The Orwellian Version of Network “Townhalls”

The Orwellian Version of Network “Townhalls”

Posted by Maggie on October 16, 2020 in From the Editors

By now, anybody with half-a-brain recognizes what is going on with the MSM and now the social media companies.

Last night was supposed to be the second of three presidential debates. However, President Trump’s COVID situation was taken into consideration as possibly hindering a debate between the two candidates, but he has reportedly tested negative since his medical care and recuperation. And then  the president refused to take part in a Zoom-hosted debate because it could not be trusted that Joe Biden would not have some electronic and/or in-person advantage in his basement location. Trump also recognized the chosen debate ‘moderator’ for this second planned debate had serious bias issues … and he was right …

James Crump: C-SPAN debate moderator Steve Scully suspended after he lied about being hacked over Trump tweet

Brian Flood, Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Trump mocks Steve Scully after ex-debate moderator gets suspended for lying about Twitter hack: ‘I said he would not be appropriate because of conflicts. I was right,’ Trump tweeted

And so, the night instead had dueling network “townhalls,” Biden on an ABC with Clinton and Democrat toady and softball-pitcher George Stephanopoulos, and President Trump on NBC with Orwell’s 1984 interrogator “O’Brien,” Savannah Guthrie. One was a Spanish Inquisition, and the other was a sleepy cocktail party without the ice clinking in glasses sound effects. Stephie-boy looked to be handling the lunch menu for assisted living resident Joe, while Guthrie never STFU. How bad was she? I’m hearing she asked 43 questions (I call it nearly 50 ‘questions’ when you add her incessant pressing after he answered her f***ing question) all prefaced with her own false premises/narratives, including forcing POTUS to answer the asinine query of do you condemn “white supremacy” (which brings his repeated answer a very vocal “YES” to a tally of about two dozen times now since being president) compared to the townhall audience’s roughly 10 questions they were permitted to ask the president …

Ryan Saavedra: Savannah Guthrie Blasted For Hostile Behavior Toward Trump During Town Hall

VIDEO: The Hill media reporter Joe Concha: ABC townhall was ‘amiable’, NBC townhall was ‘antagonistic’

Twitchy: OMG she won’t shut UP! Mollie Hemingway live-tweeting NBC Trump Town Hall makes Savannah Guthrie look even MORE laughable

VIDEO: Byron York: President Trump’s NBC town hall was ‘very very adversarial’

The idea that what happened on NBC last night was a “townhall” is ludicrous. Ahead of that primetime event NBC staff and the network’s celebrity segment collectively wet and shat their diapers that the network would even have the President of the United States on and give him even a second to talk. So, gutless Guthrie decided to hijack what was supposed to be a “townhall” and mutate it into her own little self-serving debate, nay, heckling. America, let that sink in.

USA Today: Savannah Guthrie, George Stephanopoulos draw praise, hate after Trump-Biden town halls

Natalie Winters: 73% Of Biden’s ‘Townhall’ Questions Were From Democrats… Only 20% Of Trump’s Were From Republicans

The elitist MSM class is exposed more and more each day…

Don’t bother trying to understand it. They are one huge collective hive of worker bees who do not do or say anything even remotely cognitively independent or honest. They will go willingly into the “State-run media complex” should Biden-Harris and Co. take over our republic. Don’t doubt me.

There is nothing, absolutely not a single damn thing, that is sane about anything Joe Biden believes and then allows to drop down, like some moldy gumball, from his decayed brain to his lazy tongue. God Almighty PLEASE do not punish our nation with this lunatic and those evil communists pulling his marionette strings…

As to TV ratings for the townhalls, seriously, give then less than zero credence (as much as you do the “polls”). I am hearing Rush Limbaugh reporting on people complaining about local NBC affiliate stations having “issues” in the first roughly 15 minutes of their broadcast feed (ratings are generally based on that opening segment of time, by the way), and some not even carrying it with people not realizing they could go to NBC’s cable arm MSNBC to watch the Trump event. Also, Rush is saying a leftist mission order went out for Biden supporters and leftist sh*theads in general to tune into the ABC Biden townhall on every electronic device they had, multiple TVs in the residence, computers (on multiple windows/tabs) and all iDevices, cell phones, Tik Tok, etc.. Even in this the damn left/dems can’t play it straight.

Steven Nelson: TikTok effort to manipulate Biden town hall YouTube ratings fails to beat Trump

Michael Lee: Early voting data in battleground states shows Trump outpacing national polls giving Biden an edge

Also, Trump supporters may have chosen to witness “lid”-off Biden’s next bunch of unintelligible gaffes and/or if Stephie would even bother asking Joe about the Hunter dust-up (or if townhall attendees would). But safe to say, I would bet money that ABC put a strict ‘lid’ on anyone bringing it up to “the Boss” last night. Others say they chose to just tune into Tucker Carlson’s program last night.

VIDEO: Sean Hannity: Trump NBC town hall turned into ‘political debate’ – Breaking down the president’s NBC town hall moderated by ‘Today’ host Savannah Guthrie


Tyler Olson: Biden’s ABC town hall questioners include former Obama speechwriter, wife of former Pennsylvania Dem candidate: Former Obama-Biden administration speechwriter among questioners at ABC town hall

Twitchy: Paging Donna Brazile? Joe Biden’s ABC Town Hall questioners were HARDLY unbiased or spontaneous (Obama connection, really?!)

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