Court Docs: 12 FBI Operatives Guided Whitmer Plot with Undercover Agents

Court Docs: 12 FBI Operatives Guided Whitmer Plot with Undercover Agents

July 13, 2021 – Explosive new Court documents in the case of the USA vs Fox, et al claim that no fewer than 12 FBI confidential informants (CI) were involved in the alleged kidnapping plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In what became known as the “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot,” it appears that the FBI was working as a political police force, timing the case to coincide with the 2020 Presidential Election for maximum political effect. The FBI agent who oversaw the Detroit FBI Field Office during the Whitmer Kidnapping plot case, special agent Michael D’Antuono was then promoted to head up the FBI’s Washington Field Office. D’Antuono is now in charge of the January 6 Capitol Hill cases, which involves eerily similar elements as the Whitmer plot, begging the question: did they use FBI informants again to instigate the January 6 incident?

From the Unz Review:

Defense lawyers yesterday filed a brief detailing the FBI’s extensive role in a Michigan militia’s plot to supposedly kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.

The document, obtained by National Justice, severely undermines the narrative prosecutors and FBI agents have constructed against the six defendants in USA v. Fox, et al, who are accused of multiple serious crimes related to organized terrorism.

In a motion to compel disclosure, lawyers for Kaleb Franks are asking the court to force the government to identify their informants by name, their criminal and mental health histories, and how much money they were rewarded for infiltrating and setting up the defendants.

According to the brief, prosecutors have already identified at least 12 paid informants who were involved in driving the kidnapping plot forward by their Confidential Human Source (CHS) numbers. These informants worked in conjunction with undercover FBI agents, revealing that the small Wolverine Watchmen militia had over a dozen government infiltrators pressuring them into engaging in violent criminal activity.

In the case of Franks, his lawyers cite exculpatory evidence showing that when presented with the idea of kidnapping the Governor, he told government agents that he was ‘not cool’ with the idea and that he only attended a training camp — which was also organized by the FBI — just for the fresh air, fellowship and training.

Franks, who previously struggled with heroin addiction but provided help to his community by getting clean and becoming a professional drug counselor, never intended to break the law. Lawyers accuse the FBI of setting a ‘hide and seek’ standard, where Franks is guilty simply because he was unable to avoid FBI informants that were committing crimes and working together to pressure individual men into doing illegal things.

According to the testimony of Special Agent Hank Impola, who led the investigation, the men in the Wolverine Watchmen expressed negative feelings when Adam Fox, a homeless man informants convinced to think kidnapping Governor Whitmer was a good idea, broached the subject. An informant put on the stand even testified that the men alleged to be at the center of the plot stressed that they did not want to break the law.

Lawyers for the defense have been able to identify payment to at least one infiltrator for his work in propelling the plot forward, a whopping sum of $54,000 dollars. Some of the other informants, mostly ex or current criminals, have been employed as government snitches for decades, including one man who became an informant in 1985 after obtaining information that was later used against his cellmate in prison.

With federal snitches having already confessed to hosting the “training” events where the plot was allegedly concocted, the entrapment defense is growing stronger by the day.

Prosecutors are already scrambling to save their case, primarily by withholding evidence, conscripting the mainstream media to meddle in the case, and even indicting one of their own crucial informants.

Lawyers are also complaining that the FBI and US Attorney are engaging in malicious compliance in the discovery process by deliberately overwhelming them with countless copies of the same pieces of audio and video evidence in hopes of wasting their time and running up the legal fees of the accused. – Unz Review

This information is critically important because it was this high profile case which propelled the media bombarding of the unsuspecting and innocent American people with claims of right wing “domestic terrorism.” From that platform, it was then used and cited to give the FBI even more power. These 12 FBI informants were also working with several undercover FBI agents to pressure the so-called “Watchmen Militia” to engage in criminal activity. One of the FBI’s own informants, when put on the stand claimed the men fingered by the feds and DOJ to be “at the center of the plot” didn’t want to engage in illegal activity. Incredibly, the payment for just ONE of the FBI informants that initiated the “training” for the militia was $54,000.00. That’s taxpayer dollars.

Here is an important question to be asking: if “right wing domestic terror” or so-called “white supremacist domestic terror” is said to be the most pressing threat in America today warranting a new “domestic war on terror,” why then is the FBI having to entrap people and create these plots themselves? If these “domestic terrorists” are constantly plotting and scheming, why does the FBI need to entrap to frame regular people as “right wing domestic terrorists”? Something doesn’t add up here.

