The Vatican - Synod Series Summary Part XVI

The Vatican – Synod Series Summary Part XVI

 The Vatican – Synod Series Part XVI


For Protestants, non-practicing Catholics and all God’s children who are called to Him by faith, the significance of what finally comes out of the Official Synod Report can directly affect our spiritual journey. In addition, seekers who do not consider themselves religious, are just as entitled to the whole truth. No one should be led astray, especially the ones who have yet to choose a path.

Further, there are geopolitical ramifications of an insidious Globalist Agenda that have their roots at the base of the throne of Pope Francis.* Believer or not, the effects of a turning tide headed for the Western Hemisphere, Amazon region, can imperil a free republic.

-Patriots Soapbox Daily -Media Reports: Consider the Source  – Part XV Synod, October 31, 2019

Update: Pope Francis’ Summary of Synod may be viewed, as posted by Vatican News, here.

Key Takeaways From Synod Series

Vatican Globalist Agenda of October Synod

Part I

Plans were initiated by Pope Francis I in the weeks following the beginning of his papacy. The goal of this Synod is to ensconce the left-leaning actions and proclamations of Francis.

The Francis papacy has had the effect of bringing every dissident and unfaithful cleric out into the open, feeling as though they now have license to say and do whatever they please. An Archbishop warned: ‘expect profound changes.’

The indoctrination of globalism to believers is a goal set long ago, that was slowed drastically by President Ronald Reagan, who led an evangelical surge into South and Central America. Evangelism resulted in the conversion of so many people that the imposition of leftist global Marxism was delayed. Link

Revolution In The Air

Part II

Despite cries of “heresy!”  There are several reasons to believe the outcome will be ominously, revolutionary. on-scene full report

Vatican City, October 3rd 2019 – ‘Ecology, indigenous spirituality, roles of women, environmentalism — all were brought up at today’s Holy See press conference on the eve of the Amazon Synod.’

Translation: Mother Earth, Humanism, Doctrinal upheaval, and climate change are on the Synod Agenda.  Code  for women’s ordination, a doctrinal 180 degree turn.

On clerical celibacy, General Secretary Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri said a serious look must be given to the possibility of allowing married men to minister as priests in remote regions of the Amazon.

Liberation Theology Equals …

… a paradigm shift that places Catholicism closer to a One World Religion, that is, a single religion for global consumption that doesn’t exclude pantheists, paganism or worship of a particularly troublesome fallen angel.

Stacked Deck

Francis has packed the Holy See with like-minded clerics. He has been at the helm planning this since the first weeks of his papacy.

What is Feared

… today’s press conference at the Holy See shows synod organizers doubling down, and underscores critics’ fears that this synod is being used as an instrument to push revolution in the Church.

Further, it appears the Catholic church is entwined in a web of eroded  doctrine, in the name of compromise – and the faithful are without trustworthy leadership. Dismayed and disillusioned, they have simply  left.

The Vatican Henchmen

Part III

A news conference was held for worldwide media prior to the opening of the Synod. A brave question was raised by a  journalist who, despite an unassuming demeanor, pointed out the elephant in the room. She said:

 before we proceed down the merry path here: What about all the criticism and shout-outs about heresy and apostasy present in the working document — what’s known as the Instrumentum Laboris — the guideline for the entire synod?

From High Ranks of Bishops:

The Church either proposes the authentic Jesus who is identical with the Christ of faith, or it loses the reason for being.

Running Roughshod 

“In the face of such intellectual firepower opposition, the Pope and his henchman push forward, completely unconcerned.”

Who does this remind us of? (Obama, the U.S. Congress, Nat. Sec. …)

The response — if you can call it that — from Cdl. Baldisseri to the question about powerful, vocal opposition was simply to laugh it off … He also was extremely frank about Pope Francis’ stacking the deck for his successor, the next Pope, and choosing ideological clones of himself to be cardinals.

When Francis is off the scene, the odds are that Francis II walks out on the loggia after a very few ballots.

If that happens, the Amazon Synod will seem like child’s play compared to what’s down the road.

 Mother of All Meetings

Part IV

The following is an emphatic protest against the liberation theology of Pope Francis that opens the door for homosexuality to the Church under the guise of tolerance. The scourge of abortion is contrasted to the leftist pope’s open borders worldview. The issues:

On Monday this week, homosexualist cheerleader James Martin had a private 30-minute audience with Pope Francis…

Martin has romped up and down the Church promoting sodomy, pretending he never challenges the teaching.

