Panic In DC!

Panic In DC!

Today’s kangaroo court display of kabuki theater (like the hearing of known liar Michael Cohen) was a national disgrace and embarrassment. It was clear within the first few minutes of the hearing that nothing of substance was going to come of it, except disingenuous political maneuvering.

Mueller himself appeared dazed and confused and ill-prepared. He clearly had been coached and given talking points and the questioning time was limited to prevent anyone from being able to get to the meat of things, which of course was the purpose. You see, banana republic courts aren’t designed to get to the actual truth of the matter; rather they are designed to artificially drum up enough outrage to justify a public lynching, metaphorically speaking of course.

Mueller seemed to want to stick to vague and misleading responses, which included some of the following:

‘Do you have the citation for that?’

‘I’m not going to get into that’ 

‘Not my purview’ 

‘Generally correct’ 

‘I don’t have any knowledge’ 

Very thoroughly’ 

The American people should be outraged at this abuse of power and needless waste of taxpayer dollars. Mueller never explained why he stacked his investigative team with Clinton donors, and people like Andrew Weissman who attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party. While we are on the subject of Hillary Clinton, the Democrats keep repeating the talking point ‘no one is above the law, not even the President‘ and yet, it appears that Hillary Clinton is above the law. It appeared that Jeffrey Epstein was above the law, until just recently.

Were there conflicts of interest on Mueller’s team? The Democrats fell all over themselves praising Robert Mueller’s so-called exemplary service and impeccable character, which apparently included making sure the investigation into 9-11 went nowhere, letting Whitey Bulgar take down his competition while murdering innocent people acting as an informant for Mueller who sent innocent men to prison to protect said source, among other swampy things.

The internet started to notice that this hearing was turning into a dumpster fire fast:

I think this segment between Jim Jordan and Bob Mueller pretty much sums it up, and shows the Democrats are simply trying to use Mueller as a pawn for impeachment proceedings in their single-minded hatred for the President:

John Durham is still investigating the origins of the Trump-Russian collusion investigation and more contradictory evidence keeps coming out each day, adding more fuel to the doubts already coloring the Mueller report. Today’s hearing only leaves us with more unanswered questions…

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