EXPOSED: MSNBC's Maddow Caught Taking Orders from Soros to Push Disinfo on RussiaGate? SECRET SOROS COMMS NETWORK?!

EXPOSED: MSNBC’s Maddow Caught Taking Orders from Soros to Push Disinfo on RussiaGate? SECRET SOROS COMMS NETWORK?!

April 29, 2020 – Did MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow coordinate her coverage of RussiaGate with liberal billionaire and Democrat mega-donor George Soros? Did she knowingly participate in a disinformation, or misinformation campaign sparked by elements of the Obama Intelligence Community and National Security Establishment?

Read on, you’re about to find out …

Readers familiar with the SpyGate scandal should be well aware of how certain mainstream media (MSM) outlets and pundits led the public witch hunt against members of the Trump campaign using strategic “leaks” from members of the Obama Intelligence Community. These leaks were often later exposed as false. The Washington Post column by David Ignatius is currently being looked at in U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

Now, thanks to some posts by anonymous internet poster and alleged Trump administration insider “QAnon,” some researchers may have discovered how Rachel Maddow worked with George Soros and members of the Obama regime to promote disinformation about Trump.

Here are Q posts relating how these coup plotters communicated with each another. Game forum comms and Gmail drafts are some of the things mentioned:

Here we get mention of PlayStation and XBox chat logs …

This happened again just yesterday, April 28, 2020.

All of these posts can be read at, or any other Qpost aggregator.

Q reminds us about the Gmail, XBox and PlayStation comms, and of the Microsoft shutdown of their entire network, thereby erasing ‘collected & stored’ data.

We are reminded of the urgency of the matter, and that everything must be investigated by the book, because the corruption is so bad.

Here we are asked about George Soros, and I have discovered he has been investing in Global Telecommunications since at least the late 1990s.

What is interesting about this, is that George Soros invested in Chinese Telecommunications firms, as well as Blizzard Entertainment which is a leading video and online game creator.

Q points us to a StarWars game, which will gain importance as we look at some interesting posts by former FBI Director James Comey and Ivanka Trump later.

Here is when Q mentions Soros investments in Blizzard.

This is an important find that appears to corroborate Q’s earlier claims.

This is from Palpatine’s Revenge and is the first time RM (Rachel Maddow) is referenced.

TREASON indeed.

This chatlog gives us details that we can try to corroborate ourselves.

Here is the link to the full transcript from her show on May 18, 2017:

Remember the Comey picture with the StarWars toys? Is he Severus in Palpatine’s Revenge chatlogs?

If you zoom in, you can see and empty bird cage. Is he signaling that birds are “singing” or perhaps referencing the “carrier pigeon” who entered the Palpatine’s Revenge chat?

Was Ivanka here signifying to Comey that “she knows” what he is signaling about?

It seems we have further corroboration of things that were discussed in the chatlogs.

Even more corroboration:

White House “blindsided” is the language she uses, the same descriptor from the chatlogs where they discuss “tipping off” RM.

Another researcher, and host of The Roxi Files on Patriots’ Soapbox has an idea:

Interesting indeed.

Now, let’s go back to what QAnon pointed out regarding Soros and Blizzard, and the many ways these people try to communicate securely. He asked “How does Soros comm [securely] with DNC? How does China comm [securely] with DNC?” and everyone assumed that was a hint toward the game comms. But it should be noted that Soros is HEAVILY invested in global telecoms.

More circumstantial evidence …

Just as recently as last year, Soros more than doubled his stake in the Brazilian telecoms firm Oi.

It appears George Soros has set up his own shadow telecoms networks, and has worked to create the telecoms for the CCP.

We also know he invested in an app that helps “migrants” avoid “police and border control” checkpoints. This was used in Europe to help migrants get into the heart of Europe while avoiding authorities as well as in Mexico and Central America for the caravans that were assaulting the U.S. Border.

If he can create an app for migrants, and an entire shadow network, what about for corrupt politicians?

As Lou Dobbs details.

Finally there is the strange connection between Q post signatures and online games:

My reminder to Rachel Maddow and anyone else who knowingly participated in this disinformation campaign: The NSA has it all.

I would look very carefully at the U.S. Code of Criminal Procedure:

Specifically, 18 US Code, Chapter 115.

Get ready to watch the house of cards come tumbling down.

Please share this article. It is just one example of how the media engaged in an information warfare psychological operation against the American people, and the world.

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Mr. Dynamex
Mr. Dynamex
1 month ago

If the Smiths month Act was repealed how much of a court case do they have?

Craig G.
1 month ago

“Shall we play a game?” Q, that “cheeky bastard” as the Britts would say. Nice work laying this out @Radix.