Strange Connections In Culpeper?

Strange Connections In Culpeper?

Are there strange connections in Culpeper? I was introduced to this area while researching The Finders.  All of my research indicates that yes, there are strange connections. Coincidence?

My research into The Finders started with Marion Pettie, leader, so to speak, of this group. He was also known as the “Game Caller,” the “Path Finder,” the “Student,” and the “Stroller.”  Marion Pettie was the key figure involved with The Finders.  They were located in Culpeper, Virginia on almost six hundred acres purchased for Pettie by Charles E. Marsh, one of his mentors.

His association with The Finders paralleled his association with the CIA. This led to his part in various MK Ultra projects and subprojects.  How the public became aware of The Finders is another story that began with child abuse allegations in Tallahassee, Florida.  

According to a report by Ted Gunderson (see page 79 of this report) :

I have made six complaints to the FBI demanding an investigation of the Finders and the international trafficking of children who I believe have been kidnapped or obtained through subterfuge (orphanages; and agency known as Child Protective Services) but the FBI refuse to contact me. 

This report goes on to say that there were complaints from airline employees stating that hundreds of children were being flown from Denver, Colorado & Los Angeles, California to Paris, France. There was also a named witness who told Mr. Gunderson that there were “children being auctioned outside Las Vegas, Nevada & Toronto, Canada and they were auctioned for upwards of $50K …”  For those who are not familiar with Ted Gunderson, he was former FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles office, whose death fell under mysterious circumstances. 

 Furthermore, noteworthy about Mr. Gunderson:

 He also investigated a child molestation trial in Manhattan Beach, California. In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferation of secret occultist groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the United States government.[8] He also claimed that a “slave auction” in which children were sold by Saudi agents to men had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year, and that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the US government[8] Gunderson believed that in the United States there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice.[9][10]  See full bio here.

The fact that Mr. Gunderson noted that there was a “slave auction of children being sold by Saudi agents to men in the United States being held in  Las Vegas, Nevada …” brings me to a pause, considering the information we have learned from “Q”, especially about Saudi agents in Las Vegas. Do you recall the shooting in Vegas? Do you recall one of the owners of a casino there being from Saudi Arabia? A Saudi Prince, no less?

Let’s return to The Finders.  Mr. Gunderson definitely made the connection between The Finders, the Franklin cover-up and international child trafficking.  So much so, that he went on to say about The Finders group: 

It has TOP CLEARANCE and PROTECTION in its ASSIGNED task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the US. Members are specially trained GOVERNMENT KIDNAPPERS known to be sexual degenerates who involve children in Satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as murders of other children and slaughter of animals.

Why would The Finders have TOP Clearance and Protection? Unless they were doing something which REQUIRED this? What could possibly REQUIRE this other than what has been noted above?

This article states:  

A report by Customs Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez claimed that documents found at the Finders property revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions included the impregnation of female members of the community known as the Finders, purchasing children, trading, and kidnapping. One telex specifically ordered the purchase of two children in Hung Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese embassy there-

Why would this group (The Finders) have these kinds of documents — documents with specifically detailed  instructions for international child trafficking — unless they were involved in international child trafficking? 

It is interesting to note in that article, was the “new” investigation of The Finders in 1993 initiated by the Department of Justice (DOJ). This investigation brought to light the CIA admitting to “owning The Finders organization as a front for a domestic computer training operation (called Future Enterprises), that had gone bad.” 

The article also indicates or implicates Culpeper. 

  Travelers arrive at Finders headquarter in Culpeper, Virginia, an hour and a half northwest of Washington, DC, via state route 666.

You literally cannot make this stuff up. Route 666? Surprised? Me either.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the only interviews Mr. Pettie gave, dated from 1998, which includes information mentioned above. You can read the FULL article here

This interview tells us The Finders began in the 1930s-40s in Washington, DC.  Mr. Pettie reiterates the “open house” policy he has for members of his group and the length of relationship he has with certain members, over twenty-five years. Hardly a short amount of time, is it?  Mr. Pettie acknowledges another group he kept, called “The Free State,” which was known worldwide and was also located in Virginia about 20 miles from Culpeper.

Here is where the lines start crossing, so to speak, in Culpeper. Quoting Mr. Pettie from this article: 

A man named Gottlieb, have you ever heard of him, a musician? He kept open house like that and the government came out and closed him down. But the local authorities let me keep it going up there.

Interesting that Mr. Pettie specifically mentions Gottlieb in his interview. For those not familiar with him, Sidney Gottlieb began his career in the CIA in 1951.

As a poison expert, he headed the chemical division of the Technical Services Staff (TSS). Gottlieb became known as the ‘Black Sorcerer’ and the ‘Dirty Trickster.’[2] He supervised preparations of lethal poisons and drug experiments in mind control.

In April 1953 Gottlieb became head of the secret Project MKUltra, which was activated on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles. In this capacity, he administered LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs to unwitting subjects and financed psychiatric research and development of ‘techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything.’[citation needed] He sponsored physicians such as Ewen Cameron and Harris Isbell in controversial psychiatric research including non consensual human experiments.

Now I’m beginning to see the similarities in these two men and why they would be associated with each other.  They were both in the same line of work and most assuredly worked together in the CIA. Their years in the CIA overlap each other, meaning they were working there during the same time frame. 

Wikipedia seems to confirm this:

Gottlieb retired from the CIA in 1972, saying that he did not believe his work had been effective. Visited in retirement by the son of his late colleague Frank Olson, he was residing in an ‘ecologically correct’ home in Culpeper, Virginia, where he raised goats, ate yogurt and advocated peace and environmentalism.

