Queer Drones & Gay Bombs: America's New Cultural Imperialism

Queer Drones & Gay Bombs: America’s New Cultural Imperialism

April 5, 2021 – When analyzing the current state of the U.S. Military, its focus on “diversity” and its woke agenda, one must consider the fact that the United States is an empire in terminal decline and has been for at least a decade. America has been embroiled in several quagmires, like Afghanistan and Iraq and continues to wage a counter insurgency against middle eastern countries that didn’t really pose a threat to us. These have become known as the “forever wars” because the military has no idea what they are doing there, they have no real goal other than imperialism and colonialism and no way to gauge if they are “winning” or not. This creates a problem for the military itself which needs to justify to its troops their continued presence in these countries. They are really there on behalf of the defense industry and careerist politicians, not for any noble objective. They needed a way to sell these wars and keep people enlisting in the Army to fight them. “We aren’t colonizing these countries, oh no, we are liberating them” they claim.

Generation Z has come to be known for its high rate of homosexuality, something like 9%, which is far more than prior generations. The Military has decided to appeal to this and to other “woke” causes in order to appeal to this generation, while keeping the heat off themselves. They realized that all they needed to do was virtue signal and genuflect towards liberal causes and the liberals will say “YEAS QUEEN” (see meme below) and accept them into the fold. At one point, the Left was antiwar, anti-imperialism and anti-genocide. This is no longer the case today. Now the Left loves the military, the FBI and the CIA and they champion its regime change coups around the world while proclaiming to be “defenders” of “sacred” democracy.


Far left arguably communist commentators like Vauch are implicitly pro war and pro use of force and coercion, so long as its enforces their ideology. Even the International Feminist Journal of Politics displayed this fawning coverage of the U.S. Military and its tools of war, in a paper entitled Drone Disorientations: How ‘Unmanned’ Weapons Queer the Experience of Killing in War:

Killing with drones produces queer moments of disorientation. Drawing on queer phenomenology, I show how militarized masculinities function as spatiotemporal landmarks that give killing in war its ‘orientation’ and make it morally intelligible. These bearings no longer make sense for drone warfare, which radically deviates from two of its main axes: the home–combat and distance–intimacy binaries. Through a narrative methodology, I show how descriptions of drone warfare are rife with symptoms of an unresolved disorientation, often expressed as gender anxiety over the failure of the distance–intimacy and home–combat axes to orient killing with drones. The resulting vertigo sparks a frenzy of reorientation attempts, but disorientation can lead in multiple and sometimes surprising directions – including, but not exclusively, more violent ones. With drones, the point is that none have yet been reliably secured, and I conclude by arguing that, in the midst of this confusion, it is important not to lose sight of the possibility of new paths, and the ‘hope of new directions.’ – Cara Daggett

Remarkably this “feminist” journal is arguing for the use of drones for killing during wartime and attempting to make it “morally” acceptable and more palatable.

Calling drones “genderqueer bodies,” the author is attempting to market these tools of war to a class of people who primarily suffer from gender dysphoria and have a high suicide rate. Journalist Kasper Hauser who sees this type of so-called research as more or less propaganda, has picked up on this and critiques it in an article entitled How to Win Feminist Research Awards While Bootlicking the Pentagon:

An academic essay recently made the rounds in online leftist circles. Its title, ‘Drone Disorientations: How ‘Unmanned’ Weapons Queer the Experience of Killing in War,’ sounds like a joke — a sort of tedious, on-the-nose satire of pinkwashing. But the piece is sincere, and its implications are as repugnant as its title would suggest.

To the extent that its hostile language permits comprehension, the essay appears to say that the experience of operating unmanned aerial combat vehicles resembles the sort of vague ontological disruption that earlier poststructuralist feminist authors associate with queerness. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a more succinct encapsulation of the piece because, like many other academic works of its kind, it’s impenetrable by design.

A powerfully enduring legacy of Jacques Derrida and other European philosophers of the twentieth century’s latter half was the impulse to challenge the very idea of meaning. Derrida charged that ‘there is no outside-text,’ that the meaning of a signifier is instead carved out of the difference between other signifiers.

