To Consume or Be Consumed.  That is the Question

To Consume or Be Consumed. That is the Question

Imagine, if you will, a world where the byproducts of war, famine, drastic climate change and overpopulation have changed every aspect of our lives. Oceans, lakes and streams are empty of life and polluted. Forests, crops and livestock are decimated by fire and nuclear bombs, most wildlife is gone. Electricity and gasoline are hard to come by. Clean water and sanitation is a thing of the past. Disease is rampant along with super diseases that pop up seemingly from nowhere that scientists are unable to cure. With medicines and treatments no longer available, people begin to die in ever increasing numbers. The earth, which once provided us with everything we needed to survive, is now unable to provide us sustenance. What are we to do?

Sounds like a book or movie plot right?

The human race has dealt with the subject of cannibalism through literature, movies and television for many years.  The 1973 movie “Soylent Green” was set in post apocalyptic New York City.  Caused by the greenhouse effect, dying oceans, overpopulation, poverty and depleted resources, euthanasia is encouraged as a way of lowering the population numbers and to feed the masses.

In fact, we are being offered a way to, in effect, ‘Save the World’.

Scientists and Globalists like Al Gore warned us that our ravenous consumption of energy, resources and food along with unbridled procreating would bring us to this point in history. If only we had listened and stopped eating beef, stopped using fossil fuels for travel and electricity. According to them, we should have stopped having too many children. We should have produced more solar and wind energy, closed down the oil and gas industries, the coal mines and nuclear facilities.

“Two centuries ago, Thomas Malthus’s Essay on Population warned that out-of-control population growth would deplete resources and bring about widespread famine. His preferred solution was to decrease the birth rate by delaying marriage, but if that didn’t work he endorsed some rather extreme measures to slash the population. To prevent famine, he thought it was morally permissible to “court the return of the plague” by making the poor live in swamps and even to ban “specific remedies for ravaging diseases.” 

Recently, cannibalism is being discussed in many mainstream news sites like Newsweek, Fox News, The Washington Times and the BBC and is perceived by many as both a threat and a solution to the ‘Climate Crisis’ and ‘Overpopulation’.

The TV series the “Walking Dead” features zombies who eat humans as do movies like World War Z, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead and Shaun of the Dead. They seem to be portending the future.  Or perhaps we’re being slowly being desensitized to the idea that cannibalism is bad and a taboo. Instead, we may someday be forced to embrace the unthinkable and the normalization of the abnormal in order to survive.

“At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called ‘GastroSummit’, in Stockholm on Sept. 3rd & 4th of 2019, a professor held a PowerPoint presentation asserting that we must “awaken the idea” of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change.”  Epoch Times

In an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS in 2008, Ted Turner warned that if we don’t stop the effects of global warming  “We’ll be eight degrees hotter in 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow“, “most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals“, “civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state like Somalia or Sudan and living conditions will be intolerable.”  and, “We’re too many people; that’s why we have global warming” Turner said, “Too many people are using too much stuff”  and we should,“on a voluntary basis, everybody in the world’s got to pledge to themselves that one or two children is it.”

Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford University biologist who wrote “The Population Bomb” in 1968 that predicted “In the 1970s the world will undergo famines – hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death” and “[our children] will inherit a totally different world, a world in which the standards, politics, and economics of the 1960s are dead.”  Ehrlich stated in a HuffPost Live interview with host Josh Zepps on May 21, 2014 that climate change will soon have us asking, “is it perfectly okay to eat the bodies of your dead because we’re all so hungry?” He added that we are, “moving in that direction with ridiculous speed.” MRCTV

The ‘Club of Rome’ published a book called “The Limits of Growth” in 1972, cited a Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1970 study: “the earth’s interlocking resources – the global system of nature in which we all live – probably cannot support present rates of economic and population growth much beyond the year 2100, if that long, even with advanced technology.” 

