Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Israel Caught Funding Evangelical Christians...

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Israel Caught Funding Evangelical Christians…

September 3, 2020 – Stunning news has recently been uncovered by a group of Israeli journalists called Seventh Eye, who had filed a FOIA request with the Israeli government. The documents that were provided show how money is given to Christian Evangelical groups in the United States to disseminate pro Israel messaging.

These groups do not appear to have registered as foreign agents of influence, as is required by United States law, when lobbying on behalf of another nation for their foreign policy goals. I have written before of Israeli domination of U.S. foreign policy, and the incredible web of organizations and groups working together around the world on behalf of Israel.

TruNews has been converting the Israeli government documents obtained by Seventh Eye from Hebrew into English, and they have come up with several familiar names. One among them is John Hagee, a prominent pastor and founder of the group “Christians United for Israel” or CUFI. Another notable name is that of Laurie Cardoza-Moore and her organization “Proclaim Justice to the Nations” or PJTN.

The whole idea behind John Hagee’s Christian Zionism is to align America with the nation of Israel so as to “hurry God up” in His efforts to bring about Armageddon, according to the Pastor. This idea that humans can force God’s hand, is not a new one. The cult of Sabbatean Frankists believed in a similar ideology.
In an article entitled “What’s Behind the Frankist-Sabbatean Movement and Its Cult of the Evil?” Antony Mueller posits the following:

Do what you want, and you will be saved. That is the message of Frankism, a cult which originated in the 18th century and has followers until our present days. The nihilist religion of Frankism preaches ‘redemption through sin’. This doctrine of ‘the sacred sin’ demands to annihilate moral religion or any other ethical belief system. If we cannot be saints, let us all be sinners.

The ‘true way’ of the ‘believers’ is going the path of the evil in order to redeem oneself and humankind. Frankism praises the redemptive powers of destruction to bring deliverance to the world.

Did the founder of this movement, Jacob Frank (1726–91) foresee what should come in the centuries after him when he said of himself that ‘wherever I set foot all will be destroyed, for I came into this world only to destroy and to annihilate’? Are the Frankists the secret ruler of the modern world?

The name ‘Frankism’ comes from the founder of this movement, Jacob Frank. He was the most radical representative of the Sabbatian movement, which, according to the great rabbinical scholar, Golem Scholem, has shattered the world of traditional Judaism beyond repair.

Frankism goes back to Sabbatai Sevi (1626–76), known as the ‘False Messiah’ of the 17th century. Sevi (sometimes also written Zevi or Zvi) was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1626. He proclaimed himself as the new Messiah and gained a huge following in Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. At the peak of his fame and popularity, Sabbatai asked the Turkish Sultan to hand him over Jerusalem. Yet the ruler of the Ottoman Empire confronted Sevi with the alternative of choosing either to be executed or convert to Islam. When Sabbatai chose not to die as a martyr, he consequently lost his influence and respect among his followers. Sabbatai Sevi died in obscurity in Montenegro in 1676.

One hundred years later, Jacob Frank revived the Sabbatian cult with the claim that he is the ‘true’ new Messiah. In the Eastern European world at that time which longed for deliverance, his message aroused an enthusiastic fellowship. Frankism became a mass movement, fed by the burning desire of his followers to construct a new world order.

Frankism promotes the double negativity to deny the world through nihilism in order to save it. The cult follows the mystical tradition of the Kabbala. After the great shock of being expelled from the Iberian Peninsula towards the end of the 15th century, Judaism suffered another blow from the waves of deadly pogroms in Eastern Europe, particularly in Poland and the Ukraine in 1648 and 1649.

Mystical movements arose and fought against rationalism that came with the enlightenment. The overall mental confusion of the age provided the ground for messianic movements. Like his predecessor Sabbatai Sevi, Jacob Frank preached purification through transgression. The desecration of what is considered to be holy, such as the Talmud or the Bible, and by performing orgiastic rituals, the human downfall must become so severe that God has no longer an alternative than saving the world. – Antony Mueller

It constitutes a form of heresy, and end times Messianism. This is the same kind of heresy coming out of the mouth of the wolf John Hagee, who promotes anti-Christian ideas, like a preemptive nuclear strike against Iran. They seek to hasten the end times, which goes against everything the Lord taught us. He alone knows the date and time, it is not for us to decide.

The Jewish Forward has written about the recent revelations in a report “US Pro Israel Groups Didn’t Disclose Grants from Israeli Government” that examines the information received via FOIA:

More than half of all American states have passed laws designed to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. No advocacy group was more important to this push than the Israel Allies Foundation, an American non-profit that supports a network of pro-Israel legislators across the globe.

It was the IAF that in 2014 connected a South Carolina politician with an Israeli legal scholar who drafted the first bill to ban state agencies from contracting with entities that boycott Israel.

After that law passed in South Carolina in 2015, the IAF successfully lobbied for nearly-identical anti-BDS bills in 25 other states, including Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Now the group is backing another bill, which has already passed in South Carolina and Florida and been introduced in six more states, which would change civil-rights codes to define antisemitism to include anti-Zionism.