I haven’t spent enough time flaying myself with the barbed language of writers from this tradition to grasp what the political implications of this revelation are meant to be. But what I’m sure of is that the tradition gave its ‘post-structuralist’ acolytes carte blanche to erect towering, impregnable monuments to their own lexical aptitude. Because the cumbersome traditional responsibility to be clear and comprehensible had been abdicated by the movement’s philosophical underpinnings, academics were free to openly court their first love: using words and phrases that most people do not understand. Opacity was no longer a shortcoming — it was a convention.

Nathan J. Robinson showed how the problem with academic writing (much of which emerged out of this tendency) was not just that it was hard to parse, but categorically impossible to. ‘The problem,’ he writes, ‘is that so many of the words being used are distant from the world of concrete things, and because the author always defines abstract terms by using other abstract terms, we never actually get a good sense of what we’re really talking about underneath it all. We are trapped in a world in which vague words with multiple meanings refer only to other vague words with multiple meanings.’

But the continental theory tradition that embraced this sadistic language-maze is meant to be radical, to deeply challenge our preconceptions. – Kasper Hauser

Hauser maintains that, like with many academic research papers there is purposefully vague language and that it is indeed designed to be impenetrable. It’s as if the author threw in as many buzzwords as she could find in a sort of linguistic, intellectual circle jerk as is often the case with unremarkable people with very little of any actual substance to say. It’s all buzzwords, clichés and fluff and written for a particular audience that wants to be able to virtue signal about how accepting it is.

The above meme shows the rank hypocrisy of the far left activist who arrogantly claims the moral high ground, while supporting the most horrific military adventures abroad. These people will put BLM icons on their social media profiles, while supporting politicians whose foreign policy destroyed countries like Libya where there are now open air slave markets. So yeah, black lives matter, except those currently being sold as slaves thanks to the politicians that some of us support. It’s shameful and deeply pathological. It shows the superficiality of the Leftist and how much actual research they have done into their own ideology.

Journalist Alex Rubinstein has delved into this, and he writes a fascinating article entitled Intersectional Imperialism: A Wholesome Menace:

With Trump-style nationalism out the door, a new era of imperial ideology is upon us. This mutation of the empire’s dominant dogma is manifesting throughout global institutions of economic, political and social control and is materializing in a myriad of conflict theatres.

In order to identify where woke imperialism exists, we have to define it first. So what is it? It’s certainly not the first iteration of hegemonic domination buttressed by moralism. 

The doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) was officialized by the United Nations in 2005, but its roots really trace back to the NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia. During the Obama years, the term ‘humanitarian intervention’ caught on as the main moniker for such actions. 

Woke imperialism should be understood as a maturation of these concepts. As corporations have increasingly embraced ‘rainbow capitalism’ to keep up with the sensibilities of an increasingly liberal US public, so too have institutions of United States imperialism refined their pitches to reflect the increasing popularity of identity politics.

This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed. As with everything on the internet, it has become the subject of memes, with an image of two US B-52 Stratofortress bombers having gone particularly viral. The image shows one B-52, labelled ‘Republicans,’ dropping bombs. Another B-52, labelled ‘Democrats,’ is also dropping bombs, but this time with a giant Black Lives Matter sticker and a rainbow flag emblazoned on its exterior.

What both of the above memes can’t express, given their limited format, is the variety of methods of exerting imperial control, as it takes many forms beyond bombings. And not all of this can be chalked up to the presidential transition. We know that the State Department and three-letter agencies were hardly on-board with President Trump’s approach to foreign policy, nor his cultural proclivities. 

Earlier this month, NATO tweeted a flashy video claiming ‘diversity is our strength.’ 

In light of NATO’s virtue signaling, it’s important to remember that many of the early leaders of NATO were Nazis who dreamed of a Germany that was anything but diverse and inclusive. To this day, NATO has continued to support neo-Nazis in countries like Ukraine, while NATO states that hold permitted rallies honoring Nazi collaborators are only just now cancelling the marches because of the coronavirus, rather than stopping the glorification of Nazism.

As I reported following the launch of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, as he railed against neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, Biden met with neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tahnybok.

In terms of NATO’s championing of inclusion for people of color, its crowning achievement in this regard came following its bombing of Libya, which gave cover for jihadist militias to sodomize Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to death with a bayonet and paved the way for the reintroduction of slavery on the African continent. 

