The Problem of Reddit: Hiring & Protecting Pedophiles & Their Enablers

The Problem of Reddit: Hiring & Protecting Pedophiles & Their Enablers

March 29, 2021 – Recently a scandal has embroiled online platform Reddit. Following several bizarre and disturbing administrative decisions that Reddit made which protect a pedophile supporter, many subreddits went private in protest. Reddit had hired a transwomen and former political candidate Aimee Challenor as a paid administrator, despite her past support for her pedophile father. Her father was convicted of horrifically raping and torturing a 10-year-old girl.

According to the Metro UK, David Challenor raped the child while Aimee was still living with him:

These chilling images show the torture den attic where a twisted pervert held a young girl captive while playing out his sadomasochistic fantasies.

David Challenor, 50, was jailed this week for 22 years after being convicted of subjecting the youngster to an horrific campaign of abuse.

Warwick Crown Court heard the he had a fetish for dressing up as a small girl in adult-sized baby dresses and nappies.

He even took trophy photographs of the abuse carried out on the 10-year-old girl which included attaching clips to give her electric shocks and putting pegs on her body.

Police searched his property in Coventry and found bondage gear including sex aids, gaffer tape, dummies, a stun gun, candles and a bondage kit.

Yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service released photographs of the loft where he carried out his depraved acts at the home he shared with his wife.

In one photo, a red dress can be seen on a coat hanger in the cluttered attic while another shows ropes and chains hanging from the beams.

Others show a tool box filled with whips, ropes, candles and lotions.

Challenor accused the girl of being a a liar and a fantasist when he was arrested- but officers found the gruesome attic kitted out just as she had described.

He pleaded not guilty to charges including false imprisonment, rape, gross indecency, assault by penetration, indecent assault and assault causing her actual bodily harm.

Challenor also denied taking indecent images of her, making indecent images of children by downloading them, and possessing prohibited images.

But after nine hours at the end of an 11-day trial the jury at Warwick Crown Court unanimously found him guilty of all but one of the charges of taking indecent images.

Sentencing on Monday, Recorder Nicholas Syfret QC said: ‘It is hard to comprehend how you could behave with such depravity.

‘The harm done by you to her is hard to overestimate.’

Prosecutor Andrew Wallace said most of the charges related to the ordeal to which Challenor subjected one girl, who lived in the Stoke area of Coventry at the time.

He said Challenor had ‘various sexual fetishes and fantasies’ including dressing up as a small girl himself.

Pretending to be a little girl called Lucy, when the victim was at his home he took her to the attic where he asked her ‘to do things to him’ including performing oral sex. – The Metro UK

How is it possible while living in the same house, that Aimee was unaware of the horrific abuse that was taking place in the attic? There is no sound proofing in the images I have seen, so how could Aimee not have heard the child’s screams and cries?

According to journalist Jen Mills:

Many users claim that Ms Challenor showed poor judgment and is not the right person for the role, as in 2017 she had appointed her father as a campaign manager in politics for the Green Party after he had been charged with raping a 10-year-old girl at the home they shared some of the time. David Challenor was found guilty at Warwick Crown Court of ‘depraved’ crimes, including dressing as a baby and tying the girl to a beam, before whipping her and giving her electric shocks.

Ms Challenor, who was running for deputy leader of the the party in 2017, was suspended over this issue while the party investigated. She then resigned, accusing the Greens of transphobia. In 2019 after joining the Liberal Democrats she was suspended by this party too after her fiancé’s social media account tweeted: ‘I fantasise about children having sex, sometimes with adults, sometimes with other children, sometimes kidnapped and forced into bad situations.’ Follow-up tweets in the same thread on Nathaniel Knight’s account clarified that these were not things he wanted to do ‘in real life’. Ms Challenor claimed at the time that his account had been hacked, and said both she and her partner condemned the messages expressed. After being suspended by the Greens she said she was horrified and saddened by her father’s crimes, but had only become aware of the full extent of them just before he was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in jail.

