was the purpose, and why. Here are those bullet points, and please keep in mind this is hypothetical and has not yet been proven, but I believe it all these unanswered queries warrant more investigation:

1. UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel got in touch with Trump because of bad blood with Obama and a desire to shift the balance of power in the Middle East. There are religious & economic forces driving this alliance. Energy was a major economic driver. Think about the Middle East Abraham Accords agreements achieved, and perhaps the creation of a gulf coalition against Iran.

2. The Mercer Network acted as a go-between for a lot of these meetings. Prince, Papadopoulos, etc. See Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group for more information on this network. Think back channels, Kushner was probably involved with this as well.

3. A shadow media team was built using SCL Group assets; Alex Jones, Project Veritas, OAN etc. Remember, these media outlets are not required to be aware that they are being used for support operations.

4. Roger Stone was sent out to make relationships with alt-media and read people in. He’s been encouraging Trump to run for years and is an old fashioned dirty political trickster; but also a Zionist. He’s probably compromised via blackmail as he’s a swinger. Notice the pattern of sexual degenerates? This is a tactic that Kushner’s father used to control people.

5. PsyGroup ran the initial campaign, probably using Alexsandr Dugin’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) as an independent contractor. PsyGroup was small & not profitable; they probably outsourced most of the actual work. This created the Russia Collusion narrative, which may have been intentional; a plausible deniability play. The backlash highlighted the need for a new tactic that looked more organic. Remember, when Mueller’s team began their investigation into PsyGroup, the company dissolved and was shut down. Why? We will come back to PsyGroup later.

6. SCL either partnered with PsyGroup on Q or managed it themselves. This is where things get tricky because we don’t have a lot of data & there are so many shell companies. However it is interesting that WhiteKnight, a PsyGroup subsidiary, was located in the Philippines (enter potential Watkins family connections). The people who run 8Chan, now 8Kun, are also located in the Philippines. Were they somehow recruited by WhiteKnight?

7. George Nader using UAE money paid PsyGroup for the first campaign (they were paid $2 million). Erik Prince has been a routine go-between, among the campaign & these shadow networks. He’s part of the Mercer network & may be the guy in charge of managing the different assets. We know Prince lied to a congressional subcommittee. Why? What was he hiding? We also know that the Q posts have discussed Prince and Blackwater in positive terms.

8. Using Cambridge Analytica data & the expertise of any of these private intel agencies, Q was launched to create an organic, grass roots troll farm. It tapped into several conspiracy tropes & united them into a world view. We cannot discount this possibility knowing that Cambridge has around five thousand unique data points on each U.S. Voter, and they specialize in micro-targeted psychological manipulation. They know your greatest fears, desires, insecurities, what you would respond to, etc. better than you do.

9. Jerome Corsi and other members of the shadow media network were sent in to help amplify it. Think Jack Posobiec, Jerome Corsi, etc. This might even be where Defango & Unirock come in. Then they all distanced themselves from it. Even Tracy Beanz & Paul Furber. Plausible deniability plays. Though the alt-media shadow networks continued at various times to use language that signaled to Q followers, and pointed people who might be unfamiliar with it, to it if they saw it via social media. A form of twilight language. We’re seeing A LOT more of that happening right now.

10. The shadow media network crafted narratives from some sources like Tucker, Veritas, etc. and amplified them. Q followers and InfoWars fans were sharing the same narratives from the same sources just in different communities and with different “framing,” thus giving the illusion of independence and corroboration, though really it’s all coming from one source.

It ties back to the private intelligence networks which hack, blackmail, dumpster dive, plant false narratives, etc.

This is simply one possibility if you are analyzing all the information and looking at information that came out during the Mueller investigation via depositions and discovery.

The Daily Beast published an article about PsyGroup, Psy Group Speed Read: 6 WTF Bits From The New Yorker Exposé on Mueller Probe’s Ex-Mossad Spy Group.” It claims:

Even for the world of covert intel operations, this one crosses boundaries in both fake-personae espionage and epic influence failure.

In 2017, the notorious Israeli spy-for-hire outfit known as Psy Group, known for its alleged role in social-media manipulation ahead of Donald Trump’s election and its spot on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s radar, got entangled in a local election in an obscure part of central California, after a Bernie Sanders die-hard convinced his immigrant mother to try to unseat one of the town’s hospital-board members.

