The Beautiful Side of Evil: Sports Used as a Distraction

The Beautiful Side of Evil: Sports Used as a Distraction


There is an ongoing plan that has been forced upon the whole world. What plan? For decades and generations, most people haven’t seen their lives planned by some small elite international group, but a search for truth will lead you to that reality.  One key area of their plan is culture creation.  The best way to control an agenda outcome is to design and control it from beginning to the end.  This article explores the literal creation of sports to distract, mostly men, from their destiny.  Diverting their natural tendencies as a male to be masculine, strong, fight and protect, into sports events as an outlet instead of directing it toward the true enemy of humanity, the plans of international elitists.

Sports offers a way to escape the world where they are disenfranchised and may feel they are going nowhere.  It also uses up their time to distract them from seeking truth and seeing the manipulation put upon them. Today, there are even more attacks on the male and their nature.  Many TV shows, commercials or movies attack males, presenting them as fools or weak, only to have a smart strong female save the day.  However, there is big difference from some mild enjoyment of sports and regarding sports more like a religion and/or all consuming activity.

Distracting Males From Their Destiny

Culture creators designed sports and idols so that men gradually become helpless through sports, cheering on their tribal teams as they were winning. All the while in their own personal lives, they get nowhere and become disenfranchised as ‘experts’ take over and make the decisions for them.

Below is a You Tube Video with a great short summary by Alan Watt about the culture creators and their plans from During an Infowars interview, he briefly describes this agenda imposed upon the world.

Enslavement of Sports

Another observer of this same culture creation by the elites was William Milton “Bill” Cooper.  He states in the video below.

One player makes 6 million dollars a year. It’s the Roman Circus. What does an emperor do when the people become restless, when the people are asking questions and when the people don’t like the policies of the emperor he send them to the circus. All  to keep the idiots preoccupied with things that don’t mean anything in the scheme of the entire world.  So they don’t have the time to learn what truth is, so they don’t ever get smart enough to learn that they have been manipulated, so that they don’t ever question the emperor.  That’s why they pay an individual player of sports teams millions of dollars.  It is ‘The Roman circus.’

Bill Cooper says,

I know men who don’t know anything in the world except who plays 3rd base for the Mets, what they did in last nights game and thinks that’s a great accomplishment.  No one person is worth being paid 1 or 2 million dollars a year for a game.  Football is a game…. but when 150 of the most powerful men and women in the world, can meet in secret, in Baden Baden Germany, plot the fate of billions and no one even cares about it, but six football players go to lunch together and it is in the headlines across the country, you have a reflection of the society in which it exists and it is a sick, sick society that is doomed to self destruction.

Sports for the men and soaps for the women. When television arrived, it really took off. The culture industry merely gives us new updates in order to change the direction of culture. Most people want to belong to their peer groups and simply will follow along.

On TV it doesn’t really matter if they are facts or not. If it is seen on TV, the tendency has been to believe it, with proof unnecessary.  Even in journalism, you are given father figures like Walter Cronkite for your whole life.  The same man will introduce experts and do a summary at the end of the broadcast.  This is what you are groomed to believe.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a geo-politician and key player supporting international elitists (and father of TV personality Mika Brzezinski) said, “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.” ‘Experts’ will direct us on what to believe and how to live.

Think for yourself, keep searching for the truth. Crave the truth.

  • To learn more about the plans of International Global Elitists, check into the link below:

Alan Watt, Cutting Through The

Thank you Alan Watt for all your tireless research given freely to inform the public.

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Glry Anon
4 months ago

Great article! It is a crazy industry to distract Men for sure! I know my life has been more fruitfull since I stopped watching Sports. 🙂

I would love it if you can call in to the Common Sense show in the 2nd hour (After Brenden Dilley), and talk about your article.