VOAT vs Nicole Junkermann: Mossad's Harvard Asset with Jeffrey Epstein

VOAT vs Nicole Junkermann: Mossad’s Harvard Asset with Jeffrey Epstein

Folks, I knew I was onto something after I first read Johnny Vedmore’s piece on Junkermann for The Swamp, and it lined up with some of my own observations after going through the flight manifest of Jeffrey Epstein and beginning to map his inner circle. You can read my first piece here, and Johhny’s here.

Johnny has been threatened for his brave reporting on this matter and he has some bombshell information coming out soon. After Johnny’s initial report on Junkermann came out, as well as my own and a couple of other courageous researchers reporting something interesting started to happen.

Junkermann’s dated YouTube channel which didn’t have a lot of videos on it had its comment section locked down. Then within the past several days it started uploading short video clips. It’s almost as if we are watching them attempt to craft her background online in real time.

Of course we also have the MEGA connection:

Speaking of the New York Post:

Of course, all of this is probably just a weird coincidence…

Please see Bill Smith’s video below, that details how the alphabet agencies are now in overdrive trying to craft and curate a false online paper-trail to cover their now outed potential asset:

This story is still developing. Also, the writer is not depressed, or suicidal or taking any ‘breaks’ from reporting any time soon…

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BK Masterson
4 years ago

Terrific deducting! Good for you, Radix Verum, for your excellent digs! You’re bringing important information to your audience of Patriots. Here’s hoping for more and more would-be Patriots coming here to find out the TRUTH!!!