But apparently it wasn’t the only time the Mossad-linked intelligence group tried to expand its practice in the U.S. On Monday morning, The New Yorker published ‘Private Mossad for Hire’ by reporters Adam Entous and Ronan Farrow, which unravels additional disturbing details about the Psy Group’s other work in America, including a proposition to sabotage campus opponents of Israel and that out-of-proportion attack on the candidate in Rep. Devin Nunes’ home district.

Here, a look at the six most WTF bits in the report about this shadowy group.

The New Yorker reports the group’s owner Joel Zamel asked Trump ally and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to get Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to sign on for the services that included ‘online deception.’ In one draft strategy from early 2016, it promised to exploit their powers of sowing deceit to more than 50 political groups including the Republican National Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and major super PACs that were deemed influential among voters. By controlling the messages these groups were sending to potential voters, they promised to easily sway first the Republican primary and then the general election.

Entous and Farrow report Kushner checked around with the team, including Brad Parscale, who was in charge of the Trump campaign’s web-based strategies, but concluded that they didn’t need Psy Group’s expertise.

The company’s glossy publicity campaign included printed brochures with a price list for services like ‘honey traps,’ which they depicted with a cartoon cat casting the shadow of a lion to refer to using a sexy spy to get information from various targets, according to the report. It also used a goldfish with a shark fin attached to its back to back up its motto: ‘Reality is a matter of perception.’ The cost of these services? An average package price of $350,000, or just $275 an hour. – The Daily Beast

This article claims that Brad Parscale turned down PsyGroup as far as the election goes. But what about after the election, when the RussiaGate scandal began? Why did George Nader end up paying PsyGroup $2 million?

Another article, by Haartez looks into Joel Zamel, the guy behind PsyGroup.

It claims that computers were seized and then the company ended up shutting its doors.

As you can see, PsyGroup boasted of having “Deep Web” capabilities.

An article from Global Research claims that ‘Q’ could have been an FBI PsyOp, citing certain claims from a Reuters report:

A recent Reuters investigation may indicate that “Q Anon” was in fact an FBI cyber psyop.

The ‘Q Anon’ phenomenon has generally been regarded as a hoax or prank, originated by online message board users in late October 2017, that got out of control. The ‘Q Anon’ persona was preceded by similar personae, including ‘FBI anon’, ‘CIA anon’ and ‘White House insider anon’.

‘Q Anon’ originally called himself ‘Q clearance patriot’. Former CIA counterintelligence operative Kevin M. Shipp explained that an actual ‘Q clearance leaker’ – i.e. someone possessing the highest security clearance at the US Department of Energy, required to access top secret nuclear weapons information – would have been identified and removed within days.

However, in November 2020 Reuters reported that the very first social media accounts to promote the ‘Q Anon’ persona were seemingly ‘linked to Russia’ and even ‘backed by the Russian government’. For instance, the very first Twitter account to ever use the term ‘Q Anon’ on social media had previously ‘retweeted obscure Russian officials’, according to Reuters.

These alleged ‘Russian social media accounts’, posing as accounts of American patriots, were in contact with politically conservative US YouTubers and drew their attention to the ‘Q Anon’ persona. This is how, in early November 2017, the ‘Q Anon’ movement took off.

But given the recent revelations by British investigator David J. Blake – who for the first time was able to conclusively show, at the technical level, that the ‘Russian hacking’ operation was a cyber psyop run by the FBI and FBI cyber security contractor CrowdStrike – the Reuters report may in fact indicate that ‘Q Anon’ was neither a hoax nor ‘Russian’, but another FBI psychological cyber operation.

Of note, US cyber intelligence firm New Knowledge, founded by former NSA and DARPA employees and tasked by the US Senate Intelligence Committee, in 2018, with investigating alleged ‘Russian social media operations’ relating to the 2016 US presidential election, was itself caught faking a ‘Russian social media botnet’ in order to influence the 2017 Alabama senate race.

If the ‘Q Anon’ persona – similar to the Guccifer2.0 ‘Russian hacker’ persona played by an FBI cyber security contractor – was indeed an FBI psychological operation, its goal may have been to take control of, discredit and ultimately derail the supporter base of US President Trump. In this case, the ‘Q Anon’ movement may have been a modern version of the original FBI COINTELPRO program. – Global Research

I am not very fond of Kevin Shipp, so I don’t trust or believe anything he says; in my opinion, once CIA, always CIA. This theory doesn’t really add up, to me it seems far more likely this was an operation using private intelligence groups like PsyGroup, who employ former Mossad and SIGINT operatives.

