The Moretti Connections Part II: Biggest Story of the Year? Widespread Sex Abuse Cover-ups & Covert Operations

The Moretti Connections Part II: Biggest Story of the Year? Widespread Sex Abuse Cover-ups & Covert Operations

May 13, 2020 – The arrest of J. Scott Moretti, for forcible sodomy of a child, has uncovered a potentially massive scandal. The story of one family and their web of connections to diplomatic missions and security, the CIA, the Vatican, the Kennedy assassination and the Mafia.

We start by reprising Part I of the report introducing the characters of this shady story:

Part I

In part I of this series we looked at J. Scott Moretti and outlined where we believe this story leads to, all the way to some of the highest echelons of power.

As you can see, there were many connections that we discovered. Since publishing Part I, more information has come to light, providing more details about this seemingly powerful yet ghost-like family.  Here, we proceed to unfold more of this report:

Part II

Part II of this series looks at some information we have been able to piece together. It is not easy to track this family. There appears to be a theme in the family of working as “fixers,” people who can grease wheels, open doors, and cover things up. The father, John Moretti was a founding member of the “SIGNA Society,” a secret society for not-so-retired members of the CIA. I believe this organization was used as a network, for contracting out covert operations. Was the CIA using the Moretti family and the diplomatic security service as cover for intelligence activities and covert operations?

A look at some of the photos from the Diplomatic Service Historical Photos archive:

They deal with Embassies around the world, and provide security for world leaders visiting, or when U.S. officials are traveling overseas.

J. Scott Moretti and John Kerry 2014

You can see how close J. Scott Moretti and John Kerry were.

John Kerry & J. Scott Moretti in 2013

This is another photo from the historical archives showing J. Scott Moretti and John Kerry traveling together in 2013. Keep in mind, Moretti is alleged to have been sodomizing a child between the years of 2011-2013 so this would have been during that time.

J. Scott Moretti and John Kerry in Israel, 2013

This is yet another image showing just how close Kerry and Moretti are. Traveling around the world together, and this is around the same time investigations into child sexual abuse at the State Department are being shut down (2012).

John Kerry and J. Scott Moretti in Tokyo, Japan 2013

Here you can see J. Scott Moretti accompanying John Kerry to Tokyo, Japan in 2013.

J. Scott Moretti at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya 2011

Here you can see Mr. Moretti up on a scaffold at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya back in 2011 “installing security equipment,” yet less than a year later he would be the one to tell Ambassador Christopher Stevens that no one was coming to help him during the Benghazi attack.

J. Scott Moretti and John Kerry

J. Scott Moretti and John Kerry

The Father

Now that we have briefly introduced the family, let’s talk about the father, John Moretti. He is essentially a ghost. From what I could piece together from his obituary, he was a founder of the CIA secret society “SIGNA.”

The fact that this man created THE CIA SECRET SOCIETY but yet is not a household name, underscores how secretive the agency is. Sputnik News wrote an article about the organization after a FOIA request from Muckrock exposed the society.

This article described how these agents were able to “assist the agency” while claiming to no longer work for it, and how “former” agents were able to use it to network, and presumably cash in on the opportunities presented along the way.

The Brother: Father Mark Moretti

This is where things begin to get very interesting. Mark Moretti, son of John and brother to J. Scott (arrested for pedophilia) began as a diplomatic security service agent, then purportedly had a “change of heart” to pursue the priesthood of the Catholic Church.

Mark Moretti before becoming a Catholic Priest

This was the only picture of him I could find, from his days in the diplomatic security service.

He is mentioned in the Stratfor e-mails, released by Wikileaks. In the e-mail discussion, Fred Burton revealed that Mark Mortetti has connections at the Vatican.

VIP security and Diplomatic Immunity, huh.

Mark Moretti has Vatican connections and had worked as a private body guard for individuals like Alexander Haig. His father may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination and his brother is an alleged pedophile. We have learned that Mark Moretti has been involved in Catholic Church sexual abuse cover-ups.

This article from Wilkes-Barre Times Leader entitled With His Blessing? Timlin Knew About Dozens of Abuse Allegations describes the many cases of sexual abuse over a 20-year period that were covered up.

Of the 59 Scranton Diocese priests identified among 301 child-abusing clergy across Pennsylvania by a state grand jury report released last week, records show Bishop Emeritus James Timlin had knowledge of more than two dozen cases before and during his nearly 20-year tenure.

The allegations of abuse are shocking enough in themselves, including rape, sexual assault, underage drinking and an abortion. How they were handled — or in many cases suppressed — by church leaders over decades was a central focus of the investigation.

In the Scranton Diocese, Timlin is the leader whose name stands out in many cases cited by the grand jury.

It was Timlin’s name cited by a visibly disturbed Attorney General Josh Shapiro during a press conference last week, as the AG read a letter of support Timlin wrote to a priest accused of raping and impregnating a girl and helping her obtain an abortion. …

… She advised that Brague had engaged in sexual relations with her 17 year-old sister, who became pregnant.

Timlin responded to the letter by stating that as soon as the matter was brought to his attention, Brague was removed from office, the report states.

‘Timlin noted that it was better to say as little as possible about the circumstances surrounding his removal rather than cause greater scandal through undue publicity,’ the report adds.

In the letter he further noted that, ‘Father Brague and your sister have a long, difficult road ahead… What has happened is their responsibility and certainly Father Brague will take care of his obligations.’

The victim gave birth in April 1989.

On Aug. 25, 1989, Timlin sent a letter to Rev. John Nevins, Bishop of Venice, Fla., advising that Brague would no longer be able to exercise his priesthood in the Diocese of Scranton due to circumstances that had been discussed with Father Moretti. Timlin wrote that he wholeheartedly approved of Brague exercising his priesthood in Venice and highly recommended Brague.

On Jan. 19, 1990, Brague was appointed Parochial Vicar of St. Ann’s church in Naples, Fla. – Times Leader

Father Moretti has been mentioned among many who help the Vatican and diocese cover these kinds of cases up, as we will see in the subsequent reports in this series.

Part III will look at the Chicago Mafia and Vatican connection. The Vatican has its own diplomatic status, did you know? Does this provide them with diplomatic immunity? These are the kinds of questions that must be asked and answered in the face of such a disturbing case.

Please stay tuned for Part III. 

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