Outside of its halls of power in Brussels, this is what NATO-sponsored opportunity initiatives for people of color looks like.

Recently, the State Department promoted Blinken’s appearance on Hillary Clinton’s podcast, advertising that the two discussed ‘diversity and inclusion at the Department, American engagement, Russia, China and more.’

The State Department, under Blinken, is so married to the concept that he created at the department a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer position which ‘will report directly to him,’ State Department spokesman Ned Price said, adding, you guessed it, ‘Diversity and inclusion make us stronger, smarter, more creative, and more innovative.’ – Alex Rubinstein

Rubinstein has correctly identified that the establishment is using identity politics to virtue signal and put lipstick on a pig. The point of this exercise is to give these institutions a makeover to appeal to a more liberal youth and culture. The U.S. Airforce has called “diversity” a “force multiplier” but one wonders if they really mean cannon fodder.

Mary Harrington of Unherd has called attention to how this is becoming ideological enforcement that can lead to violence:

By the time I was ten years old, I had been to school in three European countries and was more or less trilingual — thanks to my dad’s job. As a result, I learned from an early age that different languages often have very different ways of conveying ideas. Switching language, to an extent, means thinking differently. It’s why we end up borrowing terms such as schadenfreude where we don’t have a direct equivalent.

But if this is true, how could we ever translate anything without hopelessly mangling it? If a translation risks twisting or ruining the original, stripping it of nuance or even misrepresenting an idea, then it must be done only with the greatest sensitivity and skill.

This isn’t a problem that concerns only dilettantes and art mavens; ideas, even in translation, can be revolutionary. The dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei describes how his father sought to evade accusations of being anti-communist during the Cultural Revolution by burning the family’s books, including poetry by Pablo Neruda and Rabindranath Tagore. Likewise, just as translated works can be subversive, so they can be evangelical: the world’s most translated text today is the Bible. Whether encouraged in order to spread ideas, or forbidden in order to suppress them, translation is difficult to separate from power.

Predictably, then, the politics of translation have become a culture-war battleground today, with reports that the Dutch writer and poet Marieke Lucas Rijneveld has pulled out of translating Amanda Gorman’s poem for the Biden inauguration. Translation rights to Gorman’s work were hotly contested, and Meulenhof, the publisher that secured them, described Rijneveld, an International Booker Prize winner, as the ‘dream translator’.

But Rijneveld’s selection was quickly seized upon by self-styled ‘cultural activist’ Janice Deul, who wrote that Meulenhof should instead ‘choose a writer who is — just like Gorman — a spoken-word artist, young, female and unapologetically Black’. The implication was that Rijneveld, who is white, would have less insight into Gorman’s life than a Dutch writer who is black. In response, critics of Rijneveld’s decision to step down have objected to this firewalling of cultural artefacts on the basis of skin colour. But such well-trodden culture war arguments can easily obscure the complex power dynamics of translation.

Rabindranath Tagore, whose work Ai Weiwei remembers reading before his father burned the family library, was the first non-white person to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Gitanjali (or Song Offerings) was Tagore’s own translation of 103 of his Bengali verses into English prose, and was described by William Butler Yeats as ‘the work of a supreme culture’.

Tagore’s Nobel Prize in 1913 certainly widened the previously Eurocentric focus of such awards. Yet despite Tagore’s prolific artistic output and status as giant of the Bengali Renaissance, Gitanjali remains his best-known work outside the subcontinent, the subject of Pinterest pins and YouTube content, precisely because Tagore translated it to English. For, in no small thanks to the political legacy of two successive Anglophone empires, English remains the dominant global language. – Mary Harrington

The point of her article is to warn of the coming cultural imperialism that is being codified into our very language. She likens the new “woke” order to the Chinese Cultural Revolution which used coercion and force to come to power. They then translated the legacy of the prior empire both literally and figuratively. It’s not that the new “woke” order is against any of the things they criticize the west for — racism, use of force and empire itself. The goal is not to do away with these things; they simply want to be the ones in control, and wielding that power ruthlessly for themselves.

David Scullion of the Critic writes that this is not just an American phenomenon, although they are spearheading it. This is happening across the western world, he argues in Colonialism Goes Woke!

