Standing Your Ground When the Rabid

Standing Your Ground When the Rabid “Woke” Mob Comes for You Jacobin Style

June 29, 2020 – Over the last 72 hours, having been thwarted in the streets of Democrat cities, the Left’s social justice “woke” mob has moved into the quiet residential areas where we have seen several instances of We The People rising up against their tyranny. This mob will never be satisfied, as the tenets of “the party” change from day to day. The purpose of the constantly moving goal posts is to instill fear, and to force your submission. From demanding that we “defund the police” to complaining to police when someone is murdered in their “Police-Free Seattle Autonomous Zone,” there is no logic, nor winning. All these impotent creatures can do is feign outrage over the next perceived slight or offense, and repeat the talking point like a good little comrade.

The media has been providing cover for the Left’s mercenaries and revolutionaries, referring to them deceptively as “peaceful protesters.” Remember them whitewashing the image of Al Qaeda by characterizing them as “freedom fighters?”

In his article entitled “Riots Expose the Jacobin Liberals’ Reign of Terror,” Craig Shirley of CNS News correctly describes the similarities with the Jacobin uprising that caused the French Revolution:

How do peaceful movements and nonviolent interventions devolve into larceny and looting? How did a seemingly organic series of protests against police brutality descend into an organized nationwide riot that has laid siege to more than 140 cities?

In short: Who lit the fire and why?

There was contrivance in all this madness: Cops discovering caches of combustible materials hidden in bushes; mask-clad protesters hitting key targets.

Police found a busload of weapons in Ohio. In some cases, a peaceful protest would formally come to an end before curfew and the moment the peaceful leaders stepped away, violent agitators took center stage.

In the personal recordings of local protesters, the divide is quite clear: those working for a better world and those seeking to bury it. There is now a permanent faction in the liberal movement. The Jacobin Liberals have finally revealed themselves.

This is their Reign of Terror. The Jacobins were the most radical element of the French Revolution, advocating the destruction of all in society, including the monarchy, property, money, contracts, everything, even people — in order to create a new order with the radicals on top of this newfangled civilization. Indeed, the very phrase ‘social justice’ originated with the French Revolution, and did so as justification to destroy everything to achieve that uprising’s nefarious goals.

In Russia, Lenin also knew that left-wing revolutions were simply about reordering who was on top in the name of justice.

Their artifice of justice is, if someone has a farm, that farm must be taken and the owner punished or killed and the farm given to a member of the so-called oppressed underclass.

Forget the injustice for the original farmer.

He does not deserve justice for the simple reason he owned a farm and must have gotten it through illegitimate means.

Class warfare at the point of a dagger is at the heart of American Jacobinism.

American Jacobins are no different than their French forefathers, except they now have sophisticated technology to use, and they also seek to control the language — a new ruse. Thus, calling or branding someone a ‘thug’ for beating innocent people senseless is denouncedCalling or branding someone a ‘rioter’ when they smash and destroy businesses is harshly attacked. They shriek when someone uses ‘politically incorrect’ language.

The tactic of destroying or taking over all institutions and controlling language is central to their goal. Hence, the newest targets are small businesses and law enforcement. – Craig Shirley, CNS News

It may initially sound dramatic to compare the riots we have seen breaking out in the United States to the French Revolution, but this is exactly how that “revolution” started. This is also very similar to the Maoist “revolution,” all coordinated by the same international banking interests, by the way. The Bolshevik “revolution” in Russia was planned, financed and carried out by a small group of international bankers, including Jacob Schiff from New York. The innocent people always suffer the most when these non-organic communist and socialist uprisings occur.

Who are “they?” The Elites who recruit, train and pay mercenaries they can indoctrinate with the collectivist philosophy and then turn them out to create the “revolution” purported to advance the people, but in fact is designed to truly oppress them.

They pretend to want “reforms” but when given a spot at the table, as when the president came up with a prison reform package with Democrat Van Jones, they turn their nose up. They call Jones a “race traitor” and “Uncle Tom” even though he has been one of their communist allies for decades. They aren’t interested in “reform” and the justice system already favors them. The police who were responsible for the death of George Floyd, allegedly the reason for the riots, have ALL been arrested. The number of legitimate hate crimes in this country is so small, they have to manufacture fake hate crime hoaxes, a la Jessie Smollett and Bubba Wallace.

They claim “America is beyond reform” and thus, they seek its total destruction. They openly admit they seek to burn the country to the ground and “build a new one” with them at the top. They seek the fundamental re-ordering of society based on arrested development, manufactured grievances and entitlements. They demand submission, or eradication. SUBMIT or DIE.

You MUST Stand Up For Yourself

We have seen these rioters and revolutionaries become emboldened by those who submit to the social justice woke mob, and bend down to kiss the ring, or wash the feet of their new would-be masters. They suddenly have more demands. They feel safe to go downtown and start attempting to pull down statues, causing a major head injury in one instance. You give an inch and they take a mile. Now we are seeing a few courageous Americans stand up for the Rule of Law and for our way of life. We should be grateful for their bravery, applaud them and learn from them.

Students for Trump tweeted out a clip of a man and women protecting their home from an emboldened, hysteric social justice mob.

