YouTube Censors Information About Jeffrey Epstein's Matrix of Power

YouTube Censors Information About Jeffrey Epstein’s Matrix of Power

I have just been informed that one of my most recent shows about Jeffrey Epstein, his connections to multiple intelligence agencies and powerful people in politics, media and academia has been officially censored by the folks at YouTube: 

This show in no way contains anything that condones violence…
Notice the vague language and how they fail to point out what exactly in the video violates these opaque and one-sided hate speech policies… For the record – the video in question makes clear that we do not target any particular group for any reason. Evil has no demographic.
As you can see, this is how YouTube tries to target independent content creators and how they try to force you to self-censor so that criminals who perpetrate violence against children do not get exposed…
Anyone who is familiar with our content knows that we do not condone violence of any kind, unlike YouTube who apparently seeks as part of their corporate policy – to protect perpetrators of child sex abuse and trafficking…
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Del Lewis
3 years ago

(My first post on PSB dot com!)

I’m hoping [and guessing in the affirmative] that the video has been posted elsewhere?

Have a great day!

3 years ago

The powers that be (Deep State, MSM, Uniparty) can NOT win by going head to head with alternative views. Therefore they resort to shutting us up! If people can’t hear the alternative voices, then they will just go along with the MSM viewpoint. Well that may be true for some but not for all. Some of us can think for… Read more »