Another article brings up the LtGen Michael Flynn connection with these private Israeli intelligence firms, Israeli Spyware Firm Embroiled in Mexico Mobile Hacking Scandal. Flynn Was Its Adviser claims he advised NSO Group:

An Israeli company’s software has been used to infiltrate mobile devices held by human rights lawyers, journalists and activists fighting government corruption in Mexico, according to a report published in the New York Times on Monday.

The highly-advanced software, known as Pegasus, is only sold to governments by the Israeli firm NSO Group on condition that the cyber technology be used in anti-terror or anti-criminal intelligence efforts. The company is known for its cyber expertise and according to the report, ‘charges $650,000 on top of a flat $500,000 installation fee,’ to spy on 10 iPhone holders. The NSO Group has also run operations under different names like OSY Technologies, which paid former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn over $40,000 as an advisory board member for nearly a year, until last January.

According to the New York Times, ‘at least three Mexican federal agencies have purchased about $80 million worth of spyware’ from the Israeli company, and has used it to fully monitor and control mobile activity, including calls, texts, emails, contacts, calendars, microphones and cameras, against civilians critical of the government, most likely without the proper legal permits from a federal judge.

The revelations in Mexico however, aren’t the first time the NSO Group has been identified as the source of malicious software used to spy on human rights activists and other civilians, most likely by their governmental clients. In August, 2016, researchers in the U.S. claimed that the firm’s technology was used against a political dissident in the United Arab Emirates, a journalist in Mexico and a minority party politician in Kenya. – Haaretz

When we examine the images Q posted, these seem to be capabilities that potentially Q would have. Could they have been taken from someone else’s phone? There was a time Q allegedly told Lynn Forrester Rothschild “we can hear you breathing” and this software could lend credence to the notion that they could.

An article published around November of 2020, by Daniel Morrison that claims that “Qanon” is “propaganda” and that he believed he had figured out who is behind it. I should let everyone know that I think this writer is more left-leaning:

The influence of perception is one of the defining features of modern life. Ever since Thomas Barratt used a nice painting to make Pears Soap more appealing, people have competed to change our minds about things. De Beers created the idea that their product, diamonds, were an essential part of marriage. Edward Bernays put cigarettes in the hands of marching suffragettes to make them ‘Torches of Freedom’.

The social cost seems secondary. Millions of lives lost to lung cancer is less important than the pursuit of profit or power to these people. And when government health officials declare that their product is dangerous, these industries will do what they can to discredit them. Ultimately, unregulated capitalism is framed as ‘freedom’, and any attempt by the state to curb that is framed as ‘tyranny’. Therein lies the fundamental tension between progressives and conservatives.

Donald Trump was a nepotistic narcissist with a history of bankruptcies, known for tax fraud and partying with pedophiles, who openly bragged about sexual assault.

His campaign would require the creation of a completely Alternative Reality. One where he was a strong, powerful, righteous hero, on a selfless mission to save the world from the clutches of an evil cabal of democratic deep state operatives. Not only was he rescuing children from satanic sex trafficking rings, he was even going to lead the world in a spiritual ascension to the next galactic realm.

Looming large amongst this mess is a curious character called ‘Q’, who claimed to be from military intelligence, with inside information on how it was all going to go down.

Let’s start by going back to 2016. Roger Stone had finally succeeded in making Donald Trump the Republican candidate for President. Stone’s whole career (and partnership with Paul Manafort) had been a long list of shameless dirty tricks, and this job was going to be no exception. And in an election, political propaganda isn’t just about building your guy up. Taking the other side down is just as effective. And so he set his sights on the democratic candidate: Hillary Clinton.

Jeff Giesea was a digital businessman, Pro-Trump agitator, and associate of Peter Thiel who, drawing on the ideas of Chuck Johnson, published a paper called ‘It’s time to embrace memetic warfare’. In context, it was pitched as a way to fight ISIS. In practice, it would become a key part of the Trump Campaign’s strategy.

