So, what about UFOs? Do they exist?

Well, I and numerous others have seen unidentified flying objects. The numbers of sightings are high enough in my mind at least, to preclude them from being hallucination or hysteria.

My experiences range from seeing lights moving in erratic patterns in the night sky to an incident in Tucson, Arizona in 1974. The church I was going to at the time had just let out and a group of us were standing out front talking.

We heard the sound of fighter jets and looked toward the Catalina Mountains in time to see a ball of light being chased by two jets. It reached the middle of the range in front of us and made a very sharp 90 degree turn and went straight up through the clouds.

Gone out of sight in an instant. The fact that we all saw it laid aside any talk of hallucination.

Have I seen any little green or gray men? No, but I have seen enough that I won’t shut the door on any of it.

~~Photo by Steve Baxter from Pexels

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