The Beautiful Side Of Evil: A Sophisticated Form Of Slavery

The Beautiful Side Of Evil: A Sophisticated Form Of Slavery

A Sophisticated Form Of Slavery – 1950

Note: This article draws information heavily from Cutting Through The transcripts.

There is a system that rules the world, very intelligent, knows where it’s going and uses many, many different sciences to keep itself going in a form of an invisibility cloak, you might say.  In other words, we are trained to see the world one way and they make sure of that through the educational system and through media and entertainment while they at the top have been trained in a completely different way as to the way that things really work and the power structure that runs the world.  There is nothing new in that.  There have always been power structures, but at one time they were more national, in ancient times and very national.  Sometimes when one city-state would go and rise against another, they would go find and kidnap what were basically THE HIGH PRIESTS THAT KNEW THE SYSTEM TO CONTROL THOSE PEOPLE ON BEHALF OF THE KING BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  Today it’s done through very specialized universities that cost an awful lot of money to get inside.

This according to Alan Watt from Cutting Through the Cutting Through The Matrix 12/29/2009 Transcripts.  He continues,

It was also these high priests that understood techniques of controlling the masses, or the mob, which could always be used by the conquering city-state.  you could never get enough of this knowledge, what makes people tick.  Most folk will go through their whole lives never realizing a true, higher reality.  All they realize is the day-to-day business of surviving and paying tribute to whoever is in charge of you or technically owns you.  That’s always been the way of society.

We merged with city-states and eventually you got countries. Then you had the big battles between the different countries as they tried to take over each other.

Slavery has been around for a long time among many different peoples, not just one race. Agendas for a world system were evident long ago using a slave system.

Slavery at one time was considered quite normal in ancient times, in Greece and Rome it was a normal way of life.  In fact, at one point slaves may have made up to 3/4 of its entire population.  At that time, a slave had kind of set work hours.  If you worked really hard, maybe a bit more energetically than normal, you may have more time to yourself and acquire some money in a side job.  Many slave owners came out of being a slave themselves and went into the only business that made sense to them because they knew all the ropes and they became slave owners themselves.   In fact, they had their own big monuments built to them when they ended up dying rich.  This was all accepted in those days.

When you were conquered by a city-state next door, you were automatically subjected to them.  The common folk were just basically bought and sold quite easily, while the elite of both sides tended to forgive each other, pay some tribute and then INTERMARRY.  We’ve had this system going on down through the centuries right up to the present time because WEALTH MARRIES WEALTH, always.

Agendas for a world system were born a long time ago USING a slave system.  Charles Galton Darwin, another inbred person, related to Charles Darwin who was completely inbred for generations with only one other family because they believed in the master race even back in that time.

Many years ago these so-called elite people developed their plans intending to control masses of people in the world.  Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents have all been under this plan.  The elites have influenced the directions and decisions of governments all over the world.

In the 1950’s, he wrote the book, The Next Million Years.  He wrote about the need to cull off and sterilize all the inferior types beginning in Britain and then going across the world, so the ones who should have the world and the future to themselves would certainly have it without all the worthless eaters consuming resources that they wanted for themselves alone.   He believed in culling people off and they have the right to do so.  It was presented in a sort of academic style format to try and persuade you as to why it should be.  Major media in Britain lavished accolades upon him for stating this idea.  The media were saying, ‘Yea, this guy said it like it should be said.’ and ‘At last it’s come out into the light.’  They truly believed that the post-industrial era, which they said was coming, that they wouldn’t need all the working classes for a start.

Alan continues,

WHENEVER YOU ARE TAXED ON SOMETHING, YOU ARE A SLAVE.  That represents your labor.  Under the legal definition of slavery, it’s using someone’s labor, generally against their will.  So you call it a tax and you take it off in a money form and you don’t think of it as being the same but legally it IS still the same.  It’s the same with property, you either own something or you don’t own it.  If you have to pay a tribute to a government or anybody else, and they can come and lien on you and put in the heavies, that’s just a mafia; it’s called extortion.  It’s the same thing, you’re still a slave.

We accept it all because it’s given different terms to it.  The odd thing is, the more folk that go along with it, the more you think it’s normal.  Again, that’s the coward instinct in the heard mentality…

They need someone to guide them and then they’ll generally go along with them if they think they will win.  But they always follow the leaders, generally when the battle is almost over.  That’s the history of humankind unfortunately and the big boys who rule the world know that fact.

Charles Galton Darwin worked as a physicist on the atomic bomb project, so he was not an unknown or discounted theorist. He was at the head of the British atomic energy firm at the time.  He loved physics.  He was also attached to other delegations at the United Nations, had a lot of power, and was well known. He garnered a measure of exposure on political viewpoints and social viewpoints in the media, The Neo-Eugenics, 2009, Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix. 

