The Beautiful Side Of Evil: The Origin of World Government - Part 2

The Beautiful Side Of Evil: The Origin of World Government – Part 2

The Plan … In Their Own Words

As we begin Part 2 of this article, I want to briefly remind the reader again that for decades and generations, most people haven’t seen their lives planned by some elite international group.  Depending on how willing you are to embrace the truth, you can find a treasure trove of information as to how the world really has been working for the last few decades and generations.  I say world because it is a worldwide agenda.  You will find that what you thought to be reality is very different than we have been taught to believe.

For generations, many fronts in this battle have advanced against the people of the world via wars, culture, education, media, NGOs, economics, immigration, labor, and free trade (CAFTA, NAFTA, TPP, GATT)*

Reviewing these plans, in their own words, the truth can be easier to absorb.

This article will also draw liberally from a transcript by Alan Watt at Cutting Through The Matrix 5/4/07, Great Britain, Embryo of World Government – 1938 Report from Royal Institute of International Affairs’ Global Meeting. Alan comments and quotes from the Royal Institute of International Affairs world meeting, one of their world meetings.  This particular one, the topic was the British Commonwealth and the future. Humphrey Milford published it in 1938; he thinks the meeting was in 1937.

Alan comments:

It should be noted, that at this meeting they talked about setting up sub-regions, which would work quietly but efficiently and be well-funded, towards bringing those regions together, in the same form as the rest of the world will be brought together.  Those that would resist more would have a slower time, more propaganda given to them. They’d be tied economically and politically and legally, in such a way that they’d have no option but to go along with this new system.  They created the Institute for Pacific Relations – that’s a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council of Foreign Relations – to work on the Far East.  They created other ones, as well, all weaved together intricately like a big spider’s web.

On page 276 it says ‘The Commonwealth of the Future’:

‘The answer to the final question on the conference agenda, whether there emerged from its discussions any new conception of the commonwealth, must in the nature of things remain a personal one.  The recorder of the commission for has set down the various thoughts that were contributed to the pool of prophecy and practical political ideas.  What follows is a desolation delegate, with unanswerable realism, said that the future of the commonwealth was going to depend on the outcome of the next European war.’

Alan says,

They knew it was coming, because the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, according to [Carroll] Quigley, helped drum up all the propaganda and get the fear going, to get Britain into it.  All the top newspaper guys were members. … It was all a big lie according to Quigley.

It is hard to fathom and come to the realism that these people literally created wars for their own gain and at the populations’ expense, our greatest treasure.  This is a worldwide con.

To borrow the phrase of an Irish delegate, dynamic within itself through the gradual working out of the principle of self-government, which will steadily increase the number of its own elect,–

Alan comments, “Interesting, eh … ‘its own elect.’

He quotes again from their words:

‘and gaining dynamic force from without by finding its inspiration in ideals that are broader than itself, and can be brought to fruition only on a world scale.  Individual and group freedom based on responsibility, peace as the condition of freedom, that brotherhood of all races, colours and creeds.  With its progress on this path, new problems will arise.’

They knew in the 1930s, Alan says.

They knew, back then, they were going to integrate and multi-culturalize, the world.  The elite at the top (who really are the bosses) see the peasantry of all peoples as just one big pool of labour.  They don’t care personally what colour your skin you think you are.  Serve the world state – that would be your purpose in life.  They knew that the progress on this path, new problems would arise, because of conflicts of different cultures coming together.   It would take a long period to do, but they thought it  could be done.  Their dates are well right – the 21st century.  They say, ‘With its progress on this path, new problems will arise.  The multiplication of sovereign states within its circle, as countries not yet right for self-government attain to full nationhood, and those already self-governing assume fresh responsibilities, will give rise to new conundrums in constitutional relations and increase the existing difficulties of constructing uniform and universal machinery for co-operation in  foreign policy and defence. Above all the rise of non-white nations to self-government, allied to the natural course of world events, will drive racial and intercontinental questions more and more to the front of commonwealth problems.  New attitudes of mind will become necessary. A discarding, no doubt, of the tacit assumption of which an Indian delegate complained, that the British nations have a divine purpose to fulfill and have more to contribute than other nations to the fund of practical wisdom about race relations.  A discarding too, in the phrase of the United Kingdom delegate, of condescension and the attitude of mind on both sides that always suspects something sinister in the order.  The multiplication of states within the commonwealth itself suggests that the question whether it might not increase it the future, by enrolling new members from outside.  The delegates did not tackle in detail the practical problems involved in such a course, believing no doubt with an Irish member that the British nations must go further on their own road before inviting others into their circle.

They further say,

Moreover, many people saw the future absorption of foreign countries in a process of assimilation, rather than incorporation.  The commonwealth is a miniature world, containing peoples of every colour, and from all constituents. As it works out its own destiny, the world of which it is part will be struggling with the same problems on a larger scale.  In a phrase used by a member of the conference, at a public gathering, after the conference itself had concluded: the commonwealth should be an example to the world of what it would wish the world would be.  Is it too much to imagine that gradually the commonwealth and those parts of the world, which had progressed so far, or further in the art of self-government, will become assimilated?  The commonwealth order, we may surmise, is only a path to world order.  The conference discussions suggested that this gradual assimilation might happen in the economic, as well as the political sphere.

