The Appearance of Impropriety: Does Maurene Comey have a Conflict Prosecuting Epstein?

The Appearance of Impropriety: Does Maurene Comey have a Conflict Prosecuting Epstein?

On July 10, 2019, Business Insider published an article entitled “James Comey’s daughter is a lead prosecutor on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case…”

That’s quite a hook given the former FBI Director’s enmeshment in the aftermath of Special Counsel’s protracted Russian collusion case and his agency’s botched investigation of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. In the last few days, the soon to be released Inspector General’s Report will show Director Comey planted his own spy in the White House after he was fired. The Washington Examiner, July 22, 2019:

“Former FBI Director James Comey had an inside man at the White House, feeding the bureau…”

As of August 1st, the DOJ has declined prosecution of Comey for leaking memos. There are many more alleged crimes relating to a possible coup against President Trump that James Comey should be concerned about.

Business Insider, following the initial hook, quickly notes – Ms. Comey is “One of three lead prosecutors…” Is there a looming conflict of interest given the few degrees of separation between Epstein, the Clinton’s, and her father’s complicity in the plan to overthrow President Trump on behalf of “HER”?  “The rotting of the FBI began when… Comey and the Obama-era Justice Department utilized an ‘unsubstantiated’ dossier… financed by the Clinton campaign…” – Fox News

Further, Epoch Times special publication, “SPYGATE – THE INSIDE STORY” by Jeff Carlson, March 28, 2019, Updated July 7, 2019 states emphatically:

“FBI Director James Comey opened the counterintelligence investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump on the urging of CIA director John Brennan”  Top-Cop, busted.

Hopefully, his bloodline does not contain a propensity for treasonous acts in the performance of one’s professional duties.

Poetic Justice

Perhaps a young Democrat and passionate Hillary supporter can serve a poetic type of social justice. Ms. Comey, her mother, and sisters attended the resistance-themed women’s march on January 21, 2017; one day after President Trump’s Inauguration. Maurene Comey was a part of the resistance to Donald J. Trump, an archenemy of Hillary. She can be seen carrying a colorful poster, touting “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE”, in red, white and blue. Several images of the sisters and mom decked out for the march may be seen in the George Stephanopoulos’ interview with Patrice Comey, on ABC’s ‘This week’ with George Stephanopoulos, April 2019.

Her sisters’ signs were crafted in pretty colors with kitty-cats and safe “girl-power” slogans. Though the Comey women wisely skipped pink-crocheted caps, their black t-shirts, peeking from hoodies boldly displayed pride in the “nasty woman”, replete with caricatures of Hillary Clinton, Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and 2020 presidential hopeful, Elizabeth Warren.

The former FBI director assured the gobsmacked public: “Oh yeah… I didn’t take a poll among all the kids, but I’m pretty sure that at least my four daughters, wanted Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president”. Another noteworthy observation of the Comey girls is they are wearing something quite rare among protesters in pink hats: Great big smiles. Such cheer among the hysterical estro-funerary wailing and gnashing of teeth – just seems out of place.

Benefit of the Doubt

As Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Ms. Maurene Comey finds herself in a powerful and theoretically apolitical position: first-string on team SDNY: The United States of America vs. Jeffrey Epstein: a convicted sex-offender now accused of sex-trafficking.

Maurene Comey graduated William and Mary after majoring in history and music. She graduated Harvard Law in 2013 and followed her father’s footsteps to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York in 2014.  “She’s worked on cases involving alleged racketeering, drugs and weapons offenses, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, and robbery.” (Law&Crime/Dan Abrams, by Alberto Luperon, July 7, 2019)

For team U.S.A. and more pointedly, the cause of justice for crimes against humanity involving women and children, Maurene Comey deserves the chance to pursue justice: on behalf of all alleged victims of sex-trafficking and pedophilia perpetrated and facilitated by Jeffrey Epstein – and others, yet to be named. Her world will not crumble should Hillary Clinton be one of those names.

Big League

Washington Examiner, July 8, 2019, notes The SDNY team is bolstered by Alison Moe, Alex Rossmiller and the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Trump appointee – Geoffrey Berman. Moe and Rossmiller are part of the Public Corruption Unit (Business Insider, above) a virtual sign that the sex-trafficking and pedophilia charges will open floodgates for plenty of RICO work (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, Public Law 91-452).

Poetic Justice

Perhaps Ms. Comey is a true believer in the necessity of a female president. She may have been a true-believer in Hillary. No matter. There is a much “Higher Calling” for this Comey: her recently appointed boss is at the helm. Any bias, favoring Epstein because of ties to Hillary Clinton should vaporize – when the horrors performed on the victims see daylight.

The Donald and Jeffrey

The false moral equivalence of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump will be left at the courthouse steps for a gaggle of the press to devour or promote as they see fit. This comparison warrants its own exploration.

Bittersweet Lesson

If Maurene Comey has learned anything from her father’s quick departure from the DOJ and ongoing free fall from grace into suspected treason; it’s that using Justice for a political weapon can end in professional suicide.


August 1, 2019 Update:  Nicholas Tartaglione, Jeffrey Epstein’s cellmate at MCC is also slated for prosecution by Ms. Comey. Tartaglione is facing the death penalty in the brutal slaying of four persons in what was deemed  a drug-deal gone bad. Following Tartaglione’s claim that he helped Epstein after his suspicious “suicide attempt”; one look at the buffed-out muscular psychopath leads us to question the motives behind the cell-mate assignment. Epstein is now under suicide watch. See New York Post, July 25, 2019.

Justice for Tartaglione, in which the SDNY seeks the death penalty – will be facilitated by Maurene Comey: One more reason to give her the benefit of the doubt re: Epstein.

This story is still developing…

by Lynne Wolfe

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