Corruption Chronicles: An FBI Out of Control...

Corruption Chronicles: An FBI Out of Control…

September 13, 2021 – The FBI, once viewed as a prestigious organization by mainstream society, is now increasingly been seen with clarity for the borderline criminal organization that it is. Since its foundation, the FBI has operated like a lawless mafia cartel. From the days of J. Edgar Hoover blackmailing politicians and running child sex Blackstone operations, through the days of COINTELPRO and assassinations of prominent dissidents during the 60-70s, through the racially profiling of Muslims to the current boogeymen of “white supremacists,” the FBI has acted as a rogue federal political police force.

A History of Corruption

J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover once famously said “there is no mafia.” Fernando Bernadette of the National Crime Syndicate writes “Until the Alapachin Meeting in 1957, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was in complete denial about the existence of the Italian Mafia, beginning with the explicit order of his director J. Edgar Hoover. For more than 20 years, this office focused on other public enemies as the likes of John Dillinger“Pretty Boy” Floyd, “Baby-Face” Nelson, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis or Thomas “Machine Gun” Kelly. There were other matters, notwithstanding these facts, that made their way into some hidden evidence, such as blackmailing, extortion and fear. Hoover was obsessed with the public image of the Bureau, so he understood his duty and responsibility was to keep the office away from any kind of investigations about the activities of the Mob. With a high-level of corruption and his knowledge about the growing power of the Mob, Hoover didn’t want to trigger a war that his precious office might lose. To preserve it, he banned his agents to carry out secret operations to obtain information about the Mafia. There were also personal issues involved: the Mob supposedly knew the rumors about his sexual orientation and sent him several letters with an extortion tone and certainly the fear gripped him.” 

Back when the FBI was first granted powers to spy on American citizens thereby becoming a political police force or domestic CIA, John Chuckman wrote the following article about the FBI’s dreadful history. It hasn’t improved in the years since this article; it has only gotten worse:

John Ashcroft, likely inspired while rolling around on the plush carpet of the Attorney General’s office during a sudden onset of speaking in tongues, has given the FBI new powers for domestic spying. FBI Director Robert Mueller, ever-vigilant for the rights of Americans, assured the public that the Bureau’s agents had been ‘hampered’ by bureaucratic restrictions, his tone and substance closely resembling an American executive grumbling about the Environmental Protection Agency’s having hampered sluicing operations of toxic sludge into wetlands.

The FBI is now free, in the great, ‘no damn fed’rah regulation’ tradition of Enron or Silverado savings and loan, to pursue its goals. Only this is not just another crooked corporation chiseling people’s savings, but a secret police force with vast powers and an unwholesome history.

Needless to say, Mr. Bush, warmly welcomed the changes.

It is a serious question, and no mere rhetorical flourish, to ask which organization, the FBI or al-Qaeda, has done more harm to the liberties of Americans. The record of the FBI is a dreadful one.

Recent information has revealed that way back when Albert Einstein came to America in 1933, the FBI spied on him. Over the years, until Einstein’s death in 1955, the FBI searched his garbage, invaded his mail, tapped his phone, attempted to discredit him at various times, and even cooperated with the INS in an effort to deport him. Yes, that’s right, Albert Einstein, one of the most important intellects of the Twentieth Century and a refugee from Nazi terror. In the Land of the Free.

Einstein was a pacifist and a non-conformer – just the kind of person J. Edgar Hoover despised. After all, Hoover’s requirements for his agents included a certain kind of shoes, a certain kind of tie, a certain kind of suit, and keeping the jacket buttoned. These were over and above his requirements for race, religion, and general physical appearance. An agency with any analytical subtlety would have understood that a person of Einstein’s temperament was incapable of working for some regimented organization like the Communist Party, but not the FBI.

Of course, these police-state activities were no more, and indeed considerably less, than those perpetrated by the FBI against Martin Luther King, one of America’s few genuine heroes of the 1960s. Dr. King was bugged, harassed, intimidated, and threatened because the Director of the FBI loathed his views and considered him morally degenerate.

And for many decades, J. Edgar Hoover held the entire American Congress under a quiet state of threat with his secret files on their personal lives. And he did plenty of dirt-digging work for several American presidents wishing to bend or blackmail troublesome politicians to their will. At his death, his immensely-sensitive, secret files simply disappeared.

