Our Lady of the Coronavirus?

Our Lady of the Coronavirus?


The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) have been working for centuries to have one of their own become pope. But as soon as they reach the papacy they want to give the glory to the Virgin Mary?

Two crises have been dropped into the lap of the Jesuit Pope Francis: the sexual abuse by pedophile priests and bishops, and now the plague-like Coronavirus that has descended upon Rome and the Vatican. And whose name does Francis call upon at the first sign of trouble? It’s the Virgin Mary.

Then there’s the Franciscan priest from the Fatima Center, Father Isaac Mary Realyea, who has the answers to questions that only Catholics are worrying about in this present time of worldwide virus expansion and quarantines.  In one of two videos, he opens with a prayer to Mary and says it’s a chastisement from heaven that shuts down churches and stops priests from entering hospital to give Catholics their “Last Rites” (a ritual). He is certain that it violates some constitutional right of religion, that it’s communism taking over. It’s communism taking over the world because the world has not listened to the Fatima apparition (called Our Lady of Fatima). For world peace,

… she told us that special Reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary was necessary, particularly the Communions of Reparation on the First Saturday of five consecutive months and the public and solemn Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by all the Catholic Bishops of the world, together with the Pope on the same day at the same hour. 

To this date there has not been 100 percent agreement in the church to do such a thing.

Back to Pope Francis. No one has said he prays to Mary as Our Lady of the Coronavirus, a title given to her in a reporter’s article on the Jesuit internet publication AmericaMagazine.org.  The pope prefers to address the Virgin Mary three times in one prayer as “Mother of Divine Love,”  “Holy Mother of God,” and the “Salvation of the Roman people.”  That prayer was delivered on March 11, 2020 and was the first time he spoke a public prayer about the worldwide pandemic.  In that Jesuit article titled “Our Lady of the Coronavirus” there is a picture of the pope praying before the image of Mary with the caption,

Pope Francis is calling us all not to consider Mary as an abstract helper, but as a mother who has a proven track record of healing, protecting, and watching over her people.

It’s a sentiment that works down to the local parish church level. On Sunday March 29, the Galveston/Houston archdiocese churches were closed and services were broadcast on the internet. In an e-mail to his parishioners the night before, Father Tom Lam announced a Sunday mass where he would likely be calling the congregation to

… invoke the power intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who has always had a role in the sweeping world changes in God’s plan for our redemption.

Back to Rome again, this pandemic will likely run its course and be over, and written into the history as the time when Rome again was delivered by the favor of Our Lady of the Coronavirus, or the Mother of Divine Love, or perhaps the Salvation of the Roman people. Deliverance might also be accredited to someone saying a prayer in the church that houses the relic purported to be the “miraculous cross from the church of St. Marcello, which is said to have helped counter the plague in 1552.” The people of Rome like their religious traditions and there is every reason to suspect that this event will go down as another one.

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