What is QAnon?

What is QAnon?

Discussing the political and activist landscape recently in a back and forth with a Tea Party Patriot friend of about a dozen years, our conversation prompted this response: “I gotta tell you if this has ANYTHING to do w/ QAnon, it’s just not my bag….” I responded with a rundown of the purpose and mission of Patriots’ Soapbox, both the 24/7 livestream (dlive.TV/PSB) and the news site PatriotsSoapbox.com, hoping to explain the emphasis on fresh news, independent journalism and research of our nation and the world.

When she answered this, I was propelled to write up my sensibilities on this issue.  “I remember we had a talk about QAnon long before ‘they’ became a national phenom,” she wrote back. “I had my suspicions then and so while I have no problem w/ restoring the constitutional Republic bec that is my bag, again, if it has anything to do w QAnon I’m not comfortable with that. I’m not really sure what to make of your response below.

What follows is pretty much my stream of consciousness answer to a query that comes up more and more often these days as people become more aware of the corruption that’s been going on for decades.  For those of us researching and studying the material for nearly four years now, there are no short answers. The amount of information we’ve poured over is so voluminous, it requires a lot of thought to distill it into digestible bites for the uninitiated. Nevertheless, this was my response to my friend (with minor adjustments):

Yes, I can see that,” I wrote back to her not knowing what to make of my initial response. Admittedly it did not directly address the ‘QAnon’ nomenclature. I proceeded: “I’m not sure how to answer you, either. But I will take a whack at it.


Herein lies the issue to arriving at any answer. First of all, there is no QAnon. There WAS Q, an anonymous poster on 8kun. And there are plenty of Anons, a nickname adopted by the anonymous posters on that forum and others, many lifelong researchers in the area of public corruption at the federal level, therefore wanting anonymity. At that time, they largely adopted their favorite identity of Patriot, as much of what they were learning was the degree of deviation from the Founders and the Constitution to be found in the former several administrations. And largely they were Trump supporters, though certainly not all. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of INDEPENDENT people, just trying to understand how and when we went off the rails, and all of this from their computers. Were some of them off their rockers? Probably, it IS a free forum. But the real gems on that forum were the autists whose single-minded research was invaluable to unearthing despicable crimes.

Those anons were digging up info and documents from open source materials, creating a great deal of interest in the research and spreading the word in the new positive era of the Trump administration, after having signed on (so to speak) to help “Drain the Swamp.” People were beginning to talk about it and ask questions themselves. The legitimacy of their inquiry is validated by the immediate concerted effort launched to pulverize anyone engaged in the revelations into a heap of ridiculed absurdities.

The Main Stream Media (MSM), propaganda masters of the first order, have done a great job of casting all sorts of aspersions on anyone who even just read a Q post. In collusion with the Deep State and the Left, anyone who was seriously researching the queries raised, would have their entire apparatus subjected first to ridicule, then lies. They’re very good at it. Of course, more than a few wackos, exploiters and grifters among them made it very easy to tar all with the same brush.

And then federal operatives infiltrated some grassroots Patriot organizations, steering some people into illegal actions, culminating in the Jan 6 op which has now been exposed as a clear FBI/CIA op to create a false flag hoping for lots of injuries and maybe deaths, all of which they would blame on Trump. There are innocent people in DC jail (operated by contractors) who are there having their basic rights completely denied, all because they trusted very very good Federal operatives playing a role for the government to be able to exploit. And have they ever!!!

And in the meantime, there are millions like me who are just Patriots trying hard to maneuver people to pay attention and understand what is at stake, one person at a time. That’s what we do on the PSB sites.

Clearly an Information War had been ramped up. There is so much misinformation and disinformation — from good guys AND bad guys. We dig, research, scan stories of evil no one else wants to even think about much less read about, and we inform those who are just beginning to wake up. Every day several thousand show up on our streams and drop story links and/or ask questions, debunk false stories, vet the truth and discuss the news of the day, find info they can act upon … all the stuff that any thinking citizen would probably do.

