2020 Presidential Election Results Still Uncertain

2020 Presidential Election Results Still Uncertain

By: Breeauna Sagdal

Within hours of Arizona and Michigan being prematurely called for Joe Biden, reports began flooding in of Sharpie pens having been handed out to Republican voters at the polls. A video, seen here on social media, quickly spread like wildfire. Arizona Republican voters are sharing their stories of Sharpie pens given, rather than regular ballpoint pens. What’s the concern, you might ask? These same voters were also told later that their ballots no longer counted as the Sharpie pens bleed through and invalidate ballots.

However, according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, “New offset columns on the ballots means bleed through won’t impact your vote!” Reported by ABC news early Thursday morning, November 5th.

Patriots’ Soapbox does some digging to bring you exclusive new information.

David B Hodshire of Maricopa County recounts being given “a black fine print Sharpie,” when he was sent to another city to cast his vote. Rather than vote in his hometown, Hodshire was sent to Surprise City Hall, in order to vote.

Zarifa Masoud of Wayne County, Michigan is a registered Republican in District 33, who cast her vote at Howard Elementary School in Dearborn. Masoud states: “I used a black Sharpie marker at the polls. It was the only pen there in the booth and come to find out today that my vote didn’t count.”

Masoud goes on to explain:

I originally registered as an absentee ballot but when I came in and presented my license and name,  they indicated that they needed to make a phone call….after about 10 minutes waiting,  I was authorized to complete my ballot. I had to fill out a form to give a reason why I did not turn in my absentee ballot and from there, I went to the booth to cast my vote. Perhaps it’s a standard protocol?

Masoud has been trying to contact the Michigan Secretary of State’s office since yesterday, trying to learn more about protocol, and if her party affiliation might have been divulged in that phone call. Nobody is answering, and she’s yet to receive a response.

Patriots’ Soapbox has also tried contacting the Michigan Secretary of State office at the only number listed +1888.767.6424, every option routes to a voicemail system, completely overloaded, unable to record new voicemails. The phone lines are busy, and claim that the office “is currently experiencing a high call volume,” then hangs up on the caller.

Facebook “fact checkers” are already hard at work to discount the Sharpie issue, which is at best premature, until a full review is completed. Similarly, the state of Oregon was called early in the night of November 3 for Joe Biden, but is still counting ballots per newly implemented Covid-19 guidelines.

Americans are feeling uneasy about this election. Hundreds have taken to the streets in Portland. Last night, Oregon Governor Kate Brown deployed the Oregon National Guard, for the first time in 160 days of rioting. According to Brown’s press release this morning November 5th, a riot was declared, and the National Guard deployed, in order to protect the city from “anarchist” rioters.

In other news,

an anonymous mail carrier with the United States Postal Department (USPS) has reportedly revealed to Project Veritas that he and his colleagues were ordered by one of his superiors to backdate mail considered too late to be counted, in a bid to unsettle the entire vote counting process. The whistleblower’s claims are reportedly being investigated, according to Project Veritas.

Masoud says she feels disheartened by the outcome of this election.

This has exposed them to a side of corruption and indecency. The polls have not been accurate and there is a definitive reason to believe that fraudulent ballots and activity took place.

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