This brave couple immediately won the praise of many Trump supporters, and conservatives being memorialized in memes. This also caught the ire of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and Black Lives Matter (BLM) woke activists who sprang into action to try to have the couple doxxed, and fired from their jobs. Unfortunately for the Leftist mob, the couple own their own business, but they were doxxed by a “journalist” who doxxed himself in the process, and now has set his account to private, in lockdown mode.

One of the Memes

The incident has spurred a broader conversation about “Stand Your Ground” laws and the “Castle Doctrine.” Predictably, the Left is already calling these laws “racist” and is trying to have them repealed.

This is not “progress.” This is destructive, regressive and petty politicized grandstanding. The consequences will be deadly. Self defense is a fundamental RIGHT. The entire purpose of the government is to secure these GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

The media went into overdrive to try to demonize this couple, lawfully defending their property. To the Left and its media lapdogs, it is essential to legitimize the “revolutionaries” and define anyone who dissents, or does not kiss the ring, as some kind of criminal or reprobate.

This is the most absurd description of rioters and vandals trespassing on private property after having breached a gate, that I have ever seen.

The agenda now becomes clear. If you do not allow your home to be plundered and ransacked, while your wife gets gang-raped, you must be some kind of horrible “monster.”

This is correct. Video evidence has now surfaced that shows the gate, with a sign that clearly reads “PRIVATE PROPERTY,” breached and broken at some point.

The woke mob then attempted to have the couple “disbarred” for the crime of not allowing themselves to be looted. This clearly follows a pattern of behavior from the Left. They tried to have Attorney General William Barr disbarred and now they say they want him impeached.

That is not what happened. They did not “point weapons” at “peaceful protesters” that were simply walking by on their way to the mayor’s office, like the media claims. They literally broke the gate into private property. They are lucky they did not get shot for breaking and entering.

That is absolutely absurd. The McCloskeys are well within their legal rights here, and we are lucky that we have our rights. These riots have shown us how incredibly important not only our history is, but the entire western system of law and order, and equal justice under the law.

Trolls on Twitter also attempt to shift the narrative about what happened. You can clearly see the signs marked private property.

More and more, they attempt to try cases in the court of public opinion, rather than work through due process.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch explains how this couple is acting lawfully.

After the couple was doxxed, even a fellow Left winger had to admit that the couple was acting lawfully under the Castle Doctrine.

According to a Legal Dictionary:

The term castle doctrine refers to the legal right of a person to defend himself against an intruder in his home or other property, even should the use of deadly force be required. Under this legal theory, the homeowner is not required to retreat, but may stand his ground to defend himself, his home, or his property.

Meaning, one has a right to defend one’s property from unwanted intruders.

This clearly sets out the circumstances which appear to be what this couple was subjected to. They were within their legal rights, according to this definition.

Indeed he appears correct. An examination of the case law on both legal concepts demonstrates that the couple appears to on the right side of the law.

According to Legal Dictionary:

Stand Your Ground Law is a law that allows citizens to protect themselves if they feel their lives are in danger, regardless of whether they could have safely exited the situation. For example, Stand Your Ground law states that no one should feel forced to leave a premises they have every right to be in.

Therefore after breaching and breaking the gate, and being asked to leave their private property, the McCloskeys could have used lethal force to protect themselves from the intruders.

As you can see, the Left does NOT want you to be able to defend yourself from the woke SJW mob. They want you vulnerable to their intimidation tactics so they can beat you into submission.

Imagine trying to prevent innocent Americans from being able to defend themselves.

Sadly, history has shown us that trying to criminalize self defense and dissent is what communists do, right before a violent overthrow. This justifies purging large segments of the population who they will claim are “criminals” because they tried to protect themselves.

Again, to serve their goal, before a “revolution,” the Left also increases their censorship campaign against anything that goes against their agenda.

The couple has been hounded and harassed so much, they were pressured into making this clearly dubious statement.

This meme hilariously describes the situation.

This image clearly bears witness to the violence needed to mangle that gate to gain entry. That is terrifying, seeing your gates broken and a frenzied mob making its way onto your private property.

No one should ever have to fear for their lives inside their own home.

Here are some of the other courageous Americans standing up to the mob:

When all the other girls are down, taking a “knee” in a ritual re-enactment of the Masonic death of George Floyd, this proud young lady stands up for our Anthem and Flag.

The incredible young priest, Rev. Schumacher came out to defend our heritage and culture, in his cassock and delivered a history lesson while vile rioters screeched obscenities at him and got into his face, attempting to bully him.

We should all be willing to defend this Nation, and stand up against the dark spiritual warfare currently being leveled at our society. Make no mistake about it, this is spiritual warfare. The forces of the Evil one wish to plunge us into another Dark Age, into another 1000-year Reign of Terror. The scenes of terror unfolding across this Nation, of monuments being torn down, of ordinary people being relegated to the status of second-class citizenship, to the imposing of tyrannical orders by out-of-control governors.

Enough is enough. America, if we do not wake up now and stand our ground, push back against the Marxist onslaught, we will lose our county and our freedoms forever.

This is it. Are you willing to get into the fight and stand your ground, and hold the line? I don’t know about you, but as for me and my family, we most certainly are.

This story is still developing, please check back for updates. 

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