The Debate That Wasn’t

The Debate That Wasn’t

Posted by Honey on October 16, 2020 in America at the Brink, Election 2020

There was supposed to be a debate but the debate commission rudely, without consulting Trump, made a public announcement instead that since the President had Covid, they would have a virtual debate instead of an in person one.

Trump said, thanks but no thanks. We all suspected Biden would have prompters and it could never equal the excitement and immediacy of a live debate. Trump said, “You can’t run a campaign from your basement, and how can you be a president if you can’t come out? We could have safely distanced ourselves.”

So since I can’t cover the debate, how about if we have a review instead.

Let’s remember what happened.

The moderator asked Trump for the umpteenth time, “Will you state here that you condemn white supremacists?” Trump tried to answer but was interrupted before he could get twenty words out.

“Why do you not set an example and wear masks? Most scientists assert that if everyone wore masks, we could save thousands of lives.”

Trump tried to answer, but again was interrupted. And before he got the chance to elaborate about what a president has to do greeting people carrying out the duties of his office, another interruption from the moderator. Trump was trying to explain but the moderator was angry that he was not answering the question.

“You evade this question every time Mr. President. How about a direct answer now? Will you allow a peaceful transfer of power?”

But again no sooner did the President try to get out his answer, than he was interrupted. “You are avoiding the question again, sir. A simple yes or no will do.” If Trump interrupted to try to make his points, the moderator chided him for being rude.

The questions came one after the other allowing more time for the questions than for his answers. “You knew Covid was bad. Why didn’t you act sooner and do a better job?”
“Why when you knew it was so serious did you tell Woodward that you were calm? Why do you keep saying we are turning a corner?” Trump was now getting red faced and impatient. I don’t know how kept his cool. I would want to lash out. You can see he was irritated, but he tried to be reasonable and answer. It almost seemed as if the moderator didn’t want his answers as much as getting gotcha questions in instead.

In the meantime an unexpected Biden showed up who made sense. Yes there was some stammering, and misspeaking, but he spoke in long phrases getting ideas off as he took on the softball questions with, it seemed, help from the moderator, and certainly fewer interruptions.

Biden was never asked about his son’s strange arrangements with China or Ukraine, making money for no experience and the implications of that.

When asked a tax question, Biden showed he did not understand how taxation works. He bragged about his plans but never acknowledged that Obama and he had terrible growth and Trump had broken all records for most Americans’ benefit.

Neither moderator brought up violence in the cities. When the repetitious white supremacy question came up, Trump tried to stress Anti fa and Black Lives Matter are leftists who are destroying cities run by Democrat mayors. In exasperation Trump asked, “Why don’t you ask Biden about those leftists and their violence?” it is true, no one ever asked Biden challenging questions about the chaos.

Nobody brought up the lawlessness of the Deep State actors.

Biden asserted how Trump has a disastrous foreign policy. Neither moderator challenged him.

If Trump wanted to talk about his good record again he was rebuked and interrupted.

But wait. What is this? Who is this moderating? It is not Chris Wallace. It is not Susan Page. This is someone else. Am I in a dream?

Everything seems so identical to what happened in the last two debates.

But, no it is not the last two debates that I am describing now.

Here is what this is.

Biden used the venue in Philadelphia where the debate was originally to be held and Stephanopolis was to be the moderator. Biden came out of his basement after all, but instead of having to deal with Trump in the flesh, his Town Hall was just him and a few audience members and the moderator.

So Trump made a deal on another network for a one hour Town Hall at the same time.

And oh, how the left media scolded Trump for pulling this dirty trick.

I decided to watch Trump and record Biden.

Everything I described above which sounded so familiar from the last two debates, the interruptions of Trump and the exact same stupid questions we heard before, they were all from this Town Hall. Savannah Guthrie, the moderator this time seemed like she was in a contest to see if she could be more obnoxious than Wallace, more condescending and biased than Susan Page. And you know what? I think she got the prize.

Guthrie started out high strung and went higher. Her voice became louder and shriller, her interruptions every fifteen words to say “but, but” were more irritating with each moment that passed. She seemed on the way to a nervous breakdown because she couldn’t flummox Trump.

He was polite, serious and humorless, but he kept making his points. She was trying not to let him finish any answer, but Trump recognized this game from the previous moderators and he kept getting his record in. I thought Guthrie was going to go nuts.

