Bellingcat: NATO & Intel Backed War Propaganda Masquerading as Open Source Journalism

Bellingcat: NATO & Intel Backed War Propaganda Masquerading as Open Source Journalism

March 30, 2021 – Recently Bellingcat has been awarded an Emmy award for its so-called “groundbreaking” open source journalism. Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat has been paraded around the mainstream media, being held up as an expert and a paragon of journalistic integrity.

Bellingcat has set its sights on “far right extremists,” using so-called open source intelligence to “assist” U.S. intelligence and law enforcement. They have been smearing patriots and conservatives as “far right extremists” and claim anyone who has researched “Qanon” is a “domestic terrorist.” their modus operandi appears to be to tie “Qanon” to Russia.

Peel back the curtain and evidence emerges that Bellingcat is attached to UK spooks, operating as a pro-war NATO propaganda outlet. They are very interested in helping the U.S. intelligence community justify its new “domestic war on terror” characterized by taking all the extreme and inhumane tools developed during the Global War on Terror, and turning them inward against the American people.

If you are old enough to recall, some of the excesses of the GWOT included the assassination of Reuters journalists as depicted in the ‘Collateral Murder’ video leaked to Wikileaks by Chelsea Manning. Their toolkit included “extraordinary rendition” (kidnapping), “enhanced interrogation” (psychological and physical torture), “indefinite detention” (rounding up and holding people without charging a crime), all while disregarding any sort of lawful due process.

Bellingcat is at the forefront of championing the use of these horrific and inhumane, unconstitutional powers against U.S. dissidents, under the guise of “anti-extremism” measures. They call for the “re-education” of wrong thinkers, aka “de-radicalization.” No one has paused to ask, whose interests are being promoted by these so-called “journalists” at Bellingcat.

Looking at some incredible real reporting about Bellingcat, the curtain begins to fall, and what we see is a western intel/NATO- backed cutout masquerading as open source journalism. By  undermining the journalistic profession, this ruse then allows propaganda by Bellingcat and others to influence the American public, on behalf of the Military-intelligence Industrial Complex, decades old and seldom challenged.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his January 1961 farewell address warned of his concern over the then-new collaboration of a standing military and an industry supplying it and the ability for its misuse.

In February of 2017, Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat claimed they had received money from the following sources, including Open Society Foundation (George Soros) and National Endowment for Democracy, aka NED (The CIA).

NED of course is tied to the CIA, conducting operations that are forbidden by law for the CIA to carry out themselves. So they circumvent the law and employ these cutouts to act on their behalf.

The Atlantic Council is a NATO-backed think tank, which funds Bellingcat to publish what appears to be pro-war propaganda.

Aaron Mate of The Grayzone recently published an article entitled Bellingcaught: Who is the mysterious author of Bellingcat’s attacks on OPCW whistleblower? exposing the outlet as a propaganda rag.

The website Bellingcat promotes itself as a collective of digital sleuths who ‘pledge allegiance to truth and evidence and abide by the principles of transparency and accountability.’ Its self-described ‘groundbreaking investigations,’ especially those aimed at Russia and Syria, have led to fawning Western media endorsements of its claim to be an ‘intelligence agency for the people.’ 

But Bellingcat’s carefully crafted public image as an ‘open source’ outlet is belied by its extensive NATO government ties and a conspicuous pattern of conduct in line with its state sponsors’ interests. Bellingcat has hauled in grants from the National Endowment for Democracy, a US government-funded CIA cutout. Leaked documents reported by The Grayzone revealed that Bellingcat has collaborated with a UK Foreign Office operation that aims to ‘weaken Russia.’ 

Bellingcat has also been a regular source of interventionist material on Syria, the target of a decade-long, multi-billion dollar proxy war waged by the US, UK, and their allies. This includes participating in a nearly two-year campaign to whitewash a scandal at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) — one of the most shocking and well-documented pro-war deceptions since the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

A series of leaks has exposed how top OPCW officials censored findings which undermined US-led allegations of a Syrian government chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma in April 2018. Together with its NATO state sponsors, Bellingcat has worked to bury the cover-up and denigrate two OPCW whistleblowers who challenged it from the inside. 

