Oregon State Backs Antifa & BLM Terror Insurgency Against Federal Building & Agents

Oregon State Backs Antifa & BLM Terror Insurgency Against Federal Building & Agents

July 18, 2020 – The State of Oregon appears to be backing violent terror cells in their insurgency against the Federal government, calling their attacks “peaceful protests” while using all the power of the State to defend the terrorists from Federal authorities.

ANTIFA engages in fourth generational warfare, meaning they exploit greyzones. They use information and social media for propaganda purposes. This terrorist gang has allies in the media who assist them with this. They operate in loose “cells” with a decentralized leadership, all facilitated by technology. It’s a form of guerrilla warfare and helps them hide from federal authorities trying to identify their members (for a detailed analysis of grey zones and fourth generational warfare, please see “additional information” at bottom of this article.)

Take a look at the picture in the above tweet. What do you see? While the media claims “ANTIFA doesn’t exist,” we see someone who has written “PRESS” on their helmet waving an ANTIA flag. This is sheer propaganda. They attack police and then have their allies in the media record the police defending against this attack. The media will frame this as “OMG, Feds are attacking journalists!!!” without telling you this person isn’t really a journalist. Writing “PRESS” on your helmet to try to fool the police and the public doesn’t make you “Press.” It makes you a lying terrorist.

Among those who have been researching and reporting on these far left extremist groups, this is a well known tactic of ANTIFA terror cells. They also use bracelets that say “MEDIC” and have a red cross on them, so that when law enforcement attempts to arrest them, their allies in the media can snap pictures and claim “peaceful protesters, journalists and medics are being arrested by the big bad Trump government.”

These violent riots have been going on for 50 days straight, with innocent people being hurt and federal officers risking their lives.

They are attacking Federal buildings, that are under Federal jurisdiction.

“Peaceful protesters” do not knock people unconscious and carry them away. They do not throw explosives into Federal buildings, night after night. They do not bring weapons like katana swords and Molotov cocktails to a “protest.”

“Peaceful protesters” do not need to bring filed hammers with them. These are the tactics of trained militant extremists attempting to overthrow the Federal government. These are not new tactics by any means. The Bolsheviks attempted a coup that failed a year or so before the October “Revolution” in 1917. They did the same thing ANTIFA and BLM terror cells are doing now, engaging in months of rioting and attacks, then using the police response as propaganda to claim “victimhood” status.

This is all it takes to subvert and take down the legitimate government of a sovereign nation, and having control of the media is a key component. Without the media and ability to manipulate the masses with propaganda, these communist “revolutions” could never be successful.

If the State of Oregon were to roll a tank into the Federal building, everyone would recognize their true role as the real aggressors and insurgents, so they use groups like ANTIFA and BLM as proxies.

As you can see, this structure chart is descriptive of what is happening in America as pursued by guerrilla terror groups ANTIFA and BLM. The political wing would be the Media and the Democrat party, as well as foreign adversaries like China. We have seen China promoting the narrative of BLM and ANTIFA, because they share the same goals.

Here we can see clearly the path they are attempting.  They are in the early stages of the Guerrilla Insurgency against the Federal government of the United States.

The Vietnamese communists employed this same tactic. They skillfully used western sympathizers including media, to influence and persuade the hearts and minds of the American people to turn against the Vietnam War.

This is the concept of the “theater of operations” in Vietnam during the war. As you can see, today’s terror insurrectionists have learned from this, accelerating its use.

To explore further, this an example of the “theater of operations” in the Middle East. We must understand this concept currently under attack in America today, and identify the grey zone areas that can and will be exploited by bad actors.

According to an article published today by Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit, entitled “Portland Antifa and BLM Launch Explosives at Federal Buildings While Barricading Agents Inside,” we can see that the situation in Portland is accelerating largely due to the sympathetic State:

Portland Antifa and Black Lives Matter launched explosives at the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center while attempting to barricade agents inside on the 50th night of riots in the ultra liberal city.

There was also severe violence against random citizens that they disagree with politically during Friday night’s chaos.