Gottlieb retired to Culpeper, Virginia.  Isn’t it interesting that these two men, who were connected to the CIA through the MK Ultra Mind Control Projects and Subprojects, both resided during the same time frame in Culpeper.  Coincidence?

The Wikipedia article continues:

Gottlieb was the liaison to the military subcontractor Lockheed In 1953 he procured a safe house for the Lockheed Aeronautics Services Division (LASD) with an easy and exclusive egress.  

What is a safe house? According to their definition it is:  “A secret place for sanctuary or suitable to hide people from the law, hostile actors or actions, or from retribution, threats or perceived danger. It may also be a metaphor.” How ironic the definition is, considering who Gottlieb was and his role in the agency. The next question is why? Why would the work you do involve procuring “safe houses,” unless you were involved in the mobility of people? Mobility of people as in trafficking.

Now, let’s look at the organization Childhelp. I was actually able to make this connection to Culpeper thanks to one of Amazing Polly’s YT videos. In summary, Childhelp is a non-profit organization that was started by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, two Hollywood child actresses. Childhelp originally started as International Orphans. (Link for the FULL details and history of Childhelp.)

Childhelp started with building orphanages overseas (1952-1959). Quoting from their website:

They (Sara and Yvonne) collected enough money to build four more orphanages in Japan for the mixed-breed heritage ‘throwaway’ children. Due to their great success, Congress requested them to do the same across the seas in Vietnam. (1960s)

This was the beginning of an international involvement with “moving children” from one country to another. The organization claims that these “throwaway” children were children who were abandoned by parents from different cultures.  Usually the father was in the military overseas during war, and the mother from the country where the serviceman was stationed. Allegedly, neither parent wanted to claim responsibility for the “unwanted” child. So, with Congress intervening, these orphanages started receiving government funding, through taxpayer money.  (This definitely becomes a trend during wartime.)

There are plenty of questionable things on the Childhelp website about their history and organization,. However, let’s look at the year 1991.  And I quote:

Childhelp purchases 270 acres of land in Culpeper, Virginia as a site for their new East Coast Village. Childhelp celebrated the groundbreaking of this new residential treatment facility bearing the name of its major benefactor, Alice C. Tyler.

Who is this person, Alice C. Tyler, associated with Childhelp? She is a philanthropist who created this perpetual trust for Childhelp. The website mentions that they offer “a Waldorf Education.” Really? As in connected to the Waldorf Astoria family line?  Anyway, this is another story too. Suffice it to say, she is an elite. Only elites can afford to be philanthropists. Her husband was the founder of Farmers Insurance Group and they lived in Los Angeles. She was also the Dame of the Danish Order of St. John. Read her story here.  

What are the odds that Mr. Pettie, Mr. Gottlieb and this Childhelp “treatment facility” are ALL there in Culpeper  during the same 1990s time period? Starts looking a lot like “Stranger Things,” doesn’t it? Not to mention who was in the White House during the 1990s. The Clintons. 

I could continue this story on Childhelp, there is a lot of questionable and intriguing information on their website. However, my focus here is Culpeper connections. But I digress …

Mr. Pettie’s interview goes on to mention

… Going back to WWII, I kept open house mainly to intelligence and counterintelligence people in Washington. OSS people passing through … things like that.

Mr. Pettie is telling us EXACTLY what and who were involved with The Finders. Sounding more and more like “The Bourne Identity” meets “Stranger Things,” doesn’t it?  We just didn’t quite understand what he was telling us at the time, did we? Not like we understand it fully now. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was the precursor of the CIA.  Mr. Pettie goes on to state:

I just keep open house. That’s about all I do. It changes as people show up. Basically, we have about 600 acres up there and a few houses and people who are here more or less permanently now-They spend part of the time in this town [Culpepper] and part of the time in DC and part of the time up in the mountains, and another part traveling all over the world.

Mr. Pettie’s interview continues on. I encourage you to read the FULL article, so noted above. I just would like to summarize by quoting a few more things from that article:

Sometime near the end of the war, Chiang introduced Pettie to Charles E. marsh, at the National Press Club. Marsh, who ran the best private intelligence network of his era and was an intimate of FDR, Henry Wallace and later Lyndon Johnson, became, Pettie’s mentor and role model, shaping[sic] his career. (Marsh’s mentor and role model was Colonel Edward M. House, who was a personal adviser to President Wilson, circa 1919, often mentioned in connection to the Council on Foreign relations). Marsh died in December 1964. His last known address was Austin, Texas.

In the 1950s and 60s Marsh provided funds for Pettie to purchase hundreds of acres of farmland in Madison and Rappahannock Counties, near his estate in Culpepper County. Later Petty arranged for William Yandell Elliott (1896- ) of Harvard University to purchase a property adjacent to him, in Madison County. Elliott was a government professor at Harvard University who was on the National Security Council’s planning board and a trustee of Radio Liberty media.

The connections run deep in Culpeper and we’re not finished. I did want to establish the connections Mr. Pettie had to Culpeper, because there are many. When you tie all the names together, a picture starts to emerge.  The whole spider web comes into focus surrounding Culpeper, and it keeps getting bigger. I have found the more I research, the more crazy the connections get. Further, even more facts emerge, expanding the story. I will do my best to keep you informed of my findings. 

One thing is for sure. There are a lot of mentions in writing about Culpeper, Virginia and the intelligence community. Coincidence? What are the connections between Pettie, Gottlieb & Childhelp? What could two former experts in MK Ultra mind control, who are associated with the CIA have in common with child “protection” agencies and/or orphanages? The procurement of children to be used as guinea pigs for human experiments? For mind control experiments, among other things? What other strange connections are there? Stay tuned …

Strange Connections In Culpeper?

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