The issue became the subject of public debate when a moderator posted a news article from the Spectator in a popular subforum covering UK politics which named her in passing – and was then banned by the site (after criticism of the decision, the user was reinstated). Concerned by the ban, moderators set r/ukpolitics to private last night to protect users while they worked out why the action had been taken. They said in a post explaining: ‘It later became apparent that Reddit has hired this individual as a Reddit admin, and were banning people from discussing her past to protect their employee from harassment.’

They asked people not to name her at all, ask any questions about why, to discuss the issue or risk being banned. – Jen Mills, The Metro UK

As you can see, Reddit appears to seek protection for Challenor, despite “her” being a public figure and a prior political candidate having been mentioned in national news articles. This also bring to mind a very important question, how did Reddit miss these red flags when they chose to hire Challenor? Did they not see the article that described her being fired from the Green Party for hiring her father AFTER was convicted of being a child rapist?

Challenor uses accusations of “transphobia” to shut down any criticism of “her” seeming support for and enabling of two sexual perverts, “her” father and husband.

This is where Reddit really has some explaining to do. If we are extremely charitable and say they didn’t know about her background before they hired her, clearly they were altered to it quickly when people started posting about it on their platform. They choose to delete those posts, and PROTECT “her”!

Reddit has claimed this individual no longer is employed by them, but apparently that was another lie. Can Reddit ever be trusted again?

This is one of the most concerning allegations so far. We know Reddit allowed subs called “jailbait” that promoted pedophile content. Was Reddit paying Challenor to protect this kind of content?

Why hasn’t Reddit been hauled before Congress to talk about why they are hosting this content?

This shows another example of Reddit employing sexual perverts, who are allowed to traumatize women in groups for feminists and potentially rape victims, essentially revictimizing them.

At this point this appears to be a pattern of abusive behavior at Reddit, condoned at the highest level of the company.

Here is a thread by Down Eldritch, detailing the scandal.

There is no proof that the account was hacked, and there is evidence Challenor’s husband writes sexual fanfiction on the internet.

There we have it. This is a documented pattern of protecting and allowing sexual predators on the platform, giving them a megaphone to spew their horrific and sick delusions.

Ready to Glare has done a video breaking down all of this material, called The Dark Side of Reddit.

Aimee knew her husband was a sexual pervert and pedophile when “she” chose to marry him.

This thread goes into great detail documenting how Aimee had to have known that her father was raping a 10-year-old, because pictures were found of Aimee with the child.

Aimee clearly did not care about her father’s crimes, as she still decided to bring him on her staff.

This should be self-explanatory.

I guess if you want to be a predator, all you have to do is claim to be “trans,” “gay” or some other amorphous minority and cry persecution, and then you can get away with anything.

Evidently, Aimee is friends with a whole slew of sexual deviants.

This is so disgusting.

So Reddit will go to extreme lengths to ban “Q” but this kind of horrific trash is promoted and protected on the platform.

This is so sick.

I really encourage you to read the rest of the thread, which you can find here.

Among the more disturbing aspects to this story is that Aimee was given a coveted “blue check” by Twitter, another internet platform that has major problems with pedophilia promotion and enabling.

The Gliner Update has written a very well documented article about Aimee published to his Substack, that I recommend you read.

Finally, I recommend this YouTube video, as the creator was able to find some really compelling evidence that Reddit was knowingly protecting this person, and erasing any kind of mention of “her,” all to protect sexual deviancy on the platform. Based on what we have learned about Aimee’s associates running over 80 subreddits, this is highly disturbing.

Researching for this article made me feel sick. It is not easy to write about these topics, especially if you have been abused or know others who have. It makes me so angry that such a powerful platform is protecting these kinds of people.

Without the backlash coming from other subreddits who went private in protest, and the media attention that generated, I don’t think Reddit would have done anything about this.

Absent any irrefutable proof that Aimee no longer is employed as an admin or any other position at Reddit, at this point I would say boycott Reddit until they make some major changes at the platform. They never address this sort of issue on their own initiative, they always have to be FORCED to do so. This shows they are operating in bad faith.

If you want to create and operate a forum like a subreddit, please use 8Kun instead. There is no reason to drive internet traffic to a place like Reddit. Please stop supporting platforms that enable pedophiles and protect them.

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