These predictions in the 1970s caused “millions of forced sterilizations in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India, as well as China’s draconian one-child (now two-child) policy. In 1975, officials sterilized eight million men and women in India alone. Were these human rights abuses necessary? No. Instead of facing widespread starvation and resource shortages, humanity managed to make resources more plentiful by using them more efficiently, increasing the supply and developing substitutes.” Forbes

In fact the Club of Rome is one of many organizations promoting depopulation in order to save to world. Their website states,

“Humanity faces an existential crisis. We face threats of systemic collapse on many fronts. The philosophical underpinnings of modern societies democratic institutions and core values of respect for human rights, the rule of law and ethical use of science are all under threat. Decades of exponential growth in both population and consumption are now colliding with the limits of the Earth’s biosphere destabilizing the very foundations of intelligent life as we know it today. It is encouraging to see a growing level of consciousness across the globe of the need to ask questions about how we engage in conversations to enable us to shape a new core value system that would enhance harmony between humans and with nature. The critical shift for the Club of Rome is a move beyond sounding the alarm to advancing conceptual frameworks essential for actualizing humanity’s potential as a beneficial rather than solely predatory species.” The Club Of Rome’s goals includes theEmerging New Civilization Initiative, Reclaiming and Reframing Economics and Climate Emergency.”

There are constant calls from globalists to “save the planet” from the effects of “climate change” by whatever means necessary. Promoting abortions, decreasing numbers of traditional family units, creation of new gender identities and the sexualization of young children, comes with the price of devaluating human life. So eating our fellow man seems to be the next logical step to achieve their goals. Offering up the possibility of cannibalism to provide ‘food’ during an apocalyptic period of time when the environment is no longer able to support the nutritional needs of the survivors has the added ‘benefit’ of the globalist agenda of depopulation.

Archaeologists have documented the practice dating back to the earliest known humans use of cannibalism during times of famine, war and rituals.

The custom of cannibalism (anthropophagy) is now known to have existed on most continents of the world since the earliest human history.

“Cannibalism has been well documented around the world, from Fiji to the Amazon Basin to the Congo to the Māori people of New Zealand. Neanderthals are believed to have practiced cannibalism.” Wikipedia

“Though many early accounts of cannibalism probably were exaggerated or in error, the practice prevailed until modern times in parts of West and Central Africa, Melanesia (especially Fiji), New Guinea, Australia, among the Maoris of New Zealand, in some of the islands of Polynesia, among tribes of Sumatra, and in various tribes of North and South America.” 

“In parts of Melanesia, cannibalism was still practiced in the early 20th century, for a variety of reasons—including retaliation, to insult an enemy people, or to absorb the dead person’s qualities.” Britannica

In the 18th and 19th centuries explorers and seafarers resorted to cannibalism for survival. Human meat is also known as ‘long pork’. Pirates with ‘Long’ in their names have partaken in eating ‘long pork’.

Literally every known civilization, every continent, has a history of cannibalism in its past. War especially has a long history of the use of cannibalism to stave off starvation. Soldiers from Japan, North Korea, Russia, Germany and Africa all practiced cannibalism during WW2.

Cannibals like Jeffrey Dahmer who murdered 17 young men between 1978 and 1991, discussed his cannibalism with the FBI.

“He said that he would cut off pieces of the bodies, usually from the biceps and the thighs, and he would also cut out some of the organs. He would take the muscles or the organs and chop them into bite-size pieces, which he would then cook in a skillet on his stove.”

German cannibal Armin Meiwes posted a classified ad which he said received over 200 responses on the Internet seeking;

“a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” and  “After meeting a young man who backed out, he found 41-year-old Bernd Juergen Brandes, who agreed to be eaten. On March 9, 2001, the two met and had sex, before Meiwes cut off Brandes’ penis so they could eat it. First, they tried to consume it raw, but found it too “rubbery.” Meiwes then tried to cook it using garlic and butter, but ended up burning it. After 10 hours of waiting for Brandes to bleed to death, Meiwes killed him, hung his body on a meat hook, and began carving off meat. Over the next 10 months, he ate about 18 kilograms (40 lbs) of human steak and mince.” ListVerse

What are the dangers of cannibalism? First and foremost is Kuru, which while believed to no longer be a threat, could make a comeback due to modern day elitists appetite for human flesh.  Public figures have recently been seen in videos exhibiting what could be symptoms of Kuru. But there are other dangers, especially for people who do not have the money or resources to obtain healthy untainted cadavers. Viruses, bacteria like hepatitis, HIV and Ebola can be ingested to infect people who eat human meat without proper preparation and the use of radiation and heat. Kuru on the other hand is impossible to eradicate from infected human brains.

