UPDATE: The Latest in the Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Saga

UPDATE: The Latest in the Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Saga

October 8, 2020 – It seems that the more I research and dig into the Jeffrey Epstein case, the deeper the rabbit hole goes and the darker it gets. We have previously covered Epstein’s connections to Russia and Ukraine via Peter Listerman, the “matchmaker” pimp. Now evidence has been uncovered showing Epstein in Russia:

There have been hints that there are more photographs out there, that will soon come to light.

Author Kirby Sommers has been reporting on the Epstein saga, and has written several essays and books on the matter.

Sommers has shown numerous ties to Epstein and Maxwell involvement relative to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. Both of them can be connected to several figures who seem to have been involved in plotting the attacks.

The addition of Bobbi Sternheim to Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team could signal that her defense team requires someone with a top secret clearance in order to assess her involvement in an Intelligence operation.

Sommers believes this could very well be the case. Recall, Maxwell already had a team of high powered lawyers who have been fighting her case, and attempting to keep it secret. Sternheim also has represented people who have been extradited internationally as well. Does the defense foresee a reason why they may need someone with these skills? Could the United Kingdom attempt to extradite her for crimes she committed there? What about Israel, if indeed Maxwell was working on behalf of the Israeli Mossad as well as the CIA.

There also have been reports of bizarre and unexplained expenses that have been taken from the established Epstein Estate.

One wonders if these funds are being used for bribery, or perhaps to pay off certain people to remain silent.

Hoffenberg, who knew Jeffrey Epstein over the years and has stated he was Intelligence. He also has been keeping track of developments, the latest being the stepping down from CargoMetrics of CEO Scott Borgerson, Ghislaine Maxwell’s newest “beard” whom many think is her secret husband.

Borgerson was working on an “ocean logistics” company, which would be a dream for an international child trafficking and compromise ring.

Epstein has now been tied to Canada, according to the Montral Gazette:

Ian Halperin is at it again. The muckraking Montreal writer, who has taken on a host of celebs with controversial, unauthorized bios, is ruffling royal feathers in his new exposé on Prince Andrew and his connection to deceased convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Claims, depicting the prince as a serial womanizer, make up most of the first volume of Halperin’s six-volume Controversy: Sex, Lies and Dirty Money by the Word’s Powerful Elite.

Also included in the first two installments of this first volume — now available on Amazon — are references to Epstein’s younger days, allegedly trolling underage girls in Montreal. These revelations come from interviews done with Epstein for Halperin’s 2002 book, Bad and Beautiful, on the sordid side of the world of modelling.

‘When I first met Epstein, he told me Montreal was where he first started,’ recalled Halperin, now based in Miami. ‘He said: ‘If not for Montreal, I would never have gotten into all this.’

‘Epstein said he was a nerd, a piano prodigy. He took his first trip to Montreal in 1970 and went on a sex rampage with underage girls. He said he made many subsequent trips, and Montreal was one of his favourite cities. He talked about how beautiful the Montreal women were. He said: ‘(Montreal) is where I honed my skills at a very young age.’ He obviously took that to another level.’

Epstein was 17 when he first visited here. And prior to Halperin’s claims, this appears to be the first time an Epstein/Montreal connection has been made.

Epstein’s views on Montreal are further corroborated by another of his acquaintances, Claude Pepé, based on two interviews Halperin conducted with the French citizen.

‘Pepé once came to a Grand Prix in Montreal with Epstein, and, he, too, said Epstein really loved Montreal,’ Halperin recalled.

Great. Just the kind of recognition the city needs.

‘Epstein turned out to be one of my few sources for Bad and Beautiful. I spent hours with him in 1999 and 2001, and met him years later at several tennis events. I had no idea back then that he’d become such a prolific sociopath, a man who’d become the most notorious child sex-trafficker in the world. That’s because he had been such a prominent figure in upper New York society,’ Halperin said.

‘What I remember most is that he was so open in talking about underage girls, about how it should be decriminalized, about how he lived in the wrong time and that in other times in history it was perfectly acceptable. He didn’t really try to hide his addiction to underage girls.’

Halperin’s primary focus in the first volume of Controversy is Prince Andrew. While he has had many contentious moments in dirt-digging probes on Scientology, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion and Guy Laliberté, his detailing of the alleged sexual predilections of the Queen’s widely reputed preferred son will probably top them all. And it’s likely Halperin will again be sleeping with one eye open.

‘Always, it’s part of the territory. But the only people close to giving me a headache like the Royal Family has is the Church of Scientology,’ Halperin said.

‘Just minutes before Controversy was slated to be published, I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. But I’ve been through this rodeo before and I stand my ground with all the necessary documentation.’

In this case, that includes testimony from Royal Family staffers and other eyewitnesses.

Halperin also met the now-incarcerated Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged partner in crime.

‘She introduced Andrew to Epstein. She was a high-society pimp … but she wasn’t the main person in Epstein’s child sex-trafficking,’ Halperin claimed.

But here’s the kicker: Halperin asserts that while Andy is one randy fellow, he is not a child rapist, based on Halperin’s evidence that the prince’s chief accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, was 18, not 17 and therefore not a minor. – Montreal Gazette

We also know that the Bronfman family of NXIVM fame have a sordid history and quite a lot of power in Canada. Was the Epstein ring connected to Bronfman’s via the MEGA Group?

Investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore has tied Ghislaine Maxwell to Canada as well.

According to Johnny’s report, in Part 5 of the series, there is another Montreal connection:

I had been intently tracking a pedophile who was sharing their perverse data from the Canadian city of Montreal. The username had caught my attention and left me hooked on this specific hunt. The IP address was coming from a small cladded office building surrounded by a high quality security fence with CCTV cameras which covered all perspectives. A pleasing row of large satellite dishes lined the rear of the relatively plain facility and there was no signage to inform a passing onlooker of what kind of business was located inside. The property had about four floors and sat alongside the local Home Depot’s car park on the western edge of downtown Montreal.

When I began researching the suspect, they were sharing only fifty or so articles of child pornography from their hard drive, but just a few days later that number was approaching a thousand videos and images.

Although there were also some Hollywood movies being shared on the device, there was no other piece of information available to identify this pedophile. Normally an IP address would give me a postal code with loads of different residents in many various buildings and then I have to start researching each property for clues. But on this occasion there was only one significant property assigned to that postal code.

At first I thought it was going to be a dead end. It was owned by a telecommunications company called Videotron. I assumed that the location was maybe a server farm or an exchange for the big Canadian ISP, but it wasn’t. It was the corporate head office of Videotron. It wasn’t an exchange and the local Videotron tower was only about a mile away, surely then that would mean this IP address is actually located inside the building? This whole situation smelled funky to me.

I had wrestled with myself over the suspects username since the beginning of this particular hunt. I’ve started to believe that pedophiles choose usernames, pseudonyms, and various other online descriptors as an extension of their individual pedophilic identities. But some users, usually those who fit the profile of a preferential pedophile, use their real first name. I don’t know if this is by mistake or if this is meant to project the offenders cockiness and contempt for wider society, but it’s useful for an investigator. This person’s username suggested that they were a female. I believed it to be an abbreviation of a French girls name, a relatively rare one in the western world. The username was Ghisl, potentially short for Ghislaine.

What would be the chances that this pedophile was actually named Ghislaine? How many of those are there? What if this was the most famous pedophile called Ghislaine on the entire globe!?

I made a fresh tea and decided that I would begin researching who was in charge of Videotron. The chairman of the board was a very interesting character. Brian Mulroney had become Prime Minister of Canada in September 1984 and stood down eight and a half years later. He came into power just as the Canadian parliament had authorised the creation of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service; Canada’s version of the CIA. He was known for being very close to the British establishment in his heyday and he was friends with both Margaret Thatcher and Robert Maxwell.

One of Brian Mulroney’s favourite anecdotes to tell is about how he was called to the Montreal Ritz one night as Robert Maxwell wanted to speak with him. Maxwell told Mulroney that there was a coup afoot and it will successfully end Thatcher’s reign as British PM. Brian Mulroney laughs out loud before saying that ‘it was the only time Robert Maxwell told me the truth’. It took hardly any time for me to find a connection between Brian Mulroney and the head of the Maxwell household, this called for a closer inspection of Videotron’s general history. – Johnny Vedmore

Please read Johnny’s full report as you need to see it with the accompanying screenshots to get the full picture.

There appear to be so many connections here, all over the globe that it is extremely difficult to keep track of it all. Every time one thread it pulled, 10 more seem to unravel in different directions. There was even a Mariah Carey connection:

Recall that Mariah’s own sister claims their mother was part of a satanic pedophile cult. She claims their mother tried to sell her out to a pimp when she was just 12 years old.

It seems that there are connections all over the globe. Mendelson was also named in the R.A.I.N.s (Ritual Abuse Information Network) List by Joan Coleman, in which survivors have named their alleged attackers, .

LawNurse has compiled a pretty compelling thread on Epstein and Maxwell and what kind of dirty tricks they may have been perpetrating.

She has some interesting theories on this.

Now there are ties to the Biden campaign via Larry Summers as well as the Hillary Clinton State Department:

How many other U.S. politicians and employees were targeted and compromised?

Why hasn’t Larry Summers been hauled in by the FBI for questioning?

Amazingly, no mainstream media “journalist” pressed Cindy McCain further on this statement.

BigFish is correct about the fact that Epstein and his ring are not partisan. Pedophiles can fall under all different colors of the politial spectrum. They appear to be an elite class that controls both of these main political parties from the top down via these blackmail operations. The appearance of “differences” between them are superficial at best.

When it comes down to it, the elite ruling class think they are above and beyond concepts like duality and the right-left paradigm. They see themselves as the alchemical solve et coagula – the “great work” that comes from the social engineering of such fake divisions. There is a literal and esoteric meaning behind this. The transmutation of base materials into Gold, and the philosophical transmutation of the individual and society. In the broadest meaning of the term, Solve means dissolve, disperse, dilute. Coagulate, by definition, is ‘to gather or form into a mass or group’. So, the esoteric and occult meaning of “Solve et Coagula” is the formula that the alchemists used to effect this transformation. The elites believe that through a process of breaking society down, they can transmute it into something new. This is why Epstein was obsessed with “human evolution” and transhumanism. The idea was always to keep the masses distracted and fighting among themselves, so they never look up to see who is pulling the strings.

Well, I for one am looking up now and won’t stop reporting what I uncover.

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