The Trump Era ... Let's Reconsider Where We Are Now

The Trump Era … Let’s Reconsider Where We Are Now

The sense of anticipation for the next phase of the restoration of our Constitutional Republic has been at a high level for months. After the crashing disappointment of the stolen election, it has now ratcheted up to levels that could cause hives. Let’s review what we are dead certain is true and see what we can piece to it that makes some sense going forward.

Drain the Swamp! There’s never there been a simpler slogan to define the most dangerous, complicated and critical operation imaginable. So we sometimes forget just how multi-layered, all-encompassing and detailed this “Drain the Swamp” movement must be. Add to that the complexity of the worldwide aspects and implications.

Thanks to never-say-die researchers, we have been able to see quite a lot. We most certainly did NOT see Trump seeming to leave the stage. Learning to live with that while figuring out what comes next has caused a lot of angst among a most of us conservatives. Very few have been able to take a deep breath and reconnoiter among all the details which we know for certain.

So, with that in mind, let’s look for a moment at one man’s research, thinking and observations. If you don’t know of Thomas Wictor, he was an active and very effective tweeter until he got zapped. He came back with a pseudonym (Carlos Osweda) only to trigger Jack’s minions yet again. He’s also had a channel of short videos for a while. He’s brilliant, eccentric and knows about stuff you and I wouldn’t even guess at. He’s a guy who can examine a photo of a scene of mayhem, as an example, and create a Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) that will distinguish bullet holes in a shot-up vehicle as incoming or outgoing. He knows stuff. Currently he posts on social media about various investigations he’s run to ground and explains the only conclusions that makes sense to his very rational critical thinking.

To use the metaphor we’ve grown to appreciate, are we watching a movie? A pretty solid case can be made that there is some sort of playacting going on. As Wictor has pointed out more than once, the list of things going on in Washington DC are NOT NORMAL. Wictor has also researched 40-plus years of Trump and agrees with Trump’s own assessment … “a very stable genius.”

Tackling the ‘not normal’ first, let’s look at Trump first, where there are several obvious questions and/or clues. In early January he was said to be preparing for a smooth transition to HIS second administration. Wictor points out that “a president’s second TERM is his time in office. A president’s second ADMINISTRATION is the personnel. That’s why he didn’t say the ‘Biden administration’ in his statement” that followed the travesty of January 5. And remember, Trump himself said “… our incredible journey is only just beginning.

This audience believes without fail that the election was stolen and that Trump relayed the truth: “We caught them all.” What we don’t know precisely is how and when will the truth be told. There are clues to be examined, but most of us haven’t drawn them out. Wictor was caught up sharp with the obvious truth that the Biden administration had not been briefed about the Space Force. Witness the psadly lacking Psaki smirking when being forced to focus on our newest military service group. Space Force has cyber warfare capabilities. Think of that! The true capabilities of Space Force are SECRET and the Biden gang hasn’t been briefed!?!?

At this juncture, we need to look more closely at our favorite POTUS and the unique experience and knowledge he brought to the position. For example, Wictor has learned that young Trump at the NY Military Academy learned to speak Russian. And, did you know that he has been acquainted with the Saudi royal family since the ‘80s?

Interesting to be sure, but as Wictor points out, information of that sort has been “buried to hide his abilities. We saw with our own eyes that he understands and certainly speaks Korean. He reacts before the interpretation. TWICE.” See this remarkable clip about which we have heard nothing. Further, from Wictor: “The genius of Trump is that he does things nobody ever expects” and “It’s not that you’re dumb. It’s that Trump does things to make people forget his moves. He’s mastered the art of war.”

With that perspective, we move quickly past the (faux?) inauguration to the other quiet or unnoticed moves by a relatively silent Trump, an almost invisible Pence, the always mysterious Ezra A. Cohen and others of the trusted Trump team. The former VP and his wife have moved to Virginia and set up offices there and nobody noticed. Trump has gone to ground … where? There is no apparent temporary flight restriction (TFR) over Mar a Lago according to our planefags. Hmmm. And as Wictor points out over and over … NO LEAKS.

Revisiting the January 6 Capitol Building incursion, it’s been clear to all of us and over time to the American public at large, that Antifa and others infiltrated the crowd of peaceful Trump supporters who were there simply to be heard. Nevertheless, the media and the Left have saturated all their outlets condemning the MAGA/Trump movement as domestic terrorists. So the burning question to be asked is, where are the arrests for domestic terrorism? Referring to an investigative report by former U.S. Navy intel officer J. E. Dyer, Wictor supplies an answer to her query. Here’s Dyer’s question:

I’ve seen nothing to indicate that ‘thousands of well-coordinated, well-equipped violent criminals’ have been apprehended – or, just as important, that they are even being sought, as such. Why not? How is that possible?

Wictor answers in no uncertain terms:

BECAUSE THE ARMED FORCES ARE DEALING WITH THEM. They were allowed to leave so they could be tracked. This is WAR. Those are ‘unlawful combatants,’ also called ‘unprivileged combatants.’ Not subject to the rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Troops in the crowd slapped transponders on them. OR. Sprayed them with nano-trackers. We know that foreign unlawful combatants have been working with BLM.

Trump on a few occasions referenced responding to the call from Minneapolis for help by sending in troops and the riots stopped in ONE NIGHT in more than one city. He later characterized the operation as “it takes about an hour.” Wictor reports that later  “the Minneapolis cops simply found all the cars loaded with weapons and incendiary devices.

Those “troops in the crowd” at the Capitol had intel identifying WHO were bad guys and who decidedly were not. We can surmise that the bad guys had long since been infiltrated by dedicated operators charged with keeping us safe from those waging war against us, whether domestic or foreign-influenced. Wictor is always prompt to declare that his estimations of what he’s examining are his opinions based on his own research and judgment after broader critical thinking. Isn’t that what we all strive to do?

