The Audacious Request of Inclusivity and Privilege of the P- Pedophilia

The Audacious Request of Inclusivity and Privilege of the P- Pedophilia

By: She7Anon (@She7AnonV2)

Pedophilia is perversion, a depravity, and should remain criminal. To elevate the P community, through inclusive diversity and social media privilege, is to escalate the war on family, and the agenda of population control.  Today’s education of celebrating diversity blends all  cultures and blurs the differences, leaving a society to live with the outcomes of hate crimes, sex crimes, and human trafficking. If the P community thinks coming out of the closet equates acceptance of their depraved choices by online or LGBT community, they are  sorely mistaken.  The obverse half of the equation is that the pedo community feeds the beast of child trafficking – they are the bait and consumer.
 We’ve witnessed many social media accounts of conservative media voices that were shadowbanned, suspended, and outright fully censored on social media and search engines.  However, the P community had two prolific twitterers asking for restoration of their accounts that had been ended by permanent suspension.  The accounts were neither shadowbanned, nor violation of Freedom of Speech, yet the full reason of why they were suspended is not disclosed.  The accounts were restored and the P community grew after a letter was written last year to Twitter from Dr.  James Cantor (@JamesCantorPhD).  The letter warns that if pedophile accounts are not restored, they might not be able to help themselves and could end up raping children in the real world.  In this section of the letter Dr. Cantor writes the warning/veiled threat:
In our professional opinions, terminating the accounts of non-offending, anti-contact MAPs  (Minor-Attracted Persons)  is likely to result in the opposite effect of that which Twitter may expect or intend. Rather than reducing the incidence of child sexual abuse, if anything, it increases the risk that some pedophiles will be unable to obtain the peer or professional support that they may need in order to avoid offending behaviour. It is also likely to increase the stigma and isolation associated with pedophilia and thereby increase the likelihood of some MAPs acting on their sexual feelings.   We write to you as clinical and forensic psychologists, sexologists, sociologists, child protection workers, journalists, writers, and digital rights advocates, with a shared interest in working towards the reduction of the incidence of child sexual abuse.” (See link below for Cantor’s full letter) This insanity is under the guise of treating offending behaviour – can you say CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR – give me a friggin break!    This was also signed by professionals in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. If you want to Stop Offenders from Offending, why would you give them access to children online???

I  had a Periscope-shock last year.  I was looking for an earlier broadcast, and ended up on the home page of live feeds, where suddenly a 12-year-old girl was undressing.  I reported it to Periscope/Twitter, and to FBI. No response.  I have a sense that someone is luring children into situations of entertaining the pedophile community, someone who has customers. Backpage was only the tip of the iceberg.

Now Twitter protects and promotes their perversion, and pedo profiles list their preferences of age and sex.  “The self-confessed pedophiles signal the “AoA” (Age of Attraction) that turns them on, and whether they’re into boys or girls. A simple search of Twitter bios for “AoA” yields hundreds upon hundreds of pedophile accounts brazenly signaling their “AoA” to each other in coded language.”
 My teenage daughter had an awakening when she found a local man’s profile on Facebook promoting NAMBLA, the National American Man Boy Love Association, and he posted his preferences for a 13-year-old.  She was in shock!  She didn’t believe there were people in the world looking to legitimize their perversions and advertise on social media.  It solidified her intent to protect children from their evil.
Social Media has become saturated, denatured, and depraved with pedophiles and sexual deviants. Any platform you or your child use could have active criminals, seeking to fulfill their own desires, and change your child.  They are promoting an unnatural response to humanity, to fulfill their agenda to control population.   They will try to further the existence of their perversions by profile, video, chat, memes, games, gifts, and/or money.  If you think about it, they wont ever have offspring, so why doesn’t pedophilia just disappear with the dying of the old criminals? Pedophiles reproduce through the sexual perversion of children. Subversion anyone?  Outraged yet?
I  understand this is a difficult topic for many, but we have to tap into our response to this threat to our humanity. We need to be informed so we are not shocked by the accident of learning of it after the fact. The time to act is now!  These people are sick.
“Meet The “Virtuous Pedophile” Network Protected By Twitter The “Minor-Attracted Persons” This Movement Is Led By A Canadian Doctor Who Demands A “P” In “LGBT,” And Twitter Is Accommodating Them (see article here).
This article is a catalyst for my strong opinions. The Children are the reason.
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BK Masterson
4 years ago

Great article, She7Anon! Great to see your thoughts here. Will share far and wide. This topic MUST be understood thoroughly by we ordinary people, We The People, Patriots. A small minority of so-called Elites have been running roughshod over our Principles and Morality. THAT MUST STOP! Pass on the link to this article, Patriots!

Ricky Walls
4 years ago

Excellent article. Was going to retweet. If I may, massive run on. Zero white space. Way too hard to read. Hard to follow regular text to denoted. My humble opinion.

4 years ago

Hi She7…Great Article, Thank You. Do you remember the TV Show “To Catch a Predator” with Chris Hansen? The show ran from 2004 – 2007. It was cancelled in 2007? Wonder what the real reason was (in 2007), for taking it off the air? Hmm. We Need More Shows that call these “people” out.