But that’s ancient history, isn’t it? Well, yes, except that Hoover reigned for so long that every long-term career and practice of the FBI bears something of his mark, as does the headquarters building in Washington where his name is still up in big, shiny letters. Let’s take a look at some outstanding moments in the FBI’s more recent history.

There’s the amazing case of Richard Jewell and the Atlanta Olympic bombing in 1996. The FBI, suspicious for some reason of the completely-innocent Mr. Jewell, unethically released rumors and confidential tidbits about their suspicions to news media. His life was made miserable by intrusive reporters, too lazy to do any digging into facts, and ridiculous CNN rubbish-reporting, the kind of enlightening stuff that includes prime-time footage of such devious acts as driving away in his car.

Eventually, it was established conclusively Mr. Jewell was completely innocent and even had played the role of something of a hero during the event. The suspicion finally fell on an anti-abortion maniac who meanwhile managed to set more bombs.

During the New York Times vendetta a couple of years ago against Dr. Wen Ho Lee, a former scientist at Los Alamos, the FBI continued the high ethical standards of investigation established in the case of Richard Jewell. There can be little doubt that the FBI was the source for many of the allegations and rumors that the New York Times published in a long series of columns during 2000 that worked to destroy Wen Ho Lee’s career and suggest that he was involved in espionage.

In an effort to threaten Mr. Lee into confessing what he was not guilty of or at least to find some trivial charge that might stick, the FBI eventually used an old prosecutor’s dirty trick of charging him with about sixty various offences. Later, not a single charge of consequence held against Mr. Lee, and the FBI’s investigation was shown to have been poorly conducted.

Perhaps even more important, on more than one occasion during Mr. Lee’s ordeal, FBI agents used artfully-crafted language to misrepresent the truth in court. In other words, they perjured themselves. And they paid no penalty for doing so.

The eighty or so people who eventually were incinerated owing to the FBI’s tactics at Waco in 1993, may not have been the sort I’d want as neighbors, millenarian kooks who prepared for a returning Prince of Peace with a locker full of restricted weapons and ammo, but they didn’t deserve the horrible deaths they received. The images of the FBI using tanks against their flimsy compound were more horrifying than those of the Chinese army in Tiananmen Square. After all, China doesn’t pretend to be what we understand as a free and democratic society.

Again, neighbors I wouldn’t want were involved in the FBI’s standoff at Ruby Ridge in 1992. These people were standard-issue American militia-types who hated government and hated paying taxes. But those facts hardly justified an FBI sharpshooter’s putting a bullet through a woman and her child.

In 1997, following a long series of public allegations, an investigation by the Inspector General’s office in Washington resulted in an embarrassing report on the state of the FBI’s crime labs. It was a tale of misconduct, manipulated evidence, and likely-tainted prosecutions by individuals the general public had assumed were scrupulous, world-class experts in their fields.

The FBI’s investigation of the 1996 crash of Flight 800, headed by the Agency’s contentious and graceless James Kallstrom, was shabby. The kind of eye-witness reports that in many criminal cases would provide decisive evidence were dismissed out of hand or unconvincingly explained away.

Robert Hanssen, a senior FBI agent and one of the most damaging spies in American history, was arrested in 2001, following many years of selling information to the Russians. When the story broke, we were given nonsense about Mr. Hanssen’s being a quiet, dedicated family man with a rather brilliant mind and not the least sign of misbehavior. But that only served to prove how uninformed the FBI was about its own high-level official. As it turned out, there had been all kinds of signs for years. These included the classic ones in the espionage business of sudden, large amounts of money and expensive gifts given to a girl friend. His unaccountable new wealth had even been reported to the FBI by a relative who was also an agent, but the report was ignored.

The terrorists of September 11, 2001, all received valid American visas, one of them reportedly after his death. These people had questionable backgrounds and pursued questionable activities while in the U.S. The Israelis were almost certainly aware of them. The CIA was almost certainly aware of them. But the FBI, whose bailiwick includes domestic counter-intelligence, seems largely to have been unaware of them.

The most colossal and historic failure of the FBI is one that is not widely appreciated. A great deal of the credit for the slipshod work, overlooked evidence, and hasty, inappropriate conclusions in the investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy belongs not to the Warren Commission but to the FBI. The FBI served as the commission’s investigating agency, and the FBI, for reasons that have never been explained, had fixed on the exclusive guilt of Oswald almost immediately after the shooting.