You’ll also eventually come to the realization that you’re up against something, a system that’s very very very old; it’s the only truly organized system on the whole planet.  It used sciences that are ancient, in population management.  It gave us the system of money – money is a tool that we must believe in to serve them.  Karl Marx was quite right, he was one of their boys, who was set up to set up the dialectic, and he was quite right when he said that money is a tool of the elite.  It’s essential that the people who stop bartering, or working for themselves, and start using money as a means of exchange – which then can be taxed back from them – are becoming slaves.

You tie that in with Charles Galton Darwin and his book The Next Million Years, where he lays out, the next few thousand years and up to a million years for the elite, all the changes that will happen – the grandson of Charles Darwin, who again, was related to the Huxley’s and many others.  And he said, in the 1950’s in his book, ‘slavery has always existed in one form or another.’  There’s different ways to have slavery.  You can either get a bunch of henchmen, force a tribe into obeying you and being your slaves – that’s a lot of force, but you have to feed them etc.  Or you can allow them to keep so much of their earnings for themselves, and take off all the rest to supply the elite and the structure of the system over them.  But he said, ‘We are now in the process of creating A MORE SOPHISTICATED FORM OF SLAVERY.’

Remember, this way of thinking and planning was in the 1950s and even prior to that decade.

In other words, the general public who would drift into this system and it would become natural for them, would never twig on that they were actually slaves.  You tie that in with the institutions in which the Huxley’s and the Darwin’s belonged.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs, which has branches in every country in the world like the C.F.R. (Council on Foreign Relations) in America, they also set up the United Nations.  They said in their own writings from the earliest times to present, the world they are bringing in is to be a world where everyone who is born (or would be allowed to be born) would be born to serve the state.  That would be their sole function, that’s if they had a job for you to fulfill or need for you.  But it’s a more sophisticated form of slavery and we are going through it today.

It is a hard pill to swallow when you realize that a group of people have planned how masses of people around the world are to live as slaves for generations and further, they wrote about it in the 1950s and earlier.  Alan continues,

The change’s we are going through now, as I say, is into the planned society.  You cannot read old books by masters of fiction and nonfiction, like Aldous Huxley and the Brave New World, without realizing that someone who KNEW about genetic engineering, IN THE 1930’s and who could write a book about it, very entertaining book, talking about the CREATURES that would serve the elite in the future, where we almost are today.  You can’t look at those books without realizing that this man had INSIDE information.  That’s the key to everything.  He was one of the elite’s helpers at that level.

We are living through a planned agenda by a truly global government.  There isn’t anything new about controlling millions or billions of people, it is an old science.  Sciences are all used together now involving the mind, humanity, sociology and anthropology.  The Chinese would take anthropologists into countries to take them down by offering money, hospitals and schools. Then they would get involved in their education and then you have more indoctrination schools for the them so you they could manage the peasantry better.  Many massive charities, used by the military. War often isn’t to help people often it is to take the resources of nations.  Cutting Through The Matrix: Podcast 8/2/20

One con other is when we are being fooled to participate in voting.  Most think they can make a difference with their vote.  If politicians were genuine and real, it might, but they aren’t genuine.  Carroll Quigley, stated in his book, Tragedy and Hope, ‘Every president and prime minister has been pre-selected regardless of party.’

The following are some the ways and techniques that are used to manage their ‘sophisticated form of slavery’ throughout the world.

Predictive Programming

After WWI, the U.S. was taken over quickly.  The people were trained to need something by using Predictive Programming.  Events or entertainment were given to show you how you should think, how to act, how you should be, what you should like or condemn.  In other words, brainwashed.

The elite has always owned the newspapers for predictive programming.  You must have uniformity of information which gives uniformity of opinion.  You give the people a right wing paper and a left wing paper, with generally a Sun or Star or Mercury.  People think, ‘Well my dad read that and he voted that way too so I will as well.’

Talks at the Royal Institute for International Affairs related to Rockefeller is where they decided how many newspapers they would need and others did mimic this approach as well, but they generally agreed that 30 newspapers across the country and magazines would work.   When you aren’t FORCED to have a certain opinion, it is when there is more of a uniformity of opinion is where you begin to accept it.  Same ideas in this paper and that paper, different authors spouting the same ideas so that you conclude they seem to all agree.

And once movies came into the culture it loaded the deck with propaganda.  Like Covid-19 or a vaccine.

COVID-19 – Terrify Until They Comply

This is another ‘event’ given to the world to experience by the elites.  Sub groups of behaviorist (nudge experts) will give handouts to newspapers on how and what to present to the public in this so called ‘pandemic’ in different stages and what to say to the public. If compliance wasn’t happening enough then they were told how to create fear and how to hype up the fear, so in other words terrify the public.  That was the advice given by the government agencies through particular behavioral psychology groups they were using for brainwashing.  Basically cause terror in the public for compliance.  Again, predictive programming.

Centralized System ‘Events’

In the 19th century the elites wanted to create a centralized system to run the country in the U.S.  Bankers and leaders got together (before Jekyll Island) to create ‘events’.  They caused the crashes in the late 1800’s.  The idea was to get the public to feel that we can’t go on with different banks having their own cash and some with their own currency, we need a centralized system.  Like the vaccine thing, get the people to be terrified and then the people to demand it. Same thing happened in time for WWI, they brought in the income tax to pay back the money used to fund for the war.  They brought in the Federal Reserve.  The U.S. didn’t go into WWI for altruistic reasons, it was to make sure the loans were secured.  The point is, they always get the public to demand what they actually want to achieve.  The public demands, ‘Save us!’ and the elite says, “Ok, but there are conditions.”