Bellingcat’s disinformation efforts resulted in an embarrassing debacle late last year, when the outlet was caught publishing fraudulent material about one of the dissenting OPCW scientists.  

Now, emails obtained by The Grayzone reveal that Bellingcat has engaged in more subterfuge than was previously known.

Messages sent months before the ‘Bellingcat Investigation Team’ released its bogus article show that Bellingcat was not the sole author of the now-discredited piece published in its name. It also was not the first one.

The communications show that someone outside the Bellingcat organization composed portions of the fraudulent material that ultimately appeared on Bellingcat’s website. An external author even drafted questions that Bellingcat sent to multiple recipients. Bellingcat’s duplicitous conduct took place in the midst of a poorly coordinated effort involving HuffPost UK and the BBC – two outlets that also enjoy close ties to the British state. 

The target of the Bellingcat-led smear campaign is Dr. Brendan Whelan, a 16-year OPCW veteran and member of the mission that deployed to Syria in April 2018 to investigate the alleged chemical attack in  Douma. 

The Douma team failed to find any evidence of chemical weapons use, shattering the pretext for the US, UK, and French airstrikes on Damascus that same month. But the investigators’ original report was doctored and suppressed, an act of censorship that Whelan protested in an email which was subsequently leaked along with other damning internal OPCW documents

The leaks also revealed how the Douma inspectors were sidelined from the probe following Whelan’s protest, leading to a final report that excluded their critical findings. That report, released in March 2019, reached the unsupported conclusion that there were ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe that chlorine gas was used in Douma, aligning with the US-led narrative of Syrian government culpability. 

Last October, over a year after the cover-up became public, Bellingcat claimed to have obtained a ‘draft version’ of an OPCW letter sent to Whelan that disproved all of his concerns. The Grayzone quickly demonstrated that Bellingcat’s ‘letter’ was a sham. 

When The Grayzone obtained the real OPCW letter sent to Whelan, it contained none of Bellingcat’s distorted text. The Bellingcat letter claimed that new scientific ‘methods’ had found ‘chlorinated pinene compounds’ in Douma wood samples that proved chlorine gas use. It also stated that Russia and Syria had secretly accepted the OPCW’s conclusions. However, the OPCW’s own published documents undermined both assertions.

Bellingcat has refused to explain the fraud that it perpetrated. Nick Waters, a Bellingcat staffer who was directly involved in producing the anonymously bylined story, deleted embarrassing tweets in which he gloated about his fake scoop. Since then, Waters has ignored queries from The Grayzone.

Bellingcat has now been caught in another act of deception. 

Emails obtained by The Grayzone show that at least eight months before Bellingcat published its fraudulent article impugning the OPCW whistleblower, a staffer for HuffPost UK pursued the same story. He is Chris York, a writer responsible for a consistent stream of attacks on prominent critics of the official story of Syrian government responsibility for a chemical attack in Douma – an odd niche for a reporter who scarcely mentioned Syria before 2017. 

In one such email, York claimed to be on the verge of publication. Then, for some reason, he pulled back. 

Bellingcat not only published the story that York claimed he was about to release, but used text that was identical to his in their final product.

In its October 2020 article, Bellingcat quoted the letter that it claimed the OPCW had leaked. A side-by-side comparison of Bellingcat’s transcription of the letter in its article to the screenshot of the letter that it also published reveals two errors: a typographical error, and an omission of one definite article that appears in the original screenshot. 

These errors were not made by Bellingcat. Instead, three months earlier, on July 27, Chris York of HuffPostUK sent an email to Wikileaks containing the same two errors in otherwise identical text. – The Grayzone

This article makes some very disturbing claims, not the least of which is that Bellingcat is actually working for state sponsors in a deliberate plan to “weaken Russia” on behalf of NATO. Why is the firm being promoted all across western mainstream media outlets as experts in online open source journalism, despite its ties to the UK Foreign Office?