But the very same FBI, though it was in regular contact with Lee Harvey Oswald (as you would expect in the extraordinarily-rare case of a defector returned from the Soviet Union, one who had threatened in the American embassy in Moscow to reveal radar secrets he learned as a Marine, and one who returned with a Soviet wife at the height of the Cold War), failed to have his name listed on the Agency’s special watch list. This is hardly plausible when he had written letters to the Soviet embassy in Washington and undertaken many public activities which were certainly monitored by the FBI, including activities in New Orleans for which he was arrested once and paid a lengthy visit by an FBI agent while in jail.

Not being on the FBI’s special watch list, he was able quickly to obtain a new passport not long before the assassination for travel to Mexico City and with the stated intention of travelling on to Cuba (try that, even today, and see how quickly your passport is issued). Moreover, the FBI office in Dallas had a hand-written note from Oswald which the office’s agent-in-charge ordered destroyed immediately after the assassination. A supposed summary of its contents was entered in evidence, but this was so pathetic, one can only ask why it would ever have been thought necessary to destroy it. No charges concerning the destruction of evidence ever materialized.

The FBI had a long series of dark and questionable activities leading up to the assassination to hide or explain away. And, as chief investigator, that’s just what it did. Not that I believe it was involved in the actual assassination – Hoover hardly needed murder when he already held superb blackmail material in the form of tapes and documents over the heads of both Kennedy brothers – but the Agency, for its own murky reasons, made sure the public did not understand the truth of what had happened. – John Chuckman

Characterizing these “dark and questionable” practices as “colossal failures” and attributing them to being “unaware” and making “errors,” is Mr. Chuckman obscuring illegal activities from the public the FBI was intended to serve. I believe the FBI is and was fully aware of everything that was going on back then and even now. I think they know full well their agents break the law, spy for communist countries and use the media to prejudice cases and try them in the court of public opinion. I think they are proud of how they break the law with impunity and how they use a vast network of federal (confidential) informants to entrap hapless patsies.

Alfred McCoy, Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison noted the following about the FBI:

Upon taking office on Roosevelt’s death in early 1945, Harry Truman soon learned the extraordinary extent of FBI surveillance. ‘We want no Gestapo or Secret Police,’ Truman wrote in his diary that May. ‘FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail.’

After a quarter of a century of warrantless wiretaps, Hoover built up a veritable archive of sexual preferences among America’s powerful and used it to shape the direction of U.S. politics.  He distributed a dossier on Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson’s alleged homosexuality to assure his defeat in the 1952 presidential electionscirculated audio tapes of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philandering, and monitoredPresident Kennedy’s affair with mafia mistress Judith Exner. And these are just a small sampling of Hoover’s uses of scandal to keep the Washington power elite under his influence.

‘The moment [Hoover] would get something on a senator,’ recalled William Sullivan, the FBI’s chief of domestic intelligence during the 1960s, ‘he’d send one of the errand boys up and advise the senator that ‘we’re in the course of an investigation, and we by chance happened to come up with this data on your daughter…’ From that time on, the senator’s right in his pocket.’ After his death, an official tally found Hoover had 883 such files on senators and 722 more on congressmen.

With a few hundred cable probes and computerized decryption, the NSA can now capture the kind of gritty details of private life that J. Edgar Hoover so treasured and provide the sort of comprehensive coverage of populations once epitomized by secret police like East Germany’s Stasi. And yet, such comparisons only go so far.

After all, once FBI agents had tapped thousands of phones, stenographers had typed up countless transcripts, and clerks had stored this salacious paper harvest in floor-to-ceiling filing cabinets, J. Edgar Hoover still only knew about the inner-workings of the elite in one city: Washington, D.C.  To gain the same intimate detail for an entire country, the Stasi had to employ one police informer for every six East Germans — an unsustainable allocation of human resources. By contrast, the marriage of the NSA’s technology to the Internet’s data hubs now allows the agency’s 37,000 employees a similarly close coverage of the entire globe with just one operative for every 200,000 people on the planet. – Alfred McCoy

If you consider the FBI’s recent abuse of NSA “Section 702” upstream surveillance, combined with the Stasi-like network of informants one can easily see how they have turned America into a police state.

Recent Corruption Exposed

We have reported extensively on recent FBI corruption, from the Trump-Russia hoax to the Whitmer Kidnapping hoax plot to the Atomwaffen and O9A cases, the FBI has been increasingly partisan, ideological and out of control.

