Up and Down

Up and Down

Posted by Honey on October 15, 2020 in America at the Brink

I am trying not to watch the news. I am a political animal and these days things are so extreme and violent.

Never in my life have I been so worried and frightened. Yet sometimes I am filled with energy and optimism and I know it is all going to be okay.

My biggest disappointment is that otherwise intelligent people have so easily been duped.

My biggest joy is that in many ways we are blessed and lucky.

I am going to list a series of up and down situations to give an idea of where I am now.

UP – I drive and there are Trump signs all over. This is not Trump country. So I get hope. Not only are there supporters, but they are willing to parade their loyalty, and stand up to fear of retaliation from lunatic left people. You know who I mean – those who put signs on their lawns about hate having no home where they live.

Trump has an impromptu rally and from everywhere tens of thousands find a way to get there and are so happy, celebratory.

Biden and Harris announce their first announced joint rally(?) and not one person is there. Not one! The report gets out of the way to show the viewer that no one has shown up.

We keep being told that Biden is ten or more points ahead. This has to be a lie. Why do so many keep asserting this?

On Rush today a caller suggested that by so many pollsters insisting this is so, if Trump wins in a great landslide, the crazies will assume that the election was stolen and that will give them the right to riot and kill and make America drown in impossible chaos. The caller suggested that is the only thing that makes sense when these irrational numbers keep getting repeated.

(I don’t know if this is an up observation or a downer.)

DOWN – my dancing friends are almost gloating as they keep canceling dances over Covid fears. To me it seems as if they almost don’t want to be able to dance. Translation this is Trump’s America and his handling of the virus is so awful we can’t resume normalcy until he is out of office. “Make sure you vote,” they remind everybody, and I know they do not mean for Trump. They want everyone voting in advance to overwhelm whatever is going to happen on election night. Perhaps they too fear a landslide on election day.

I am reading into this but I am guessing I am right.

Or do they believe the polls?

UP and DOWN – If I am with my lovely friends (mostly liberal), we can enjoy ourselves for hours visiting gardens, discussing theater, music, literature, philosophizing about the mysteries of life, discussing great science shows, confiding in each other about personal things and knowing we can trust each other completely.

But when politics comes up, these same intelligent people know nothing. Whatever I ask about, they say where did you hear that? And they are never upset that they are ill informed. They know I am not unintelligent so they seldom assume I am just making something up. But they do think I am overreacting or not seeing things clearly, as they do.

This is terrible for me.

One of the things that rankles me a lot is that they hate Nazis but they never care about or fear Communists. How does this happen? Why are communists not real to them? Why are socialists okay? These people have savings and they don’t want them taken from them but they always trust the government to provide them with solutions. That costs money and that money has to come from taxpayers. Why don’t they see this? They brag to me that the market has been very good to them, even now. So why would they want to vote Trump or Republicans in congress out?

Try to tell them why Medicare is not the best way to go, or why Obamacare is terrible, and you can’t get past the first sentence. Their minds are made up that Medicare saves their lives and without it, there would be no way they could get proper care they could afford. and if we end Obamacare so many would lose their “healthcare”. Oy.

Say you hate the violence going on in our cities and you get a general concern, but the truth is they know nothing about it or that it is only happening in Democrat run cities, or that the mayors deliberately get out of the way and tell the police to stand down to make the country look like it is in trouble so Trump can lose. They are not convinced when I tell them those mayors do not care about the safety of their own citizens as long as Trump looks bad. Oh, Janet you are ridiculous. They hate what is happening to our own city. but make no connection to what I have been saying.

Look at what is going on in my beautiful city of Philadelphia. OUR Champs Elysees, the Parkway, which Rocky made famous in that first film of the series is filthed up with tent cities and our mayor tells the police not to interfere. People live there. This is horrible.

They have strange ideas of who is a good mayor or governor and who is bad.

So DeBlasio is a good mayor. If I say he is a Communist, I am just making that up. Janet sees Communists under the bed. I get smiles of affection. Mercy.

Cuomo is a good governor and De Santis is not, or they don’t know who DeSantis is. If I warn about the Marx sisters, who are they? Who is AOC?

Communism is irrelevant here because it has nothing to do with their lives and Americans like their stuff too much so it could never take hold here, they think. How can they take it seriously?

If I say the left wants to have the government take over so much and they need your money to do what they want to do, they can’t see that danger. How did this happen?

When I say it is happening already and will get so much worse if your side wins, I am talking to the wall. Such naïveté.

