Poor Little Rich Boys: Big Tech Use Anti-Trust Hearings for Public Relations Blitz as Conservatives Sold Out

Poor Little Rich Boys: Big Tech Use Anti-Trust Hearings for Public Relations Blitz as Conservatives Sold Out

July 29, 2020 – Today’s Anti-Trust hearings, regarding the Silicon Valley monopolies we all know exist, began with a disgusting display of arrogance, insulting the American people. CEOs of the four biggest global tech companies all decided to deliver scripted, public relations propaganda portraying their companies as victims. Listening to Jeff Bezos drone on that as an underdog he faces “steep competition in the marketplace” was one of the most psychopathic displays I have had the misfortune of enduring.

Even worse is the shocking level of technological illiteracy on the part of boomer legislators in what may be the most consequential hearings of the 21st century. Mr. Sensenbrenner asked Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook about the “banning of Donald Trump Jr.” which took place on Twitter, underscoring this deep ignorance on the part of our elected officials. The Democrats of course not only took the most money from these Big Tech companies, according to Thomson Reuters, they also clearly prepared and coordinated talking points with them.

The New Bosses of the Senate

The topic of anti-trust is not a new one for combating the anti-competitive business practices we know are rampant in Big Tech businesses. The EU has fined these companies for engaging in this kind of behavior. If the Senate wanted to, they have the ability to put some pressure on these companies.

Clearly the Democrats’ harsh lock-down policies have contributed to the massive financial gains Big Tech has recently made during the Coronavirus “pandemic.” While American small businesses are being forced to stay closed, and while American citizens are losing everything, the Big Tech behemoths are making 40% gains in net worth. We can see the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Big Tech. They have created a collectivist circle that promotes the same ideological worldview.

Steve Deace of The Blaze writes in an article entitled “Commentary: Big Tech is Engaged in a Hostile Takeover of our Country” he makes the argument that indeed these companies are so big, they are taking over:

I believe the No. 1 issue in the country is Big Tech censorship. It is the issue that will determine the future, because this is how information gets distributed in our culture.

Martin Luther was perhaps the most important man in the last millennium and changed the world to this day, but only because Gutenberg invented the printing press that provided him the means to do so. Without that, Luther is just another martyred would-be reformer lost to history. Without that platform, Luther’s 95 Theses don’t survive the week, let alone 500 years and counting.

Imagine living in Bible times, and your views weren’t permitted at the City Gate where community business/information was done and made. Imagine being denied access to the world the telephone opened up because of your views. You are essentially relegated to cultural serfdom.

In our time, Big Tech is those things. Except they not only are distributing the information we see, but deciding the information we see as well — and doing so while selling our personal information for profit and collecting it for their own use. This is perhaps the most sweeping and dangerous monopoly in the history of market-based economies.

It’s the equivalent of Ma Bell a century ago deciding who gets a telephone based on whether you align with their corporate views, and then deciding what you get to hear when you answer the phone.

If Big Tech censorship is permitted to go on unchallenged, you’re looking at a new Dark Ages when it comes to the information age. You can have all the conservative, religious, traditional, or even radical views you want, but if you’re cut off from the world with them it doesn’t matter. You have no means to bring them to light. You are not an influencer. You basically don’t even exist. You’re off the grid.

In this scenario, the American church becomes like the church in China. People are still getting saved underground, because God’s Word does not return void, but above ground its cultural influence/impact are null and void.

And don’t think for a second that isn’t the end game here, and we’re in that end game now.

And no, it’s not as simple as ‘go build your own Facebook then.’ You cannot. All the means by which you would bring such a product to market is all controlled by the same Big Tech giants trying to control us now. Go ask the CEO of Parler what it took to get the alternative to Twitter listed in the app stores, for example — I have. And those restrictions will only grow harder to navigate as these Big Tech companies become increasingly politically aggressive.

See, the same Big Tech that owns a monopoly on the distribution of information is approaching monopoly status on the means of information production, too. And once they reach critical mass on that front, it is game over.

Big Tech as a private industry has grown beyond our traditional small government creeds we lost on every front already anyway, when you look at the size and scope of government even if Big Tech never existed. Denying the reality of what’s happening here on small government grounds is like denying you’re pregnant in the delivery room. Since we already lost every small government argument anyway, we set the stage for a behemoth like Big Tech to arise.

No, it’s not about small government. It’s about alternative government, because that’s what Big Tech is forming. Or, at the very least, an alternative ecosystem that will determine who gets to serve in the government we have.

What we’re witnessing here is a hostile takeover of a country. Albeit one that looks different from how it historically has. There will be no tanks down main street. There will be no book burnings and mass cancellations. There will be no riots spilling over into outright insurrection. Nor will there be jack-booted thugs knocking on our doors.

