RINOs Exposed: Trump's Syria Withdrawal

RINOs Exposed: Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

A very good way to see who is really on board with the MAGA agenda is to watch the reactions from the Republicans to President Trump’s recent authorization to withdraw our troops from Syria. Those who continually profit from the never-ending war machine that has become the norm of U.S. foreign policy over the years, are in full blown panic. They try to frame this as being about ‘supporting our allies’ in the region, without explaining who those allies are and what their claims to the territory actually are.

The uni-party establishment had been supporting, funding and training ISIS extremists who would then go on to brutally rape and murder innocent Christians and other civilians.

Pictured here with ISIS leaders in Syria, John McCain was said to be the Godfather of ISIS. The idea that we might stop funding the very extremists our troops are engaging on the battlefield may seem like a novel idea to swamp creatures who profit off the deaths of others. War is not only profitable for the private sector defense industry but other vulture-capitalists as well. The chaos that comes from the regional conflicts creates the kind of environment technocrats can exploit to become oligarchs and take over entire sectors of industry. We saw this very same thing in Ukraine after the 2014 color revolution coup.

According to Syrian Girl:

Syrian Girl has a different take on the swamp creatures who are pretending to care about the Kurds, when really they are worried about Syria becoming whole again.

The thing is, Trump is merely fulfilling a campaign promise he made to the American people to get us out of all these never-ending wars in the Middle East. One of the things he said he would do is pull us out of Syria. Our troops do not want to die because of another Syrian civil war.

This is not the first time the President has tried to pull our troops out of Syria:

There was a so-called chemical weapons attack the first time the president announced his intentions to bring our troops home.

In fact, John McCain was spotted with ISIS terrorists–yes, the same ones that kill our troops.

Why on earth would John McCain be meeting with our so-called enemies? Was this treason? Was he providing them with intelligence on the movement of U.S. Troops? Why hasn’t Meagan McCain explained what her father was doing cavorting with criminals?

McCain was also involved in the Ukrainian coup in 2014 that put real, actual Neo-Nazis in power.

So when you see these Rinos coming out against Trump over the troops’ withdrawal in Syria, do more investigating. There may be a reason they are being so vocal about the situation. It may be to deflect anyone investigating their own financial and business ties to similar things.

Let’s take a look at some of the responses, see if you notice a pattern:

Of course, war is the one thing both parties can ‘come together’ to support:

Mr. Bennett, an Israeli politician, is using the pull-out to gain attention and bolster his image:

Of course it just came out that Israel was allegedly spying on the White House and had placed Sting Ray devices all over D.C. according to a report by Politico.

New York Times reporters agree with the uni-party establishment on Syria, as they are owned by parent companies with shares in Lockheed, and other defense contracting firms.

Ben Shapiro, who never met a war he didn’t like, yet who is too cowardly to fight any wars himself, also joined in the bash Trump party:

Journalist for Forward:

More media coverage:

None of these commentators and so-called experts have brought up what actual U.S. troops think about the President’s decision. They don’t even bring up the worth of the lives of our troops who are continuously put in harms way. All while pretending to be the ‘real’ patriots. I don’t know what’s more low and despicable — the Democrats’ blatant hatred for our troops, or the Rinos’ covert hatred of them.

The President was the only one who even bothered to bring up our troops and the concerns of their families:

Tucker Carlson also made a good point about this as well, about Rinos and Neocons demanding we stay in Syria forever:

It’s also important to note that the situation is complex. The more you research the matter and try to get to the truth, the more you see that it is not as simple as you initially thought.

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