The FBI attempted to prevent Trump from being elected, and then once he was in office, they spied on a sitting President and his administration. There were unprecedented leaks to the media intended to change public opinion.

J.D. Heyes reported on the recent abuse by the FBI of NSA data to target “racially motivated violent extremists”:

It should be obvious by now to anyone who has a couple of brain cells to rub together that the FBI has gone rogue: It is completely out of control and is operating by its own set of rules, in violation of our laws.

For years now, the FBI has operated outside of the law and with impunity, answering virtually to no one and somehow still escaping even the oversight of Congress (which has continued to fund the agency and its parent Justice Department, thereby ensuring that no one will be held accountable).

The abuse of American law and the trust of citizens hit a pinnacle at the outset of Donald Trump’s presidency: We learned that the chief thug at the time, Director James Comey, on behalf of Barack Milhous Hussein Obama, broke laws and protocol to literally spy on his 2016 campaign. And his deputy, Andrew McCabe, was in on it, too.

Neither was charged.

But who was held accountable for that? A lone, low-ranking FBI lawyer named Kevin Clinesmith who essentially got a slap on the wrist for doing something that, under normal times and circumstances, would have earned him some jail time at a minimum.

Now we learn that the bureau has been caught abusing our trust once again, not to mention breaking more laws in the process. 

Now the UK Mail reports that: the FBI searched troves of communications sucked up by the National Security Agency for information on ‘racially motivated violent extremists’ without a warrant, ignoring previous warnings it was breaking the law.

The FBI’s requests for access to masses of electronic communications harvested by the National Security Agency (NSA) is revealed in a newly declassified report from the United States’ secret surveillance court. 

That jurisdiction, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, is what got Clinesmith in a bad way; he lied on a document to the court in order to get a BS warrant renewed to continue spying on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, who was a CIA asset — the part Clinesmith lied about.

As to the new report, it shows that the FBI continued to use the NSA’s most sensitive databases to conduct searches without first obtaining a warrant and during routine criminal probes, even though the bureau was told by the FISA court in 2018 and 2019 such uses of those databases were blatantly unconstitutional.

And as we can see, the FBI simply thumbed its nose even at a federal court. Because that’s what rogue, lawless federal agencies do.

What’s more, as the Daily Beast reported, the bulk of the FBI’s unconstitutional, illegal searches, also known as ‘backdoor searches,’ were political in nature, as many were focused on so-called ‘right-wing extremists’ (because apparently the FBI has never heard of left-wing extremism harbored by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter).

‘In other words, the FBI continues to perform warrantless searches through the NSA’s most sensitive databases—the ones the NSA is not required to get warrants before filling with communications information—for routine criminal investigations that are supposed to require warrants,’ the Daily Beast added.

‘Doing so potentially jeopardizes an accused person’s ability to have a fair trial since warrantlessly acquired information is supposed to be inadmissible,’ the outlet reported, adding that the FBI said none of the materials obtained in that manner were used in criminal prosecutions.

But who believes anything these liars say? Besides, unconstitutionally obtained materials have been used by the bureau in criminal proceedings in the past, making the denial completely worthless. – J.D. Heyes

Clearly that was politically motivated illegal domestic spying on right wing American citizens, a brazen display of the openly political nature of today’s FBI.

In August of 2021 it surfaced that the FBI was spying on a conservative Christian women’s group because of their beliefs:

Congressman Jim Jordan has dispatched a letter demanding answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray after Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents revealed that the Bureau targeted a conservative women’s non-profit in 2016. Wray was given until August 24th to respond. 

The group in question, Conservative Women for America (CWA) is a non-profit started in 1978 which advocates against feminism, for the traditional family, opposes gay marriage, and lobbies against abortion. 

In mid-July, the Cato Institute uncovered evidence showing that an FBI agent opened up an ‘assessment’ — essentially a proto-investigation — into CWA despite having no predicate to do so. 

The agent, whose name is redacted in the FOIA request, decided to embark on a ‘fishing expedition’ that looked at CWA’s finances in hopes of finding evidence of fraud.

At no point did the FBI have any evidence to suspect CWA of wrongdoing. The agent did not like the ideological beliefs of CWA so he or she dug up a bad review on Charity Navigator and used it as an excuse to violate the civil society group’s rights.  

