Social Media Openly Declares War on Free Speech and Conservatives

Social Media Openly Declares War on Free Speech and Conservatives

Posted by Maggie on October 14, 2020 in From the Editors

Need we really remind you that these same social media companies, for nearly four years, continually shared every tidbit of the Russia hoax, including other MSM sites posting stories based on “anonymous sources” and “unnamed sources.” And just a couple of weeks ago also allowed MSM stories on the illegally gotten and leaked Pres. Trump’s private taxes. However, none of the bullshit from these last four years, for some reason, did not seem to fall into Twitter’s category, or something …

NYPost: If ‘unreliable’ is the issue, why did social media never block anti-Trump stories?

The bite-back regarding the laptop and its contents is being used as some starting point for this censorship. Except that the computer repair guy now is the owner of the computer, hence, its contents …

I saw what she did there. LMAO! I love Mollie!

Shortly after the NY Post’s Hunter Biden laptop emails story hit the internet and then social media outlets the tech giants opened fire, and have not yet stopped. And now it is full-blown war …

Four weeks from the 2020 presidential election, Twitter locks out President Trump’s White House Press Secretary. You cannot get more ‘censorship’ than that.

Nick Givas: Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says company botched blocking NYP article on alleged emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop: ‘Our communication around our actions on the @nypost article was not great,” he wrote

Ben Domenech and Sean Davis: Every Republican Lawmaker Must Condemn Big Tech’s Election Interference: Big Tech has openly declared a partisan war against American news consumers. As the only party defending the First Amendment, the GOP needs to declare war right back.

Dominic Green: Hunter Biden and the Big Tech information coup: The internet was supposed to democratize information, but we now see that it has privatized it

Oh, it’s worse…

Beth Baumann: ‘This Is a Dark Moment’: Tucker Obliterates Big Tech’s Censorship of the NY Post

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Emails show Hunter Biden sold access to his father’s office

VIDEO: Twitter CEO speaks out after tech giant suppresses Hunter Biden story: Jack Dorsey calls blocking the sharing of link to New York Post story without explanation ‘unacceptable’

Brad Slager: Joe Biden’s OTHER Questionable Chinese Concern and Involvement – Hollywood (Part One)

Brad Slager: Joe Biden’s OTHER Questionable Chinese Concern and Involvement – Hollywood (Part Two)


Justice Clarence Thomas: Section 230 Protections for Big Tech Are Too Broad

Life Site News: Ted Cruz: Big Tech censorship is ‘greatest threat to freedom of speech’: ‘There are a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires who have amassed more power than ever seen before over information, over the public square, over discourse.’

Jordan Davidson: Facing Down Big Tech: Censorship, Free Speech, And A Stolen Election

John Daniel Davidson: It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is Neutral: If Twitter wants to editorialize and ‘factcheck’ President Trump’s tweets with disclaimers, then it should be treated like any other publisher.

MI Star: Commentary: Silicon Valley and Team Biden Collude to Rig 2020 Election

Breitbart: #DELETED: Big Tech’s Efforts to Sway the Election Revealed

TUS (6/24/19): The Left’s Plans To Steal the 2020 Election from Trump

As they say, “STAY TUNED”

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