Max Blumenthal, also of the Grayzone has also reported on this, and has obtained exclusive documents from a whistleblower, Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal.” But even more disturbing, the documents demonstrate that Reuters and the BBC are also working as intelligence contractors conducting information warfare.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have sponsored Reuters and the BBC to conduct a series of covert programs aimed at promoting regime change inside Russia and undermining its government across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, according to a series of leaked documents.

The leaked materials show the Thomson Reuters Foundation and BBC Media Action participating in a covert information warfare campaign aimed at countering Russia. Working through a shadowy department within the UK FCO known as the Counter Disinformation & Media Development (CDMD), the media organizations operated alongside a collection of intelligence contractors in a secret entity known simply as ‘the Consortium.’

Through training programs of Russian journalists overseen by Reuters, the British Foreign Office sought to produce an ‘attitudinal change in the participants,’ promoting a ‘positive impact’ on their ‘perception of the UK.’

‘These revelations show that when MPs were railing about Russia, British agents were using the BBC and Reuters to deploy precisely the same tactics that politicians and media commentators were accusing Russia of using,’ Chris Williamson, a former UK Labour MP who attempted to apply public scrutiny to the CDMD’s covert activities and was stonewalled on national security grounds, told The Grayzone.

‘The BBC and Reuters portray themselves as an unimpeachable, impartial, and authoritative source of world news,’ Williamson continued, ‘but both are now hugely compromised by these disclosures. Double standards like this just bring establishment politicians and corporate media hacks into further disrepute.’

Thomson Reuters Foundation spokesperson Jenny Vereker implicitly confirmed the authenticity of the leaked documents in an emailed response to questions from The Grayzone. However, she contended, ‘The inference that the Thomson Reuters Foundation was engaged in ‘secret activities’ is inaccurate and misrepresents our work in the public interest. We have for decades openly supported a free press and have worked to help journalists globally to develop the skills needed to report with independence.’

The batch of leaked files closely resembles UK FCO-related documents released between 2018 and 2020 by a hacking collective calling itself Anonymous. The same source has claimed credit for obtaining the latest round of documents.

The Grayzone reported in October 2020 on leaked materials released by Anonymous which exposed a massive propaganda campaign funded by the UK FCO to cultivate support for regime change in Syria. Soon after, the Foreign Office claimed its computer systems had been penetrated by hackers, thus confirming their authenticity.

The new leaks illustrate in alarming detail how Reuters and the BBC – two of the largest and most distinguished news organizations in the world – attempted to answer the British foreign ministry’s call for help in improving its ‘ability to respond and to promote our message across Russia,’ and to ‘counter the Russian government’s narrative.’ Among the UK FCO’s stated goals, according to the director of the CDMD, was to ‘weaken the Russian State’s influence on its near neighbours.’

Reuters and the BBC solicited multimillion-dollar contracts to advance the British state’s interventionist aims, promising to cultivate Russian journalists through FCO-funded tours and training sessions, establish influence networks in and around Russia, and promote pro-NATO narratives in Russian-speaking regions.

In several proposals to the British Foreign Office, Reuters boasted of a global influence network of 15,000 journalists and staff, including 400 inside Russia.

The UK FCO projects were carried out covertly, and in partnership with purportedly independent, high-profile online media outfits including Bellingcat, Meduza, and the Pussy Riot-founded Mediazona. Bellingcat’s participation apparently included a UK FCO intervention in North Macedonia’s 2019 elections on behalf of the pro-NATO candidate.

The intelligence contractors that oversaw that operation, the Zinc Network, boasted of establishing ‘a network of YouTubers in Russia and Central Asia’ while ‘supporting participants [to] make and receive international payments without being registered as external sources of funding.’ The firm also touted its ability to ‘activate a range of content’ to support anti-government protests inside Russia.