Cato’s Patrick Eddington, who has taken the lead in seeking transparency regarding the out-of-control FBI, has uncovered evidence suggesting that the US government is watching virtually everyone — including but not exclusively Muslim groups, civil liberties organizations, and all types of Christian and right-wing oriented people.

The drivers behind the Soviet-style domestic spying program is Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League, whose members dominate political donations to both parties. Groups like the ADL seek to keep tabs on and harass anyone who may contradict their community’s interests, and the FBI is eager to oblige

Last April, Eddington filed a lawsuit seeking information on over 82,000 mostly unjustified ‘assessments’ the FBI led between 2009 and 2011. The FBI has been refusing to comply with their FOIA obligations on the subject in order to avoid public scrutiny, so Eddington has been forced to sue. 

CWA spokeswoman Penny Nance took to the opinion pages of Fox News to decry the FBI’s weaponization of its immense Patriot Act powers against her conservative civil right’s groups. 

Aside from the occasional letter, like Rep. Jordan’s, not much has been done to reign in the FBI. While in theory the FBI is beholden to all three branches of government, internal documents show that there is essentially no oversight to curtail the FBI’s aggressive political activities. – National Justice

As of today, nothing has been done to curtail this abuse and corruption.

Department of Propaganda

Eric Striker reported this year on a little known section of the FBI that was explicitly created by Hoover to maintain the public image of the Bureau and how it uses media to trick people:

It is broadly assumed that TV and movie production in the United States is generally free of government meddling, but this is not true in the case of America’s secret police. 

A little known law passed in 1954 at the urging of then FBI Director J Edgar Hoover makes it illegal to display the FBI seal, the FBI initials, and the words ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ in commercial popular culture without expressed permission from the Bureau’s propaganda office, the Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit (IPPAU). 

In order to obtain permission to portray the FBI on film, writers and producers must give propaganda agents full veto power over their content. 

A cache of documents obtained in 2017 by journalists under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) found that the FBI uses this power liberally to sanitize its image. Various other federal agencies like the CIA and ICE do not have this power.   

In 2010 terrorism thriller Unthinkable, the IPPAU forced producers to cut a scene showing FBI and CIA agents torturing a man together. In the “revised” version, the CIA agent still tortures the man, but laughably, the FBI agent present protests against the action the entire time, even citing the Geneva Convention as reason for refusing to participate. 

The FBI sends ‘advisors’ to rewrite scripts in all productions about them, often cutting out instances of them violating people’s civil rights, talking down to local cops, or engaging in various heinous activities. The result is preferential media treatment most law enforcement groups do not enjoy: the popular portrayal of every single FBI agent as a hero saving the world while we sleep without ever needing to break any rules is deliberately constructed fantasy.

The thuggish and corrupt behavior of the FBI after the 2016 election has, naturally, caused it to suffer an enormous credibility crisis that is only getting worse. 

In an attempt to mitigate this, then FBI Director James Comey solicited Jewish television mogul Dick Wolf to create a series of programs to help manufacture public opinion in their favor. 

In an interview on the 2017 reality TV show in question, Inside The FBI: New York, Wolf told reporters: ‘(Comey) feels strongly that this type of positive programming about the Bureau will help educate people about the multitude of areas the Bureau covers and the diversity of its agents and operations. The opportunity to work together was too good to resist.’

The show was co-produced by special agent Anne C. Beagan, who in her capacity as an IPPAU operative went on to supervise Wolf’s fictionalized FBI crime drama, FBI , which began airing in 2018, as well as its spinoff FBI: Most Wanted which began in January 2020.

As if three FBI public relations projects masquerading as TV shows weren’t enough, CBS announced this week that yet anotherspinoff is in the works: FBI: International.

These shows were all greenlit for new seasons in 2021-2022, meaning that audiences will be inundated without pause with realistic looking fiction glorifying federal agents. 

Agent Beagan, who retired last year after a decade of covertly and overtly influencing the media, has also founded her own production company, Anne Beagan Productions, which promises to help create scores of new FBI themed shows and films. – Eric Stiker

The fact that the FBI even needs to have a propaganda department should be a red flag to all American citizens that they are being manipulated.

Agents of Personal Destruction

To top things off, we have learned that despite the protestations of television talking heads like Sean Hannity, there are NO good “rank and file” FBI agents. The rot and corruption is not just something that metastasized at the senior level. Recent scandals have shown this rot is from the top all the way down to the field offices. The following stories are examples of recent scandals involving the rank and file of the FBI that exposes them all as immoral and unethical.

