Surviving the Holidays

Surviving the Holidays

When your family caught the Leftist rabies and foam at the mouth

Red Alert!!!! Holiday Dinner is tomorrow!!!!  Brace for impact! Your annual family dinner is right around the corner, and you are going to have to break bread with a frothing leftist. This is really going to suck …

What to do?  I have experience in this, and in this article I am going to give a few tips on how to survive an encounter with leftists, communists, Antifas, brownshirts and other creatures of night.

What has happened to our families since 2016 is a sad state of affairs. Before then, people of differing political sides would fight bitterly leading up to an election. But once it was over, the losing side would lay down arms and work side by side with their opposition to govern and manage the business of the United States. This was illustrated very well by my mother when discussing elections of yesteryear when her parents fiercely campaigned for the Republicans, but lost to the Democrats. The battle leading up to the election was heated, but once the die was cast they got behind the Democrat winner and worked with Democrats to govern our country. This is not the case today.

Today, those on the losing side are frustrated and finding no outlet for their wrath, take it to the dinner table and attack their family members for voting for the party they hate.

Families have been torn apart by this. Epic verbal fights at the holiday dinner table have erupted into fisticuffs. Relationships have been destroyed. Faces red with rage, contorted into masks of hate, have spewed vile insults at other family members because they hold a differing political view. This is common these days following the 2016 election. Never before have we been this divided and this full of hate toward each other’s views. Once the shouting starts and the wounds are inflicted, very few are those who would seek to mend the injury.

And the United States is not the only country that is suffering in this way.

We all have suffered in some form or another from the blind hate of the Left. It is a great irony that the faction which claims to support equality and justice for minorities and those oppressed would put on the brownshirts of the early Sturmabteilung. But this is the reality we live in today. Life is full of paradoxes. I say we have all suffered and it is certainly true because even viewing the news of antifa violently attacking innocent people on the street is enough to cause an otherwise happy calm person to become disturbed. This disturbance of one’s mental health is suffering. And so much more so, if one the recipient of some vile stream of hate across the holiday dinner table.

Most of these evil scenes usually start with some minor barbs and insults. The leftist, socialist, liberal, or communist members of a person’s family will normally be the one on the attack. They will start by casually throwing a few insults across the table. If you are like me, slow to anger, it takes a few of those to get the blood pressure elevated. I hear the insult, the barb, see the needle stare, and I think about the insult for a while before it starts to get to me.

Normally I don’t knowingly start the fight. Knowingly. When I am in the company of my liberal, leftist, and even openly communist family I am careful not to open conversation about anything social or political, Topics such as the weather are fairly safe, but they will lead you into Global Warming if you are not careful. And if you are like me you might say “Baby it’s cold in here … throw another Al Gore on the fire.” And this will not end well. What I am saying here is for the sake of domestic bliss, it is usually better for me to bite my tongue.

I often taste blood.

Here is the thing. Once your family members have started drinking the MSM kool-aid the deep state has them. Decades of propaganda have warped their minds. You are not going to “Red Pill” them across the holiday dinner table without a very unpleasant verbal exchange.

In my case the family only has two Republicans, Mother and me. Everyone else is either a liberal, a leftist, a socialist, and we even have one self-professed communist. They are entrenched. They are not going to change. There is no point in trying to save them from their flawed beliefs. They will have to arrive at their own bottoms like alcoholics and drug addicts before approaching recovery.  Occasionally a crack appears in their world view, but I have learned from bitter experience to stay out of it.

The communist earned the title of the Drunk Communist a couple years ago at Thanksgiving dinner, when she plied herself with wine. The Drunk Communist kept going back to the bottle for another glass until she was alternatively crying over animal rights, or spouting about her numerous sexual affairs, some with other women. This was in front of her grandmother and her mother I might add. That particular episode I was out of the cross-hairs as the family conspiracy theorist and evil Trump supporter. The Drunk Communist took center stage for the evening, and what a performance! I drove home that night shaking my head and laughing. It was actually a good holiday dinner. So the point here is allow the crazies in your family enough rope to hang themselves. Don’t interfere with an enemy when they are destroying themselves. Dinner with the devil, eh? Make no mistake you are entering enemy territory. And this is not the occasion for peace talks.

We also have another family member that I call The Biter. The Biter has become so entrenched in her own delusions that she won’t even attend family functions. Her reasoning to her mother The Liberal Globalist, is that her uncle (me) and her grandmother are Republicans and therefore too toxic to even be around. Plus her uncle is studying Russian! Imagine the horror! How did she get her name? Funny story. She bit her mother during a domestic tiff at her mother’s house and her sister called the police. The police came and took her away. One can only hope that they fitted her with the Hannible Lector Biter mask from Silence of The Lambs as they marched her past general population at the county jail in a straight-jacket. Oh the irony! The Biter won’t be in attendance this year. And I won’t suffer any heartache from her absence.

Oh then we have the Globalist. The Mother of the Biter and the Drunk Communist. Don’t get me started. She is also a man hating feminist, a wine swilling liberal, and an outspoken blowhard. Since she makes more money than everyone in the room she is naturally entitled, and queen of all. Once she gets her tongue loosened up with wine she unloads with vitriol about how middle aged white Republican men are the cause of all the troubles in the world. And I happen to be the only male in the room …

Again tongue bleeding. I taste blood.

What I am saying here is if I can do this and survive so can you. You can do this thing and not go to jail. I promise. There is light coming from from down the tunnel and it is not an approaching train. We’ll get through together.

