The War That Didn't End All Wars

The War That Didn’t End All Wars

World War Three is now ~~

Today our world is afire. Humanity’s very existence hangs in the balance. Billions this time, not millions are arrayed against human freedom and dark war clouds build on a not-so-distant horizon. We have been here twice before but this may our last. It’s well we examine the first and perhaps gain insight to prevent what’s too likely coming.

Let me take you, dear reader, back about four generations to a time when joy turned to tears, when demonic forces were set free and death stalked the land. It is all too easy today, looking back those 107 years to 1914, to assume that German defeat was inevitable at the hands of an Allied coalition richer in manpower, weapons and money. Pay attention. Only one’s knowledge of history can prevent its worst repeating.

We recognize that Germany had a far superior war machine and very nearly captured Paris in 1914. They crushed Serbia and Romania and bled the French Army until it mutinied. The German soldiers had driven Russia out of the war and then came frighteningly close to victory on the Western Front in 1918. One should never underestimate the power of Imperial Germany. Until the Armistice was finally signed in a French railway carriage on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, none of Germany’s enemies did.

Today, the American election was stolen in what was and is clearly the single greatest crime in world history. Crazed, loony, whacko-freaks, a tiny minority together with a billion Chinese communists, globalists, the lying media and big tech, conspired to commit high treason and rig our election. China, released a phony virus and our leftist media began screaming “pandemic” to terrify the gullible. Then comes the vaccine designed to kill billions. This is a quiet war, no brutal bullets or bombastic cannon, just a tiny needle — of course with similar, if somewhat delayed, results.

The German surrender on November 11, 1918 was the product of the events of 1918 but, by New Year’s Day of 1917, an Allied victory in Europe was still far from certain. The Americans had, at last, entered the war. The primary events leading to the United States getting were the “Zimmerman Telegram” and Germany’s stupid announced intention to resume unrestricted submarine warfare against American vessels.

American sentiment had, in any case, favored the Allies against the Schnauzers (pejorative term for Germans) and their pals for some time. Russia, however, beaten by the Germans and overtaken by whacko socialist revolutionaries, had pulled out. The threat of strikes, or worse still, a workers’ revolution, plagued the Allied governments. The French soldiers were far beyond sick of the conflict. Many French officers were, in fact, shot by their own men when trying to order insane attacks which could only result in more senseless deaths.

By 1917, across the entire European continent, all support for the endless, mindless and senseless slaughter had slipped to its lowest level. The soldiers, except a few pompous, semi-inbred assholes in the high command (there are no other kind) along with 99% of the public were sick to God of the endless and pointless casualty lists, food shortages and empty promises of victories that never materialized.

Italy, a relative newcomer to the Allied cause, suffered a costly defeat at the Battle of Caporetto seriously damaging their enthusiasm for war. Sections of the French Army devastated by the butchery at Verdun, were also largely useless because of widespread mutiny and desertions. Many in the highest levels knew this, a result of the leak of  ‘secret’ papers describing the losses at Caporetto, but no French soldier or newspaper ever knew.

The Allies remained superficially confident (public posturing) that they could secure victory with one last bold offensive. (That’s what they always said.) Privately, as many later memoirs show and as Paul knew at the time, they were all scared shitless!  Some of the Allied military commanders did figure however that with 2 million fresh ignorant cannon fodder troops they might finally bring the butchery to a close. (Hoping what? That the Germans would run out of cannon shells?) The British and French armies by 1917 were almost useless as fighting units but the Americans, being young, dumb and full of vinegar had no earthly idea what a grotesque shit-pie they had been invited to!

The young American soldiers entered the fight in April 6th 1917 led by General BlackJack Pershing. The French general staff tried to pressure Pershing to send his troops into the French trenches to die under French officers. Pershing flatly refused, insisting he would lead his men. He did however send the segregated black American regiments to be slaughtered in the French trenches — which is a little known fact of history, indicating the lack of value placed on their black soldiers by the white general staff in those days .

Everyone understood that the German generals wanted to act sooner, before the Americans showed up. In November 1917 at a meeting of the German High Command, they drew up plans for a last offensive in the following spring which they most certainly did not know — not until it happened. The heel-clicking Schnauzer’s goal was to penetrate the Western Front at its weakest points pursuing two objectives. One branch of the army would head for Paris and force the disheartened exhausted French, with no fight left in them, to sign a surrender. At the same time, a far larger number would outflank the British forces and, pushing them north to and into the North Sea, force their surrender.