Public records obtained by The Forward show that the Israeli government approved a grant of more than $100,000 to the Israel Allies Foundation in 2019. The IAF has not disclosed this or any previous Israeli grants to the United States government, in possible violation of laws requiring American political advocacy groups to disclose foreign-government contributions.

The IAF, which reported $1.4 million in revenue in 2018 and features a testimonial on its website from Vice President Mike Pence, did not respond to four emails seeking comment.

It is one of 11 American groups that received Israeli government funds, according to the documents, which show that the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs and a quasi-governmental organization it created have given at least $6.6 million to U.S. organizations since 2018. These grants, along with millions more that went to groups in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Israel itself, were to further the country’s public diplomacy efforts, particularly against BDS.

The Israeli government’s gifts to pro-Israel American entities — including more than $1 million each to Christians United for Israel and Aish Hatorah’s Hasbara Fellowships — were publicly unknown until the last few weeks, after a politician not from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party took over the ministry and dropped its longstanding stance against releasing its public records.

According to the Israeli documents, most of the grants to the American organizations were intended to send those groups’ members — and selected guests — on chartered trips to Israel, which often included meetings with Israeli officials. Spending these funds abroad, rather than inside the United States, may have allowed them to avoid onerous federal disclosure requirements designed to thwart foreign influence campaigns.

But documents also suggest that some of those trips included instructions for pro-Israel advocacy back home — in statehouses and on college campuses — which legal experts say may expose not just the recipient groups but also anyone who went on their trips to fines and even prosecution for violating disclosure rules.

The documents, which include financial spreadsheets, government memoranda and the minutes of official meetings, were released after a Freedom of Information Act request by the Israeli Freedom of Information Movement and the Israeli news website The Seventh Eye , and shared with the Forward.

Many foreign countries try to influence U.S. policy and public opinion, and Israel is no exception. But lobbyists paid by foreign governments are required to register with the Department of Justice and disclose whom they work for, whom they meet with or write to, how much they’re being paid, even what’s printed on their pamphlets.

The law that governs this activity is the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA. It was passed in the 1930s to thwart pro-Nazi propaganda conducted by Americans who were secretly supported by the Third Reich. It exists so that the public can know ‘whose benefit people are acting on behalf of,’ said Amos Jones, a Washington lawyer who specializes in FARA cases.

Many American political advocacy groups reject foreign-government donations, both to avoid accusations of foreign influence and to avoid the cumbersome FARA disclosure process. – The Forward

This should disturb any American and Christian, because these groups were not being transparent about taking money from the Israeli government. Christians attending the services of Pastor Hagee had no idea that perhaps the reason he is so pro-Israel is because he is paid to be. This creates the appearance of great deception and gives regular Christian churches a bad name. One thing that was uncovered was the use of shell companies like Concert, and other seemingly deceptive ways to get around U.S. Law.

Some of the things being offered, avoiding direct payments, are items like all-expense paid trips to Israel and other lavish places, offers of scholarships to Ivy League schools for children of targets, and positions at high-paying Washington DC think tanks. These are all contributions in kind, even as they are absent a direct payment from the Israeli government. They are loopholes and grey areas that avoid having to register as agents of influence.

Israel is directly influencing U.S. Law, via these kinds of influence operations.

Again, this information should disturb any American, as it increasingly appears that our elected officials are being bribed or blackmailed into submission.

These mega church pastors are being highly deceptive, leading their flock into heresy and eventually their own self destruction. We have been warned that sometimes the worst and most evil people are those you have been taught to trust the most.

We are called to follow the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not the profane ideas of wicked men. This is spiritual wickedness in high places and we have been warned about the coming end times deception in scripture. We must guard against those seeking to mislead our fellow Christians. The Bible warns, the time is quickly coming when we will see the rise of the Anti-Christ, and that even the Elect would be deceived. Let us not be among them.

Further Reading

For more information on this subject, please see the following:

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  2. Pastor John Hagee Scandal” by Joel Gross.
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  4. The Sabbatean Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Exposed” by Clifford Shack.
  5. Sabbatean-Frankism as the Paradigm of the Modern Left” by the Rebbe Blog.

The Final Words of David Goldberg:

This story is still developing, please check back for update. 

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2 years ago

Please be careful…. They have six ways to The Sabbath to get back at you!

2 years ago

I love you, Radix. Enjoy your research and what you guys are doing. I have seen a lot more than most in this journey with God. I am not seeing what you are trying to connect here, but i will say i have had serious reservations about trunews and have for quite a while. I do not say that lightly.… Read more »

A Miracle
A Miracle
2 years ago

Israel is the apple of God the father’s eye, that is biblical truth, however, men trying to hasten events with filthy lucre, preaching for hire & leading their flock astray is rebellion, likened to witchcraft & iniquity in their hearts. Well written Radix!