The Great Reset

This system is all intentional and been this way for a long time.  This system that runs us all is not for us.  The con artists that run the banking industry, the true international bankers, the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements were all constructs that were set up for world enterprise for real true federalism as long as they ruled, obviously.  World Empire was the idea and it hasn’t changed.  The Great Reset that they talk about is the culmination for this time in history to bring it all into full worldwide effect with themselves at the top running the whole show with a massive global bureaucracy of civil servants with many begin private civil servants.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) has tons of civil servants which are really like political social leaders.  Many departments to educate their leaders for all over the world.  They keep you going with the idea of democracy, but in reality they are trained by those who rule the world.

Socialism and Science

Socialism means many different things to different people, it is designed that way.  People at the bottom think it will be more fair especially when you are middle or lower class.  It is like a safety net for people.  No it is not.  It is called a social science and it is all about how to run the world, how to run  collectivist societies.  It is how to make them efficient even down to getting both partners out into the workforce as a stage to dissolution of the family unit.  Then you get a new type of family unit which is supplied by the state.  Then they bring science into it as well.

Socialism had a lot of followers in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s because it gave the deceptive preaching that we are here for ordinary folk, and to give you a safety net if you are unemployed, but the science way above it was declared in the early 20th century openly by the Fabian Society.  World Socialism is just the Soviet system on steroids.

George Bernard Shaw said, ‘The working man thinks that he will get more income to take home to his family and more guaranteed income so he can look ahead towards the future to purchase things.’  The Fabians did not want people to own property, they wanted the state to farm things out to private corporations, big corporations.

George Bernard Shaw Defends Hitler, Mass Murder

George Bernard Shaw foresaw a technocratically run society, an expertly run society.   Everything would be ruled by experts for efficiency.  Science was to be a big part of the future.  In the movie version of ‘Things to Come’ by H.G. Wells, you would have the Freemasons of the air, the scientific elite, who would come across this massive destructive war that destroyed nations and such with small little city states or towns doing their own things.  The Freemasons of the air in their super advanced military machines would then gas them all and take over the world and unify the world with themselves at the top running it all scientifically.  Their offspring would be do exactly the same kinda thing but under the guise of Progressives.  It would be a progressive nature type of system and always advance science at the pinnacle of everything. What ever science dictated and those all those below would believe them and go along with it.  George Bernard Shaw was more Bolshevik about it, he said, ‘We are not here to help you, you need to do what we tell you to do or you won’t food at all.’ and you would still have to work as well in this Communism.  Shaw was blatant about it.  Communism/Socialism is about you serving the state, that is your purpose.

They always need lots of people to do the overthrows for them in a country.  Now we are locked down to destroy the economy of the world, that is the real intention behind it, to bring down the whole system.  We are going through a revolution right now, but science at the top.  You see the revolutionaries out on the streets now to heighten the fear among the people and force compliance.  We are being trained to demand help, ‘save us, save us!’ and then people take the vaccine.

Reinventing Rockefeller with Philanthropy (pig lipstick)

Rockefeller had a the militia open fire on miners, their tent cities and all their families and children.  That’s when they brought in the do goodery’s.  He isn’t a rotten robber baron type person, he said he wants to help society and make it better for you.  So very quickly they brought in Edward Bernays type characters who understood human nature very well and began using the idea of propaganda.  They reinvented Rockefeller as a philanthropist and once that happened they were able to take over so many massive businesses and big pharma groups.  They began presenting themselves to the public as they were ‘here to help you’.

Worship of People

Not a good idea to worship people – human living people, you always end up in disaster.  Especially in an atheistic society, they destroy religions, they worship humans.  When people worship a human it will most likely be a psychopath.


This is the age where nations are used to wring out the last drop of cohesiveness and taxation out of them as they push towards internationalism.  It’s so funny because before 9/11 came along, all you saw in the newspapers across the world was the word ‘global’and ‘globalism’ as though it was just a natural fact of existence.  We are global and everything was globalization.  That was the mantra for many, many years.  They speak of international brotherhood. This all pushed through the United Nations.  Happy Slaves, Cutting Through The Matrix 12/29/2009 Transcripts

Our lives are short. Agendas that are risen out with 100 year, 150 year, 200 year parts to them is nothing new.

In The Dark


Many techniques are used upon the masses of the world’s people. We need to be aware of this long term agenda planned against the people in order to restore the God-given rights to the people. The people of the world have arrived again in history at a very familiar crossroads decision — quite likely the most crucial time ever, freedom or tyranny.  Will you stand and fight in this crucial war?

This is not just another four-year election video.

A tremendous thank you to Alan Watt of for his research, transcripts and podcasts.

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