PMC4235695 pathogens-02-00472-g009.png

“Kuru is a very rare, incurable and invariably fatal neurodegenerative disorder that was formerly common among the Fore people of Papua New Guinea. Kuru is caused by the transmission of abnormally folded proteins (prion proteins), which leads to symptoms such as tremors, loss of coordination, and neurodegeneration.

The term Kuru derives from the Fore word kuria or guria (“to shake”), due to the body tremors that are a classic symptom of the disease and kúru itself means “trembling”.It is also known as the “laughing sickness” due to the pathologic bursts of laughter which are a symptom of the disease. It is now widely accepted that Kuru was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via funerary cannibalism. Deceased family members were traditionally cooked and eaten, which was thought to help free the spirit of the dead. Women and children usually consumed the brain, the organ in which infectious prions were most concentrated, thus allowing for transmission of Kuru. The disease was therefore more prevalent among women and children.

Due to Kuru’s long incubation period of anywhere from 10 to over 50 years. The epidemic declined sharply after discarding cannibalism, from 200 deaths per year in 1957 to 1 or no deaths annually in 2005, with sources disagreeing on whether the last known kuru victim died in 2005 or 2009.” Wikipedia

Most people today are aware of cases of cannibalism due to extreme circumstances. “The spread of modernization usually results in the prohibition of such practices. In modern society cannibalism does occasionally occur as the result of extreme physical necessity in isolated surroundings.” Britannica

In the 1600s, the Jamestown, Virginia settlers resorted to eating people during a period they called the “Starving Time” according to the National Geographic. And, of course there was the infamous Donner party in 1800s who were traveling west only to get trapped by a winter storm in the Sierra Nevada mountains. More recently was the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in Argentina’s Andes Mountains in 1972. After 72 days of surviving the harsh freezing temperatures by feeding on their dead friends, family and teammates, they were rescued, only to become pariahs by society and the media. One of the survivors, Roberto Canessa, “felt that to eat his fellow passengers would be “stealing their souls” and descending towards “ultimate indignity”—despite recalling that in the aftermath of the crash, he like many others had declared that he would be glad for his body to aid the communal survival mission.”

Are our leaders, scientists and globalists making cannibalism seem common place?

“When I teach introductory ethics, I like to befuddle my students by proposing a business venture. I tell them that I have learned about a mets’ Club, which is willing to spend vast sums of money to obtain nice fat babies to roast. I suggest that we try to profit from my discovery by starting a baby-ranching business. What we would do is find women who, for money, are willing to become impregnated by paid sperm donors. Both the women and the sperm donors would be fully informed about our plans. Any babies produced would be placed on our baby ranch; there we would fatten hem, slaughter them (“slaughter” is such an ugly word); perhaps we should instead say that we would “harvest” them), and then sell the carcasses (whoops, another ugly word) to the Millionaire Gourmets’ Club.”  William Irvine Phd

A California club serves human flesh to social elites to promote the idea that it is acceptable to eat the flesh of humans. With the recent push by the media to normalize the abnormal like cannibalism, we have entered a new phase of being desensitized to what has always always been thought of as morally wrong.

“Chef de Cuisine Sophie Laffite regularly updates our menu with new and daring culinary experiments. The meat we serve is selected from the young and healthy. Consistent with the practice of cannibalism in many primitive societies, we view anthropophagy as homage to the dead, who are reborn into the bodies of their consumers. Each dish, therefore, is a study in taste and elegance.” Cannibal Club

According to the Cannibal Club, “Most of the businesses and institutions who supply us prefer to keep those relationships discreet. On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to us. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funerary expenses. For others, such as Cannibal Club member Gwendoline Fenwich, who was served to her friends and relatives at the Club in January of 2008, being prepared as a meal, and thereby reborn into the bodies of the living, is an attractive alternative to the more the traditional practices of burial and cremation.“ FAQ

