The Deeper the Swamp the Worse It Smells

The Deeper the Swamp the Worse It Smells

I have personally seen the utter contempt the Deep State has for taxpaying Americans and I’ve witnessed, albeit on a small scale, the monumental criminality of our officials (elected, appointed and otherwise) in laundering and receiving massive kickbacks from federal contracts.

The District of Columbia is surrounded by an 8-lane divided concrete beltway. As you drive around, you will note every few miles another large office complex. All are filled with lobbyists (beltway bandits) representing the many thousands of companies doing business with the Federal Government. Then, there are the many embassies and consulates, one for every country, equally staffed with spies and commercial attachés (actually lobbyists) meeting daily with officials and congressional staff etc., doing exactly the same whilst funneling huge piles of American taxpayer bucks back to the DC criminal political class. Actually, the overseas interests set up and fund cleverly hidden accounts protecting our elected criminals from public scrutiny. Special debit cards on numbered offshore accounts to make cash withdrawals are a favorite.

I think I once mentioned that (so the “story” goes) none of the SN’s (serial numbers) on the billion-plus dollars of cold cash notes (dollars and Euros) stacked on the pallets Obama used to bribe Iran were ever recorded. Supposedly, the order for unmarked bills came from “on high.” I leave it to you dear reader to decide who “on high” might have been. Of course, you can also ask Sherlock Homes’ special question, “cui bono” – –Who Benefits? That might provide a clue, ya think? So then, naturally, Iran had agreed in advance to kick-back plenty on that deal but, to whom exactly and how to do that whilst avoiding exposure and public outcry? Easy!

The “story” (like all “stories” reads better with a dash of salt) is that, a few weeks after the pay-off to the men lusting after camels whilst wearing towels on their pointed heads, a large suitcase stuffed with cash was mysteriously deposited in a bank in Cyprus where the numbered account holder, quietly, over some months, bought Netflix stock. Then later, again, most certainly with absolutely no connection between the money and the job, Netflix, out of the blue you know, offered the Obamas, of course, with a large advance, a position on their board.

Obama, like his partner-in-crime’s son Hunter’s position in the oil and gas business, had absolutely no experience in the film industry, so naturally he immediately accepted the money and the job. Soon after, he buys a $13 million waterfront estate in Martha’s Vineyard where, surrounded by the world’s richest people, he spends his days ordering about the demented one handling his third term! Pretty neat deal, wouldn’t you say?

It’s my finding that DC is awash in unbelievable corruption and always has been. In Vietnam, I learned that the factory cost of a .50 cal bullet was about 15 1965 cents. They were sold to the feds for 45 cents and 20 cents on each bullet was paid to various scoundrels in Congress and the DOD for the entire 12 years. That adds up to huge pile of cash. Add to it the kickbacks on all the tanks, aircraft, helmets, uniforms, boots, helicopters and bombs, and everyone gets filthy rich!! Of course, 58,000 young Americas get dead and more wounded but, what the hell, that’s just the price of making elected officials wealthy, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, America has laws against corruption but sadly, there are a thousand ways around them and, in any case, today those only apply to Republicans.

Currently, the crazed woke zealots running the insane demoRAT party are fixated on sending Gestapo thugs to harass, arrest and intimidate parents for objecting to their Marxist, twisted woke school boards whilst smashing into private homes with armed SWAT brutes confiscating private property and terrifying citizens because we object to their theft of the blatantly rigged 2020 election.  Also, I think on one raid they were after Biden’s daughter’s diary where she wrote that as a small girl, her pedo-father forced her to take showers with him whilst performing perverted sex acts! I can just imagine!!!

The crazed lefties appointed a special committee (JAN 6th) made up of America hating congressional house Marxists to conduct insane witch hunts for patriots who dared to trespass into their sacred, venerated, disgusting halls of evil. They’ve illegally imprisoned American citizens for many months in a filthy, dark and diseased DC prison where they are being physically tortured, abused and not allowed family visitations. They are being held for simple trespass for months with no bail. These lefty swine (mostly elected by rigged machines) are ignoring the burning, looting and murder on our streets by their vicious allies in crime, the BLM and Antifa goons while attacking, invading, jailing and persecuting American taxpayers and citizens. Speaking of a real reason for real insurrection and some serious pay-back — if this ain’t it — what the hell is?

Meanwhile, the Biden bunch are printing trillions in increasingly worthless money to destroy our energy sector, our economy and our currency, planning on reducing us all to abject ruin whilst flooding our red states with millions of diseased dross pouring across our open borders bringing waves of crime, drugs and disease. Welcome to $10 gas and $1000.00 food bills. Welcome to hell!

Call me a little negative on DC but, I believe that city is today truly the greatest enemy of our Republic, our freedoms and our people — far more so than China or Russia.

Robert J. Firth is an airline pilot with 42 years of experience flying aircraft worldwide. Robert lived and worked many countries throughout his career, including 3 years in Vietnam, 5 in Africa and 12 in Europe and Russia as well as in Taiwan and HKK. Learn more here:

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