The Reason Trump Enrages You

The Reason Trump Enrages You

(A message between friends, one who watches CNN.)

I received an editorial from Tom a friend of mine which I wanted to share with you. ~ Michel Vezina

Story By Tom Saint-Louis

Re: feeling sickened by Trump. He is a target rich environment for revulsion after Obama. Obama had the greatest demeanor in the history of demeanors. And maybe Trump’s is the worst.

Whoopie Goldberg, as I remind you, is so “effing” tired of hearing that all Mexicans are rapists. And not a single person ever said it. Only she said it over and over in her head and she’s so tired of it. She’s tired of Trump saying it but only Whoopie said it after mishearing and then mischaracterizing Trump. Multiply that by tens of millions of people.

The Whoopie scale is the degree to which you hold others accountable for your hallucination. So yeah, Trump’s disgusting. Got it.

Can you say, “Okay he’s disgusting but sex trafficking is an unspeakably horrific feature of modern life and if it’s being addressed like never before (in US, in Saudi Arabia, in North Korea) that’s a good thing”? Can ya say it?

Without Trump, Weinstein would not have gone down. Nor Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Epstein, NXIVM, Backpages, and many thousands of pedophilia arrests, freeing countless sex trafficked victims, mostly women and children.  So, on the demeanour side not so good, but this I’ll take.

Can you say that? Can you acknowledge that this is a uniquely “Trumpian” effort and it was not undertaken by previous administrations? Can the moral weight of that land for you?

Did you catch how ISIS went down? They had a huge caliphate, with imprisoned women raped on an industrial scale. They were dismantled in record time. Notwithstanding what’s his name’s demeanor issues, how did they do it?

Did you see the battle of Fallujah? Were you watching? At Fallujah the dirtbags expected to be able to booby trap their strong hold so as to be impregnable and also to guarantee a lot of showy civilian and children deaths, a favorite tactic. How did the military go from such doofuses to such geniuses in record time?

Try saying, “Trump knows a hell of a lot more than me, he is vastly more skilled and accomplished, has access to better information than I will never have, and is at least ten times smarter.” That would be a healing moment, coming to truth. Would your ego object to trying out that statement while holding eye contact with yourself before the mirror?

Did you know that Trump has let a lot of the bruthus out of life terms? Guys thrown away under the three strikes and you’re out legislation put forward by Bill and Hillary to respond to the Super Predators who had to be “brought to heel.”

Okay, Trump’s a jerk and whatever  But this is pure magnificence. The hopelessness and despair and injustice of a life sentence over a third relatively minor offense—a person corroding day and night in the corridors of hell … horrible injustice finally righted by … who?

Say it. Who is freeing the bruthuhs? Say it out loud. To think Harvey Weinstein and the owner of Backpage would be in jail. Whoever made that happen, follow him or her. That’s a person of outstanding, transformational merit.

If we are living in a time when finally this issue can be addressed, then let’s not get too hung up on the stuff the voters have already assessed. Obama Zoomery/Trump Hate, what’s it all about?

The Zoomery was that he was immaculate and unquestionable. Just accept that his competence and knowledge and decency are unsurpassed and you’ll get a golden ladle of racial redemption. I never took the deal. To me he was no better than he was and I did not require a ladle.

Two things killed the myth. Many actually, but these two stick out. First, the $787 Billion to create shovel-ready jobs, then a bitter joke a year later that there are no shovel ready jobs.

That was historical incompetence. He said he was going to do something big and he did not do it. He acted like he knew something, how things work, what it would take to make a massively desirable result happen, and he did not know how and the result did not happen. And that was a huge sum of money so millions of Americans surged into the public square yelling “stop spending!”

“He is the total opposite of what we were sold so let’s stop pretending now,” is what that was.

Some are still fighting to stay zoomed because the truth sucks like it never has sucked before.

And second, the billion dollar website. Never in the history of incompetence … a tower of waste and conceit and delusion. Who could throw a billion at a website and it does not work? Only one person. In the whole history of incompetence only one person hit that impossible height.

Literally, you would have to have a lot of totally zoomed zombies for such a person to have access to so much power. And not be immediately bounced. But don’t worry he’s going to jut his chin in certain ways and it will be beautifully photographed and reported rapturously.

Obama is the incompetent radical and Trump is radically competent—and it burns. And yes Trump trolls endlessly. His demeanor is also for a reason.

But remember who this is for. The deplorables are thrilled. They are getting what they asked for. Because policy. Effective tax policy. Massive deregulation. Money pours back in from overseas as promised chasing good ideas because conditions are conducive. Meaning Trump has the knowledge and skill to make a bold promise and keep it, demeanor concerns notwithstanding.

Compare and contrast with throwing almost a trillion into a hole and then joking about it when the intended result does not happen.
Consider, perhaps for the first time, Trump’s basic MO as a real estate developer. Cleanse your mind and consider anew. “I will build a huge building here at the epicenter of the centre of the universe. I know many will oppose me. But it WILL happen and it will happen ahead of schedule and under budget.”

