Vangelis, Requiescat in Pace

Vangelis, Requiescat in Pace

Yesterday, I learned that Vangelis has died. I had to catch my breath. I can remember as though it were yesterday going into the movie theatre on San Francisco’s Union Street to see a movie that interested me, but I knew little more about it than it was about the ’24 Olympics.

From the opening shot on the beach, the stunning music drew me into the story. I cannot remember EVER being so moved in response to a film’s soundtrack. The movie itself remains one of my favorites of all time and the music never fails to move me.

For weeks and weeks I gushed about the movie and the only one who ever truly got what I was trying to convey was my boss at the time, to whom I highly recommended the film. Bless him, a fellow hero worshipper, he saw and received the same message of triumph that I enjoyed. Moreover, he responded to the inspirational soaring of Vangelis’ music throughout the film.

In an atmosphere of immoral stances, political persuasion, compromising positions in the midst of the most unimaginable pressures to betray one’s integrity at the intersection of peak skill and the fealty to one’s faith, the triumph of two athletes is absolutely wondrous. It still moves me.

CHARIOTS OF FIRE, people. If you haven’t seen it, make it a point to do so!

BK Masterson, volunteer Editor in Chief at, an ardent Patriot and student of History, grew up in a small Eastern town during WWII and the Cold War. Her youth was filled with returning WWII veterans who had vanquished our enemies, came home, revitalized their hometowns, and created industries and families. God bless them all.

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