Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

By the Volunteer Contributors, Hosts, Writers of Patriots’ Soapbox

RadixVerum: My story: I was in 7th grade, at Sacred Heart in Lake Worth. When the first plane hit, we all were locked down in our classrooms and the teachers put on the news. We all sat there, praying and holding hands. Some of the girls were crying because people have family that worked there. The teachers had to call parents and we didn’t know what was happening. Was the Pentagon going to be next? Would we be going to war? We prayed and waited for parents to pick us up and somehow they all knew to do it. It was very surreal.

BW Deadcat: Dateline: Vancouver WA: 0545: up for work, switched on TV for news and weather. 0546: first ‘plane’ hits the North tower. First thoughts: pilot error? Navigation error? Inexperienced pilot unfamiliar with holding pattern? Was it even a plane? Under attack? The news reporter seemed less informed than I. Curious how the video cameras seemed to know where to point just in time to catch the impact. 0603: second impact. Certain it’s an attack now. My buddy and I are working out the likely scenario: expecting reports of the White House. Riveted to the TV, late for work but not caring – we’re under attack, for God’s sake! 0637: Pentagon hit by another ‘plane’. Watching bodies falling from the towers, from ABOVE the fires. South tower turns to dust and collapses into itself in less than an hour. Looks an awful lot like the controlled demolition of the Kingdome in Seattle. I file that thought for later. North tower collapses the same way a short time later. Filed for later as well. Right now – then – I’m way too angry at the unseen foe to put puzzle pieces together. The day brings more and more horror: stories of heroic acts on Flight 93, calls from passengers saying goodbye. Surreal. I, for one, will NEVER forget. And the real perpetrators – traitors – will pay, on Earth or by God’s judgment. I would gladly arrange that meeting.

monkeywoman: I fell asleep with the TV on and being in CA it was 5 am. I sat up in horror and watched! I ran down to my parents’ room to wake them up. I grabbed my son, a kindergartner and just held him. We all watched the news. I had just visited there one year prior! I called my son’s school to find out if it was cancelled and the principal said it’s not, but feel free to keep him home if you would like. I did. All day I tried to reach friends in NYC to make sure they were okay. I couldn’t find out for hours. When I did, my friend in Brooklyn said it smelled like bad BBQ.

Casting Light: My alarm went off and I heard the host say something about a plane flying into a tower. Still just waking up, it sounded urgent and troubling to me. I turned on the TV and watched the other plane fly into the next tower. I woke up my husband to tell him. We lived in CA, so at that hour I had to get my oldest son (a second grader) to school and do volunteer work in his class. The teacher had the TV on and we kept looking at each other in shock as she tried to keep teaching. Just felt like a bad dream but you couldn’t wake up. It felt like that all day.

BACFA: I was at home, as my wife was away on a trip. It was just me and a one-year old. I watched it all. I couldn’t look away … I couldn’t stop the tears. I worried about family and friends caught up in the awful events as they wondered where all the targets would be. I will never forget.

No Regerts: I was on a 7 on/7 off schedule at the hospital where I worked. The morning of 9/11 was my first of seven days off. That morning I was watching CNN when the news came on, I was getting ready to go to bed. It was horrifying. I stayed glued to the TV for the entire week. I barely slept … I couldn’t eat … I cried, a lot. It wasn’t only a terrorist attack, it was a disaster. Before 9/11, the only thing in my lifetime I could compare it to was the 1994 Northridge-Los Angeles 6.7 earthquake. To this day I am still drawn toward anything about the real truth behind the 9/11 man-made disaster, seeking to help me make sense of that horrible day.

Shadetree49: The youngest of my five brothers called to tell me our father needed a five-way bypass. I drove to my folks’ house in Redding, arriving the night of Sept 10. The next morning, waiting for my mother to go to the hospital, television was breaking the news. The Twin Towers were being hit by planes. We stood transfixed for the next hour before going to see my dad. He was under sedation in ICU so he didn’t learn of it till several days later. Unfortunately dad only lived another few months. Those days are burned into my memory for many reasons, not the least of which was the Twin Towers.

Mighty Muse: On 9/11 I was walking past my TV – Fox news was playing. Apparently I started watching shortly after the first plane hit. I could not believe my eyes – the video of a passenger jet hitting the World Trade Tower was playing again and again. I couldn’t pull away from watching, then witnessed the second plane crash into the other tower. I was more confused by the events that day than any before. I remember thinking, “one plane crashing was extreme, but two?” And I knew that the world would never be the same again.

The Dirty Truth: I had just gotten home from work shortly before it happened. I had probably been asleep for a couple of hours but my girlfriend come running up the steps yelling to wake me up. I went downstairs and just saw the second plane hit. It made me sick to my stomach. I remember they shut down the job I was working on for a couple of days because the power plant was that providing power to DC. And I’ll never forget few days after we went back to work everyone was flipping out because the airplane flew over the power plant where we were.

Drunk Pinata: I was in my first year of college, in a interpersonal communications class (you know, before it was corrupted with SJW stuff) when the news started to spread on campus. Class was dismissed and I watched some of the news coverage. However, I do not recall if iI saw anything happen live and most likely it was replay news coverage. That’s all I have from the day itself, but i started questioning the events in early 2005.

Black Mirror (UK): Ha. I’d just started the first term (semester) of my first year teaching in primary school and meeting parents on 9-11. They all trotted in two by two, stunned and we watched the day unfold together on one of those classroom TVs on wheels. I remember thinking this did not bode well for my career. … I was right. Tricky…. there was alot of discussion how to support them or even bring up the trauma they might be experiencing. Show ‘n tell was interesting for weeks.

Rad4Liberty: Even though I was out of work at the time, I still rose with the dawn, turned on the little TV in my bedroom just in time to see the second plane hit. It took me several minutes to absorb the truth and context of what I was seeing. Not before or since have I ever felt so singular and isolated in my sense of my whole world that now needed all hands to protect and defend her. Later that day I stood in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge walkway and just to give my emotions a loud voice, I shouted out to the winds, “I am a free American woman!”


~~Art Drawing by Andrew Holton, another PSB volunteer contributor.

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1 month ago

The wife and I were on the road that morning. We heard about the attacks on the radio and stopped in at a truck stop in Weatherford Texas where they had a TV on covering the destruction. By that time, it was obvious we had been attacked. It was no accident. Coverage of several commercial aircraft that were not responding… Read more »