So, the searing questions remain. How the hell are we going to weather a Biden gang? How can we restore confidence in our courts? What about all the state legislatures now under Soros influence? Why haven’t the proven bad guys been prosecuted? What’s up with all the investigations purportedly in the works, some for almost four years? How do we possibly overcome all the corruption that we’re seeing spectacularly unfolding with every Executive Order and proposed congressional bill?

Patriots with great heart are staying the course, but paying a heavy price in low spirits, unable to see the way forward. We’ve had a peek at some of the elements involved, but as mentioned, Swamp Draining is very complicated. There’s good reason for keeping the pistons, gears and sparkplugs under wraps. This is War. We all agree with that. What we must understand is that this is Clandestine War.

Most of us have imagined that the tenet that the Military is the only way to sort this mess out would mean at the very least operations we would see in the streets, Martial Law, troops operating here at home. Easy conclusion to draw. But if you want to be truly successful and not scare all the bad guys underground, you operate with a very deft hand.

Operational Security = “Loose Lips Sinks Ships” from WWII required an entire population to keep their knowledge private. When you consider that one was either in uniform or in a war-effort-supporting industry, it’s amazing that more operations weren’t scuttled or botched because someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

This is what we do know from open sources, and I’ll credit Wictor again for pointing these conditions out for us. Bear in mind that for the first time in a long time, we have a very alert, aware and better informed American public, an estimation that includes those of us who are REALLY awake!

In order for the sort of operations we know are required, there must be a Legal Authority to act and a functioning Military Capability to execute. Operationally, there must be airtight OpSec.

Legal Authority: PEADsPresidential Emergency Action Documents – According to Wictor “…are classified ‘secret,’ and no PEAD has ever been declassified or leaked.”

Although the law requires the executive branch to report even the most sensitive covert military and intelligence operations to at least some members of Congress, there is no such disclosure requirement for PEADs, and no evidence that the documents have ever been shared with relevant congressional committees.

Operational Capability: As we have seen, Space Force is up and running, all aspects of it, cyber, SpecOps, etc., coordination among services, etc. Fully trained and operational, capable of working in very small groups and integrated with air assets.

So, a stable genius, working with true Patriots in the Military and civic areas of our government, have by all lawful means proceeded to prepare the battlefield for this Clandestine War. We will likely not see much of this, but we were told that, weren’t we?

Am I going on too long to say nothing we don’t already know? I’m trying hard to keep it to 2000 words, but I do not want to lose any context. Without context, it doesn’t jell. And remember, as Wictor says:

… the fact that Space Force hasn’t briefed the Biden administration tells you everything you need to know. Space Force would’ve been crucial to getting the TRUE vote count. And with the true vote count, Trump defeated the election theft.

DEFEATED, not WILL DEFEAT. I’m 100 percent sure I’m right. BUT REMEMBER:

This is all guesswork. I could be wrong, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m stating FACTS.

I’m telling you my OPINION. Nothing more.

Wictor is good at asking questions:

Why is Pence across the river from DC? WHERE’S EZRA A COHEN, as he’s now known? All of SecDef Austin’s decrees don’t take place for months. Trump and Pence can disappear at will. Craploads of inexplicable things are happening.

And pointing others in the right direction:

I FOUND a foolproof way with which Trump could’ve defeated the election theft. It required the cooperation of Congress and Trump’s cabinet. I found this solution in Congress’s rules and in the US Constitution. …

And then there was this transparent ploy by the corruptocrats:

Time magazine’s Friday news (re Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election) dump was that the election WAS rigged. The plan is to admit it and move on. And the Democrats are also still terrified that Trump might have something up his sleeve. See, they’re all idiots. They have no idea what really happened. Trump GOT the real vote count, and he ACTED ON IT.

What did Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller mean when he thanked Pence for overseeing the most complex operations in the history of the US military?

And finally, there is this Newsweek article which piques one’s interest:

All of these plans are the responsibility of U.S. Northern Command (or NORTHCOM), the homeland defense military authority created after 9/11. Air Force General O’Shaughnessy is NORTHCOM’s Colorado Springs-based commander.

On February 1, [2020] Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper signed orders directing NORTHCOM to execute nationwide pandemic plans. Secretly, he signed Warning Orders (the WARNORD as it’s called) alerting NORTHCOM and a host of east coast units to “prepare to deploy” in support of potential extraordinary missions.

So, as of Feb 1, 2020, the WARNORD has been in effect. As Wictor said on Feb 17, 2021:

Here’s the relevant passage: ‘We’re in territory we’ve never been in before.’

And you can be absolutely certain that a very stable genius, a handful of Patriot Military brainiacs and brilliant civil servants have scoured and adhered to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Manual for Courts Martial as well and the U.S. Constitution to be certain to operate within all formal strictures of the Rule of Law.

And now we appreciate the significance of Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller’s emotional thank you to Vice President Mike Pence during which he cited “THE MOST COMPLEX OPERATIONS EVER CARRIED BY THE U.S. MILITARY.”

Wictor for the close:

As Miller said. PENCE OVERSAW IT ALL. And continues to oversee it. Because it ain’t over. Trump figured out a resolution that will allow the devolution staff to remain unidentified forever.

I said that Trump went through Congress and his cabinet, but I didn’t say HOW. But since Newsweek had already published all this, I figured it was time to talk about what’s actually happening. The Newsweek article is totally accurate.

They just had no idea what they were revealing.

Patriots! Let’s keep OpSec, heed Thucydides and stand for your Liberty.

And bear in mind, Joe Biden is not your president.

~~Thomas Wictor, a genuine original, can be found here:  Be aware that he expects everyone to employ critical thinking and suffers no dopey questions!

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