‘Psychological Operations’ have been around for a while, as retired Lt. Colonel MichaelAquino has explained. While they were usually the domain of the military, there is now an entirecommercial industryserving this spacePsy Group is an Israelicompany founded by Joel Zamel, which specialised in online perception management, through social media manipulation, influence campaigns, opposition research, honey traps, as well as clandestineon-the-groundactivities.

In April 2016, during the Republican primaries, Trump Campaign offical Rick Gates asked Psy Group for a proposal. They responded with a quote for $3,125,000 plus media costs, and promised to make it virtually untraceable.

Three months later, ErikPrincearranged a meeting between Zamel, Donald Trump Jr., and George Nader (an emissary for two wealthy Arab princes) in Trump Tower. Shortly after, Nader paid Zamel $2 million.

While FBIanon was doing the anonymous work in the dark corners of 4Chan, Roger Stone was hard at work out front spinning the story with Alex Jones. It all came together, and Trump went on to win the White House.

The influence campaign obviously didn’t stop after the election. There was an administration to sustain, and an eventual re-election to run for, amid mounting investigations into their naked corruption.

In late October 2017, the day after Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted, another character appeared on 4Chan, who would come to be known as ‘Q’.

There are a few things that set it apart from other LARPs on 4chan. The first is that, like FBIanon, it is so dedicated in driving support for the candidate, that it is functionally indistinguishable from a professional campaign anyway. The second is that instead of answering questions, it asked them. This pointed the narrative outward, into the world, and allowed the readers to fill in the ambiguous gaps and have a hand in creating the story.

This is an ARG-based propaganda campaign in full flight, created by people using sophisticated psychological manipulation techniques.

The foundation of the strategy is explicitly articulated in a pitch deck from Wikistrat, another digital influence company founded by Joel Zamel.

A campaign like this is powerful of course, but it’s not much use if it doesn’t reach the right people. And this is where companies like Cambridge Analytica (or Emerdata, or whatever else SCL want to re-brand themselves as), and Gloo, come in to the picture. As well as creatingcampaigns, they use unprecedented volumes of Big Data to aim content at the right market with surgical precision for maximum impact. And at the end of 2016, CA signed a memorandum of understanding with our good friends at Psy Group.

Bijan Kian was a partner of the Flynn Intel group. He also apparently introduced Flynn to Joel Zamel. This, I believe, is the final link. The connection between the The Flynn Intel Group, an Influence Agency, a Puzzle Guy, and a New Age Fascist.

Here we need to have a look at Michael Flynn. He joined the army in ‘81 and made his way up the ranks until Obama nominated him to be the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012. In 2013, GRU chief General Igor Sergun invited him inside the Russian military intelligence (GRU) headquarters in Moscow. A first for any U.S officer. Flynn wanted to return the favour and invite high-ranking GRU officials to the U.S, but the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said no. Around the same time he formed a relationship with a young guy called Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who has recently been made Acting Undersecretary of Defence for Intelligence and Security (now reporting directly to the acting Secretary of Defense, on equal footing with the military, which as a civilian is unprecedented) . In February 2014, Flynn’s close association with a Russian woman was so alarming that some expressed concerns to American authorities that he may have been compromised by Russian intelligence. His chaotic management style, abuse of staff and insubordination to his superiors led to his ousting by August 2014. – Daniel Morrison 

Do I believe everything Morrison posits? Of course not. Hell, my family is even named in his article. I do believe however, that we should be looking at this thing from all possible angles, trying to poke holes in our own beliefs so they we don’t remain inside an echo chamber. I recommend everyone go read it, and look at the graphics from PsyGroup and Wikistrat’s proposals.

Slats Henry put together an interesting thread linking PsyGroup and SLC/Cambridge with Bibi Netanyahu and Rudy Guiliani. We all know how close Jared Kushner and Bibi are.

The above graphic by Wendi Siegleman of Buzzfeed looks at the connections between Cambridge Analytica, the Mercer family, SCL Group and Erik Prince. She has done some incredible investigative work as it relates to Cambridge, Prince and the network of shell companies they appear to be operating.

She has tied Prince to Bibi’s “disgraced” Chief of Staff, so we can see that there is a network of players here who often work together.

This musician and writer seems to think that “Q” is a continuation of MindWar with a goal of psychological disarmament.

Nader, the one who paid PsyGroup the $2 million was apparently involved with the UAE. He would attend the infamous Seychelles secret meeting with Prince and Kushner, to set up a back channel to Russia. “Back channels are important”? (See Karol’s thread here).