Richard J. Trask, one of the FBI agents working the fake “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” which was orchestrated entirely by the FBI was finally fired after almost killing his own wife! The Daily Mail reports:

An FBI agent who has played a key role in the prosecution of more than a dozen ‘militia’ members who plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been fired from the agency, two months after he was arrested for allegedly beating his wife.

Richard Trask, 39, was involved in the prosecution of a group of far-right ‘militia’ members, claiming in court documents that they plotted to kidnap the Michigan governor and dump her in a lake over her strict COVID mandates. 

But in July, Trask’s reputation started to take a nosedive when he was arrested for assault with intent to do great bodily harm after he allegedly beat his wife in their home following a disagreement at a swingers party. 

Trask, who was also moonlighting as a personal trainer, has since pleaded not guilty to the assault. 

It is unclear whether his superiors at the FBI were aware he had another job. 

Then just last week, prosecutors decided to omit his testimony in the case against one alleged militia member after his social media posts came to light, revealing he once referred to former President Donald Trump as a ‘douchebag f****** reality tv star.’   

By Saturday, federal officials confirmed to The Detroit News he is no longer employed by the bureau.

They would not confirm what the basis of Trask’s firing was.

Trask was arrested on July 18 for allegedly beating his wife, after they attended a swinger’s party in Kalamazoo, where they lived.

Trask’s wife said that they had several drinks at the party, held at a hotel in Oshtemo Township. 

She did not like the party and they argued about it on the way home 

The argument allegedly turned physical when Trask climbed on top of her in bed and repeatedly smashed his wife’s head against a nightstand, leaving her bloody.

She attempted to grab his beard to free herself, and he began to choke her around the neck and throat, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by The Detroit News

She ultimately grabbed Trask’s testicles, which ended the altercation, the document notes, and Trask left their Oshtemo Township home in her vehicle. 

Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office said Trask’s wife had cuts to the right side of her head and ‘blood all over chest, clothing arms and hand,’ as well as ‘severe’ bruising to her neck and throat. 

Trask, a gym owner who has worked for the FBI since 2011, was tracked down in the parking lot of a supermarket on Main Street in Oshtemo Township, near Kalamazoo.

He is charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, less than murder. Trask was released on a $10,000 bail and is prohibited from carrying a firearm. – Daily Mail

Sadly, the Daily Mail doesn’t explain how the FBI used over a dozen FBI informants and several undercover agents to orchestrate the entire fake plot.

Mugshot of FBI Agent Richard J. Trask

Trask was charged with felony assault not misdemeanor which is indicative of how serious the beating was.

The above image shows the information regarding Trask’s criminal case. After he almost killed his wife, he was put on PAID leave while the FBI claimed they would investigate the incident.

Another FBI agent, a high ranking New Orleans Lesbian officer was also arrested for beating her wife:

Yet another FBI agent has been arrested for spousal abuse. 

According to local media reports, gay Assistant Special Agent In Charge Amberly Boyle, who oversees the New Orleans field office, was arrested after the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call about an altercation between her and her wife. 

The police wound up arresting Boyle for the incident. She is being charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse battery

Boyle is now the second agent at the New Orleans FBI office to be arrested this summer. In late June, veteran agent David Harris was arrested for a multi-year spree of horrific sex crimes against prepubescent children — including his relatives — throughout Louisiana and beyond. The most disturbing aspect in Harris’ story is that the FBI put the deviant predator to work on child pornography cases. 

In July, another FBI agent, Richard James Trask II, was arrested on felony charges after allegedly brutalizing his spouse following their attendance at a sex party where he watched other men have sexual relations with his wife. 

The seemingly large number of FBI agents with unnatural sexual proclivities suggests that the Bureau’s supposedly strict character screenings are a product of mainstream media hype. Ongoing litigation over behavior at the Las Vegas field office unearthed images of high ranking FBI agents taking pictures pleasuring themselves with rainbow dildos inside their work spaces. 

While the Office of the Inspector General has been publishing numerous reports detailing widespread corruption at the FBI, not much is being done to hold the agency accountable. The US Congress, which is supposed to be overseeing the FBI and Department of Justice and controls their budget, has largely limited their actions to writing strongly worded letters when egregious acts committed by the domestic spy agency are revealed. – National Justice

This sort of behavior appears to be common in the FBI, who largely see themselves as above the law.

