by Sam Craine

Fellow Patriots,

The rising tide of Socialism threatens to engulf our once proud land and make slaves of us all.  We already have Chinese SARS masks forced on us and “new normal” restrictions in place.  As I write this, American children are being brainwashed with anti-American, anti-Western, Communist agitprop in our own schools!  Revolutionary radicals terrorize our streets, safe from justice under the watchful eye of power hungry Democrat politicians.  The stage is set for the Globalist “Great Reset” to reorder the economy under a mantle of “racial justice” and climate change.  The time has come to fight back.

When our boys fight foreign terror, we freeze the enemy’s bank accounts.  We’re dealing with a virtually unchecked domestic threat here.  We can’t freeze their assets as private citizens, but we can disrupt and otherwise shut down the money train.

#1.  Identify which businesses in your local area are promoting BLM with signs on display in their shop windows.

#2.  Gather all the intel you can on the targets.  Keep records other freedom fighters can follow.  Compile a master list of the enemies within.

#3.  Organize ten or so patriots into a picket line.

#4.  Peaceably picket a retail location or restaurant guilty of advertising BLM.  An informational picket is your First Amendment right, as long as your allegations are factual, verifiable, and not used as leverage in any kind of ransom demand.  The fact that BLM makes ransom demands does not make it kosher–it makes them vulnerable to criminal and civil liability for extortion.

#5.  If the police tell you to disperse, do what they say.  You may have to get a permit (despite your Constitutional right to picket, leaflet, and protest).

#6.  Inform the shopping or dining public at the location that the business supports domestic terrorism and anti-police violence.  Let the facts be your shield.  Publish and distribute a fact sheet on who BLM is, what they stand for, and who they murdered.  You can film people dining or coming in and out of the place.  A tape can be your saving grace in the event of a confrontation.  Get creative, within reason.

#7.  Keep the pressure on until the owner stops using their business to mainstream saboteurs.  If they are stubborn, then you be stubborn.  They may go out of business if the socially conscious, patriotic public honors your boycott.  Make an example out of them.

The enemy has a doctrine of Godlessness, but we have The Man Upstairs on our side.  It wouldn’t hurt to have a competent attorney on standby before you picket.  Choose a picket captain to take charge of running a responsible picket line and act as spokesman.  As long as you keep it orderly and factual, you’d be within your rights to notify customers who and what they are patronizing and why they should refrain from providing such financial support.

You can also contact the target’s distributors, suppliers, financiers, and other business partners.  You can inform them of the business’ link to domestic terrorism and ask them not to patronize the establishment.  Let the message be clear: We don’t want BLM in our communities.  We don’t want them advertised in our communities.  If businesses want to use their storefronts to promote and legitimize B.urn, L.oot, M.urder, then they will not be welcome in our towns and they will not be treated with welcoming in our towns.  This is our country, not Communist China!

The establishment Left has been riding high, for want of any real blowback.  It is time to start hitting them where it hurts: in the pocketbook.  Cancel culture is a two-way street.  If we have to croak out some BLM-boosting businesses along the way, let the payback begin.  It’s easy to piggyback on evil when it doesn’t cost you anything.  Sometimes turning up the heat can have a real chilling effect, in a manner of speaking.  Let’s take back our country from the cosplay* revolutionaries.  Together, we’ll have the commies on the run, for the greater good.


* The term “cosplay” applies to any costumed role-playing in venues apart from the stage.

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