My liberal friends know that America is the greatest country in the world. They travel and know that nowhere else is better. They love and support Israel. I don’t even bother to try to compare how their side treats Israel compared to Trump.

There is no fear of anarchists trying to rip up our Constitution. I am overreacting. No one see that the Left and anti Semites have taken over the Democrat party.

As for anti Semitism among Democrats, I get of course it will always be with us and both parties are guilty of it.

This angers me. I say “NO!” There is no anti Semitism on my side at the moment. It is now only found in your party. I am informed and and my assertions are strong, but they are not ready to get emotionally involved. Oy.

I am asked, “Don’t you want two parties?” I say yes, but not THIS Democrat party. THIS one has to be demolished.

I want a good opposition party and the exchange of ideas from a reasonable opposition.

I am talking to the wall.

Up and down – Liberals assert that I mustn’t worry. They get their eight years and then I get mine. Trump will win big, they tell me. (I hope this is correct.)

I wish I could get liberals to see that their party destroys everything for eight years and when we get in, we pick up the pieces and fix what we can, but each time more good is chipped away.

Down – If only I could make liberals see sense. How could my liberal friends, who like their stuff too much, who hate violent discord, who love Israel, want to vote for the other side? Global warming? Abortion rights? I guess.

They respect me yet brush off whaever I try to tell them. It’s inconvenient for their belief system.

Up – Suddenly people on CNN are insulting liberals or at least telling them you don’t have your facts right. CNN pundits are pushing back at liberals. What is going on?

The WHO suddenly announced that closing down for the virus is a bad idea and should never be tried again. What is this? Validating Trump three weeks before our election? What is going on?

And Wolf Blitzer blitzed Pelosi. Why are these things suddenly happening? Is CNN getting comments from viewers saying they are getting impatient with the one-sidedness of their reporting? Are CNN’s ratings where they deserve to be – in the toilet? If CNN does my job, will my liberal friends be convinced maybe Janet is on the right track?

Down – I watch some debates on C-Span and I saw the Washington governor’s race contenders. The incumbent, Inslee, is a Democrat who has all the destructive ideas that are bringing down his state. The Republican candidate is a non political police chief and everything he says makes sense to me. Here is Washington that recently had Seattle in murderous despair and destruction with their complicit Democrat mayor and governor. You would think the people of Washington would have had enough of this. But the polls show this is a runaway race for Inslee. Nothing makes sense.

The point is never before in my life have I been so terrified. I have nightmares of going to the polls and someone tells me I have already voted. I have expectations of violence and disruptions at the polls. I expect to see huge lines of voters who wanted to vote on voting day because they don’t trust the mail ins which we all expect to be riddled with corruption. I fear there will be things going on at the polls to make voters who show up annoyed or worse.

I never before had such worries. My beautiful city is being destroyed by what may be our worst mayor ever. Weekly there are numbers of murders catching up with those of the worst violent cities.

I have witnessed corruption in Philadelphia voting. It is par for the course. But this time I am more scared than I have ever been that nothing will go right.

Up – I really believed that Trump would win in a landslide. Judge Barret whom he has nominated is astonishing. She sits there with her empty white pad of paper remembering cases in detail, unruffled as mental pygmies of dubious character try to tear her down. Without one note she is outclassing them. Amazing woman. A real feather in Trump’s cap.

Up and down I go. Optimistic and then pessimistic. but I think more of the latter. I don’t want to be that way. I am hoping more Americans are like me. If the other side wins, I do believe it will be by theft. And then we are truly lost.

I have said this before – when Trump came on the scene I didn’t want him. I didn’t trust him to be good for the Republican party. When he insulted the other great candidates we had, I didn’t like him at all and told everyone not to vote for him.

But Trump won the primary. Then he chose Pence. Pence was my first choice for president before he dropped out of the race. (Then I wanted Ted Cruz – a really great one.) I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary and I loved his veep choice of Pence.

I learned to like Trump much to my surprise because I loved so much of the good stuff he was doing for us.

I can openly say now I love him.

I prefer to be optimistic. Look at this. Trump has turned out to be the man of the hour. Our knight in shining armor come to save America from the forces of evil.

Hope we can pull out a victory. If I were a corrupt lying leftie I would be scared of Trump’s winning.

I like it better when they are scared.

~~Many thanks to Honey and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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12 days ago

I’d like to thank Honey for her terrific opinions here and I can truly understand how and why she feels the way she does and many of us in fact feel. At this point it is obvious that there is no way to sway a left leaning liberal to a more conservative viewpoint or to even make them listen or… Read more »