The Confusion of Panic

The Confusion of Panic

Do you know what is going on today? Have you heard that we are all about to die?!

Yeah, that one scared me too. “We only have 12 years left!” AOC blasted through her blowhorn to crowds of Climate Change Activists.

“We expect over 2 million deaths in this pandemic.” The World Health Organization and “respected scientists and doctors” told us so! Even though China had not allowed inspectors near the suspected ground-zero until “it” was too late.

RIOTS” in the streets, the mainstream media told us after, in my opinion, the murder of George Floyd, a black man, who was killed by a white policeman.

Are you scared yet? If not, why not?

How about those right-wing 2A folks being way out on their lawn when they had the audacity to protect themselves and property. Wait, what? Yes, those criminals Mr. and Mrs. McClusky were indicted for brandishing their weapons.

The McCluskys were confronted in their gated community that protester/rioters had broken into and were threatening the private community.

In this case, the Missouri State Attorney General dropped all charges against the McCluskys.

I’m not sure if this is our legacy or just in-your-face lunacy.

Setting fires, destroying properties and lives, in the “name” of a murdered man. They don’t even know who he was, and many don’t remember his name.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

In the misty fog of the twilight zone, we had the Killer Hornets. They were going to kill all the honey bees, causing the failure of farm crops. However, the scientists didn’t tell us that Praying Mantis and Dragonflies are a natural enemy of the Killer Hornets. They almost got us with that tidbit of news.

DANGER – DANGER!! Don’t lose your face mask! In fact, get goggles as well. COVID-19 2.0 is coming!!!!

You must comply with the “rules,” is the new mantra of Karens and Carls nationwide.

While this is going on in our lives, how much really newsworthy information have we ingested? I think not nearly enough. Doom and gloom have gone just about too far and people are seeing it.

People are scared, then the MSM says look at this or that way, creating more confusion, more fear, more deception, more control.

In light of the MSM’s reports, are you aware of the Chinese/India border hot war for water resources in the Himalaya mountains? There have been several soldiers on both sides killed. This is still ongoing as both countries claim the disputed borderlines.

At the same time, India fights for its border, China had taken aim at Australia. In a move to try to control Australia’s desire to have an investigation of the source of the COVID-19 virus stopped, China ceased imports beef as well as 80% of its trade of barley and other grains. Soon after this incident, India and Australia signed a defense agreement.

Some may ask what a dispute on the India/China border matters in these days of the pandemic. All I can say is that both India and China are Nuclear powers, posing a far more catastropohic threat.

Then there is that little dispute between China and Russia over control of the port in Vladivostok, Russia, a major gas and oil transport hub in the Northern Pacific Ocean. To add insult to injury, China and Russia are having border disputes in the region west of where the Indian and Chinese forces have been clashing.

Here is another piece of the news most of which is going unreported. In China the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydro-electric dam in the world, has been breached, killing hundreds and destroying thousands of homes and businesses as torrents of flooding waters surge over the land. Water was released to relieve stress on the structure of the dam while Chinese workers work feverishly to build dikes and levees to try to control its path away from larger cities. As of the latest information, the Chinese had to use explosives to blast additional parts of the dam allowing more water to escape, relieving the pressure on the structure.

Experts say that if the Three Gorges Dam fails, the areas that will be flooded may end up with a death toll over a million people. In addition to the deaths in China, the floods would also impact world supply lines and trade. Estimates are that Wuhan Port will have to be closed. The port in Shanghai would also be affected. These two ports are active supply lines for 30% of all the world’s trade. Disruption of these kinds of trade numbers if or when they happen will be far worse than the fear-mongering we are being fed.

Information is a good thing, but when information is not given fully and completely understood, we end up wearing a mask and now goggles/blinders. Fear and control have become normal.

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2 months ago

Most excellent article ! The #fakenews media consciously and knowingly omits facts as much as they manufacture them ! Its all about CONTROL !!!