In Victoria, Australia – a state which has yet to be renamed after something less triggering than a Gatling gun – a law could be passed which would make it illegal to talk a child out of changing their gender. Hateful childphobic trans-hater Nick Cater claims the legislation is ‘dangerous’ and writes: ‘The role of doctors, psychiatrists, priests and parents will be reduced to applying a rubber stamp. A minor will still need the approval of a responsible adult to get a tattoo in Victoria, but not to change their gender.’ It’s hard to grasp how, in 2021, anybody still thinks it could be ‘dangerous’ for ‘children’ to be ‘allowed’ to undergo life-changing ‘surgery’ against the wishes of their mother-identifying figure and father-identifying figure. Although Cater did hit upon the next war we need to wage against the parental-oppressors. Once this vital law is passed, the case for child tattoos on the NHS has never been more pressing.

In the centuries since 2003, all member citizens of Airstrip One have observed LGBT+ History Month every February, to coincide with the repeal of Section 28 by Saint Tony of Iraq. That the monthly ritual is observed was reported as fact by the UK’s embassy to the EU but you, of course, don’t need to be told that. Celebrating the death of Section 28 (which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality in schools) is now as natural to us Brits as clapping for #OurNHS every Thursday and not going to the pub.

With intimidatingly magnificent prose, student writer Ellie Redpath has called for the sacking of her Oxford College President, Dinah Rose QC, for her shameful adherence to one of the principles of so-called British justice. Miss Redpath describes herself as ‘a bisexual woman who can literally see the President’s lodgings from her bedroom window’ which is such a tiny minority group that she should immediately receive extra funding for being so privileged oppressed. Redpath – pronouns in bio – hears on the grapevine that her beloved President of Magdalen, whom she herself had a chance to interview for the job (note the progressive nature of employment at a once-fusty institution), has taken on a court case representing the Cayman Islands in its bid to overturn gay marriage. Which was graciously imposed on the British overseas territory by the, er, colonial UK government, overturned on appeal by homophobes, and is now with the Privy Council. Dinah Rose, QC, must take the case based on the ‘cab-rank rule’ or risk being disbarred. The cab-rank argument, which supposedly ensures nobody is denied access to justice but is in fact clearly named after the shameful, racist opinions of Britain’s most pollution spreading, Brexiteer-littered service industry, worked for Redpath until she realised something. Namely that dim-witted single cell organisms, sorry, potential Oxford students might see the word ‘Magdalen’ next to the word ‘anti-gay’ in a headline, ‘and that will be what they remember, regardless of the details’. Considering she is within sniper-range of the QC’s lodgings, Redpath is literally risking her life in effectively calling on her President to resign or be disbarred. Sometimes it’s the most marginalised people whose virtue shines the brightest. – The Critic

Scullion argues that the new colonialism is the woke agenda being culturally enforced in a rigid manner.

Another British commentator, Tunku Varadarajan, writes about this cultural imperialism in a Wall Street Journal Op-ed entitled The Sun Never Sets on the Woke Empire that laments the U.S. imposition of “woke” on Brits:

Adele Adkins, a globally popular British singer-songwriter known most simply as Adele, courted danger on Sunday when she posted a photograph of herself on Instagram with her hair twisted into ‘Bantu knots’—small buns that are an African style of coiffure. She also wore a bikini top in the distinctive pattern of Jamaica’s flag, a gold saltire with green and black triangles. Her caption read, ‘Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London,’ a wistful reference to a Caribbean-themed celebration that has taken place in London every August since 1966 but won’t happen in 2020, thanks to Covid.

Then ensued a familiar reflex of disapproval: Ms. Adkins, who is white, was accused of one of the cardinal sins of our time. Ernest Owens, an African-American journalist, tweeted: ‘If 2020 couldn’t get more bizarre, Adele is giving us Bantu knots and cultural appropriation that nobody asked for. This officially marks all of the top white women in pop as problematic. Hate to see it.’ Others followed, berating Ms. Adkins for her transgressive adoption of an African hairstyle.

Yet in all of this tyrannical cultural scorn, a pattern appeared to emerge: Adele’s critics on Twitter and Instagram seemed, almost entirely, to be ‘woke’ Americans.