Mugshot of FBI agent Boyle

Another agent from the fake “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” Jason Chambers also has a history of corruption.

Michigan FBI Special Agent Jayson R. Chambers was one of three agents behind the embarrassing Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, but Chambers’ (and the FBI at large) lack of respect for basic Constitutional rights are part of a broader behavioral pattern. 

According to court documents obtained by National Justice, Chambers and others have been illegally denying a Palestinian-American activist his right to legally purchase a firearm. 

Chambers and the FBI are being sued in federal court for targeting outspoken critic of Israel Khalid Turaani.  The lawsuit was dismissed for political reasons, but Turaani has announced that he will be appealing the decision to the Supreme Court

The case has caught the attention of 2nd Amendment advocates concerned with gun “shadow banning,” a practice where the FBI denies an eligible customer his right to a firearm just because they feel like it.  

Turaani’s lawsuit explains how this works. 

The FBI keeps a secret list of political dissidents, many who are not convicted or even suspected of federal crimes, called the Terrorist Screening Center Database. Being put on the list means harassment at the airport, including increased screenings of your belongings and person, or in some cases being put on the No Fly list.

Journalists and activists on the list who fly internationally are usually taken to a private room by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to have their phones and computers imaged so that the FBI can get a peak into their political activities. 

Traditionally, it is Muslims who have been subjected to this Patriot Act power, but in recent years the hyper-political FBI has been loading up the list with countless nationalists, journalists, right-wing Christians and even ordinary Trump supporters. 

While the heckling at the airport is well-known, less known is the fact that when an individual submits to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) search to purchase a firearm, their presence on one of the FBI’s many secret watch lists will come up and often lead to a federal agent being dispatched to tell the gun store to refuse a sale, as GOP Congressional candidate Laura Loomer found out last year. 

In Turaani’s case, he had no criminal record, history of mental illness or any other disqualifying issue other than a long history of advocating for the rights of the Palestinian people.  

In 2017, he sought to purchase a gun from a licensed distributor in Michigan. During the NICS background check, it came up that he was on one of the FBI’s Constitutionally dubious watch lists. An FBI official contacted the seller and told him Turaani was under investigation, so the sale should not be finalized. 

When he tried to buy a gun again in 2018, Special Agent Jayson Chambers personally visited the second federal firearm licensed (FFL) dealer. 

The sale was delayed by Washington until Chambers menacingly entered the gun store and showed the owner out of context photos of Turaani with random Arab men. Chambers then said that he and the FBI ‘don’t like’ Turaani and the company he keeps, without elaborating further. 

The dealer was intimidated and ultimately refused to make the sale. 

There is no law that says the FBI can deny an American citizen his right to bear arms because they don’t like how he looks or the political causes he advocates for. The FBI engages in this activity in secret in order to avoid public scrutiny and oversight.   

The judge who dismissed Turaani’s lawsuit refused to acknowledge his fundamental rights, but claimed instead that he could have standing under the Privacy Act, as government officials are not supposed to disclose that an individual is under investigation to the public. Turaani has not been accused of any crimes. Courts have shown reluctance to challenge the FBI’s abuse of authority, even in clear cut cases like this one. 

Turaani sued a second time, this time taking the judge’s advice and claiming violation of the Privacy Act. Two courts dismissed his claim, saying that the firearms vendor was technically not ‘coerced’ by the FBI. The 6th District Court held that the FBI was only making a suggestion and that the gun dealer could’ve gone ahead and made the sale if he wanted to. – National Justice

Jayson Chambers also has another issue with corruption. We at Patriots’ Soapbox recently reported that he had created a private company to profit off cases he was working on.

Another rank and file FBI agent was grooming children and extorting women:

While feds often bully low level beat cops over minor transgressions, as seen in the the recent FBI probe into the Louisville Police Department for allegedly throwing a drink at someone, genuine criminals, perverts and predators inside the FBI often avoid punishment. The names and records of corrupt G-men are often kept hidden even when they are terminated for serious misconduct, which puts the public at risk.  

Occasionally, their behavior is so egregious that prosecutors are forced to make exceptions to the rule and pursue them. In just the last month, FBI agents and employees have been accused of preying on little girls, criminally extorting women for money and sex, and even shooting a homeless man on the DC Metro for no reason.

