What is Nationalism?

What is Nationalism?

The first definition of Nationalism at dictionary.com is the “spirit or aspirations common to a whole nation.” The second definition is “devotion and loyalty to one’s own country; patriotism.” We get into deep water with the third definition where Nationalism is defined as “excessive patriotism, chauvinism.”

The globalists ignore the first and second definitions of Nationalism which are good and wholesome. Instead they focus on the third definition of chauvinism. What is dangerous or evil about having aspirations and even ethics that are common to a whole nation and showing patriotism which is nothing more than having loyalty to one’s nation? However, it appears the globalist Left’s vocabulary is limited and they don’t know the word chauvinism; all they know is the dog whistle word, racism. So they lie and name anyone who is patriotic or interested in the needs and aspirations of the United States, racists.

For America, Nationalism, by definition, cannot be racism as we are a nation of many races. The spirit and aspirations of Nationalism are common to the whole nation and in our case, all races of people. Out of many, we are one nation. Those Americans who are racists, therefore, are not Nationalists in the United States. They are tribalists. They are loyal only to their own tribe within the United States; they are not loyal to the common good of the United States.

However, we can be chauvinistic by asserting our power unjustly over other people, cultures and nations. The imposition of our culture and demands on other nations (ie, gay rights and abortion or threats of endless wars) is the territory of globalists in power and in the State Department. What could be more chauvinistic than globalist Hillary Clinton’s State Department sentiments noted by Michael Krieger, Shortly after the NATO-led war which ousted Libyan Leader Muammar el-Qaddafi, then Hillary Clinton ebulliently boasted with a characteristic sociopathic giddiness, the following on network television, ‘We came, we saw, he died’.” Hillary is not a Nationalist; she has no loyalty to America nor to the soldiers she sent to die in Obama’s wars. Rather she is loyal to using America for global power and control over nations, cultures and people. Globalists are chauvinistic.

In reality chauvinism sounds and acts a lot more like Globalism than Nationalism in the United States. Globalists within US government have assigned the role of the world’s policeman to the United States so they could enforce their social, political and economic will on the countries of the world. Nationalism sounds more like Trump’s “Make American Great Again” agenda and looks more like the patriotism of his supporters. Finally, in the United States, racism is neither Nationalism nor Globalism; it is purely tribalism. It comes in all colors. If America were purely racist we would be a nation of tribes warring against itself and its well being.  Clearly we are not a Nation of tribalism – unless globalists get their way. For divide and conquer is the way of globalism.

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