The global left, which has always included American progressives as fellow travelers, has long derided American ‘cultural imperialism.’ A range of ideas and products are dismissed as vehicles of colonialism: Hollywood, American TV, Coca-Cola , McDonald’s , Starbucks , Google, democracy, free speech, the free market, human rights—these are all cast as American impositions. America’s ‘soft power’—to use Joseph Nye’s unhelpful phrase—is portrayed as a neocolonial Trojan horse.

And yet the latest manifestation of ‘cultural imperialism’ comes from the American left, which has exported to foreign lands its gestures and memes of protest. – The Wall Street Journal

This is something that the American Left doesn’t seem to understand. While claiming to be “marginalized” and “oppressed,” they are the ones oppressing and marginalizing other people in other countries for the “sin” of so-called cultural appropriation. They are ruining peoples lives and careers for the sake of fake outrage and virtue signaling. The victims are good people who do not deserve this treatment.

If you needed proof that the left is holding all the power, look at the above exchange between BAE Systems, Inc. and a random Far Left twitter account that was able to have someone fired with ONE tweet.

Katie Serena wrote about U.S. Military’s plans at some point to create a “gay bomb.” This is not satire, I swear!

The concept of a ‘gay bomb’ sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie. A bomb that would drop a mixture of chemicals on the enemy and literally make them fall in love with one another to distract them from their wartime duties seems like such an impossible, far-fetched, ludicrous plan that no one could ever possibly attempt it, right?


In 1994, the US Department of Defense was looking into theoretical chemical weapons that would disrupt enemy morale, debilitating enemy soldiers but not going so far as to kill them. So, researchers at the Wright Laboratory in Ohio, a predecessor to today’s the United States Air Force Research Laboratory, began exploring some alternative options.

What existed, they asked, that would distract or delude a soldier long enough to mount an attack, without causing the soldier any bodily harm?

The answer seemed obvious: sex. But how could the airforce make that work to their advantage? In an act of brilliance (or insanity) they came up with the perfect plan.

They put together a three-page proposal in which they detailed their $7.5 million invention: the gay bomb. The gay bomb would be a cloud of gas that would be discharged over enemy camps ‘that contained a chemical that would cause enemy soldiers to become gay, and to have their units break down because all their soldiers became irresistibly attractive to one another.’

Basically, the pheromones in the gas would turn the soldiers gay. Which sounds totally legit, obviously. – Katie Serena

Absolutely fascinating, particularly in light of the current promotion of homosexuality within the U.S. Military. The idea was to debilitate, but not kill their opponents, and to keep them distracted.

Paddy Hannam of Spiked has written Why The Military Industrial Complex Went Woke that describes this as nothing more than anticipating a Public Relations blitz, and in advance launching a shallow way to pretend to be virtuous without having to do anything of substance.

Have you ever wondered what NATO’s position on diversity is?

This week, the world’s most powerful military alliance tweeted, ‘Diversity is our strength’. The tweet featured a video of employees of various ethnic backgrounds, including both men and women, telling viewers to ‘respect our needs’ and ‘embrace our differences’. NATO encouraged Twitter users to share the tweet – which was in honour of ‘#ZeroDiscriminationDay’ – ‘to join us in celebrating the differences that make us stronger’. The organisation which bombed Iraq and Libya back to the dark ages is diverse. How nice.

It’s not just NATO that has leapt on the woke bandwagon. Former CIA boss John Brennan – the ‘principal coordinator’ of a US anti-terror ‘kill list’, who also oversaw American drone strikes – revealed his white guilt this week. ‘I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days with what I see other white males say’, he told MSNBC.

The US Army is in on the fun, too. It has its own ‘Equity and Inclusion Agency’, which launched ‘Project Inclusion’ last year. This operation included ‘listening sessions with soldiers and civilians worldwide to converse on race, diversity, equity and inclusion’. General James C McConville, chief of staff of the US Army, said on the army’s website that it ‘must continue to put People First by fostering a culture of trust that accepts the experiences and backgrounds of every soldier and civilian’. I wonder what the citizens of the many countries the US has attacked in recent years would have to say about that.