Katy Perry, the well known singer/performer who has been reported to have said in a radio interview in France that “Cannibalism is way more popular than you might think” and “human flesh is the best meat“. Perry, along with Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper and Chelsea Clinton, are reported as being members of L.A.’s trendy Cannibal Club. A document purportedly leaked from the club lists all four famous “elites” as VIPs. In Ms. Perry’s music video entitled “Bon Appétit”, “Perry is cooked by chefs and offered as a meal to a party of elite guests. It directly alludes to bizarre rituals the occult elite practice behind closed doors – and in plain sight.” Vigilant Citizen

Occultist Aleister Crowley, a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn published the ‘Book of the Law’ with this ritualistic recipe meant to represent of one of the prime maxims in Hermeticism “As Above, So Below”.

For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood. “The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshippers: last of some beast, no matter what. This burn: of this make cakes & eat unto me. This hath also another use; let it be laid before me, and kept thick with perfumes of your orison : it shall become full of beetles as it were and creeping things sacred unto me.” Everipedia Crowley later commented that “The emancipation of mankind from all limitations whatsoever is one of the main precepts of the Book”

DELINLEE DELOVELY: MOCA gala party pics (and it don't stop)...Marina Abramovic, performance artist to the stars, included her rendition of Crowley’s magic recipe called the ‘Cake of Light’ in her ‘Spirit Cooking’ sessions. Notably former DNC chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony were both invited to one of her ‘spirit cooking’ sessions as revealed in the Clinton emails that were published by Wikileaks. In 2011 Abramovic and singer Debbie Harry hosted the 2011 MOCA Gala. Luminaries who attended included Beck, Gwen Stefani, Kirsten Dunst, Rose McGowan, Minnie Driver, Rosanna Arquette, Albert Brooks and Will Ferrell.

Properly prepared, is human flesh a safe and healthy option? “Our entire body is approximately 81,000 calories: the thigh is about 10,000 calories, and the heart is 700 calories. Close to half of these calories come from adipose or fat tissue, which makes us the less healthy option for dieters. Anecdotal accounts suggest we taste somewhere between pork and veal, while a culinary robot has identified us as bacon.” Medical Daily

So where do these people get their ‘meat’? Are they shipping the human cadavers in from other countries? How do they know the ‘meat’ is ‘young’? Do they buy aborted babies from abortion clinics? How about from hospitals and mortuaries? How do we know our child’s or mother’s body makes it into the grave or is cremated?

What about ‘healthy’? If the human flesh is healthy, how did the person die? If it comes from an accident or suicide, what about the possible unknown and untested diseases and genetic anomalies that could affect the consumer in the future?

So are we in imminent danger, like in the next 10-15 years, of our earth’s temperature climbing to levels which will cause farmers crops to fail, causing global famine? Will it be OUR fault? Does our use of fossil fuels for electricity, transportation and plastic straws actually make the CO2 levels rise? Is cow flatulence really a problem?

“On its Earth Observatory web site, NASA published in the year 2000, the information they possessed about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, which was PROVED to be fact by core samples from the earth’s seas.  Climate Changes – warming and destructive weather – happen naturally from changes in earth’s solar orbit, and the extent of earth’s axis tilt.” Hal Turner 

So NASA has known that the changes occurring to planetary weather patterns are completely natural and normal since 1958. It’s not us; it’s the sun.

“NASA has thus far failed to set the record straight, and has instead chosen to sit silently back and watch as liberals freak out about the world supposedly ending in 12 years because of too much livestock, or too many plastic straws.” Natural News

Is the earth overpopulated? In 2018 Our World In  states that, “global population growth reached a peak in 1962 and 1963 with an annual growth rate of 2.2%; but since then, world population growth has halved.” And, “But, since the 1960s the growth rate has been falling. This means the world population is not growing exponentially – for decades now, growth has been more similar to a linear trend.”

If the population of the world is half of what it was in 1963, then why are we being told that it is out of control? If the climate changes are natural and caused by the sun why are we being told we have to change how we live in order to “Save the World?

So why is cannibalism being trotted out again as a solution to the coming famine caused by our gluttonous ways? We eat hamburgers, drive cars, fly in planes, use electricity in our homes and businesses … we use plastic straws! This is our fault, we have brought this calamity upon ourselves!

