The Truth About Ukraine...

The Truth About Ukraine…


Five years ago, riots broke out in Kiev, Ukraine.  Molotov cocktails were thrown, mobs mobilized demanding more ‘democracy.’ The mob would move to occupy government buildings, perpetrating massive violence and eventually driving the duly elected President out of the country and into hiding. The protesters waved signs that depicted neo-Nazi imagery and glorified former Nazi collaborators. It was a violent and brutal coup. It followed a similar playbook as other so-called ‘color revolutions’ and ‘springs’ that have precipitated violent coups. Posing as organic and grass roots, assets and operatives are inserted among real innocent protesters. These assets then attempt to co-opt and steer the protests into more violent actions and demands. Then outright insurrection and takeover.

2014 Ukraine Coup

CIA, State Department Regime Change

Not only did the Obama administration embrace the 2014 coup, they had planned, funded and orchestrated it with western intelligence to expand NATO and ignite a new Cold War. They proudly proclaimed that they had financed and orchestrated the organizations participating in the so-called demonstrations at the Maiden, the public town square. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland was the one directing the coup.

Nuland paraded around the Maiden Square passing out cookies, while pretending the demonstrators were simply seeking democracy. She refused to acknowledge the openly neo-fascist gangs that had been engaged in an armed insurrection against the duly elected government. Nuland was also caught on tape speaking with the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine on who should be ‘selected’ to be the next Prime Minister of the Ukraine once the coup was completed.

Other Players

There were several wealthy Ukrainian oligarchs that helped to fund the protests. The Clinton Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation as well as owner of the Intercept, Pierre Omidyar. According to a report by

When the revolution came to Ukraine, neo-fascists played a front-center role in overthrowing the country’s president. But the real political power rests with Ukraine’s pro-western neoliberals. Political figures like Oleh Rybachuk, long a favorite of the State DepartmentDC neoconsEU, and NATO—and the right-hand man to Orange Revolution leader Viktor Yushchenko.

Last December, the Financial Times wrote that Rybachuk’s “New Citizen” NGO campaign “played a big role in getting the protest up and running.”

According to the Kyiv Post, Pierrie Omidyar’s Omidyar Network (part of the Omidyar Group which owns First Look Media and the Intercept) provided 36% of “Center UA”’s $500,000 budget in 2012— nearly $200,000. USAID provided 54% of “Center UA”’s budget for 2012. Other funders included the US government-backed National Endowment for Democracy.

In 2011, Omidyar Network gave $335,000 to “New Citizen,” one of the anti-Yanukovych “projects” managed through the Rybachuk-chaired NGO “Center UA.” At the time, Omidyar Network boasted that its investment in “New Citizen” would help “shape public policy” in Ukraine. – Pando

This is not a new strategy for the U.S. foreign policy establishment. They often outsource their dirty work to NGOs they fund and create. Sometimes there are shell companies involved or other creative ways to disguise who is really behind and funding these so-called non-profit organizations and NGOs.

Mint Press News reported that:

In 2008, Viktor Pinchuk, who made a fortune in the pipe-building business, pledged a five-year, $29-million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, a program that works to train future Ukrainian leaders “to modernize Ukraine.” The Wall Street Journal revealed the donations the fund received from foreigners abroad between 2009-2014 in their report published earlier this week.

Several alumni of the program have already graduated into the ranks of Ukraine’s parliament, while a former Clinton pollster went to work as a lobbyist for Pinchuk at the same time Clinton was working in government.

Between 2009 and 2013, the very period when Hillary Clinton was serving as US secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation appears to have received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

That places Ukraine as the leading contributor among foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation.

The Pinchuk foundation said its donations to the Clinton-family organization were designed to make Ukraine “a successful, free, modern country based on European values.” It went on to remark that if Pinchuk was hoping to lobby the US State Department about Ukraine,“this cannot be seen as anything but a good thing,” WSJ quoted it as saying.

However, critics have pointed to some disturbing aspects regarding the donations, including the coincidence of the Ukrainian crisis, which began in November 2013, and the heavy amount of cash donations being made to the Clinton Foundation on behalf of wealthy Ukrainian businessmen. – Mint Press News

After the coup had been completed successfully, the State Department gave George Soros and his organizations almost free reign over the countries’ internal politics:

A tranche of some 2500 Internal documents, mostly Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point files, as well as pdf files, from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) network of non-governmental organizations, which were obtained from the group DC Leaks, shows that Soros and his advisers lorded over US policy toward Ukraine after the 2014 coup supported by Soros and the Obama administration ousted the democratically-elected Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and his government. The leaked Soros documents describe how the OSF and Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), based at 46 Artema Street in Kiev, worked with the US State Department after the 2014 so-called “Euromaidan” themed revolution to ensure that a federalized Ukraine was not in the picture.