The Portland Police tweeted ‘Officers have observed people in the area of the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center on SW 3rd Ave place fencing and sandbags in front of doors. This is criminal behavior. Participants not involved in criminal behavior are encouraged to leave the area immediately.’

The rioters also deployed smoke bombs and lasers, which they use to impede the vision of police officers. – The Gateway Pundit

Fairbanks includes a number of tweets that show video footage of these riots and attacks.

This is not the behavior of “peaceful protesters.”

Displayed here are the tactics of well trained, militant extremist groups with a goal and agenda. Far from any kind of peaceful protest or seeking redress for legitimate grievances, this is what an insurgency looks like.

It’s almost as if local Portland police have been told to stand down. They have taken to tweeting and asking politely for criminals to stop engaging in criminal behavior.

We are told by the mainstream media that ANTIFA doesn’t exist and that BLM is a peaceful organization. These are blatant lies and dangerous propaganda.

The entire State of Oregon is using all resources at its disposal, legal and financial, and combined with the national media are now attacking the Federal government for trying to protect innocent Oregonians and their own Federal buildings and agents.

It would appear that the State is actively assisting and participating in a domestic insurgency, while simultaneously our adversary China is attacking us on a “whole of government” scale, including economically. In effect they are helping our adversaries prepare the country for a real attack. Are they trying to soften us up for it, so we comply quicker?

The above video by Tim Pool is a good description of what is going on in Portland today. Tim is someone who understands these groups very well. He has been around the journalists who sympathize with and protect these groups, writing up propaganda claiming they are innocent victims being oppressed. Tim says these videos of the violent attacks night after night speak for themselves.

Predictably, the ACLU is protecting the Marxist insurgency, which is beyond ignorant, and exposing themselves for the ideological tools that they are. The ACLU is simply a law-fare tool of the extremists to push and force society to be remade in their image.

America is under attack on all sides — from Russia to China, from chemical, economic and legal warfare, and obviously from within. The Democrat Party has made clear they are on the side of the domestic terrorists. By dangerously refusing to cover these riots truthfully, the media are engaging in a propaganda campaign rivaled only by the 2016 Russian Collusion scam.

In 2016, I wrote an article called “Constitutional Crisis” predicting that if the media did not stop the 24/7 propaganda operation, we would see the Constitution destroyed. The media has been largely responsible for the division, fear, hate and anger we see playing out in the streets today. They stoked this violence, they gathered up all the tinder, doused it in gasoline, and lit the damn thing on fire. The blood is on their hands. It’s time we start calling them what they are: terrorist collaborators.

Additional Information

For those unfamiliar with Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) and asymmetrical, fourth generational warfare with greyzone exploits, please see the following.

  1. Unwriting the Future: Decoding the Next Strategic Shock” by Col. Sean Hunt Kuester of the United States Army.

As you can see from the abstract above, the report details how by employing technology and modern guerrilla tactics, our adversaries can exploit us by causing chaos. Here are some key excerpts:

He is describing “shocks” some of which, the ramifications are not always immediately understood. These can be things like riots that seem small at first, but could end up possibly undermining the entire country, as well as our national security.

Greyzones are areas where our adversaries seek to gain an advantage by employing instruments of power.

Here, Col. Kuester described 4th generational warfare.

Published by Col. Kuester in 2018, this paper seems to have predicted how increasing urbanization and demographic changes would lead to greyzones that our adversaries could and are exploiting.

2. “A Fourth Service for the Fourth Generation of Warfare” by Andy Johnson.

Johnson’s paper does seem to describe the blurring of the lines we are witnessing today, and the subsequent fracturing of America along divisive lines.

3. “From Psyops to Neurowar, What are the Dangers?” by Armin Krishnan.

This paper discusses the repercussions of medical advances in neuroscience being weaponized by intelligence agencies, like the CIA did with MKULTRA back in the 1960s, or by foreign nations.

Finally, a video by Amazing Polly that discusses greyzones, fourth generational guerrilla warfare and strategic shocks.

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