Alan comments,

They knew this. This was written rather weakly here.  In their other books they go into this in more detail, and all of the different subgroups, which they have – there’s hundreds of them actually allied to this.  It was massive in its time this organization, and it’s much bigger today.  They go on to say that eventually the British Commonwealth would pass away having fulfilled its usefulness.

In the back of the book they have all the members who attended, from all the countries.  It’s worth noting, if you want to read some of their books you can get their books – Royal Institute of International Affairs from:

Chatham House, 10 St. James Square, London, SW1

I think you also have a branch in New York, for the CFR, and that’s the Pratt House or the Pratt Building.

This organization had all the Fabian leaders in it.  It had all the supposed far-right leaders in it.  It’s all one big club at the top.  All the big media moguls attended.  They shape the world; they predict the future by making it happen.  Having worked out all the problems in advance, they have no problems, with problems, whey the crop up. They’ve foreseen it all, you see, complete integration of the planet.

They go into a world court that would eventually be used for the entire planet.  It would start as a sort of a criminal court for tyrants, but would blossom into basically the only governmental court on the planet.

We clearly see the new world order plans in motion and even a world court planned for the future – the origin (or nucleus) of world government being the British Commonwealth.  Alan continues:

The British Commonwealth was set up initially to be a nucleus of world government.  They have no problem talking about it.  They have no problems admitting the League of Nations, which became the United Nations, was modeled on the system and run by the same guys really, and nothing’s changed.  Above these groups there are higher groups, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome deals mainly with depopulation, but by saying opposite of what they’re really all about – planned society. The Bilderbergers have all the top moguls there.  They have future Presidents and Prime Ministers invited to attend – that’s why you know they’re going to be a Prime Minister or a President.  The Queen (or her representatives) attend each meeting, and all big bankers.

As George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.”

Then the big bankers come into the plan.

Alan comments,

Remember what H.G. Wells said, ‘We must bring in to this federation those who understand economics.’ So they brought big bankers in on it.  That’s why the big banking system, which runs our lives really, had to be brought in.  At the top you have an aristocratic elite, who have run the world for a long, long time.

They are psychopathic; we know were they’re are heading. They have lots of workers working for them below, at conference, where many of them thinking they’re working for the betterment of mankind.

The beautiful side of evil … present your agenda in a deceptive way that looks good so as not to alert anyone to your real purposes and which also attracts people who want to work for your cause.

Alan Watt continues:

The ones at the top can’t help but give themselves away every so often. When you’re planning a controlled society, and when you realize their answer to racial problems, cultural problems and all the rest of it, is to basically engineer new species of humanity, genetically, eventually, to serve them better at the top, then perhaps everyone would stop fighting each other and see who their common enemy really is.  They’ll find them in their own peoples at the top.  Their own top people (the psychopaths) in this system of money – wealth, which is power in the system – the psychopaths.  There’s no such thing, as ‘poor boy leaves ghetto and makes good,’ like the old Rothschild story.  It’s a nice little story for the children but it’s so far from being true.

A portion of the forward of this book that Alan Watt quotes is as follows: “This book is designed to furnish an official report of the second conference on British Commonwealth relations, which was held at Lapstone, near Sydney in September of 1938.”

1938 folks.

The conference was larger in numbers and I think perhaps more representative in character than the Toronto conference of 1933.

1933, these world government plans go way back and spread worldwide.

We of the Australian Institute were deeply gratified that our invitation to hold the conference in Australia was accepted, and still more than so many distinguished men should have joined the various delegations.  The holding of the conference in Australia, or at all, was made possible only by the generous assistance we received from the governments of the commonwealth, and of the state of New South Wales, and also from the Carnegie Corporation and the Rhodes, —

Alan Watt comments,

That’s Cecil Rhodes.  So here is a technically a group, massive, massive, world — it’s a mountain, which is funded by the big corporations.  That’s why the corporation foundations were set up in the first place – to run a  world to fund those organizations, which they would either create or take over, to push certain social policies worldwide.  They receive funding from the commonwealth countries.

Funding this plan comes from big corporations.  It’s an agenda.

Interesting, eh, for a non-governmental organization (NGO) that plans your future, states quite correctly that it doesn’t discuss politics; it doesn’t discuss its social proceedings, because it’s a plan.  It’s a plan; it’s an agenda.

You don’t argue about it; it’s a plan you see.

Alan explains about another club called the Empire Club, also involved.

Anyone who’s is anyone in a country, in business, will try to become a member.  They have again, the members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR going around as main speakers, as guests to the commonwealth clubs, and to the various other organizations – this myriad underneath them that controls our lives.