Any time someone in the audience asked a question, not one soft ball, all jabs and putting Trump down, if Trump tried to answer, Guthrie interrupted. As with Wallace, Trump was debating two hostile people at the same time continually.

With all the interruptions and rudeness to Trump, when the commentators analyzed Trump’s effort afterward, one said, “I was struck by how defensive Trump seemed.” Ya think?

And it was short, almost abrupt. only one hour.

What a waste of time. If we come out of this election in one piece, never again should our side allow ourselves to be subjected to this.

In the meantime what was going on on the other channel?

Biden looked terrible. pasty white, old and unappealing. However, what is it with this man? We see examples every week of his incoherence, and incapacity, his inability to finish a sentence that makes sense.

But at the debates, he shows up.

And where Trump on NBC was not permitted to finish any thought the whole time, Biden was indulged and allowed to give endless, rambling answers. I timed one. It was a full seven minutes long without one interruption.

To his credit Stephanopolis did ask Biden a few follow up questions to challenge him. But if Biden’s response went into incoherence or bragged about plans he has, he was not told to clarify, or asked why didn’t he and Obama do any of that when they had the reins.

Biden bragged about Moodys’ assertng that his plans would make Americans much richer than Trump’s which “only gave money to the richest corporations” and stuff like that.
I looked up Moodys. Most of its donors are Democrats.

Is Moodys a reliable source? Do you believe that the left wing plans of Biden’s economics would make most Americans richer than Trump’s? I believe that about as much as I believe that Biden is ahead by double digits.

Biden explained his crime legislation when he was Vice President in enormous detail. I don’t know if there is truth in what he said. It was hard to concentrate. He really is boring to listen to.

Police? There should be social workers or psychiatrists available to go out on police calls with them because sometimes you are dealing with mentally ill people. Oy.

No mention of the illegalities of Biden’s family on the ABC 90 minute Town Hall.

But endless minutes of complaints from the moderator about Trump’s tax returns, his handling of the virus, and lots else.

Biden did compliment Trump on the new deals with Israel and Arab countries, but used it as a reason to go on a rant about how terrible Trump’s management of foreign affairs is and how we are not safer in Trump’s America.

The moderator did not mention the violence in Democrat run cities.

He did not credit Trump with the defeat of Isis, two major terrorists killed, or any other of Trump’s good achievements.

Would you feel safer in Biden’s America or in Trump’s? You’d have to be brain dead to choose Biden’s.

When pressed Biden said that he is not in favor of packing the courts but he will wait and see how the hearings for Judge Barrett are handled, whatever that means. And he promised to give us an answer after he sees how that goes whether he will be packing the court or not. “Before the election?” “Yes.”

Biden put down Trump for saying it is the states who must make decisions for themselves about when to open. “It’s not my responsibility,” Biden quoted Trump. But if Trump lorded it over the states about closing down or whatever else, the left would criticize him for being a tyrant.

And suddenly Biden was advocating for the opening up of America.

Does he ever stand for one idea? Yes fracking. No fracking. I will close the country down if told to. No, closing down was a bad idea of Trump’s.

Biden was full of plans, most sounding suspiciously like what Trump has already done even as Biden was now criticizing Trump for doing them. Schools should be open. He says this as if it is Trump’s fault that they are not.

Biden then gave a time line of how much better prepared he was than Trump and how much earlier he had given suggestions that were ignored because Trump was too late to react. Give me a break. Do you believe any of this? Do Americans? “Trump knew how serious the virus was early on and he did nothing. He missed so many opportunities to use industry to make what we needed here sooner.” Do you remember Biden telling anyone about using private industry or the military, asking them to retool in January?

And the best, “I would have kept all Chinese in China earlier.”


That would be the same guy who criticized Trump as a xenophobe and a racist when the President stopped Chinese from coming here.

Not one word about the Marx Sisters, Bernie, Kamala! Not one word about socialism. Suddenly here we have moderate Joe.

Final thought – Biden, coherent, able to construct long paragraphs, and respected and uninterrupted and unchallenged still was not as effective as the interrupted, red faced, frustrated Trump because Trump’s substance we have evidence for, and Biden’s promises we have no reason to believe are possible to fulfill.

~~Many thanks to Honey and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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