The new documents provide critical background on the role of NATO member states like the UK in influencing the color revolution-style protests waged in Belarus in 2020, and raise unsettling questions about the intrigue and unrest surrounding jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

Further, the materials cast serious doubt on the independence of two of the world’s largest and most prestigious media organizations, revealing Reuters and the BBC as apparent intelligence cut-outs feasting at the trough of a British national security state that their news operations are increasingly averse to scrutinizing. – The Grayzone

This explains why Bellingcat would make attempts to link “Qanon” to Russia, since U.S. Counter Intelligence could then justify being involved domestically to target dissidents. Max Blumenthal deserves an award for this journalism. Needless to say of course, he has been attacked by pro-NATO trolls online for daring to expose the operation.

Incredibly, Bellingcat was DEPLOYED by the UK Foreign Office, which is essentially MI5, UK’s domestic counter-intelligence bureau.

Bellingcat is shown to be deployed to swing elections in a pro-NATO favor, but if they are being deployed in America, to target dissidents, are they not influencing American elections?

Here are a few of the documents that Grayzone published.

This document shows Reuters, one of the largest news wire services in the world, as working on behalf of the British establishment and MI5.

Signed by Thompson Reuters Foundation.

Using online influencers to target Russia, here is the British Foreign Office providing support for people spreading the pro-western, pro-NATO “message” within Russia itself, to people like Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, an effective Russian opposition leader, lawyer, and anti-corruption activist.

Popular Resistance, a socialist website has also reported on and shared articles regarding this issue with Bellingcat, publishing an article by Whitney Webb entitled OMIDYAR’S INTERCEPT TEAMS UP WITH WAR-PROPAGANDA FIRM BELLINGCATwhich ties Bellingcat to The Intercept:

NEW YORK — The Intercept, along with its parent company First Look Media, recently hosted a workshop for pro-war, Google-funded organization Bellingcat in New York. The workshop, which cost $2,500 per person to attend and lasted five days, aimed to instruct participants in how to perform investigations using ‘open source’ tools — with Bellingcat’s past, controversial investigations for use as case studies. The exact details of what occurred during the workshop have not been made public and Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins declined to elaborate on the workshop when pressed on social media.

The decision on the part of The Intercept is particularly troubling given that the publication has long been associated with the track records of its founding members, such as Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald, who have long been promoted as important ‘progressive’ and ‘anti-war’ voices in the U.S. media landscape.

Greenwald publicly distanced himself from the decision to host the workshop, stating on Twitter that he was not involved in making that decision and that — if he had been — it was not one ‘that I would have made.’ However, he stopped short of condemning the decision.

Bellingcat’s open support for foreign military intervention and tendency to promote NATO/U.S. war propaganda are unsurprising when one considers how the group is funded and the groups with which it regularly collaborates.

For instance, Bellingcat regularly works with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), which – according to the late journalist Robert Parry – ‘engages in ‘investigative journalism’ that usually goes after governments that have fallen into disfavor with the United States and then are singled out for accusations of corruption.’ OCCRP is notably funded by USAID and the controversial George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations.

In addition, Bellingcat’s founder Eliot Higgins is employed by the Atlantic Council, which is partially funded by the U.S. State Department, NATO and U.S. weapons manufacturers. It should come as little surprise then that the results of Bellingcat’s ‘findings’ often fit neatly with narratives promoted by NATO and the U.S. government despite their poor track record in terms of accuracy.

Bellingcat’s funding is even more telling than its professional associations. Indeed, despite promoting itself as an ‘independent’ and open-source investigation site, Bellingcat has received a significant portion of its funding from Google, which is also one of the most powerful U.S. military contractors and whose rise to prominence was directly aided by the CIA.

Google has also been actively promoting regime change in countries like Syria, a policy that Bellingcat also promotes. As one example, leaked emails between Jared Cohen, former director of Google Ideas (now Jigsaw), and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that Google developed software aimed at assisting al-Qaeda and other Syrian opposition groups in boosting their ranks. Furthermore, Cohen was once described by Stratfor intelligence analysts as a ‘loose cannon’ for his deep involvement in Middle Eastern regime-change efforts. – Whitney Webb

This is not a partisan issue as you can see, it is one thing that conservatives and socialists can come together to oppose — the intelligence community using so-called independent journalists as cutouts for pro-war propaganda.

