Stories That Need Telling ... Part V

Stories That Need Telling … Part V

The Razor

March 3, 2020 — Tonight as I picked up my razor (I shave before going to bed), I was reminded of an event that happened in 2001. My father had just entered the hospital in Redding, California due to heart issues. He had gone to the doctor because he felt poorly and was sent over to the hospital to check out his heart. They convinced him he needed a five-way bypass operation. The youngest of my five brothers called me and I agreed to meet him where he lives 200 miles south of me here in Washington State. I grabbed a bag and threw in some things for what I suspected would be a week’s trip.

As I was headed in his direction in my little car I ran my hand over my face and realized I hadn’t shaved. I then spoke out loud, “I wish I had an electric razor.” Now, I had been praying as I went and was pretty much in the spirit but I was still startled when a voice answered me back and said, “What kind of razor do you want?” Although I was startled I recognized the voice as the one who had spoken to me several times in the past and answered, “I want a Norelco triple header.” He then asked, “How are you going to get it?” I replied, “The next town I come to (Lyle, WA) will have a yard sale. I’ll stop at the grocery store and look on the bulletin board to find where it is. They’ll have one at a price I can afford”.  The voice was quiet then and I made my way into Lyle.

Stopping at the store I looked and sure enough, there was a flyer for a yard sale. There ‘just happened’ to be a couple of ladies there to tell me how to find the place. I went up to the place and began looking over the things they had for sale and began to be disappointed because there was NO razor there. I was turning to go, mumbling to myself that I had really missed the Lord this time, when the fellow holding the sale said, “What were you looking for?” I told him I was looking for a razor. He said, “Well you know I’ve actually got one of those but I didn’t put it out because I didn’t think it would sell. Come downstairs with me and I’ll get it for you.”

I followed him down to his basement and he brought a new Norelco, still in the box. I asked him how much he wanted and he said, “How about a dollar?’ I gotta tell you, by this time I was floating on air. His wife came out of another room and asked if I would like to purchase a hair clipper set for another dollar. I was crying by this time and they asked me why. I told them the story of my journey and the voice. Then they started crying and told me they had been praying and asking God to show them how to get back to Him.

We then knelt down right there and had a good old fashioned prayer meeting. The Lord came into the room and blessed our socks off. When I left all was right with the world and I went on my way rejoicing. That razor wasn’t for me exactly. It was just the instrument God used to bring his children back into fellowship with Him.

A Demon

Back in 1980, I had an automotive tune-up shop in Pasco, one of the towns of the Tri-Cities. I was renting a shop there for $900 a month and not getting the traffic I needed to make it work. I looked around and found a place in Kennewick. It was in a good location. It was an old mansion with a four-car garage. I was buying it for $800 a month and had a house and business in one place. When we first looked at it, I felt very spooked in the basement. I overlooked that and put a refrigerator in front of the basement door. Shortly after moving in, my kids came out of one of the back bedrooms and said: “Daddy, there’s a man in here.” I looked but didn’t see any signs of that.

About a week later, my wife was in the other bedroom, nursing our newest member of the family and youngest son. She screamed loudly and I rushed in to see what was up. Upon entering the room I noticed that the shear curtains were moving. There was no air ducting and no reason for them to move. I looked closer and saw it. A ghostly figure was standing there with the curtains in one hand and a knife in the other. What I thought at first were the tail lights of a car on the road outside were actually the glowing red eyes of that demonic thing. A sort of rage came over me. I didn’t get scared. I got angry. I walked over and put my finger in the middle of its chest and said, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, get out of my house.” It disappeared and the whole house felt cleaned. We were able to go into the basement again.

I made good money there until Jimmy Carter cut the funding for the Hanford Nuclear works. The whole area dried up for a while after that and 600 small businesses went out of business, mine included.

~~ There’s more to come … 

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