What Am I Missing?

What Am I Missing?

 ~~ with sweetdreams143

A conversation between two PSB stalwarts has occasioned this message to many among us who have momentary lapses into the wobbles concerning the ultimate resolution of the current struggle between long-suffering and patient Patriots and the infiltrator and home-grown Insurgents.

Over the years, Jim Gerarty’s “Morning Jolt” has been an occasional read. This morning I was taken aback, and by surprise, at his latest.

If you put your faith in President Trump’s claim of a presidential election stolen through massive alteration of votes through the use of voting software, and in the legal skills of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, I am sorry to tell you that you have been conned.

… Ask yourself, if what Giuliani and Powell are claiming is true, why is the Trump campaign not even making the accusation in court? Why are they not presenting evidence? Link

I decided to poll some SmartyPants I know for their take on it:


What do you all think of this? I am often on the same side as Gerarty’s “Morning Jolt” but this is one jolt too far for me. What am I missing? I find his take on the situation very disturbing.


I just scanned but in my opinion, there are too many holes in his prepared ‘sermon’.

I see a huge problem with ‘real’ journalists vs. citizen journalists.

Citizen journalist have had to step outside of the echo chamber and learn to verify facts in an unconventional way. Twitter, for instance. News breaks on Twitter minutes, hours, sometimes even a day before it catches on in the conservative mainstream news, yet, some refuse to lower their standards to utilize this very effective tool.

Half of what he espouses as fact in this article has already been refuted on Twitter this morning.

And while I’m griping, here’s another one.

The journalists who DO utilize Twitter to get their leads, almost NEVER cite their source. They want to disparage Q and this movement while gleaning information from people who follow Q. They’d like to take credit for being ‘brilliant’ and to the people who don’t know what’s going on they may be but I know for a FACT where the source of that information came from. They have plausible deniability by being able to say they don’t follow Q but they troll people who do. They’re pissed that we’re better at doing their job and we do it for free.

Sorry. My tolerance level is zero for hypocrites right now.


Thanks, Dreamy! When I find myself so diametrically opposed to someone who once held my regard, I feel obligated to figure out which of us is off course. Everything you say is on point and I agree. Which leads me to my very first response to my initial: What am I missing?

The answer is: Q. Absent Q, I’d probably be nodding my head while reading Jolt this morning.

Those two msgs above are a solid basis for an article for PSB, methinks!

To which Dreamy replied, “ … a very good point – BUT FOR Q … “ Precisely!

So many of us are navigating somewhat shakily between informed patience and unstructured impatience. Many of us have trained for a few years now for this role of citizens journalists we’ve assumed. It has become very important that we support each other and continue to stay centered and steady. Every day we see how critical the need will be for Patriots who can without histrionics speak to the intricacies of this multi-pronged effort:

Restoration the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

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