Thursday Newsfeed: The Mask Has Slid Off the Biden-Supporting, Tech Giant Industrial “Theater of the Macabre”

Thursday Newsfeed: The Mask Has Slid Off the Biden-Supporting, Tech Giant Industrial “Theater of the Macabre”

Posted by Maggie on October 15, 2020 in From the Editors

Lord Almighty, I am so done with these filthy bastards, every last one of them, and every levelheaded American, no matter the party affiliation, should be too— because, make no mistake, you are in their crosshairs too …

Tyler O’Neil: SHOCKER: Twitter Locked Trump Campaign Account 19 Days Before the Election

Ace: Look At Who Twitter Suggests I Follow — 19 Days Before a Very Consequential Presidential Election

Anyhow, it didn’t help, and basically made it worse, when a Biden spox did come out in public to flub this…

NEW YORK POST EDITORIAL BOARD: Biden campaign not denying Post report on Hunter

Apelbaum: Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic … HT: BK Masterson at Patriots’

Debra Heine: Members of Biden Clan Expected to Give Half of Their Earnings to ‘Pop,’ Hunter Biden Text Reveals … Don’t mistake this for a “Godfather” type arrangement. This is, pure and simple, a pimp with a family of whores situation. I do NOT ever again want to hear how “Joe Biden is a devout Catholic.” He’s a filthy son-of-a-bitch. And now, when he can and should get into deep trouble for his nearly fifty years of this bullshit, he can finally claim “I don’t know what you’re talking about … Hunter who? Who the Hell are these people?” dementia.

NYPost: Hunter Biden tried to cash in big with Chinese firm, emails suggestOne proposed deal also referenced an unnamed ‘big guy’ … Yes, it must be said, imagine if this were the Trump family and not one of the Swamp’s longest dwelling slimy snakes and his family.

Ryan Fournier: Hunter Biden offered $10M annually for ‘Introductions Alone’

Megan Fox: Did the FBI Sit on a Computer Containing Evidence of Hunter Sex Tape and Biden Burisma Corruption? … is our FBI completely corrupted, no matter who is at its head, no matter who is in the White House?

Liz Sheld: Tech Despots Censor Bombshell Story About Biden Grift

Stephen Kruiser: Despicable Media Just Had Its Busiest Day of Carrying Water for Biden Yet … Yesterday the proverbial dam broke, exposing the Silicone Valley and the tech overlords are nothing more than a hyper political arm of the Democrat party and the Left. Yesterday, it was a breaking News story about Joe Biden’s family they hurried to ‘silence with a pillow’ (props to Jim Treacher) to the face of anyone daring to share it. They proved they are fast and loose with Free Speech and in violation of a clause that distinguishes them as an open forum and not a publisher. Both Facebook and Twitter and apparently Instagram (as I gathered last night from Project Veritas’ issues) have for months now flagged, cloaked with ‘warnings,’ or outright removed and suspended accounts of anyone posting COVID related, even if it is direct data/info from the CDC. And as the Democrat presidential nominee was finally decided, anything you post is election related. Very early yesterday morning I shared the NYPost article and early afternoon when the crap hit the spinning fan blades I discovered Facebook had deleted it from my wall. Silicone Valley and its media tentacles are never to be trusted.

They’d better send Zuckerberg a BYOB invite to that party too.

Scott Johnson: BURNED AFTER READING: The story of what appears to be Hunter Biden’s abandoned computer sounds like it comes out of the twisted minds of the Coen brothers

Twitchy: RUSSIA!? Hello?! Drew Holden’s receipt-filled thread NUKES blue-checks suddenly worried about ‘disinformation’ after Hunter Biden story drops

Meanwhile …

Twitchy: ‘Such a good boy’! Brave Politico firefighter begs Twitter’s forgiveness after getting suspended for linking to NY Post’s Hunter Biden scoop

Stephen Green:

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PRESS NO LONGER HAS ANY REPUTATION LEFT TO SQUANDER: Hunter Biden’s Smoking Guns. “You wouldn’t think a story that merely confirms what people already knew about Biden’s lies would have been the tripwire for Internet media giants to abandon even the pretense of objectivity, but you’d be wrong.”

Howard Kurtz: Why the media are suddenly chattering about Joe Biden’s cabinet: With less than three weeks before Election Day, journalists want to know, or are suggesting, who would work at the highest levels of the Biden administration.


David Steinberg @ The Blaze: Exclusive: Minnesota Democratic candidate alleges outright vote buying by Minnesota Democrats: ‘worse than Somalia’

CBS News: Dr. Fauci on COVID surge, Trump’s recovery, and a “very different” Thanksgiving

Nihal Krishan: Economic toll of pandemic is greater than cost of all post-9/11 wars, former treasury secretary says

Curtis Ellis: TCM Will Show You More About How the World Works Than CNN Can: The greatest deficit today is not in the budget or in foreign trade—it’s in common sense.

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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