“The New Nationalists” RTE Primetime Hit Piece on Irish Nationalism

June 26, 2020 – As we get closer to the coming elections, the global corporate media has once again sprung into action to attack the powerless and vulnerable. While constantly bemoaning what they call “systemic racism” and “white supremacy,” we observe a worldwide deference being paid to racist Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter.

Politicians the world over cower in fear at the utterance of the smear: racist, bigot, homophobic. Political correctness has been turned into a tool of communist oppression. Governments throughout the western world have engaged in absurd “imperial wars of aggression” destabilizing large swaths of the Middle East and Latin America.

The very people responsible for creating the migrant crisis, then blame this destabilization on citizens who never voted for these wars. They turn their failures back onto the citizen: how dare you not take the blame for the migrant crisis we caused, and then have your own communities terrorized as some form of sick  “penance” for a crime you did not commit? 

The fact of the matter is, never before has the world seen such a vast movement of peoples. This migrant crisis is reaching a tipping point in western societies as some of these “migrants” are not fleeing oppression at all. They are mercenaries, men of fighting age, being implanted into our communities. They create grooming gangs that drug and rape young western girls. Police, too scared to be called “racist,” do nothing to help these girls. Rotherham, anyone?

We have seen young migrant girls routinely and brutally abused inside these “refugee camps” where they create a nation within a nation. Host nations graciously spend their tax dollars and offer their own land to assist these migrants settle in, but they refuse to integrate into the society who offered them asylum.

We all saw the women being attacked and sexually assaulted by hoards of “migrant men” in Cologne, Germany during New Year’s celebrations in recent years. The media provides cover for these criminals, and spineless politicians pave their way. They have created “hate speech” laws in Europe to criminalize discussing the ongoing attacks and colonization that has been occurring.

The Primetime report from Ireland’s National Broadcaster, RTE, appears to be designed to dehumanize and demonize the Nationalist position, while praising the so-called “migrants.”

The use of selective editing and framing is evident within the first several minutes of the segment.

They mention the 2020 elections right away, and it becomes clear as you watch, they have a deep concern that the Nationalist party is becoming more popular.

RTE uses terms like “far right” and “right wing” without any kind of definition or explanation of how they came to this conclusion.

The “journalist” conducting the interview apparently seemed to think a four-year-old Facebook post characterizing the rapists as “brutal animals” might appear “racist” is a more important focus than the lives of children being raped and brutalized by these “migrants.”

I believe bringing up the “great replacement” theory was an attempt to smear the reputations of these people and, in the minds of the general public, connect them to the New Zealand shooter. This is shameful. For those not aware, Christ Church shooter Brenton Tarrant mentioned the “great replacement” theory, or “GR theory” in his “manifesto.” Since then, any mention of GR theory is associated with a terrorist. It bears noting that even though Tarrant admitted he was not even a Nationalist, he claimed his favorite model of government was Communist China.

Interviewing two individuals who do NOT represent the majority of the migrants is unfair, and was clearly done to try to paint the Irish Nationalists in the worst possible light. They failed to highlight even one case of mugging and beatings, or child rape victim.

This type of media hit job exposes the real agenda of the ruling class so-called journalists. It isn’t about speaking truth; it is about parroting the party line. The mainstream media is used by the political elites as a battering ram against citizens who engage in “wrong think.”

Open borders policies do not help so-called “refugees” and “migrants” when the system is being abused. The migrant crisis has been turned into a billion-dollar annual business, with the migrants treated like slaves.

A For-Profit System

Most people are unaware of just how bad the migrant crisis has become. These home countries of the migrants were purposely destabilized to create a slave market. This has become as profitable as human trafficking, because that is exactly what it is.

According to Inside Over, western NGOs are making a major profit off this system:

‘Since two years ago, here in Chios, we slept with the door open. Nothing happened, because we know everyone. Today however almost everyone has alarm or insurance on their house: we are scared of what we can’t see and what we can’t control. In the last few months we have suffered violence and theft carried out by refugees who have not fled from any war. The island of Chios was a beautiful place to live or spend a holiday. Not anymore. This cruel game between Turkey and Europe has transformed our island into a filtering system for migrants and refugees.’ This is not the voice of a mayor, an assessor or a politician: these words come from ordinary people, the couple Nanà and Giorgios Agios who live in the Old Town of Chios.