Because when all these things happen, Big Tech won’t permit you to see it. – Steve Deace 

Listening to Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin ask Mark Zuckerberg essentially to remove all conservative content because he deemed it hate speech betrays the collusion between them. This is something Facebook has been doing ALREADY, so now they want to give them legal cover.

This most definitely is a problem.

The goal of big tech is to try to simplify these complex concerns and reduce all discussion to corporate soundbites.

If Big Tech and the Democrats can successfully make today’s hearing about going after conservatives and never really getting into the business side of things, it will demonstrate one of two things: either yet another example of this collusion or tech illiteracy.

These concerns are extremely well founded. As we move more into the digital age, increasingly services and businesses function online. Combine that with Moore’s Law of ever increasing computing power and it’s easy to predict where trends are going.

The New Robber Barons

While these CEOs claim to be the protectors of American industry and innovation, they are the exact opposite. They are the new robber barons of the 21st century, the new industry gatekeepers.

Investigative reporter Emerald Robinson of Newsmax points to something I have been writing about for a while, the sell-out to Big Tech by Conservatism, Inc. While the very constituency of the Republican Party is being squashed by Big Tech, conservative “think tanks” in DC are taking massive amounts of money from them. Did you know that CPAC 2019 was sponsored by Google? All the while, Google censors attacks and erases conservative voices from the internet. This may also explain the invitation to Will Sommer of the Daily Beast and Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch to CPAC, while real conservatives including Laura Loomer were booted from the event.

For these very reasons, the Republican Party rightfully talks about and makes a lot of noise about this censorship and anti-competitive business practices. Yet when it comes to real action, nothing happens and nothing changes. It’s a betrayal beyond articulation or vocalizations. It is fundamentally a stab in the back and a twisting of the knife.

This is a great way to show how these big tech companies have cornered so many markets and how they work together to maintain these monopolies.

I agree with the analogy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and not in the least is it over-dramatic. These companies are controlling what media and companies succeed and which ones fail. They have their fingers on the scale and are able to cut people completely from the marketplace.

All of these big tech companies receive massive corporate tax breaks, and most pay nothing. Last year, Amazon paid $0 in corporate taxes.

At this point, it should be self-explanatory for conservatives: they are being funded by the very people who are disenfranchising their constituents.

Wired also has been reporting on this and they do a decent job outlining some of the more important issues here from a marketplace perspective:

The Atlantic pieces touch on the problem of the “investor class” guiding the decisions behind these companies. They have a goal of profit, so they look for purchases, mergers or acquisitions that can be profitable, without considering whether buying up all these companies is anti-competitive. The end result has the effect of fortifying these monopolies and spreading their tentacles.

Even the New York Times got this right, and while they clearly take the wrong stance on censorship of conservatives, they do address some of the more pressing concerns about gate-keeping, industry dominance and control.

One of the most disturbing reports to surface recently about this hearing was from Pundit Mike Cernovich. Claiming a leak from Ohio (R) Rep Jim Jordan’s office has provided to him the GOP talking points confidential memo for the hearing, and without any evidence, Cerno claims that Jim Jordan has sold us out on Big Tech, that he will rail against these companies on TV but when it comes to legislation does want to break them up. We will reserve judgment until we see the evidence.

He has published the Confidential Memo in full on his website, which you can read here.

I do not understand the argument against breaking these companies up that apparently Republicans claims will “make the problem worse.” I fail to see how that could be true. I understand the argument against government regulation, because power corrupts and the government is already corrupt. We need a better way for conservatives to be able to collectively counter what I call “informal power.” Even President Donald Trump decided to weigh in about today’s hearing:

President Trump has already signed an Executive Order on Big Tech Censorship and he hints today that he may have several more EOs waiting in the wings.

This page from the “GOP Talking Points” memo reads like something written by lobbyists and lawyers that represent Big Tech. They use these same kinds of talking points to try to misdirect people from using the anti-trust laws to break them up. It is not as simple as just going out and creating your own version of YouTube, when these companies are monolithic and work in unison to bar certain people from their “platforms” and “products.”

A combined wealth of $5 trillion (that we know about) sits in small boxes via video conference on platforms and with products they create and control. The legislators whose hearing is reliant on these men’s technology ask questions and get condescension in response. The contrast couldn’t be more obvious. These Big Tech oligarchs take this hearing about as seriously as they do any other PR interview or businesses dispute. The arrogance and disdain for the intelligence of the American citizen is palpable. These men see themselves as real rulers and controllers, and the legislators asking the questions a nuisance.

From the private blacklists, and labeling of American citizens, to the monetization of our personal data, Big Tech must be confronted or they will take over. From the censoring of medical information where the “science” is not yet settled, to the offshoring of financials, there are so many things that could go wrong with this much centralization of power. We need a David, willing to confront these Goliaths of Industry, apart from these Congressional show trials. We need real solutions and action. We need it yesterday.

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