He announces all that, welcoming opposition—goading them to try and stop him—again. Knowing he will negotiate and maneuver and get to where he needs to be. Again and again.

Who could be that good? Only one person. And that one person had to be stupendously good to pull it off again and again given the immediate and frenzied opposition his demeanor invariably triggered upon announcing each new project. Hmm … wonder if that’s the plan?

Could anyone really be that good? If they were, maybe they could win the presidency without consultants and very little money.

Nobody could be that good, but if anybody was ever that good—and that’s amazingly good, when you consider the average politician and all the polling and message massaging. Imagine how good someone would have to be to pull that off … winning the presidency through their own strategy and observation.

It beggars the imagination, frankly, when you consider how much processing and polishing goes into making all other candidates. But one man simply runs his self and wins. With the whole media against him and half his own party. What are the talents and smarts of that man? They must be immense. And he’s so good he manipulates people into thinking he’s dumb.

Can you imagine how dumb those people must be? Because they are not. They are mentally dismantled, and acting dumb because they have no choice.

What about China? Who else could have had the audacity to renegotiate the trade deal as he did. Were you watching? On CNN?

Oh well, then you have no idea what happened unfortunately, by design, but hey, maybe you caught an observation or two between the smears. What Trump did was out China China. First person ever to do it as far as I know. They always play the “We have all the time in the world” game. No rush. Let’s go look at some more historical sites, drink more oolong and chat about our 100 year plan.

Trump got them begging to come back to the table. Who ever would have the balls and the clarity and the skill to pull that off? Who could be that good?
Only one person.

And it’s the COMPETENCE that burns because Obama was the opposite.
That’s what the burn is. The competence of Trump vs. the you know what about Obama.

I was more than ready to hate Trump …..but I watched. What did I see? I saw what happened which was not reported in the media.

What do mind control victims believe? Whatever CNN tells them to believe. It’s the dangdest thing.

Did you believe Dr. Ford?

If yes, do you realize that means you are a mind control victim? If they can make you believe something so transparently, farcically fake, then they can make you believe literally anything.

And they do!

Did you believe Hillary was going to win? Then why did you not fire the liars who made you believe something so obviously false? Why did you go from one lie to the next lie to the next lie?

Did you believe Trump was a Russian Spy? Or that he “colluded” with Russia? I could prove to you three ways that Trump kicked Vlad’s ass around the block before the whole world, but CNN didn’t tell you that so maybe it can’t exist for you. If you believe that Trump colluded with Russia, you may be a mind control victim.

I’m suggesting it’s your moral responsibility to look at policy and its effects and not just harangue endlessly about demeanor issues, especially since the last guy was the ultimate flopperoonie in the history of flopperoonies and so demeanor cannot really mean that much. ‘Flopperoonie’ in that his legacy, the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ was sold on a lie. The biggest lie in the history of lies, if not Obama himself. “You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. Period.”

There’s no escaping that lie. It’s central to Obama’s legacy. In fact there is no Obama legacy without that lie and it was a PLANNED lie. Go listen to Jonathan Gruber effusing about how the voters are too stupid so we just have to zoom the rubes. Hold my beer says the Zoomer in Chief.

So now let’s consider effective policy put forth by a skilled and knowledgable leader.

Consider a million manufacturing jobs came back that the non-knowledgable and non-skilled Obama assured us all could not happen. And he asked, “How’s he gonna’ do that?” Trump said exactly how he was going to do it and then he did it.

Were you watching? You saw a trillion disappearing because of bad policy and then you saw a trillion reappearing because of good policy. Which is better, good policy or bad policy? What’s better—a policy which costs a trillion and does not meet its objectives or a policy that costs nothing and brings a trillion dollars back from offshore?

Did you observe Trump’s deregulation push? Have you ever seen such a virtuoso display of executive skill? You would have to independently assess a task with an awareness of the dynamics of the task. It takes thought.

Have you observed or thought of any of this? Did you see the North American Free Trade deal being fixed? Did you have any notion of how hard the well-connected lads from the right families worked on that deal for years. Trump fixed it up right and proper in a few months while doing nineteen other things while 17 enemies were trying to take him down.

They didn’t have a chance, frankly. They were surrounded and outnumbered no matter how many there were. And duh, Trump is clean as a whistle. It’s staring you in the face but you can’t bring yourself to contemplate it.

Trump’s competency on a scale of 1 to 10, considering normal pols in the normal range of smarts … he’s well into double digits where Clinton as an executive was a solid 8.

CNN is not covering this stuff, the what’s really happening stuff. They have told you hundreds of lies about Trump and you may choose to believe them.

I’m saying think of the children and women being released from sex slavery and be happy somebody competent and decent is driving it. Because otherwise it would not be happening.

Thank the Disgusting One. For saving more women and children than any previous president. And remember that your perfect one did nothing.

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Ashley Garuste
Ashley Garuste
10 months ago

This is the essay of all essays. Perfectly stated points of facts, or rather, a triple shot of espresso to waken the sleeping sheeple. Bravo! Brilliant!

10 months ago

Amen! God Bless Trump, God Bless America! God Bless you for telling it like it truely is!