In late April, a 38-year-old FBI computer technician in the Nashville field office was arrested for grooming 14-year-old girls over the internet. During an investigation into his behavior, he was found to have been behaving as a father figure to troubled girls and using this relationship to manipulate them into sending him lewd photographs that he kept on his electronics. This behavior only triggered an FBI investigation after one of the girls sent a package for the suspect to their office. 

In a case publicized earlier this week, a Texas FBI agent named William Roy Stone Jr was arrested by the Texas Rangers and Dallas Fort Worth Police Department for using his credentials to blackmail a woman into giving him close to a million dollars over a three and a half year period. 

The FBI is conveniently claiming that the extortion began a month after Stone retired from the Bureau in 2015, but its more likely that he took advantage of federal surveillance powers at his job to find a mark.

During this time period, agent Stone convinced a woman that she was under “secret probation” that required her to pay him or he would use his power to take her children away. At one point during the ordeal, the sociopath even tried to scare the woman into marrying him.  

Most alarming is the fact that Stone had two accomplices during this abusive campaign, but his indictment does not name the co-conspirators nor do they appear to be facing any charges. 

A high-ranking FBI agent, Eduardo Valdivia, was arrested this week for Second Degree Attempted Murder

Last December, Valdivia was riding the DC Metro when a man, Steven Slaughter, asked him if he could spare some change. 

Valdivia then allegedly mocked the man by pretending to give him money but giving him a ‘fist bump’ instead. 

This angered Slaughter, who Valdivia claims began using expletives. 

State Attorney John McCarthy says that Valdivia then barked “watch your mouth” at Slaughter. When the victim refused to comply, the off-duty Valdivia pulled out his service weapon and shot him in the middle of a train car with multiple passengers nearby. The shooter did not identify himself as law enforcement at the time. 

Eyewitnesses held that Slaughter did not make physical contact with Valdivia, nor did he pose any immediate threat to him. 

In 2020, Valdivia was promoted to the position of supervisory agent at a department of FBI headquarters that targets ‘domestic extremists,’ focusing primarily on adherents to political ideologies like white nationalism and members of libertarian militias.  

Despite the fact that Valdivia is objectively a greater danger to the public than the people he tracks, the judge in his case released him without bail. 

The investigation into the incident, which began immediately after the incident, has been characterized by local organizations as lacking transparency. – Eric Striker

This is a pattern when it comes to FBI misconduct, that the leadership cover it up and try to sweep it under the rug. This happened when one female agent, Karen Veltri was being seriously sexually harassed by multiple agents and then retaliated against. We reported on her lawsuit against the Biden DOJ and how her career was effectively destroyed. In June of this year, FBI agents targeted an indigent mentally ill man and framed him as a “domestic terrorist.” In February of last year, the Texas FBI tried to demand a 23-year-old “white nationalist” get 10 years in prison for smoking marijuana.

Former FBI Agent David Harris

Another New Orleans FBI Agent, David Harris was arrested for raping small children. “Louisiana State Police announced today that they busted a serial sexual deviant that has preyed on multiple children over a five year period. What is most alarming about the case is that the individual in question, 51-year-old David Harris, is an active duty FBI agent at the New Orleans field office. According to charging documents, agent Harris is accused of numerous crimes across multiple parishes, including Aggravated Crimes Against Nature (which under Louisiana criminal code means forced sodomy or bestiality), Indecent Behavior with Children under the age of 13. Attempted Rape, Obscenity, and Witness Intimidation. Agent Harris is the second FBI agent in two months to be charged for sodomizing children under the age of 13.” — National Justice

Final Thoughts

The FBI, since its inception has been a rogue and political agency exerting undue influence on national politics and the private lives of American citizens. As technology has improved, so has the ability of federal agents to abuse their positions of power and target powerless citizens. Toxic and sadistic agents have initiated a campaign of terror across America targeting mentally ill and indigent people to frame and setup as phony terrorists. Even in their personal lives the “rank and file” of the FBI display a wanton disregard for the law, as well as the rights of others. From sexual harassment, to child rape to spousal abuse and beatings, these agents are among the worst society has to offer. Perhaps that is why they get promoted at the FBI, due to their potential ability to be compromised.

It is time the FBI was disbanded and shut down for good. We already have local law enforcement, we have the ATF, the DEA, ICE, the DHS, etc. What really do we need the FBI for?

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