But … if you search PSB, Patriots’ Soapbox, Radix Verum, PamphletAnon on Google (the worst of the skewed Tech search engines) you will not know any of that. Because the people who are perpetrating all this communist evil on our freedom loving populace are very busy projecting onto us, precisely what they are doing. The Left is a gang of cultists marching in lockstep. Believe me, just trying to get dozens of volunteer Patriots all on the same page mechanically is like herding cats! No cultists here I can tell you! Puh-lenty of doubters and diggers, though.

In fact, Patriots’ Soapbox is so much more than a quick ‘website’ description portrays. To more fully describe PSB, I turn to a recent Gab post by Radix Verum:

A couple words about @PatriotsSoapbox

There is no other platform like it on the right, on our side. It’s been live 24/7 since Jan. of 2018. It started with a 5-year-old laptop held together with a popsicle stick and tape. It has grown into a 24/7 channel, with shows in 2 hr blocks. We have a training program to teach people how to broadcast and use all the equipment required. We pair new hosts who just graduated host training with more established hosts to learn the ropes. We built a newsroom that pulls in articles from numerous sources and provides a backroom for writing and a full suite publishing platform. We have a training program for writing and associate editors. We have an established audience around the world that new hosts/writers have the opportunity to speak to. We advertise on our limited budget. We provide audio and video archives. We have had all kinds of guests on, especially those running for office. We were de-platformed and banned everywhere in 2019 for allowing people to speak without censorship. We aren’t even allowed on Subscribe Star a patreon “alternative”.

We have attempted to provide an alternative to MSM shitfactories like CNN, NBC but also FOX. We are the only ones, as far as I know that have built a platform and foundation like this and have sustained it. It has cost us a lot personally, financially and emotionally.

Different people are at different stages in the awakening process. PSB hosts have different opinions and backgrounds. Anyone can volunteer and get involved. Our vision is to eventually create an APP and to be able to run more ads to get more folks aware of us. We promote other content creators, and get their permission to share their work and we give out their links.

We have done this on literally a shoestring budget, with nothing behind a paywall. We put it all out for free. All our hosts volunteer their time, they even invest their own money into making their shows better. We have no sponsors or anything.

Imagine what we could do with a little bit more funding. We could really create a viable alternative to Fox News and the MSM. Please support the channel and all of our hosts, writers and volunteers.

As I told my friend, “we stand at a helluva crossroads. And it’s not always easy to know the good guys from the bad guys. It’s Informational Warfare, thankfully not a kinetic war, but warfare all the same. So, as we always say … you have to discern for yourselves, do your own research and be careful who you follow.

“So, after all that, you tell me, after taking a look at our news site … does this have anything to do with QAnon? At bottom, I believe we’re on the same fundamental page. The truth is just that. The TRUTH. I wish I were young enough to be more active. But I do hope to see the beginnings of the restoration.”

The ensuing facts that have played out in these nearly four years would indicate that many benchmark messages left on that public forum over a few years, are rock solid, having been borne out by research and detective work of the first order, all by ‘amateur’ researchers. Quite a legacy is being formed here.

Deprived of our authentic history, many people are unaware that this crossroads is at least as critical as that facing the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. It took eight long bloody years, from the Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ to Attack of Rice’s Fort to wrest victory from the battle with a far superior force.

At this juncture in our history, once again American Patriots are called to rally behind anyone who will meet this current challenge with a single-minded purpose of our time, TO RESTORE AND PRESERVE THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

‘Meet at the barricades’ has morphed into ‘man the keyboards’ to hasten the awakening of We The People. Today, wherever people gather the message is being delivered by Patriots at town halls, school boards, public speaking engagements and most importantly, ballot boxes.

We fervently hope that we will see plenty more of this Great Awakening on the path of what I can only refer to as the Restoration of the Republic.


BK Masterson, volunteer Editor in Chief at PSB.com, an ardent Patriot and student of History, grew up in a small Eastern town during WWII and the Cold War. Her youth was filled with returning WWII veterans who vanquished our enemies, came home, revitalized their hometowns, and created industries and families. God bless them all.

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