VisionsSurreal has done a thread looking at PsyGroup involvement with Trump camp contacts, but I think he missed the real role they played, not in 2016 or the election but after in 2017 with the initiation of ‘Q’ potentially. This is a possibility that Q researchers should be digging into.

Another article by Forensic News looks into Wikistrat and PsyGroup more, “Israeli private intelligence firm claimed recruitment of Khashoggi prior to murder”:

Wikistrat, a hybrid geopolitical analysis/intelligence gathering company connected to Saudi and Israeli leadership, claimed to have ‘recruited’ slain Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi shortly before his murder, and approximately one year after the firm’s owner met with senior advisors to the Saudi government.

Thousands of documents obtained exclusively by Forensic News include correspondences between a senior leader of Wikistrat and a lower-level employee that took place in summer 2018 in which the senior leader wrote that Khashoggi had recently been ‘recruited’ by the firm and encouraged the employee to solicit similar journalists for an unspecified Wikistrat project.

Khashoggi’s ‘recruitment’ by Wikistrat occurred just one year after a small group of businessmen, including Wikistrat owner Joel Zamel, met with senior advisors to the Saudi government. According to the New York Times report, the men allegedly discussed using private intelligence firms to assassinate Iranian political enemies of the newly-minted Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman.

While Zamel reportedly declined such offers, messages show his firm Wikistrat later recruited Khashoggi for a confidential project with unclear purposes for an unknown client.

Wikistrat was founded in 2009 by Zamel, Daniel Green, and former Israeli military intelligence officer Elad Schaffer. Described as ‘crowd sourced consultancy’, Wikistrat hires experts who produce reports for clients, often government agencies and major corporations. Analysts run simulations, war game scenarios, and risk-monitoring for a wide variety of international clientele.

Zamel, originally born in Australia, moved to Israel to obtain a Master’s degree in Government at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. After entering the clandestine market of private intelligence, Zamel founded Wikistrat and another private intelligence firm, Psy Group, both in Israel. Psy Group had a convoluted corporate structure which ran through Cyprus and ended up in the British Virgin Islands, obscuring true ownership of the company.

Psy Group achieved some level of notoriety for being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller was reportedly probing a plan pitched by the firm which was designed to assist the Trump 2016 presidential campaign with social media manipulation. The plan would allegedly be bankrolled by Saudi and UAE leaders. Zamel and both firms, Wikistrat and Psy Group, have also been the target of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan investigation into 2016 election interference. – Forensic News

This is really interesting, because it discloses the military intelligence connection to Wikistrat and PsyGroup. This is important because ‘Q’ seemingly indicates they are connected to military intelligence, but what if its really Israeli military intelligence? Another interesting side note – the “crowd sourced” consultancy. Q often crowd sources the research that anons do.

Why did PsyGroup sign an agreement with Cambridge Analytica AFTER the 2016 campaign? What project were they working on that required their participation after the election?

Once again, Kushner seems to be the man in the shadows, potentially doing things without President Trump’s knowledge or approval (see here).

So, there you have it: more questions than answers. My hope is that this article gets people thinking, asking questions and coming up with some possible answers. There is information out there that never makes its way into our circles of the internet and this causes us to have a blind spot. We need to be seeking out alternative information that we wouldn’t normally look at, and sources as well.

No one can say with any sort of certainty whether or not Q is a MindWar operation, a Psychological Operation (PSYOP) or if it is a real military intelligence dissemination campaign. Q has repeatedly stated Information Warfare — was it created to counter other information warfare operations? There are so many unanswered questions, we hope you will begin to find these answers and bring them out of the shadows and into the light.


~~Further Reading

For more information about the theories discussed above, see the following articles:

  1. SCL Group Joins the US State Dept.This article by Firetext looks deeply into SCL Group and their recent projects for the U.S. State Department.
  2. Did Israeli spy firm help Trump win presidency?” by the Electronic Infitada looks at the connections between Israeli intelligence and members of Trumps campaign.
  3. HOW AN INFLUENCE OPERATION WORKS” by BCC looks at the influence operations by BlackCube and PsyGroup.
  4. Psy Group sister company controlled by Russian billionaire” by Scott Steadman looks into the Russian connections of PsyGroups sister company.

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