The most important question is, why is cannibalism one of the leading stories in mainstream media? Why the push for the conversation of whether or not human flesh is a reliable source of food? Is cannibalism a viable solution to the ‘climate crisis?’

It’s possible that those people already practicing cannibalism are behind the resurgence of interest in the subject, and are weary of hiding their preferences from the general public. Who might these people be? If they are psychopathic murderers, then eventually we find out the truth when they are caught. Then there is cannibalism done only for survival, which is a great way to make it more palatable for the masses. We must of course include ritual sacrifice, used by witch doctors and satanists, not as acceptable, considering how do they obtain their victims? Does the massive number of children kidnapped every year play any part in this scenario? Of course donation would be acceptable, but what would happen when the demand outweighs the supply?

Recently we have learned of Brazil’s cult leader and faith healer John of God’s sex slave breeding farm selling babies to the highest bidder on the black market. What if some of those babies were sold for consumption? What if pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s dream of turning his Zorro Ranch in New Mexico into a breeding farm was to produce “young healthy” meat as well a superior humans for the future? Don’t forget he wanted to freeze his brain and genitals for future cloning. What about the rejects?

An American geneticist Dr. Eugene McCarthy, posits “The Hybrid Hypothesis” that humans are the hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee, a chimera. If we began creating human/animal hybrids on a breeding farm using DNA donations from exceptional young healthy individuals to create the “perfect meat”, would that be acceptable to us?

Possible ways to acquire human flesh can include,

  • Murder-killing people to feed on their bodies ex; Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Survival-starvation leads to the unthinkable ex; Donner party
  • Ritual Sacrifice-satanists, witches, witch doctors kill and consume human blood and flesh to gain powers
  • Donation-similar to donating your body to science after you die, conversely also purposely allowing a cannibal to kill you then eat your body
  • Breeding-farms dedicated to breeding disease free and pure humans
  • Cloning-using exceptional specimens of human DNA to create premium meat and organs for consumption ex; human/animal hybrids
  • Lottery-a system where families of genetically preferred “stock” are forced to participate in drawings in order to provide food to either the masses or the elites.


Why are we even having this conversation? In what alternate universe/reality is cannibalism in any form acceptable? Are we losing our morality, our innate sense of right and wrong? For some the answer is simple.  Meat is food, and we are meat, so we’ll put the dangers of cannibalism out of our heads because we’re starving.

Most people are unaware that we are already cannibals. Aborted fetal tissue is used to make vaccines and medicines, scientific study and in our food products. Planned Parenthood must be making bank with money received via grants from the federal government and then turning around and selling the bio-waste (aborted babies).

Human Life International reports that “Products related to fetal material can be broken down into roughly 3 categories: artificial flavors, cosmetics, and medicines/vaccines.” And Natural News reported on the company Senomyx, based out of California, which “is in the business of using aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals, both savory and sweet, which are then added to things like soft drinks, candy and cookies. And Senomyx has admittedly partnered with a number of major food manufacturers to lace its cannibalistic additives into all sorts of factory foods scarfed down by millions of American consumers every single day.

Some countries are truly overpopulated, like China and India. Perhaps cannibalism will be in their near future. Sadly it may be the diseased and starving that will be consumed. Or maybe they will target certain ethnic groups they deem unworthy of living yet worthy of providing their sustenance.

Perhaps  in the future cannibal consumers will only be the elites, those who can afford to purchase their fellow humans to dine upon. Some are already practicing cannibalism and here we are once again debating it because if it’s promoted as a necessity “to save the world,” their consumption of their fellow man won’t be regarded quite as perverse.

“Cannibalism is the consumption of another human’s body matter, whether consensual or not. In the United States, there are no laws against cannibalism per se, but most, if not all, states have enacted laws that indirectly make it impossible to legally obtain and consume the body matter. Murder, for instance, is a likely criminal charge, regardless of any consent. Further, even if someone consents to being eaten and kills himself, the cannibal may still be liable for criminal or civil actions based on laws governing the abuse or desecration of a corpse, which vary from state to state.” Cornell Law School

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