The Biden forces want to act sooner too — before the Americans wake up. Get them all juiced, shove those needles in, mandate, force, coerce, cajole, bribe, knock on their doors — do whatever must be done to kill as many as possible. That’s what the Chinese masters have ordered their weak, round-eye demented puppet to do.

To achieve the speed and penetration required for this German wet-dream to have any chance of success, the commanders ordered every division along the Western Front to release its most capable battle-hardened soldiers. In this case, that meant FNGs* because most with combat experience were dead and those still alive would refuse to fight. These men were organized into battalions of ‘shock troops’ called ‘Sturmmann’ (meaning ‘stormtroopers’). (*FNG is  military slang for “f-ing new guy.”)

Knock on their doors, out the vax resisters, DOX them all, make the FDA approve the lethal cocktail; and make it law to get juiced. Send the police to forcibly jab them!

These new German boys were given specialized training in how to infiltrate enemy lines through pre-determined weak points. When the Spring Offensive began in March 1918, the Sturmmann led the advance. Their initial progress was rapid and fairly successful. In some areas the Western Front was pushed back 60 kilometers, its most significant movement since 1914. German troops advanced close enough to Paris that the French capital could be shelled with artillery.

Train the door knockers, federalize the police, send Capitol police to arrest the veterans (white supremacist terrorists all). Oppress and defund any opposing the juice and speak against the fraud. Silence and kill them all! Topple their statues, erase the history, close their businesses, make them submit to face diapers and take the vax. Don’t let them travel unless and until they take our juice. Make them suffer, close the schools. Paint their streets, loot and burn, kill their police. Subvert and indoctrinate their children. Divide them all by race. Collapse their currency and destroy the economy. Destroy them all, deplorable bible-thumping, gun-carrying, backwoods bumpkins! This is war!!!!

This Spring Offensive was however seriously tactically flawed. Not in the planning, which was typically excellent, but in execution. The forward wave of young storm troopers moved far faster than their supply lines and constantly found themselves short of food, ammunition and reinforcements. The use of Germany’s remaining best troops in this highly aggressive and often exposed advance meant they also suffered a higher rate of casualties, leaving the misfits and weakest soldiers in charge of the rear defensive positions.

Too many understood what was in the juice. Too many resisted, too many fought back. Slowly resistance coalesced, leaders emerged, election laws were instituted. Conservative states fought back. Ballot audits were begin. The steal was unraveling. New platforms for free speech showed up faster then the enemy could shut them down. Millions bought guns, stored food, and prepared for the show-down.

By mid-1918, the Americans were arriving at around 10,000 a day. The Allies were also importing fresh meat for the grinder using Australian and Canadian troops. Allied forces finally broke through the German lines at Amiens and the Somme, with predictable losses on both sides. This debatable defeat resulted in a general German retreat up and down the Western Front. There were more than two dozen significant battles between August and October. Finally, the Germans were pushed back to the ‘Hindenburg Line,’ a series of defenses and fortifications well behind the front. The Allied troops even managed to penetrate this line at a couple of points. Momentum was now finally with the Allies.

Meanwhile, the starving citizens of Berlin were enjoying horse and dog burgers — no schnitzel in the stores and the ‘Schnauzers’ were hungry and highly pissed-off. During the very cold winter of 1917-18, the availability of food in German cities was beyond critically low — cannibalism wasn’t far away and fat people looked worried!  They should!

The British naval blockade of German ports had halted food imports, and Berlin’s stupid reallocation of farm workers into industry didn’t help — harvests were cut in half! As always, (everywhere) a disproportionate share of booze and burgers was set aside for the overweight leader class and military brass. Regular soldiers and civilians, as always, got leftovers and were working on recipes for shoe leather and weed soup.

The farmers, like farmers everywhere, able to grow and hide enough of their own stuff, were okay. The situation however in the urban areas had become more than drastic. There were reports of malnourished factory workers collapsing at their machinery, of widespread outbreaks of dysentery, and of skin-and-bones children begging in groups on major streets. Proving again, since the siege of Masada in 73 CE*, that food deprivation is a powerful weapon.

(*Common Era or Current Era (CE) is a year-numbering system (calendar era) for the Julian and Gregorian calendars that counts the years since the start of the present era, that is, the years beginning with AD 1. The preceding era is referred to as before the Common or Current Era BCE.)

