Breaking: Atkinson,

Breaking: Atkinson, “Whistleblower” E.C.  & Associates’ Most Shocking Conflict Yet – Potential Involvement in 2016 ICA

*Republished with alternate title due to clear censorship of the article on social media. There is a widespread effort to suppress any and all discussion pertaining to the “whistleblower” Eric C. 

April 4, 2020 – Today’s news regarding President Trump’s firing of the Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson is already being spun by the Democrat-Media-Industrial complex. The main spin is via lies by omission. There is a failure to disclose pertinent and highly relevant details. Without members of the alternative media reporting on these key findings, the American people largely would be left in the dark regarding the true motives and intentions underlying the past three years of relentless pursuit of the President.

Atkinson, alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella and associates, appear to have been involved in the 2016 Intelligence Community Assessment, which was used to pursue warrants against members of the Trump Campaign. This means they are potentially conflicted and may in fact be trying to prevent their own misconduct from being exposed.

Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower a CIA Operative

We first reported on the identity of the “leaker blower” on October 10, 2019 one of the first publications to break this important news. I then did a more in-depth follow up on Ciaramella here.

If you are not familiar with this, see our report on the form changes and the rules change from requiring first-hand knowledge, to allowing second-hand knowledge and how this form was then quietly updated and deceptively backdated to make it appear it had always been that way.

See also our report on how ICIG Atkinson had once been a lawyer for Spygate coup plotters John Carlin and Mary McCord.

Atkinson Fired

President Trump fired ICIG Michael Atkinson, a top Mueller Hoax operative who was conflicted, via his wife’s Fusion GPS connection, and who stonewalled Congress on his backdating of the whistleblower rule changes. Of course, fellow Spygate coup plotter Rep. Adam Schiff omits this key information:

The Federalist reported:

National Intelligence Council

We are now starting to hear from the Department of Justice that John Durham’s investigation is honing in on the Intelligence Community Assessment and John Brennan.

Now we are starting to learn more about who was part of the Intelligence Community Assessment from the National Intelligence Council.

It appears to have been filled with CIA operatives, as @FOOL_NELSON tweets report:

This is highly disturbing considering what we have learned about Eric Ciaramella and his radical ideology.

We have now come full circle. It would appear Ciaramella, as well as some of his colleagues, may have been involved in the 2016 ICA . I encourage you to do a search on the main PSB website for Eric Ciaramella to read all my articles on him. Here is a video that describes his occult connections:

Kevin McCarthy says “this is all about making sure the people don’t find out the truth about Eric Ciaramella, the Bidens…“:

Investigative journalist Paul Sperry has been reporting on some of this information as well:

Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse has also been on the trail:

I think we are about to learn the truth about the entire Russiagate hoax. U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr appear determined to get to the bottom of things. I believe in time, President Trump and many others will be vindicated.

This story is still developing, please check back for updates. 

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