In truth, he spews lies that God willfully made, intentionally created, men and women to be homosexual and lesbian.

An Offensive New Sculpture

A bronze sculpture depicting 140 immigrants crammed in a boat was placed in St. Peter’s Square. There are 140 Saints atop the colonnade at Vatican Square. The piece is entitled “Angels Unaware”

“… While Bernini’s statues depict many who gave up their lives for the true faith, this work depicts a political cause dressed up as religious.”

St. Michael Snubbed

Francis unveiled the hypocritical statue in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, Sept. 29, the feast day of St. Michael.

Francis chose to ignore that glorious feast and instead focus on the celebration of  World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

Hello? Abortion?

“Globalists don’t care about the earth or creation or religion. If they did, they wouldn’t push for the murder of a billion children — and counting.”

Five Top Vatican Officials Suspended 

Part V

Scandal Pre-Synod — just as things were about to get underway. The media has been threatened: The Vatican on its website, may help explain. An investigation into the leak of the raid and the parties involved has commenced.

Vatican Raid Reported

…The Vatican’s own police, acting on directions from the Vatican’s top prosecutor—raided the offices of the Secretariat of State, the most powerful office of the Roman Curia. The raid—which the Vatican acknowledged was prompted by suspicious financial transactions—also covered the offices of the Financial Information Authority (AIF), the office created precisely to stop suspicious transactions.

 For All To See

… Five suspended officials include four men and a woman whose photos and names were published in an Italian newspaper, L’Espresso Repubblica, on October 2, 2019. The transactions in question included sales of prime properties in London owned by the Vatican, L’Espresso said.

 ‘Jesus was not Divine’

Part VII

This one concerns the divinity of Jesus Christ on Earth. Those in a position to get a straight answer from Pope Francis have not, cannot or will not put this matter to rest. The Bishops and Cardinals can’t get him to disavow the reports and confirm the deity of Jesus, the man. Burning Question

“… it is from this central issue that everything else revolves.”

Feeling Helpless

“What comes out of the synod in the form of the final report by the Pope expected early next year is what comes out, and there’s not a blessed thing authentic Catholics can do about it.”

‘No One Goes to Hell’

“The controversy last year over the Pope supposedly telling him [Scalfari] ‘human souls do not go to hell because they are just annihilated’ was kind of blown over in short order.”

Scalfari is an atheist newsman who appears to have a particularly close relationship with this Pope. It seems he is able to get a “sit-down” when cardinals and bishops cannot.


The most important point, the most direct attack on Catholic doctrine, would be this: If Jesus was just a man walking around on earth, then the Eucharist is not the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, because He instituted the Eucharist the night before He died on the cross while He was still just a man.

In fact, the entire Church collapses as a result of this.

Spokesmen for the Pope finally issued a statement saying — in words — that the Pope of Rome did not deny Our Lord’s divinity, and that he does, in fact, believe Jesus is God. Hello Francis? What about His being Lord at birth?

Amazon Synod After One Week — Part VIII


On Wednesday, Bishop Erwin Kräutler — an Austrian native and retired missionary bishop … who has faced threats against his own life because of his work in the region — spoke to the hot-button issue of the assembly: the relaxation of discipline with respect to mandatory celibacy for secular clerics, to allow for married men to be ordained … The region is drastically and chronically underserved by priests, and indigenous peoples of the Amazon are underrepresented in the hierarchical leadership of the Church.

Amazing Amazon Synod

Part IX

There is no denying the wide doctrinal split between Protestants and Catholics. Justification for the Reformation of the Church was political and spiritual. Though the motivation of some of the reformers may be suspect, the outcome of the religious philosophers’ agony, the martyrdom of reformers and Protestants and the acceptance of Holy Scripture, helped pave the way for religious freedom. All the way to the New World. 

Power of Evangelism

Thanks to the massive efforts undertaken by Evangelical Christians at the request of President Reagan in the 1980s, thousands in Latin America were converted – and diverted from paganism, pantheism, blood rituals, Sun and Earth worship. Today, the Synod is openly and warmly embracing ‘Mother Earth’ as a true deity. The infiltration of a One World Religion, if allowed to accomplish its mission, would ultimately result in eradicating Christendom on the continent. It was met with a formidable opponent: Christian Evangelism.

 Marxism had established a massive foothold in the region and was met with serious opposition. The progression to Socialism was slowed for a time. However, the influx of Nazis following World War II and their establishment of safe havens produced godless communities where Socialism was embraced. Its natural progression is the hell on Earth, Venezuela.