Wayne Madsen details the efforts for Strategic Culture Magazine. The report continues:

Soros pushed for sanctions against Russia for refusing to recognize the coup-installed government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which included neo-Nazis, and rejected a federalized Ukraine that would grant self-government to the Russian-speaking eastern Donbass region. In effect, Soros vetoed a proposal by Pyatt to negotiate a proposal made by Russian Foreign Minister that would grant autonomy to eastern Ukraine within a federalized Ukraine. Soros rejected the proposal because he believed it would grant Russia too much influence in Ukraine. Although Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland did not attend the March 21 meeting, she remained close to Pyatt and Yatsenyuk, who she affectionately called «Yats». In the end, the Obama administration rejected a federalized Ukraine and gave its full support to the unilateralism of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and his puppet master Soros.

It is the degree to which Soros provided finances, logistics, and other support to the Ukrainian coup plotters in 2012, two years before the Euromaidan uprising, that is noteworthy. OSF and its affiliates provided entire buildings, office space, computers, software, broadband Internet, videoconferencing equipment, vehicles, travel to the United States, and other material for the Euromaidan uprising. This was all done with the cooperation of the US and Swedish embassies in Kiev, USAID, the Carnegie Endowment, the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), and the Central Intelligence Agency-linked National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Investigative journalists were also sought by the Soros gang to travel to Ukraine and submit articles that had to be approved by Soros operatives before publication. – Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture 

Notice a Pattern?

Even Obama admitted that the U.S. was involved in the coup, and that it was not simply a popular uprising as the western media had portrayed it:

The Free Thought Project investigated the Ukraine Coup and they noticed an eerily similar resemblance to something that occurred in the US in 2017, the Charlottesville Setup:

In 2014, the Obama Administration stood with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis against the encroaching presence of Russian troops and sympathizers alike. The Ukrainian resistance to Russian pressure now looks eerily similar to the Neo-Nazi groups stirring up trouble in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. And according to the New York Times, the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine have been supplying nuclear rocket motors to North Korea.

Julian Assange took notice as well and tweeted two pictures, one of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi marchers on the Left, and one of the Charlottesville ones on the right, both carrying tiki-torches that look like they could have easily been the exact same ones. – Free Thought Project

You can see for yourself the creepy similarities between the two ‘faux organic’ groups:


  • Svoboda did tiki-torch marches exactly like faux alt right did in Charlottesville.
  • The red and black on Antifa’s flags represent the Nazi’s blood and soil.
  • Blood and Soil is a chant used by the Ukranian Nazi Party. “Unite the Right” was chanting blood and soil.

The article continues:

Because we have proof the FBI, ATF and other governmental entities have infiltrated such U.S.-based groups in the past, there’s plenty of reason to suspect those Virginia groups are also being led about by the nose by shadowy figures within the U.S. government.

The ugly truth is, whether we want to admit it or not, both the Neo-Nazi groups and those Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups which stood against them may be getting their funding from the same people, causing a planned clash of ideologies which resulted in further dividing the American people.

Also on Monday, The New York Times linked the Neo-Nazi led government of Ukraine to North Korea’s advances in ballistic missile technology. The Times concluded the motors being used in North Korea’s missiles have come directly from the Ukraine. – The Free Thought Project

It would appear that under the Obama administration the U.S. orchestrated a coup to install a puppet regime they could use against Russia. This group then helped facilitated the missile build up of North Korea. According to the New York Times:

North Korea’s success in testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears able to reach the United States was made possible by black-market purchases of powerful rocket engines probably from a Ukrainian factory with historical ties to Russia’s missile program, according to an expert analysis being published Monday and classified assessments by American intelligence agencies. – The New York Times

One has to wonder if this has anything to do with the Ukrainian oligarch and arms dealer Igor Pasternak who has hosted fundraisers for Adam Schiff among others.

Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, John McCain, John Kerry and Joe Biden are also connected to this Ukrainian oligarch. He also just so happened to be facilitating arms deals, the brainchild of John McCain, to ‘rebels’ aka ISIS in Syria.

The truth of the matter is, the coup that took place back in 2014 plunged Ukraine into chaos. This chaos allowed criminals to take advantage of the situation and flourish as the puppet government was then immediately used by the Obama administration and their allies in the military industrial complex to enrich themselves. George Soros used the coup as a way to cut out his competitors as he always does. The people of the Ukraine are sick of the widespread corruption and elected Zelensky to clean house. The people of America felt the same way, which was why in 2016 we voted to elect Donald Trump to drain the swamp.

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D Stubbs
2 years ago

No surprise to see Soros involved here as always. He seems to be a large (placeholder) in the NWO agenda!

2 years ago

I enjoy the way you write, it’s nice to see the breakdown of information and a presentation of evidence.