Imagine America in 24 to 36 months. All her trucks are sitting idle. All our vaxed drivers and 75 million others are dead. Who’s delivering your food? Who is keeping the electricity water and sewer systems running?  Get the picture?

In Germany, civilian deaths in 1918 increased by more than 200,000 from the previous year — mostly because of starvation and disease. Ten percent of hospital patients, including many women in childbirth, died due to disease and food shortages. This suffering spanned the entirety of 1918 and continued through much of 1919 and beyond. The Allies continued the food blockade even during the peace negotiations in Paris. Food, or lack thereof, as taught in all military academies, is a weapon!

By advancements in killing machines and the massive volume of munitions and men available to Britain due to the efficiency of American aid, the British army now had the tools, manpower and supplies to defeat almost any defense mounted by the weakened Germans. The German military machine had been battered and bludgeoned, blooded, harried, hammered and crushed by the Allies. Whatever events were being played out on the German home front, there was no disguising the fact that the German army had been betrayed by the High Command due to the total lack of foresight by Kaiser Willie’s ‘Schnauzer’ Government as far as innovating and delivering sufficient men and weapons.

Can you imagine the enemy delivering a deadly vaccine to rid the world of half or more of her people? Can you imagine the globalists and élite billionaires acting as imperial Germany in WWI? Can you imagine today as WW III? I think we must!

Germany’s position was additionally weakened by the loss of her allies in the autumn of 1918. Berlin’s largest ally in the Balkans, Bulgaria, seeing the writing on the proverbial wall, wisely signed an armistice with the Allies on September 29th 1918. The Ottoman Empire (pack of half-crazed inbred Muslim wankers) had endured a series of bloody defeats in Egypt, Palestine, Syria and the Caucasus. The Ottomans wisely signed an armistice agreement on October 30th.

Arguably, the most critical loss was the submission of the Austro-Hungarians. Through 1917-18 the Dual Monarchy was beset with its own internal political and economic problems. The 86-year-old senile, overweight and pompous asshole emperor Franz Josef had finally and thankfully croaked in November 1916, and his successor, Charles Ist, being not quite so inbred, had little interest in continuing the war.

Through an intermediary, the young emperor secretly (and a tad stupidly) attempted to negotiate a peace with the Allies, without the involvement or knowledge of Germany. This offer was rejected but news of it passed to Berlin. You can imagine that the revelation pissed off Kaiser Willie, the head Schnauzer. Charles the First (and soon to be the last) whose name was now ‘scheiße’ in Germany was also facing powerful nationalist movements at home as ethnic groups (Czechs, Slovaks, Slavs and others) demanded independence. Vienna eventually signed an armistice on November 3rd 1918, ending its participation in the war. A week later, Charles abdicated effectively and forever abolishing his empire.

In November 1918, the sailors’ mutiny in Kiel lit the fuse of revolution in Germany. Within a week, more than a dozen major cities were effectively controlled by highly pissed-off mutinous soldiers, sailors and left/right wing revolutionary groups. Pressured to abdicate, Kaiser Wilhelm, another of the old guard heel-clicking dummies, stalled for a couple of days while attempting to organize military units to crush the rebels. Advised by his generals that he (surprise) no longer enjoyed the loyalty of the military, the fat bastard bowed out and, like Charles, abdicated the imperial throne, moved to Holland, wrote his memoirs and croaked.

At this same time, German politician Matthias Erzberger was in Picardie, northern France, working out armistice negotiations with French generals. The ceasefire was signed in a French rail car just before dawn two days later. Six hours after that, as per the terms of the armistice, the guns of World War I finally, after four hellish bloody years, fell silent. By sheer coincidence, it was 11.00 am on the 11th day of the 11th month. The chant which had echoed through the streets of London in August 1914, ‘It’ll be over by Christmas!’ had finally come true. To be fair though — it had taken four more Christmases and 40 million lives.

Now here, on the eve of what well could be the dawn of a new and even more terrible World War III, you know something of the war that ended 103 years ago. The lines are drawn the die cast, take heed, take care and “bonne chance!”


Robert J. Firth is an airline pilot with 42 years experience flying aircraft worldwide. Robert lived and worked many countries throughout his career, including 3 years in Vietnam, 5 in Africa and 12 in Europe and Russia as well as in Taiwan and HKK.

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