Mortification And Amazement

Patriots are united over the sanctity of lifeWe may differ on the best way to “drain the swamp.” But what has brought us together and is the bond that keeps us united, is our righteous anger over the murder of children in whatever form it may come. We have had our eyes opened to the horrors of Satanic ritual abuse, human trafficking, political hit jobs and the Clinton body count, fetal organ harvesting and barbaric full term/post-delivery abortions! We have recoiled at cannibalism and “Renfield’s Syndrome” vampirism along with pedophilia as a form of anti-aging and normalized sexual expression.

Church Militant’s professional theologian and seasoned journalist, Michael Voris, led a panel of indignant Catholics at Rome’s Hotel Massimo late last week and demanded the Pope’s resignation “yesterday.” Dr. Taylor Marshall report 

Amazonian Infanticide Left off Agenda

… However, [Journalist] Giuseppe Rusconi, was delighted to see the expanding coverage. It was his question about infanticide all over the world that Peruvian Cardinal Pedro Barreto went nuclear over, denying it happens and demanding proof.

Proof, comes in numerous forms: Brazilian Parliament has presented a law to ban the practice among indigenous Amazonian tribes.  

It might sound strange to Western ears that a debate is even being had about burying live children born with deformities; it is, in fact, the case.

The liberal position is that native peoples cannot be told what to do by the state, even when it comes to killing their own children, because that would be imperialistic and colonial.

The position is supported by leading South American academics, who publish papers on the issue. Dr. Rita Segat argues that very point.

Remember: the documents journalist Rusconi found on the Brazilian bishops’ website acknowledging infanticide among some indigenous tribes.  And they were wiped within 24 hours of the journalist’s inquiry. No matter, Rusconi had them archived and distributed to the press on-site.

Blessed Mother Earth

Part X

In response to Michael Matt’s editorial on a ‘groovy’ kind of Synod, linked above,“SamuelAdamsGhost” posted:

‘They’ve become missionaries of globalism and environmentalism.’ 


This sentence in the article gets to the heart of things IMO. The objective is global governance and technocracy. Carbon credits become the new made-up-outta-nothing financial currency used for control (thus the push of the man made global warming and environmental memes). Social credit scoring will be used to crush expressions of opposition to the agenda. Globalist plans have been written about for a very long time in their own white papers. One part of their plan includes the establishment of a one world religion that the globalists control. This will be some type of ‘Earth Mother’ worship – which fits in nicely with the carbon credits scheme.
At heart this ‘New World Order’ is masonic/ Luciferian. Yes, this is the battle between Good and Evil.

As for this being the brainchild of old 60s hippies – – do some research on the old ‘Counterculture’ and who actually came up with it. You will likely be very shocked to discover the super governmental hand that guided it. [This is a rebuff to the author about his negative take on hippies.]


SamAdamsGhost! Maybe he is on the Q team?

Why Is Everyone Mad at Pope Francis? Synod Part XI

Part XI

So what is all the confusion about? Why all the talk about a great divide, a “schism” on the horizon? It has even been said that the chaos and confusion are welcome. In a 2016 episode of Proclaiming the Gospel … Mike Gedron speaks from a position of having been converted from the Roman Catholic faith. Gedron examines the doctrinal reasons for confusion about Pope Francis I. This is the very heart of controversy. The Amazon Synod, still in session, has produced chaos over doctrine, pagan idol worship, abandonment of Catholic liturgy and liberalization of its principals.

Pope Francis has been one of the most controversial popes in modern history. He has caused outrage even among Roman Catholics when he shares his opinions about homosexuality, divorce, abortion, capitalism, climate change and atheists.

His critique of Francis’ and the Catholic church goes beyond long established doctrinal aberrations. He makes a statement at the heart of the division between Catholics and Protestants.

The two most important truths are the supreme authority of Jesus Christ and the all-sufficiency of the Holy Scripture.

 An Old Italian Message: Pachamama Sleeps With The Fishes

Part XII

As this odd bit of news broke in the wee hours, a first reaction was,  “Great! They’ve seen the light. They are showing the Amazon contingency and all the Mother Earther Globalists just who’s boss!” So much for lucidity, believing this was an official act. As points of view began rolling in, it was apparent that the Vatican considers this an act of vandalism and theft. A panel of spokespersons condemned the sacking of the statues. A woman translator on the panel said they could have been Mary or even Mother Earth. That makes more sense in keeping with the tone of the Synod.