One of the things I have come to terms with is, I generally cannot win an argument when I am badly outnumbered. It is bad enough to go up against one of these rabid creatures in single-hand combat. But they are like hyenas and they will take you down if they smell blood. And like hyenas they go for the soft spots, the underbelly, the genitals. And they work together as a team.

One survival strategy I’ve learned is to bring some fresh meat to the table. I’ll bring a girl friend, or my daughter, the Meth Princess, perhaps one of the grand children, maybe The Little Doper. If the Drunk Communist isn’t in rare form this usually provides enough distraction to allow me to approach the feeding area without getting ripped to shreds. Distraction.

Another thing to do is to steer the conversation away from politics and social woes. When the rabid hyenas launch into an attack on such topics, you know it will end badly. Bring up something else quickly, steer the conversation away from the hot topics. Mention the horse died, the neighbor girl got arrested for prostitution, they had a tornado … anything. Any port in a storm. Trust me on this.

Now if you do find yourself embroiled in a fight for life on the Serengeti Plains, do not turn your back on them, and keep your tail down … joking. If you do, you have three options, fight, flight, or surrender. The choice to fight can end very badly. Let’s just say this up front. You probably won’t win anyone over to voting Trump 2020. You might … but the conversation might turn into a brawl.  It could end up being the very last holiday where you break bread with your kin.  But if you do fight, I’ll give some tips.

They have to stop to breathe. They will at some point give you a chance to retort. What you say then has to be delivered in two or three words. They will be staring at you with masks of rage and hate, and it will be your turn to deliver. Three words tops. That is all they will allow you before they all start snarling and snapping and foaming at the mouth again. My suggestion is to keep them off balance. They will perhaps be frothing about Trump being corrupt. File your nails and wait for your opening. Then say two words during the pause. Uranium One. The back to filing the nails. This will repeat itself over and over. They might talk about how HE cheated during the election. Say Donna Brazile. Don’t try to explain, just say the two words and let them hang there. Remember as soon as you try to give a complete sentence they will interrupt. ‘We Have Everything.’ Remember that. Stay calm. Don’t let the vile insults get under your skin. For God’s sake don’t get angry. There are other strategies for winning, I’d invite comments below. Come to dinner wearing full battle gear, with body amour, a side arm and a rifle slung over the shoulder … that might make for a very calm supper. Joking.

The main point of all these survival strategies is to keep calm while under fire. Hold your line, but stay calm. If you get upset you will make mistakes. The rabid monkeys will use every error to their advantage. And you might have to make amends at some point in the future. That is a very good reason to stay calm. Apologizing to a rabid hyena is very uncomfortable.

This brings me to the next line of defense. Retreat. Live to fight another day. If you feel the bile rising, your blood pressure exploding, and you know you are about to snap, RUN! I am serious here. You don’t want to come out of an adrenaline fog and see bodies laying around everywhere. Going and sitting it out at county is NOT and option. That is something rabid Antifas do. Not calm cool and well organized conservatives. If it is sliding out of control make a break for it. I had to do this myself one Thanksgiving when I felt my rage starting to get out of control. I politely excused myself from the gathering claiming to be suffering from gastric distress, and I drove home. Live to fight another day. The same could be said about just not attending. Take a pass if you know how bad it is going to be and you don’t have the stomach for it. Tell them you made other plans. You have a date. Your dog died. Whatever.

This brings me now to the final option. Surrender. I confess I have tried this a few times also. You try everything and then see what works. Surrender sucks. It will leave a taste in your mouth that persist for months. It is like eating dog food. It might be chocolate covered dog food but it’s still dog food. Everyone might be Oh So Nice To You, but in your heart of hearts, you know the truth. You will smolder with masochistic self hate, burn with shame as they say. Don’t do this to yourself unless it is the very last resort. I know. I’m speaking from experience here. It will take a lot of motivational videos on YouTube to recover from a thing like that. Just Don’t Do It!!!

So there it is. A few tips from a seasoned veteran who has spent decades in the trenches.

The main takeaway here is don’t get angry. Don’t lose your cool. They’ll cut you to ribbons if you do. And God help you if you have to apologize later for your behavior at the family get-together. Keep a cool head. If that means passing on the alcoholic beverages, by all means stay sober. Chances are you have to drive home anyway, and most of us seasoned veterans call the holidays Amateur Night anyway.

If you have a rough go of it, afterwards seek counsel from wise friends and mentors.  It is best to talk about the horror as you’ll find that the more you discuss it with others, the less power it will have over you.  But be careful in whom you confide and chose your counselors carefully.

One more tip. And I save the best for last. It wouldn’t hurt to say a few words before you go. By this I am talking about Prayer. Ask God to be with you and to help you and guide you to be the man or woman that He wants you to be. Ask Him to place wise and compassionate words in your mouth, and to guard you against all evil.

And finally in closing. Remember. You can pick your friends … but you can’t pick your family. You are stuck with those dumb mutts. And they’ll always be yours even if you move to the Greenland Icecap and never return for funerals.

So have a Blessed and Happy Holiday. Be Safe. And I wish all the best for you and yours! ~~ e

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Great tips! Two words! Love it made me chuckle too, sounds so much like what I experience!

Lynne Wolfe

Excellent advice from a voice of experience. We and half of “us” sat this one out this year and are at peace. There is an abuser on “their” side . I need to submit a guest article too…breaking bread with a child abuser.