On page 49 of the same book, ” … British Columbia could and would support a considerably increased population of Asiatic origin … “

Alan explains,

The reason for that, was they knew they were setting up China, in the future, to be a main manufacturer of the planet and they would need the middle-man; an educated class to manage the impact and exporting and so on.  Nothing happens by accident.

They plan the future. They have the means to implement it, through propaganda, since all your top magazine editors and newspaper men are there, and the internet fellows.  They market our culture to us, and upgrade it and keep on upgrading it, just like you upgrade the virus programs on your computer.

That’s the real world we live in – a planned society.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  That maxim holds true for many of those who help bring about what they think is going to be utopia for everyone.

This is a key point he mentions. For many, it is hard to believe people at the top wish to do them harm.

They are so naive and disbelieving in the fact that there are people who can pretend so well, act so well that they care, at the top of this tree, but who actually want to eliminate a good part of the planet.

Writers are often in on all these new world order plans.  The purpose is to groom the society to be familiar with these ideas, concepts, or products, so when they come out, it will be accepted easily.

H. G. Wells and Arthur C. Clarke are two of these notable writers.  Alan Watt comments on Arthur C. Clarke,

… wrote a kind of allegorical form of this system (the world system), beginning for 2001 to kick it all off big-time, the next big push, 2010, for the completion of most of it.  … In his last book, he takes you to 3001, … It is a chipped society.  It also has direct thought-to-thought control electronic equipment working …

Alan explains,

These guys don’t make this stuff up.  They’re given the facts of the plan and they write stories around them, which fascinate young people.  Everyone is fascinated, when they’re young, in science-fiction.  It’s predictive programming so that when it actually comes into being in your lifetime, because it’s familiar to you, you accept it without question, as a normal progression.

Marketing is one of the biggest tools they must use in conjunction with television and all advertising.  All the time.

Secrecy is necessary for their places to keep progressing.  Most of it hidden from the public’s view or couched in acceptable terms like “security” or “safety.” Hidden from view also is the essence of the occult.

We also have secrecy, under the guise of national security, on advanced technologies, therefore the public is never told – never ever told -what they actually have, until 50-80 years later.  Then it’s obsolete, in fact, when the public get to use it.  The public believes everything in science magazines.

Then there is the CIA, Mossad, MI6 level, where they have advanced gadgetry.  In the 1950’s Nick Begich has shown us they had, the CIA had technology, which could put direct voice to skull information right into the middle of your head, from line of sight, and you could put the gadget into your pocket!

The whole flying saucer scenario covered up the government making the darn things, by getting the media to go into action, and even fronting groups to start up the whole alien thing, ‘Well, it must be from aliens, because we don’t have them.’

That’s what Francis Bacon, and Machiavelli, and other advisors to kings and queens, talked about.  It’s best not to let the public know the real purpose behind laws, and institutions, and movements.  As I say, you don’t want to frighten the children, and that’s how we’re looked upon.

There are too many children, according to them, and we don’t have a function any more and we might get unruly in fact, if we don’t get enough bread and circuses, like what Mr. Huxley talked about. They plan to deal with it all, as they bring the world down.

If we aren’t entertained or distracted enough, we might get wise to their plans and fight back against their schemes upon us.

… We are going into the horror show, not all happy smiling faces.  We are going into economic depressions.  Our whole life is to be regulated.  All energy resources have been taken from our hands completely.  Shortly, it will be banned, to try and heat yourself to live and survive in a winter …

They control energy and they control food and therefore control the people.

The UN says we must be trained, must train the public to cut back and back and back, and as they’re training us to cut back, the cost of electricity and all power vastly increase.  The global plantation is under way.  The food resources of the world are out of the public’s hands in most countries.  What’s left for the public is modified by scientists who worked in secret agreements with governments – that’s admitted now.

The precursor and the setting up of a system, which became NATO, which would link and bind and join at the hip Britain, and the United States and Canada, and eventually the rest of Europe.

Go into the writings of Karl Marx who wrote this, well it wasn’t his Communist Manifesto, he just wrote what he was told. He wrote in London, and he was sponsored by the big foundations to do so.  The richest corporations on the planet funded him to write it.  In there, he said, in the 1800’s the world they’d bring into being would consist of three main trading blocks; a united Europe, the united Americas and a Pacific rim area, all with provincial governments.

Provinces, you see, under a super world government.

If you think it’s still all coincidence – go back to dreamland, follow rainbows, you might find a leprechaun at the end of it with a pot of gold – have an outer-body experience, play with your chakras, wish it all better, as we used to tell the children when children skin their knees.  “Why don’t you wish it all better? Close your eyes and wish it all better.”  The whole New Age phenomena, has disarmed the minds of millions.

The circuses, and the sports, have disarmed most of the rest.

Making evil look beautiful … we are fooled and deceived.


*CAFTA, Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement

NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement

TPP, Transpacific Trade Partnership

GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

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Stephen P. Brancier
Stephen P. Brancier
7 months ago

Excellent article, well researched & composed. I have missed Part 1, I’ll find study it also.