A look at the Motion for Disclosure filed by Defense Attorneys for Kaleb Franks is quite enlightening. By their own actions, the FBI’s case is rapidly unraveling. They enlisted their allies in the mainstream media, as they did with the Russia collusion hoax, to try the case in the court of public opinion. In order to mislead the public, they employed that same strategy to avoid scrutiny, since the mainstream media isn’t a real court, with rules and procedures and forensic standards or legally compelled discovery:

Here the defense is attempting to compel the government to name the federal informants and provide information about their background and criminal history.

In my personal opinion, this reads as a classic case of entrapment.

The FBI has been withholding exculpatory information in many cases, including the January 6 Capital Hill cases. They also did this in 2016 in their fake Russian collusion hoax against the Trump campaign and with General Michael Flynn.

The timing of complaint is important, October 6, 2020 less than a month before the November 3, 2020 election. It was timed to be politically damning and coordinated with the mainstream media to be tried in the court of public opinion.

This is something the FBI is known for doing, targeting people who are lonely and looking for companionship and camaraderie and attempting to manipulate them into doing something illegal or potentially violent.

They also target drug addicts and attempt to use them as fodder to construct fake plots, often under threat of charging them with drug crimes.

Kaleb Franks and his lawyers claim that FBI informants and undercover agents were the ones who created the “terror plot” that they then “foiled,” and that Franks was entrapped which is illegal. Were it not for the FBI undercover agents and confidential informants, this entire Whitmer “terror plot” never would have been orchestrated. We believe the same thing happened with the January 6 Capitol Hill Event.

The government itself was forced to concede that Franks told them he was not interested in engaging in any criminal activity or breaking the law.

I think it’s disturbing that the government has to be reminded that they are not allowed to create criminals. Brady materials is what the FBI withheld in the case against General Michael T. Flynn. It appears we are seeing a pattern of abuse and misconduct.

The government is not permitted to withhold evidence from defense counsel that would show the defendant is innocent. This is exactly what they are attempting to do to the January 6 defendants also.

The FBI has recently been trying to coerce American citizens to turn into snitches and report on their family and friends for so-called “extremist” behavior, which according to their own 19 page document is clearly political.

The FBI is paying criminals over $50,000.00 to entrap regular American citizens so they can frame them as “right wing” or “white supremacist” domestic terrorists.

Sounds like Mafia behavior.

The FBI agents referring to defense attorneys as “paid liars” seems very immature and childish, and shows you that they don’t really have any justification for what they did in this case.

This is how they prey on vulnerable people. They will attempt to befriend these lonely folks, typically struggling with mental health or addiction problems and make these folks feel beholden to them. This makes is a lot easier to manipulate these people.

Here we learn that the government had NO probable cause even to initiate an investigation into the Watchman Militia. It appears they chose a lawful group whom they thought they could frame for political purposes.

So what is going on here? It appears the FBI has been infiltrating militia groups and right wing organizations attempting to steer them into violent and/or criminal acts, behaviors these groups uniformly denounce.

We saw the same thing with January 6 defendant Fi Duong and how the FBI infiltrated his Bible study group and tried to get them to create explosives, which Duong refused to do. So after spending months attempting to entrap him, they ended up simply charging him for being inside the Capitol building.

As with Duong, the FBI tried to get him to make Molotov cocktails which he refused to do.

From the Case of Fi Duong, we also learned that the FBI had undercover agents present on January 6 at the Capitol who were working with undercover Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officials.

What we are seeing is a pattern of FBI abuse, misconduct and political targeting of conservatives and right leaning groups and attempting to frame them with by creating fake terror plots. Making it even more disturbing is the fact that it looks like every single FBI field office is using all their resources for this. They are no longer investigating real crimes like human trafficking or Islamic terrorism but they are focused on creating right wing terrorists.

The FBI has much to answer for and explain and, and they MUST stop trying to entrap law abiding Americans. If, as they claim, these “white supremacist domestic terrorists” are such a threat, where are they? Why is it that in every single one of these cases we find the FBI themselves are involved, if not initiating the entire thing from start to finish. It is time the FBI is reined in and held to account for what they have done.

This story is still developing, as it goes through the discovery phase, more information about FBI misconduct may come out. We will continue to keep you updated. 

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