St. Jim's 'Higher Loyalty' to an International Cabal...

St. Jim’s ‘Higher Loyalty’ to an International Cabal…

WASHINGTON, D.C. Aug 29, 2019 – The Inspector General of the Department of Justice today released an 83-page report entitled ‘Report of Investigation of Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey’s Disclosure of Sensitive Investigative Information and Handling of Certain Memoranda’ that details the corrupt actions taken by Comey during his time as the head of the FBI.

To summarize the initial 20 pages of the Report:

Investigative journalist Byron York has started digging into the report as well and noticed something disturbing:

This absurd juvenile plot was just one of many actions that were taken to try to entrap Trump campaign officials:

“On Friday, Jan. 6, 2017, Comey, along with CIA head John Brennan, National Intelligence chief James Clapper, and NSA Director Mike Rogers, met with President-elect Trump in Trump Tower in New York. Together, they briefed Trump on the findings of the intelligence community investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election.

But the group, and especially Comey, had bigger plans than that. Before the meeting, they agreed that after briefing the president-elect on Russian efforts, the others would leave, and Comey would stay to brief Trump alone about the Steele Moscow sex allegation.

Comey and top FBI officials prepared meticulously for the moment. The IG report says Comey had a planning meeting with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, chief of staff James Rybicki, general counsel James Baker, and “the supervisors of the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.” (It is unclear who was in that last group, although the now-famous FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page played large roles in the investigation.)

The IG report says the group “agreed that the briefing needed to be one-on-one, so that Comey could present the ‘salacious’ information in the most discreet and least embarrassing way.” But however it was presented, the FBI leaders worried that Trump might “perceive the one-on-one briefing as an effort to hold information over him like a ‘Hoover-esque type of plot.'” That was a reference to the FBI’s notorious founding director J. Edgar Hoover, who relished keeping (and using) embarrassing secrets on top political leaders.

The group discussed how Trump might react. In particular, they considered whether he would “make statements about or provide information of value to the pending Russia interference investigation” known as “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Perhaps Trump would say something incriminating. The FBI officials made plans for Comey, immediately after leaving the meeting, to write down everything he could remember about whatever Trump said. Comey also wanted to discuss Trump’s reactions with top aides immediately. Comey told the inspector general it was “important for FBI executive managers to be ‘able to share in [Comey’s] recall of the salient details of those conversations.'” Bureau officials also wanted to be able to respond if Trump publicly “misrepresent[ed] what happened in the encounter.” – Byron York, Washington Examiner 

More information is continuing to come out:

Saint James himself decided to arrogantly display his lack of integrity by attempting to spin and justify the actions he took to protect an international criminal cabal:

It is clear that much more is to be learned about this coup attempt.

Controlled opposition shills like Jack Posobiec are tweeting today trying to demoralize Q supporters, even though Q predicted the separate Comey report way before any of these ‘journalists’.

This story is still developing, please check back for updates!

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