Every morning they open the shutters to let the light enter into the bedroom and to help them wake up. But the new day does not bring a smile to their faces: they say ‘Kaliméra’ to the guards of the refugee camp of ‘Souda’ which is right below their house, in the heart of the archaeological and monuments area of the city, where around 1,200 refugees live. The shelter is a very long line of containers from Unhcr that are hung in an area of about 6 kilometres squared leading into the harbour behind, where other tents and make-shift camps meet the pebbles and the water of the Aegean.

A few months ago in Sino it was difficult to discern unhappiness in the words of the Greeks. The huge refugee crisis back in 2015 displaced the entire Hellenic community, but feelings of help and support for the others had prevailed over the rest. Today however the situation could not be more different: in Greece and on the north eastern Aegean islands a confused and schizophrenic narrative seems to have taken place, caused by inconsistencies, a tale marked by intolerance, cultural isolation and xenophobia, and on the other side local community and single individuals who are taking responsibility in helping and supporting refugees alongside the NGOs. ‘I’ve never had problems in filling my room. We are family run, little is enough. Today however I put on the fire to prepare the place where I cook the fish only when I see customers come into the restaurant.’ From the island of Lesbo Irene Filautis speaks of when her husband assisted the refugees who arrived on the banks of Agrilia Kratigou ‘with his own hands’, just a few kilometers south of Mytilene. While she complains about her situation, from her phone she shows the pictures of building blocks occupied by refugees and of the occasional dumpster that has been set on fire in the public park of the city. – Inside Over

With NGOs all standing to make such a profit, we should be having a conversation about how they may want to keep the gravy train going.

The Guardian published an article entitled Migrants Are More Profitable than Drugs: How the Mafia Infiltrated Italy’s Asylum System that describes organized crime involvement in these camps:

The oldest of six children, Joy (not her real name) told me she had left her family in a small village in Edo state in Nigeria at the age of 15, and gone to work for a wealthy woman who owned a beauty salon in Benin City. She had since come to suspect that her parents had sold her to raise money for their younger children. ‘They probably had no choice,’ she said as she looked down the road toward the thick citrus groves that hid the coming traffic.

There were six other girls who worked for the woman, whom Joy said they called their maman, meaning ‘mother’. When Joy turned 16, she went through a ceremony that bound her to the mamanby a curse: if she disobeyed the maman, her family would die. A few weeks later, she was told she was moving to Italy, where she would work for her maman’s sister. She believed she would be working in a hair salon. She was given €45 (£40) and a phone number to call once she got to Italy – but no name, no address, and no documents.

Joy’s new life would turn out to be nothing like what she had expected. Instead of working for a hairdresser, she fell into the trap set by traffickers who lure women into slavery and prostitution. More than 80% of women brought to Europe from Nigeria are unknowingly ‘sponsored’ by sex traffickers who have paid for their journey, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The rest will have paid the smugglers to get them to Europe, but once they get there, will be unlikely to escape the sex-trafficking rings. – The Guardian

Stories like this are all too common. These voices are NEVER amplified by the mainstream media, who fail to mention these potential conflicts of interest. This migrant crisis is a far more complex issue than RTE Primetime presents to their audience. The fundamental lack of information provided about the financial incentives and profit motive is deeply disappointing, begging the question: Was it deliberately deceptive?  In conclusion, while I think that this was a hit-job on the Irish Nationalists, it simultaneously exposed the Media and politicians who strongly promote this agenda.

Here are a few more links to recommended reading, and a link to the full video.

  1. How Private Companies are Exploiting the Refugee Crisis for Profit by the Independent.
  2. Widespread Torture and Rape Documented in Libya’s Refugee Camps by DW.

Here is a link to the full RTE Primetime episode.

~~We have contacted RTE with questions posed in this story. As of publication time, RTE has not responded. -Ed.

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