Even Steve James of the World Socialist Web Site, has written an article exposing Bellingcat as being tied to NATO and promoting propaganda:

In its report, released last month, on the 2014 downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) blamed Russia. The JIT, in which the authorities of the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine are collaborating, stated that the missile that downed the plane ‘was brought from the territory of the Russian Federation and, after launch, subsequently returned to the Russian Federation territory.’

The JIT noted, ‘[M]any journalists carried out their own investigations, as did research collectives like Bellingcat. This resulted in different scenarios and theories being raised, both in the media and on the Internet.’

The JIT report is cursory and based largely on Ukrainian sources. It does not provide definitive evidence to back up its conclusions, leaving unresolved the question of who shot down MH17.

This reference to Bellingcat, however, is significant. The speculative scenario sketched out by the JIT, utilizing animation, images, un-sourced mobile phone recordings and references to unavailable satellite and radar data, is almost identical to that advanced by Bellingcat.

The Bellingcat ‘research collective’ is a web site established in July 2014 by Eliot Higgins. Originally from Leicester in the UK, Higgins is, as of February, a senior fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and Future Europe Initiative.

The Atlantic Council is a leading US geopolitical strategy think tank, which last month published a document outlining advanced preparations underway for the United States to fight ‘major and deadly’ wars between ‘great powers,’ which will entail ‘heavy casualties’ and ‘high levels of death and destruction.’ The document, titled ‘The Future of the Army,’ roots the likelihood of such a war in what it calls ‘Russia’s resurgence.’

Higgins is one of five authors of an Atlantic Council report released earlier this year, ‘Distract, Deceive, Destroy,’ on Russia’s role in Syria. The report concludes by calling for US missile strikes in Syria.

From 2012, Higgins maintained a blog, ‘Brown Moses,’ which became notorious for its pro-imperialist coverage of the Syria conflict. Higgins trawled social media posts–primarily Facebook, Twitter and YouTube–for images and clips that purported to reveal the many types of both homemade and industrially manufactured weaponry in use in the bloodbath provoked by US imperialism. – World Socialist Website

Now, I want to be clear that I am not pro-Russia. I have written extensively about Russia and the Soviet Union, including the Perestroika Deception, etc. However I am interested neither in simply anti-Russia propaganda, nor in a war between the west and Russia.

Ms. Johnstone has outlined how these propaganda outlets promote each other, and swap puff pieces and awards.

Edward Curtin of Lew Rockwell writes about Bellingcat:

There is a notorious propaganda outfit called Bellingcat, started by an unemployed Englishman named Eliot Higgins, that has been funded by The Atlantic Council, a think-tank with deep ties to the U.S. government, NATO, war manufacturers, and their allies, and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), another infamous U.S. front organization heavily involved in so-called color revolution regime change operations all around the world, that has just won the International Emmy Award for best documentary. The film with the Orwellian title, Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World, received its Emmy at a recent ceremony in New York City.  Bellingcat is an alleged group of amateur on-line researchers who have spent years shilling for the U.S. instigated war against the Syrian government, blaming the Douma chemical attack and others on the Assad government, and for the anti-Russian propaganda connected to, among other things, the Skripal poisoning case in England, and the downing of flight MH17 plane in Ukraine. It has been lauded by the corporate mainstream media in the west.  Its support for the equally fraudulent White Helmets (also funded by the US and the UK) in Syria has also been praised by the western corporate media while being dissected as propaganda by many excellent independent journalists such as Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Catte Black, among others.  It’s had its work skewered by the likes of Seymour Hersh and MIT professor Theodore Postol, and its US government connections pointed out by many others, including Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal at The Gray Zone. And now we have the mainstream media’s wall of silence on the leaks from the Organization for the Prohibition on Chemical Weapons (OPCW) concerning the Douma chemical attack and the doctoring of their report that led to the illegal U.S. bombing of Syria in the spring of 2018.  Bellingcat was at the forefront of providing justification for such bombing, and now the journalists Peter Hitchens, Tareq Harrad (who recently resigned from Newsweek after accusing the publication of suppressing his revelations about the OPCW scandal) and others are fighting an uphill battle to get the truth out. – Edward Curtin, Bellingcat and Mind Control

The article goes into much more detail about what the author calls the art of doublespeak, explaining how these news outlets and so-called open source journalists are using intelligence tools and techniques in their “reporting.”