The military is signed up to the environmentalist agenda, too. Both the US and British armies are pursuing ‘Net Zero’ emissions targets. The army needs to be ‘on the right side of the environmental argument, especially in the eyes of that next generation of recruits that increasingly make career decisions based on a prospective employer’s environmental credentials’, according to senior British general Sir Mark Carleton Smith. The military, with its gas-guzzling tanks and fighter jets, is a significant emitter of CO2. So apparently, in order to attract recruits for the next foreign war, we need eco-friendly death machines.

The woke military trend goes beyond armies, government organisations and international alliances. As Vivek Rajkhowa has previously highlighted on spiked, private military contractors have seen which way the political wind is blowing.

Raytheon, a defence and intelligence company which makes, among other things, aircraft engines, missiles and drones for the US military, partnered with the Girl Scouts in 2019 in order to promote a feminist message. A company representative said on Raytheon’s website, ‘we are all about using innovation to make the world a safer place, and we need engineers, especially female engineers, to drive diversity and innovation for the future of our technology’. It seems Raytheon wants more diversity in its bomb-making department.

Dow Chemical – famous for producing skin-burning napalm for American use in the Vietnam War – has also become a woke trendsetter. A Bloombergarticle titled ‘How Dow Chemical Got Woke’ noted that, ‘The big conservative chemical company with a legacy of making napalm… has a gay CEO’. It also revealed that company executives get bonuses if they hit ‘inclusion goals’. Dow also flies the gay-pride flag outside its offices. – Spiked

As you can see, none of this is legit. This is all about propaganda and PR campaigns to look good without having to actually DO good. If weapons manufacturers and all the Fortune 500 companies and all the banks of the world are getting on board with woke, is it really about lifting up oppressed people? Aren’t these the organizations doing the oppressing?

This actually is starting to resume the goal of the “gay bomb” isn’t it? The military is being reduced to being “political activists” on behalf of the neoliberal empire. This goes against their supposed non-political status.

Even the UK Ministry of Defense is upset with wokeness being imposed on other U.S. allies nations. The Express reports on the woke agenda being imposed on UK forces:

Robert Oulds offered his scathing analysis after it emerged the Ministry was looking to appoint a diversity and inclusion director to a £110,000-a-year position – more than an Army colonel who commands a battalion of 800 soldiers would earn. Veterans minister , responding to a question by Neill O’Brien MP last week, told Parliament there were 44 civil servants in the  and its executive agencies who had the words ‘ and equality in their job titles’, The Daily Express reported.

Aside from two aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, plus 11 submarines, the Royal Navy operates just 13 frigates and six destroyers.

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group think tank, considers the issue of ‘wokeness’ in the military in his new book, Moralitis: A Cultural Virus, co-authored with Kings College London Professor Dr Niall McCrae.

Mr Oulds told Express.co.uk: ‘We need to start introducing professionalism, and patriotism, and the core values which will attract people to join the armed forces in the first place.’

‘The diversity agenda and these work diversity officers will ultimately undermine morale and create division within the armed forces, and ultimately make them less effective.

‘Our armed forces have been underfunded for years and this is a massive diversion of resources away from where it is actually needed.

‘It used to be that the Navy, the Army, the Air Force was something which somebody from a council estate could join as a way out. – The Express

The truth of the matter is that wokeness is not “inclusive,” as it divides people along ethnic, racial, gender and class lines and is toxic to group cohesion and to all organizations that adopt its extreme orthodoxy.

Woke Capital has done a massive thread detailing this new woke cultural imperialism and all the companies, agencies and organizations which have adopted it.

If you want to understand the problems we face, it stems from this monolithic culture that promotes degeneracy and filth.

There is no Christian pride month.

The empty, shallow and shameful public displays and platitudes are being promoted as “stunning and brave” by woke simps who have no real understanding of the toxic ideology they constantly promote.

The U.S. establishment virtue signals to liberal youth about how diverse and inclusive and wonderful they are, and the military is acting as their ideological “force multipliers,” while we continue to remain in Afghanistan, colonizing and occupying the country despite the Trump administrations agreement with the Taliban on a complete force withdrawal.

Wokeism is also being used to sell third world regime change against socialists in Central American countries, by the very agencies that setup right wing death squads in those countries in the 1980s. Sadly the Zoomers are too young to remember this. Identity politics will continue to be used to drum up support for failed, racist and genocidal neoliberal globalist policies because it is so easy and because so many liberals remain woefully ignorant of their history and the nature of their enemies.


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