During opening ceremonies, at least two of the Pachamamas graced the gardens of the Vatican. The carvings depict a nude woman in a kneeling position. Have a look at them as they are perched on the Ponte Sant’ Angelo bridge rail here at around 35 seconds. Splash!

A young Orthodox Catholic from Austria has come forward and identified himself as one-half of the two-man team who flew in just for the purpose of discarding the Pachamama idols from the Church of Santa Maria in Traspotina. See full interview with the devout young man who did the deed here.

Godfather 3.1 Another Vatican Bank Scandal Synod XIII


Francis I was believed to be a leader who could clean things up around the Vatican, including the decades-old troubled Vatican Bank.

But the pope’s reform project was stymied at every turn by seasoned Vatican bureaucrats with more ­influence and support than the group tasked with reforming their bureaucracy. A powerful Vatican official, Archbishop Giovanni Becciu, unilaterally canceled the planned audit in April 2016. The next year, the Vatican’s auditor-general was forced out, allegedly after he discovered financial improprieties on the part of his superiors.

The Holy See’s history of policing itself is very poor. As they circle the wagons, frame the honest whistleblowers, the insular tradition continues.

God’s Rottweiler Benedict XVI Synod Series Part XIV

Part XIV

Once known as ‘God’s Rottweiler,’ Benedict was not embraced by Catholics worldwide during his eight-year pontificate. But he won admiration among those who respected the depth of his academic work and his conviction that church teachings shouldn’t bend with the times.

Indeed, many disgruntled Catholics still consider Benedict “their Pope”. Is this not the embodiment of a living schism?

Media Reports : Consider the Source – Synod Part XV

Part XV

The final analysis of the Amazon Synod is coming in. Reports and summaries from Catholic and secular media sources are plentiful. Challenges facing journalists from the Catholic press are accuracy and completion. As with secular media, the Catholic media is quite divided in its ideology and reporting style. They have networks that fall unquestionably at the feet of Pope Francis I. They skew leftist and rubber-stamp his every jaw-dropping declaration. They are imposters who know nothing of faith matters.

There are sources, “Trad Cats” * (traditional Catholics), who go directly to Vatican City, embed themselves in Rome, and report Francis’ latest affront to doctrine. Other Trad-Cats not only embed and report with requisite consternation but actually DO something to call out The Vatican. These sources have demonstrated they are not only practitioners of their Faith, but warriors for their truth. Part XV of Patriots’ Soapbox series’ sources are Church Militant Transcript/ Vortex Video Oct. 30, 2019

Author’s Note:

The commentary in Patriots’ Soapbox Synod Series has come from a Protestant Evangelical perspective. Every effort has been made to respect the dignity of the Catholic Church, its doctrine, and the gravity of its plight. It is not only theirs to bear. ~~Lynne Wolfe

Feature Image: The Last Judgment, Jesus Christ Panel

Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgment”[1536-1541] is considered one of the most significant religious artistic achievements in history. The mural is on the wall behind the altar of the Sistine Chapel, and just down from the glorious ceiling, also by Michelangelo which he had completed 20 years prior, permanently damaging his eyesight and his spine.

The central figure, Jesus Christ is depicted as a very powerful judge of mankind. His mother is deferential. They are both pictured in a bright aura of citrine illumination as he waves his right hand like a conductor of an orchestra. There are some 400 souls depicted encircling the Christ, some going to glory and the others to damnation. There faces tell their fate.

Gawky and muddy as they scream and scramble. Almost caricatures of all that is negative in the human condition. If you concentrate on the scene, you can almost hear the screams of pain, the noise of the souls rushing to their own destinies and the deafening trumpets that announce the end times.

Only in the center, does the scene seem suspended in an unreal silence.

Saints and martyrs all turn toward Christ as they await the final verdict to be pronounced. Even the Madonna is timid and resigned at his side. 

Some of the Blessed kiss and hug each other in relief. Angels almost threateningly carry the Cross as a symbol of the Passion.

Christ is bathed in a blinding light, but nevertheless both the Damned and the Blessed can’t help looking towards him …

Romans 14:11 It is written:  “As I live, says the LORD, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.”

The Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God. There are great works of art which were inspired by that Word, for the purpose of teaching it in a mostly illiterate world. The artist, brought the Word to life in his sculpture and his paintings. He also left a part of himself in The Last Judgment. You must type the full link below in YouTube to view the five-minute 3D tour and documentary.

See Sistine Chapel: Last Judgment by Michelangelo – 3D virtual tour & documentary

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