Whitney Webb has exposed Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat for frequently promoting a Twitter account that was basically pro-ISIS:

A new report has exposed the past collaboration of Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat and influential neo-conservatives with the ‘most influential Twitter account’ of the terror group Daesh, also known as the Islamic State (ISIL, ISIS). That collaboration helped promote the account, which posted under the Twitter handle @shamiwitness, as an ‘expert’ on foreign jihadists while also helping to promote the account’s pro-Daesh messaging.

However, instead of being an ‘expert,’ the account was run by an Indian marketing executive living in Bangalore by the name of Mehdi Biswas.  Biswas used the account to help recruit foreign extremists and lead them to Syria — where they participated in the slaughter of religious minorities, among other atrocities.

The explosive report, written and self-published by journalist Mark Ames, extensively details how Western accounts and figures closely associated with influential government-funded think tanks helped to elevate the ShamiWitness account from ‘a cretinous troll’ into a credible ‘ISIS expert’ who was subsequently promoted by Middle East correspondents from The New York Times and other mainstream publications.

At the height of his popularity, the ShamiWitness account – which was voluntarily deleted in 2014 by its owner after a Channel 4 News exposé – had over 17,000 followers and was followed by two-thirds of foreign jihadists with a presence on Twitter. When Twitter would ban an extremist’s account, ShamiWitness was key to promoting the new account created to replace the banned one. ShamiWitness also helped guide foreign extremists to battlefields in Syria and actively recruited individuals to join Daesh through his social media accounts, according to a report published earlier this year by George Washington University.

In addition, the ShamiWitness account promoted sectarian violence committed by Daesh in Syria and elsewhere and regularly shared videos of Daesh execution and beheading videos. The account also mocked female Kurdish fighters who were raped by Daesh after being captured and defended Daesh after Amnesty International accused the group of torturing children as young as eight, claiming that the group tortured only teenagers ages 14 and up. – Whitney Webb

This is quite bizarre, and no one in the mainstream media has condemned Higgins nor Bellingcat for this connection.

It should be obvious at this point that Bellingcat is operating as a cutout for western intelligence agencies, clearly publishing pro-NATO, pro-war propaganda, including the attempt to swing elections on behalf on NATO.

Because the British state appears to be directing Bellingcat, their involvement in U.S. domestic politics is especially concerning. Is that foreign interference in U.S. domestic affairs?

The Zinc network’s internal reports even claimed that Bellingcat had spread disinformation and was willing to produce reports for anyone that was willing to pay. That internal report was never intended to be made public. Bellingcat is acting as an attack dog against journalists who are exposing these intelligence agencies and the truth behind their propaganda, moving to have them censored and/or deplatformed from social media.

The fawning coverage and boosting/amplification that Bellingcat gets from western mainstream media is clearly another red flag and indicator that both are operating on the same team.

I encourage everyone to listen to the above interview with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate of the Grayzone as they go through the documents that expose Bellingcat, Reuters and the BBC working as intelligence contractors for the British government. And that is in addition to the funding from people like George Soros, and CIA cutout, NED.

This image pretty much says it all. Bellingcat says what U.S. Intelligence cannot, meaning they will act as stenographers on behalf of the U.S. Intelligence Community, without asking for any proof of their claims. This is pure propaganda, not objective investigative journalism.

Prevented by law from domestic political operations, does the CIA therefore contract Bellingcat and with compliance of the MSM, target American political dissidents? How many of your rights does that scenario trample?


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